The Worst Super Bowl loss was so famously bad that all we have to say is 28-3

The Worst Super Bowl loss was so famously bad that all we have to say is 28-3

– The 2016 Atlanta
Falcons were on the verge of accomplishing something the franchise had never achieved, something that a city and a
fan base had been itching for since the team’s inception in 1966: raising the Lombardi Trophy. But sports in its simplest form comes down to a winner and a loser,
and on this night, the Atlanta Falcons got handed
the largest L imaginable, a loss so devastating, so
horrifying, so heart-wrenching that the mere mention of a
particular set of numbers will send any Atlanta
fan into immediate shock. This is the worst Super Bowl loss. February 5th, 2017, NRG
Stadium, Houston, Texas. Super Bowl LI between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. The NFL’s largest stage
brought a franchise very familiar to the bright
lights of the big game and another one that’s, uhh, not so much, but this was a new-age Falcons team, and one that was absolutely rolling, largely due to the number
one overall offense. Led by MVP quarterback Matt Ryan, the Falcons had an arsenal of weapons from Julio Jones at receiver to Devonta Freeman at running back. They left opposing defenses gassed trying to keep up with the team’s tempo. Orchestrating the offense at
coordinator was Kyle Shanahan who in just his second year with the team elevated a good offense to a historical, record-setting juggernaut. Even as the Falcons dominated
heading into the playoffs, there was still this feeling
that Atlanta was well, gonna Atlanta and come up
short of their potential. Somehow, they didn’t,
and quite frankly tossed both the Seahawks and Packers, easily earning a spot in Super Bowl LI. The Patriots, on the other hand,
were the same ole Patriots. Their offense was absurd, their defense was the
best unit in the league, and Belichick and Brady were
eying their fifth rings. Unlike New England’s defense, the Falcons unit had
been dreadful all season, but in the first half, they came to play. This included a Deion Jones strip fumble on LeGarrette Blount that stopped any momentum the Pats built. Atlanta’s offense fed off
that energy and remembered just how lethal they were,
scoring the game’s first points. As Shanahan drew up huge
plays, Matty Ice delivered on deep throws as they kept their foot on the Patriots’ neck and the defense continued to honestly over-perform. Deep into the second
quarter was the highlight of a trash defense playing as if the ghost of Deion Sanders’ Falcons past
crept into the team’s body. At the Falcons’ 23, Brady
dropped back and threw an out-of-the-ordinary ill-advised pass right into coverage as Robert
Alford jumped the route and picked off Tommy. The only hope of stopping the return was a lowly diving effort
by Brady which Alford gracefully shrugged off,
returning the INT back for an 82-yard touchdown
putting Atlanta up 21 to zero. At this point, the energy and
excitement that I experienced as an Atlanta native was
something I’d never seen before. People yelling, people slapping hands, talks of which one of Atlanta’s
finest gentlemen’s clubs was gonna be the destination
for our celebration. It just didn’t feel real. A typical potent Pats
offense crumbled early with their first seven
possessions consisting of a punt, punt, fumble, punt, interception,
field goal, and punt, and Atlanta capitalized, continuing to go big through the air, even at the goal line. Ryan connected with Tevin Coleman on a screen pass for a touchdown, and Atlanta upped their lead 25 points. With 8:31 remaining in the third, the Falcons were up 28 to three. (sigh) 28 to three. The largest deficit that
a team has ever overcome to win the Super Bowl was 10 points, but in the case of both the
Saints’ Super Bowl XLVI win over the Colts and Washington’s
win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XXII, that lead only stuck in the first quarter. This late in the game, what could possibly go
wrong with those, aww shit! The Patriots woke up and
remembered how to Patriot. After the Pats converted
on a do-or-die fourth down, they cashed in the drive
where Brady found James White for a five-yard touchdown, but on the bright side, it seemed as if Atlanta’s
mental strangle hold on the Pats went all the
way down to special teams as they watched Stephen
Gostkowski doink the extra point. – [Announcer] And there’s
not much gone right for New England. – After a Falcons three-and-out, Brady carved up the Falcons defense, but Atlanta once again
rose to the occasion and shut down the drive. Thanks to not just one but two
Grady Jarrett pivotal sacks, the Pats were forced to kick a field goal. Up 16 points with nine minutes to go and possession of the ball, ESPN’s win probability
machine gave the Falcons a 99.6% chance to win, but even the machines couldn’t
predict what came next. On a third-and-one play out of
the shotgun at their own 36, Atlanta’s aggressiveness
backfired as Dont’a Hightower exploded off the edge
unblocked and demolished Ryan, which caused a fumble that
the defense recovered. At the Falcons’ 25, the
