The Youth Parliament Debate – Politics Debate – Part 1

The Youth Parliament Debate – Politics Debate – Part 1

45 thoughts on “The Youth Parliament Debate – Politics Debate – Part 1

  1. Pls support Zero Budget politics which helps common man get into politics with no money and back ground
    Mandava reddy 9490244255

  2. Hindustan k 25%population se upr ke logo ko kuch smjh nhi aya bcoz eng'debate for which sale hrami inlectual terrorist sale "tumare sare kam khud ke liye hote h bs nam am logo ka hota h "jis din ye bat am admi smjh payega tumare sansd me ghus ke pelega sale kutte

  3. These type of youth debate is only agenda of paid journalist Arnab Goswami who pretend that he is not biased in front of our youth and making them fool by lifting them from ground to sky only youth of Bhagat Singh approach can revolutionize the nation so it's my humble request to all of our youth don't be part of these type of nonsense show as there guest and set up is predecided. So be wise and take your decision from your own finest sense and do the work by soul because simply following someone is also a type of ghulami.

  4. with out Debating doing Reporting. U r change moto of Media.
    west Cow Arnab. go to interact with India people left this Debating chear….

  5. The idea of parliament there are three parliament there are eight and environment which is divided with the and the same site the location India it will not easily the full of the particular will known configuration and today pitching this motion on the young elder of course as party ajay satya by with he is defending which thanku were much Dr youngster pandau

  6. मै पूछना चाहता हूं हिंदी कहा खो गया है

  7. Uniformity on the policy of obtaining service bonds ( One year or two years in all nationalised banks retrospective )

  8. what an outstanding introduction(of motion).. Congratulate that guy he was amazing. Hope he come back as a true politician in our Parliament.

  9. what is this…rubbish
    6:22 minutes waste in just introduction of people which are public figure…….so contrasting arnab

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