The Working Men and Women of Our Nation

The Working Men and Women of Our Nation

Earlier this week the Missouri Department
of Health issued a new report that shows that life expectancy actually declined in the state
of Missouri last year. The department says 2018 vital statistics
cite an increase in deaths among younger people. The report says the cause is usually external
like drug overdoses suicides or homicides. All Americans suffer from deaths of despair,
but we know from the evidence that it is working people and working families who are hit the
hardest. And so now the working middle of this nation is facing a struggle to survive. You don’t have to look far to see it. I’ve seen it in the small towns of my state.
In the places where TV cameras never go. Where towns square sit half empty. Where businesses
stand shuttered. Where you can buy fentanyl with the snap of a finger on any street corner. I’ve seen it in the faces of young farmers
who put a crop in, and pray for rain, and pray for sun, and pray for fair prices. And then
wonder if generations of family farming are going to end with them. I’ve seen it from young mothers, raising kids
alone, and working a job, and trying to go to school at night, and trying to shield their children
from the drugs and from the pathologies online. You can see all of this if you’ll look. The
problem is this town won’t look. This town is obsessed with partisan theatrics This town is obsessed with money
and influence and status. This town wants to keep its own
good times going. The political elite here live in a world where
the struggle of working Americans is just a human-interest story that you read about
right along with the gossip page. But it’s time for this town
to take some responsibility. You know, working folks don’t ask for much.
They work hard. They love their families. They love God. They love the place where they
live, and they want the opportunity to build a home there. And a way of life that is prosperous
and that is secure and that is meaningful and that they can pass on to their children. And, Mr. President, that is not too much to
ask in the America of the 21st Century. That is not too much to expect. It is not too much
to stand for and to fight for. Because it is the working people of this country that
built this nation. And it is the working people of this country,
their future and their families, that are going to define the future of our country. This is what we should be debating. This challenge
is what we should be confronting. This crisis is what we should be
looking to and addressing. Because this is what is going to define our time.

17 thoughts on “The Working Men and Women of Our Nation

  1. In Missouri and around the country, we are witnessing the slow-motion collapse of the working class. It’s time for DC to take some responsibility. It’s time for DC to focus on this crisis. Not partisan theatrics.

  2. I’ll believe it when I see it until than I’m not getting my hopes up, Politicians make promises but Nothing ever changes

  3. I’ll believe it when I see it until than I’m not getting my hopes up, Politicians make promises but Nothing ever changes

  4. 58 seconds in and I know God is pleased with this one. Thank you for encouraging the downtrodden. AMERICA'S LEADERS – IT'S TIME FOR A JUBILEE!

  5. The working men and women of Missouri thank you for being our voice. Reading the news daily just in Missouri alone just breaks my heart. My life have changed dramatically just in three months because of circumstances beyond my control . Some people don't have transportation, jobs, insurance, or homeless. You think communities wouldn't care what you look like or how much money you have but they do. Talk is cheap. And churches have a problem too. There are some that help the needy but with conditions. I am over 60 and there is a different spirit that is in our world today. I pray for Families to come together. Pray for our children that they will know they are loved and being protected from drugs etc. I pray that the fathers will be good leaders and hope for good stewardship. I pray for America and justice and freedom in our nation. Please don't give up. God bless. Peace be with you.


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