Pats only needed five plays to get into the end zone, taking just two minutes and
28 seconds off the clock, and after an easily-converted
two-point conversion, the lead swiftly shrunk to eight points. After so much had gone
wrong for Atlanta’s offense, Ryan found a wide-open
Freeman on a short pass, and the back did the
rest as he took the ball up the field for a 39-yard total gain. What followed shortly after
was one of the greatest individual efforts in Super Bowl history. Matt Ryan stepped up in the
pocket and delivered a ball to Julio that looked utterly uncatchable as he was smothered
defensively by Eric Rowe. Quintorris leaped and
stretched out every bit of his six-foot-three
frame to snatch the ball all while toe-tapping the sideline to keep both feet in bounds. Truly extraordinary. That play alone brought
a breath of fresh air to Falcons fans everywhere,
cooling the notion that there is absolutely no
way they could blow this now. At the Patriots’ 23, all
the Falcons had to do was keep the ball on the ground, run the clock, kick a field goal, and bring the franchise’s
first title back to ATL, or you know what? Ryan can take a sack to
set up a third and 23. Oh oh, and yeah, the O-line can chip in with a holding call to
back them up even more. – Holding, number 70 offense.
(crowd cheering) 10-yard penalty, replay third down. – So instead of eyeing field goal range, the Falcons found themselves
facing a third and 33 at midfield, and yep, an incomplete pass forced them to punt, leaving
Tom Brady and an offense who scored 17 unanswered
points over three minutes on the clock with two time-outs
and the two-minute warning in their back pocket. Julio’s beautiful game-saving
catch was for nothing, but he’s not alone. Steve McNair’s incredible effort to keep the Titan’s hopes alive against the Rams in Super Bowl XXXIV
ultimately didn’t matter as the team still came up one yard short from winning it all. Or think about Jermaine
Kearse’s ridiculous catch to set the Seahawks up for the win, only to have Wilson air
it out to the wrong team. As heartbreaking as that moment
had to be for the 12th man, they were chasing back-to-back titles, a luxury that Falcons fans
couldn’t possibly fathom. On a potential game-tying drive from their own nine-yard-line, Brady and Co slowly chipped
away at first downs, moving down the field, but every champion needs a
little luck once in a while, and as Brady looked for Edelman deep down the field on first down, the stars aligned. Atlanta’s hero from earlier,
Alford, once again read Brady’s throw perfectly,
jumping up to deflect the ball before it reached
Brady’s bearded receiver. This time though, he
didn’t come down with it. Surrounded by red jerseys, the ball hung in the air for
what felt like an eternity. Edelman threw out his right hand before the ball hit the turf, then secured it with his left
by the slimmest of margins. It was a phenomenal play that took an exceptional amount of skill, albeit occurring because
of an under-thrown pass and a great defensive play. When the play was confirmed a catch, the writing was on the wall
for the wrecked Falcons. There was no denying the
Patriots’ pursuit to the end zone. Brady would go on to dissect
the fatigued Falcons defense play-by-play before White
punched in a one-yard touchdown. With Amendola snatching the reception for a two-point conversion,
the game was tied at 28-28. That excitement and energy
I experienced earlier turned into pure anger. It was no longer yells of joy. Instead I saw friends turn on each other out of pure irritation for
simply blocking the tv. The Patriots had snatched
the soul out of the Falcons and the city of Atlanta. Blowing a 99.6% chance of winning the game is the same as losing eight
consecutive coin flips. In the case of overtime, it was an actual coin
flip that came up heads and awarded the Patriots
the ball first in OT. From there on, it was just
another routine drive for Brady as he chopped away slowly,
then found the end zone, making it 31 unanswered
points en route to completing the greatest comeback ever
in Super Bowl history. The greatness of Belichick
and Brady was on full display with their determined pressure in wearing the Falcons down. Including two-point conversions, the Patriots ran a total of 95 plays compared to the Falcons’
46 and held on to the ball for more than 40 minutes. At some point, something’s gotta give, and the Atlanta defense
that played so well in the first half caved in. But there’s two side of the ball, and that tremendous Atlanta offense that jumped over teams
all season didn’t register a single point in the fourth quarter when it mattered most. Playing the game means sometimes losing in the harshest way possible. As the confetti fell and Brady
raised the Lombardi Trophy for the fifth time, the Falcons had no one
to blame but themselves for such a collapse. On the doorstep of
bringing home the city’s first ever football title, the Falcons fell flat on their face. Until they bring a championship
to the city of Atlanta, the franchise will always be
remembered by two numbers: 28 to fucking three.

