The Word Salad – The Danielle Metz Show 074

The Word Salad – The Danielle Metz Show 074

would a felon by any other name be as
criminal I’m Danielle Metz I’m Robert Vaughan and this
is The Danielle Metz Show quote language makes thought possible when the words
disappear so does our ability to think about the ideas that the words represent
when they prevent you from saying the obvious over time it becomes impossible
to see the obvious and that’s exactly why they do it those who control your
words control your mind observed Tucker Carlson on August 22nd
2019 he was discussing the new mandate in San Francisco in order to combat
crime more cops nope stricter enforcement of the law of course not
san fran decided to redefine itself out of its current predicament no more quote
convicted felons now they are justice- involved individuals no more pesky terms
like victims of crime because they’re too simply they too are simply
justice-involved individuals see what they did they’re criminals and their
victims are on the same moral plain there is no difference since they are
both involved in the same justice system illegal aliens become undocumented
immigrants and are now undocumented Americans the term they has been adopted
by the Merriam-Webster dictionary your source for accurate definitions since
1828 as a definition for non-binary gender identity step-by-step the left is
redefining not only the discourse of society but the very way we think they
both in the binary plural and non-binary singular term are training us to
second-guess ourselves to deny reality in favor of what is politically correct we
on the right have ceded the field because we are logical A is A and we
don’t understand why anyone would see A is X the Left sees unicorns change the
language and change reality Robert how do we fight back and not just
fight back but fight back effectively since it seems we’ve lost the cultural
war that’s a good question I don’t know that we could do anything more than
we’re doing now which is bringing it to light trying to
make sure that people understand the origin of some words in some case
ridicule the absurdity of it that’s always effective I thought and other than
that I don’t know what else you can do to win the war so to speak this has been
around for a long time a long time so I mean decades if not forever you redefine your enemies you rename them it’s it’s almost going back to I don’t
know biblical times when you could think when you imbue your enemy with
characteristics you call them something else I mean the very word barbarian you
know or vandalize the Vandals right yeah all of a sudden the word takes on a
context that it wasn’t originally intended for political purposes and I’ve
seen it before with when I was a school trustee they would I was complaining
about the number of PA days that teachers had professional advancement
days I think it was the acronym for and they go oh no we don’t have PA days
though we don’t have that anymore it’s PD days now professional
development days and I think it got changed after a while to that they’re back to PA days now and same with whole language remember it it wasn’t people railed against the
look-say method the Dick and Jane type of thing and then they changed to another
method and then they changed to another method until people were saying look why
don’t you just use phonics which is a tied tried-and-true and an effective
method of teaching reading and the go we do it’s called whole language now it
incorporates every modality and method used to teach children because don’t you
know everybody learns differently so it so therefore we’ll teach them all the same same yeah
no words they changed the words as like shifting the goal posts during the game
all the time that’s what they they try to do to keep you off balance because
the minute you they change the the goal posts or the definitions of the words
and you continue to the old words you now seem to be out of
touch with the advancements that people people have made over the years though
it’s not PA days its PD days where you been
type of thing it’s not criminals it’s not illegal immigrants it’s irregular
migrants the same animal different words so now you have to reinvent the language
to try to keep up with the shifting sands of the Left and it’s also about
association as well right because if you say illegal then that that’s negative
but if you say irregular well that’s a little bit more pleasant or undocumented
yeah sure fixed with a bit of fiber you massage the language and the
definitions so it becomes more palatable to the masses because you
don’t think about it in stark terms anymore you think about it kind of as a
mellow gray area where it’s not really good and it’s not really bad and they’re
just getting rid of the distinctions between the two precisely that is why
they do it they get they blend they blur the lines of reality so that people
aren’t even sure what they’re talking about anymore and the argument sort of
goes by the wayside because the definitions have changed and educated
imagine if you did that in mathematics who no longer means to it means three
all of a sudden every single thing that devolved from that fundamental would
have to be redefined that the house of cards would fall down because you pulled
out the bottom one that’s what they’re doing with language is that they
redefined them key words and all of a sudden you have to it’s like taking that
card out of a out of a house of carrots it all collapses and then you have to
start again using the new definitions that’s what they’re hoping for so to
answer your question at the beginning we have to maintain the proper definitions
of words in this in this war of words this battle for example liberal was
actually a good word back in the day hundred years ago it meant freedom
Liberty you know a person who would talk about personal liberty was a liberal a
person who want to change for the better to overcome traditionalists or the crown
was a liberal and now we have to use the word or the definer classical liberal to
use that word Pro properly appropriately now because it has been usurped by
people who are not liberal anymore they are a liberal just as the Inventure are
the mandatory use of qualifiers for terms that used to mean what they
actually meant and like progress progress was a good thing
now progressives they are the ones that are destroying our culture in our
society and it’s not progress at all it’s it’s it’s going backwards it’s
taking us back to tribal times it’s destroying the language it’s destroying
our bonds as human beings our freedom that’s not progress but that’s it every
black is way up and is down and that’s what they’re doing there they’re
dismantling our ability to think by completely destroying the foundation of
what thought is based on which is words and concepts yeah it’s not I’m not
surprised to see this coming out of San Francisco which of course is ground zero
for most of the liberal there I go liberal nonsense that we hear about well
they say that as California goes so goes the country and given her where
California is going I think I like the Cal exit that they’ve been but they’ve
been supporting in the rest of the country let them go be their own country
let them get them away from the United States and stop infecting them with the
disease both literally and figuratively of liberal policies yes and then build a
wall yes let’s extend that wall from Mexico to California