100 thoughts on “The Worst Super Bowl loss was so famously bad that all we have to say is 28-3

  1. I’m a big Seahawks fan. I felt terrible for the Falcons. The only plus side for me is that now our loss isn’t the worst one ever…

  2. There is no way the title of this video will ever need to be amended, '16 wasnt just the worst super bowl loss it was the worst possible super bowl loss I literally couldn't imagine it ever being topped.

  3. It's fixed. It's a work brother. All they had to do….ALL THEY HAD TO DO WAS RUN THE FOOTBALL. That's it. That didn't happen. Just like when Seattle PASSED ON THE ONE YARD LINE WITH MARSHAWN GODDAMN LYNCH IN THE GODDAMN BACKFIELD. I mean… is fixed. It's a work brother

  4. Set up. Look at how bad viewership dropped at halftime. Then how it spiked once the Pats started catching up. Guarantee the Higher Ups said something at halftime. Consider it his third illegitimate SB win.

  5. Are we gonna ignore the fact he said “Matt Ryan connected with Tevin Coleman on a screen pass for a TD” when it wasn’t even close to resembling a screen pass? Was actually just a simple out route. No? Ok…

  6. When talking about 10 point super bowl comebacks you forgot Super Bowl 49 when the pats were down 24-14 going into the 4th

  7. The only fan base I have as much sympathy for in the NFL besides the Falcons are the Bills. Going to four straight and losing is brutal, but as far as an individual Super Bowl loss nothing is as bad as 28-3. I watched that game with a Falcons fan (who is straight up from Atlanta not a band wagoner) and he was literally losing his mind. He was getting hammered on svedka while simultaneously crying and laughing maniacally.

  8. Disagree.

    Worse loss colts curb stomped by Seahawks. It started with a safety or fumble and went downhill from there

  9. Matt Ryan is so stupid for passing the ball with that big of a lead, fumbling that ball right near the end zone. I bet it haunts him everyday

  10. Pig headed arrogance not running the football gave the Patriots 3 Superbowls!!! First the Seahawks picked by Malcolm Butler not giving the ball to beast mode Lynch. Then Atlanta not running the ball with a huge lead late in the game sack fumbles cost them a title. And last year New Orleans Saints not running the ball the pass interference conundrum. Thanks Matt Ryan, Pete Carroll, and Sean Payton

  11. The most obviously scripted game in NFL history and the funny part is that i guaranteed to the Pats to win when down 21 – 3 at halftime… All the media kept talking about leading up to that game was Brady becoming the GOAT, also his mom was at the game despite having cancer… Hahaha even more comical… And the NFL scripts the largest comeback in SB history to cement Brady as the GOAT… How funny that Brady's mom didnt attend the SB the following year since they were scripted to lose..

  12. How fans still dont see that Sports are scripted is beyond me… You had this comical game, last year, Rams/Saints, the year before, Vikings/Saints, you had Seattle not run the ball, you had Cam Newton forgetting how to play Football, you had the Pats going 18 – 1.. You had Denver getting blown out of the water by Seattle… Sports are scripted around drama, storylines, comebacks, upsets, feel good stories, Hollwood storybook ending stories… That is how they keep people drawn in to keep watching cuz lets be real, Sports are very repetitive and do get boring so that is when the media spews fake news to keep people interested..

  13. I remember watching this game with my grandpa and he went to sleep after the half time show . man if only he stayed😂😂

  14. I feel sorry for the entire organization and Atlanta fans . And, I'm a Saints fan. I guess it's because I played sports as a kid and learned about sportsmanship. Watching people constantly rip on Atlanta makes me nauseous. That was a tough loss, but they were playing one of the greatest teams in history. Give them the credit they deserve. There is always a winner and a loser in the superbowl.

  15. The worst Super Bowl loss of all time was Super Bowl XLII, for two reasons.

    #1 A perfect season was stolen.
    #2 Eli should have been called sacked in the grasp on the Tyree catch.

    I'll never get over that bullshit as long as I live.

  16. Of course I decided to miss this one because "Super Bowls are akways a snoozefest." But at least I got my basement painted!

  17. As a Pat's fan, I die a little inside everytime I see the David Tyree catch from superbowl 42…I can't imagine how falcons fans feel when having to relive this.

  18. Just watched the vid (cuz who from NE can’t get enough?), and I am compelled to compliment you on its top quality professional style and your exquisite articulation in the narration. But I see the channel has nearly a million followers, so I guess it’s already been recognized.😀

  19. Young Man: Bravo!
    28 to *#€kin?3.

    I could feel the pain. Only good thing about it is the loss was to the GOAT and not a schmuck.

  20. Wow! Loved this! You guys went in depth with the game instead of wasting talking about “current events” that were going on at the same time.

  21. chuckles haha surrounded by red shirts… I heard red coats. And if history serves it right The Patriots defeated the "Red Coats" haha who had a thirteen colony lead.

  22. I don't agree that this was the worst Super Bowl loss. While it's true that the Falcons blew a 28-3 2nd half lead, it doesn't compare making it to the Super Bowl and being treated as a chew toy or by being an overwhelming favorite only to let a brash QB guarantee a win then pull it off. But 2 things led to this meltdown. #1, Dan Quinn coaching not to lose and #2, Tom Brady's ability to stay in and fight when it would have been easy to just fold up your tents and just keep from getting embarrassed. But I wouldn't even put this in the top 5 worst Super Bowl losses. Here would be my top 5:

    Super Bowl XLIX-All the Seahawks had to do is run the ball
    Super Bowl XXIV-55-10. 'Nuff said
    Super Bowl XXXV-Zero offensive points by the Giants.
    Super Bowl III-Colts were an 18 point favorite. Namath guarantees a win then backs it up.
    Super Bowl XXV-Wide right

    This one is probably #6.

  23. Broncos: 24 point lead XDXDXDXD
    Hey Manning
    I thought of something funnier than blowing a 24 point lead
    Lemme hear it
    Falcons: 25!!!!

  24. 28-3 is a 4 possession game. 3 tds with every successful 2pt conversion and a field goal.
    How can this happen falcolns will never win a superbowl ever.

  25. Dunno how anyone can call it the biggest L imaginable when the Falcons nearly won and had the Patriots bent over until a series of very unfortunate events turned the tide. They were still NFC champs that year so every fan of every other team that didn't make it to the Superbowl that year can suck it.


    it took my falcons until MY DAD HAD TO STOP PAYING CHILD SUPPORT ON ME for me to even SEE THEM CONTEND for a Superbowl and this is how we lose!?!?!?

  27. I still remember hanging out with an Atlanta fan after the game and all I heard was how the patriots cheated for a solid hour XD

  28. I literally don’t watch sports at all. But i know how much the Patriots have won the super bowl, and this video actually made me so mad.

  29. It sucks but it's nice for this Seahawks fan to have solidarity with fans of other teams that got Brady'd and Patriot'd.

  30. Wait besides this, 10 points is the largest deficit overcome in the Super Bowl? That’s why the Super Bowl is never that interesting to watch.

  31. As an eagles fan I can suggest to the falcons to take some advice from us on how to beat the Patriots.
    Step 1: outnumber the fans so that when the pats come out all you here is booing

  32. Correction: Before SB 53, there were actually 3 teams that overcame 10 point deficits, not 2.

    Pats were down 14-24 late in the second half in superbowl 49 and won 🤷🏻‍♂️😌

  33. The refs forgot that the patriots owner paid for them to win the Super Bowl so they made up for it in the second half

  34. you'll never forget 28-3. even if Atlanta does eventually bring home a Lombardy trophy, the taste of that super bowl will remain. how do I know? the pats have their own dreaded number, 18-1. they have won 3 since that season and have been to 5 super bowls and that game haunts me.

  35. If it makes you feel better the betting odds never gave Falcons more than a 95% chance of winning
    Also it wasn't the Falcons only choke of the season, they also blew a 17 point lead at home against the Chargers (that one was 98.5%)

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