no but there’s no real defense against ideas except better ideas so if they’re
coming up with absolute nonsense and gibberish it’s up to people like you and
I and and other people out there to make sure people realize that it is nonsense
it’s subterfuge it’s it’s a battle of words and this is just one of those
salvos that they use to try to confuse and obfuscate it’s kind of like the
inflation of currency they they take the value out of the words by
by poisoning them like they did just like they’re destroying the value of
thought and philosophy and belief by the valuing the currency which is words in
order to trade these ideas between people and I think that that is
absolutely horrendous an evil absolutely evil and if they’ve
been doing it forever that’s the only way they can win is if it looks as if
they have won a lot of victories by using these these terms and again the
major ones I think are the words liberal because that that is and conservative
now if you’re a real conservative you have to say you’re a true conservative
because conservatives out there are no longer considered what are you
conserving you’re conserving socialism you’re conserving socialized health care
you’re conserving a public education system rather than a free-market and
education you’re conserving the status quo built by liberals or the left that’s
what you’re conserving so no you’re no longer conservative so which is why the
terms right and left are so important and I wish they’d stop conflating the
two because what they do is they have those terms like far right or all right
I’m like okay a the alternative to right is left so you can’t be an alt right and
everybody uses these terms all right far right because that’s like Nazis that’s
like white nationalist and like okay you mean people are who are collectivist
that’s not the right that’s the left stop confusing the language and even
people on the right that I admire ben shapiro steven crowder bill Whittle they
all use the term far-right or alt right to to explain away people who are
definitionally on the left just because their tribes are different doesn’t
change the philosophy and maybe bastardizing language so we’re just as
guilty on the right well so-called right of doing the same thing the left’s are
doing that’s the thing we have to use their words because to be understood
today you have to use the vernacular of the day and when they change the words
you have to use them and go and qualify them
and you’re always the one on the defensive because your qualifying
everything you say but to go back to your left and right thing here’s such a
perfect example of how that originated of course it was during the French
Revolution and people who sat on the right side of the King were monarchists
and one of the status-quo the people who wanted revolution or
change sat on the left side of the King and that only came about because the
people on the left the agitators who in hindsight were in the right the correct
they started to actually physically beat up the monarchists and so the
monarchists had to move over to the right and the people on the left and so
you had this division which were even seeing today to a greater extent
directly the the polarization of the political thought out there that’s how
left and right started people on the left side of the king people on the
right side of the game that’s why in the Canadian Parliament the government sits
on the right side of the speaker and the speaker of course taking the place of
one the the Queen comes or the monarch comes or the governor-general youth they
sit on the right because they are the right arm of the government they are the
Conservatives and yet they’re liberals and refusing yeah that’s that’s the
interesting thing about talking politics is because the definitions shift so
often it’s hard to really nail down where people’s positions are it’s white
people I don’t think understand their own positions properly when they define
themselves because of the terms shift so often depending on the wind of the day
and like you said when you’re on the quote-unquote right you have to keep
qualifying everything that you believe to be back down to the original meaning
of that terminology it can’t be the current vernacular because the current
vernacular is the opposite of what it originally meant and I just it just
muddles things I think people get very confused and very frustrated because
then they don’t know where they stand philosophically because they can’t
define it properly and that would be one of the best books you could ever have on
your shelf as a dictionary and not necessarily the the more modern
diction is I used to have an old funk and Wagnalls a two-volume set that I
really like because it came from 1952 I think it was and even though definitions
do change and new words are created and that’s fine
because that’s how a language should be is to evolve and and change but you
never throw out the past etymology is one of the greatest the written word
written etymologies are one of the greatest things you can add for
knowledge it’s great to be able to go back and see how words developed and
grew and started to be able to understand ideas and the thinking
because thinking is nothing but higher-order concepts words in your mind
right so get a dictionary everybody yeah no one preferably and don’t depend on
the internet for your dictionary because those words change all the time and I my
dad used to have this really huge thick dictionaries this thing I lived by I’d
read books all the time when I was a kid and I’d write down words I didn’t
understand and then I go through the dictionary and look every word up and
write it down so I had my own little dictionary of words that I liked that I
wanted to know more about and to find the history of where those words came
from the Latin roots the Germanic roots wherever and why they were why they
meant what they meant we’re now it’s just whatever whim you feel like well
that seems like it should describe that that should be fine no that’s not the
there’s root causes for why these words mean what they mean and we’re just
discarding that and the regarding our ability to comprehend reality along with
that that’s like the baby with the bathwater yes I think your father had
the OED didn’t he was a big blue one right yeah the big blue one you know
yeah I think that was maps and everything in it and the flags and all
of those the greatest dictionary I’ve ever seen in my entire life I love that
thing yeah you forget things like now like go back to
Oxford magnel’s Webster’s the tried and true the people who are selling that’s
what I used like the free is just for spelling no just oh did I
spell that word wrong okay no that’s how you spell our committee and we always
get it wrong I mean we’re always every other stores are you in there somewhere
I know it yeah and doubt put you in there well I guess
I’m gonna use this time to spell goodbye and we’ll hear technical failure is a
okay bye if you’ve enjoyed this presentation
visit for more programming that’s not right wing… it’s
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  1. Political correctness (or PC for short) means using words or behavior which will not offend any group of people. … These new words are described as politically correct. The term is often used in a mocking sense when attempts at avoiding offense are seen to go too far.

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