The White Rose Resisted Nazi Fascism, DON’T HINDER ANTI-FASCISTS TODAY!

The White Rose Resisted Nazi Fascism, DON’T HINDER ANTI-FASCISTS TODAY!

The White Rose was a non-violent, intellectual resistance
group in Nazi Germany, consisting of students from the University of Munich and their philosophy
professor. The group became known for an anonymous leaflet and graffiti campaign, lasting from
June 1942 until February 1943, that called for active opposition to dictator Adolf Hitler’s
regime. Mike, if you lived in Nazi Germany, I assume
you would have felt horrible to find out you were actually doing things which had the effect
of undermining the efforts of the White Rose. Well this channel’s efforts to get the word
out and distribute flyers publicizing information intended to help prevent a possible world
war is being undermined by what you are doing. Mike, you have helped at times, like when
you gave a big boost to the video featuring James Morris saying that the gorilla in the
room is U.S. support of Israel. The way you have relentlessly pushed the 9/11 conspiracy,
it really is amazing you agreed to post a video explaining what motivated the 9/11 hijackers
at all. It is a wonder you posted it at all since it talks about the reality of what the
9/11 attacks were about. I don’t think what you are doing to the public
is fair. People are assuming you are exercising due diligence when you post things on your
website. But with regard to 9/11, much of what you have put on your website is not accurate.
And it doesn’t become accurate just because you refuse to discuss it. You haven’t even
made an attempt to have a dialog about the fact that pre-collapse visual evidence disproves
the claims begin pushed by people like David Ray Griffin. The fact is there were pre-collapse
signs that the building’s structural integrity was being undermined by the fires. When I
uploaded this video, the first video I uploaded to Youtube, I thought I could put this ridiculously
cruel misdirection of controlled demolition claims to rest. When you push David Ray Griffin’s
claims and refuse to give a fair hearing to the evidence contradicting his claims, you
are doing a disservice to the public.

100 thoughts on “The White Rose Resisted Nazi Fascism, DON’T HINDER ANTI-FASCISTS TODAY!

  1. You are turning this into a "strawman". By attacking Mike you lump him into the same category as the other people you attack. I feel you should have contacted him about this instead of attacking him since you seem to be on the same side.
    Having said that, see my initial comment. Good luck with your channel.

  2. I HAVE contacted him! You aren't listening. And I even explain that more in what is linked as the temp part 2 to this video. Did you watch that? I explained that it really doesn't matter if he want to be a "patriot and hero" if he is hindering efforts at justice. You may think you are a great driver but if you are backing over children and people are telling you to STOP STOP STOP, it is seriously fucked up to insist you are such a great driver that you don't have to check what your doing

  3. Do not stop posting these, but dont get mad at the controlled demolition conspiracy theorists. Just refute their arguments calmly with facts.

  4. what I want to do is stop the main pushers of the false info because once people get emotionally attached the the conspiracy crap, it is hard to reason with them. Please contact Mike Rivero and ask him to stop pushing falsehoods on his website. The first video I uploaded to Youtube should have put an end to this but Mike refused to post a link to it AND never even made an attempt to respond to the pre-collapse evidence.

  5. Vertical capacity of the lower floors were not comprimized. it was for the upper floors. But lets say these floors were. the amount of the top floors that actually made it to the bottom was minimal as everything in the building including much of the steel framing was pulverized. Gravity doesn't pulverize hardened steel due to loads.

  6. you don't know what was molten so stop claiming like you know for certain that it was "molten STEEL"

    Also, even in a regular CD, the building doesn't come down at free fall. So this whole thing is stupid. What part of pre-collapse bowing debunking CD don't you understand?

  7. I don't trust you RepresentativePress, your info clearly say you are working for the people who are running the world.

  8. YES vertical capacity of the connections supporting an intact floor below the level of collapse was adequate to carry the load of 6 additional floors if the load was applied suddenly (as was the case). Since the number of floors above the approximate floor of collapse initiation exceeded 6 in each tower (12 floors in WTC 1 & 29 floors in WTC 2), the floors below the level of collapse initiation were unable to resist the suddenly applied gravitational load from the upper floors of the buildings.

  9. Hi , I watch your videos, and thanks you for your information, it is very good,But I have a question for you.. Do you believe that building 7 came down from fires?

  10. You can see fire doing it in "National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 3" @ about 6 min into it. Look at the denial of the "truthers" after Nat Geo sat them down and show them that fire CAN weaken steel.

  11. Building 7 was hit by fallen debris that went down the center of the building causing serve damaging to the core columns. Also the gas tank exploded which ignited even more fires. As the building burned pieces of it kept falling off, it was in very bad shape, beyond saving.
    Representative Press (Tom) has videos showing this. Go to his front page and type in the search 9/11. or "On 9/11, WTC7 Collapse Was Firemen's Concern (controlled demolition debunked)"

  12. One thing these "truthers" never think about is that planes are delayed all the time, everyday in fact. What if not all of the planes were hijacked that day, or were shot down, or brought down like flight 93. There was no guaranteeing that the planes would reach their destinations. So they want you to believe bombs would just be sitting there today. waiting for the next false flag op.

  13. I am not clear on the message. Is Representative Press saying that the "FIRES" from the plains caused the buildings to fall at the speed of gravity, and the idea that there were timed explosions at strategic points in the building was bogus?

    If that is the point that is trying to be made, something has taken place with the producers of the Representative Press .

  14. What do you say about Barry Jennings' account of WTC 7 explosions then? He was there. He stepped over dead bodies, he saw a lobby in shambles and speaks of MULTIPLE EXPLOSIONS!… well he spoke, until he died in his 50ies in 2008 (how convenient). In general, theres a high deathrate of witnesses of explosions…
    Do iron beams beeing weakened by fire make sounds of bombs in your world representative press?

  15. Jennings account is of when WTC1 collapsed and part of it impacted WTC7. Do you deny this or do you think when that happened it happened silently? He is talking about that even NOT "bombs in WTC7" because that makes no sense at all. It is an baseless notion invented by people who twist things to fir their narrative, LOOK what they do, they INVENT THE NOTION that a controlled demolition would be done by setting off bombs over 5 hours before a building is to come down. WTC1's impact, NOT "bombs."

  16. "sounds of bombs"

    What is a sound of a bomb? A loud bang? A crash? What do you think was happening all around him?

    Do you know that any detention sufficient enough to blow away support beams WOULD HAVE BEEN HEARD MILES AWAY? Never mind the logistics of setting something, and not finding evidence later.

    Stop being so damn stupid. That goes for every dumb ass 9/11 Truther, Grow the fuck up.

  17. Telling me to grow up while u have a "my little pony" avatar roflmao.
    And no, he didnt talk bout crumbling materials, or crushing noises. He spoke of EXPLOSIONS. Explain the dead bodies in the destroyed lobby then. Did they die from fire too? If anyone is a moron here, it aint me.

  18. Full professors in the fields of statics and materials science, whose work is peer-reviewed and internationally published have insisted (and even written popular articles and books about this) that buildings like the WTC can actually do that. I am having serious doubts if that massively spread and supported opinion were wrong, no reputed and conscious scientist the world over would stand up. In fact for rising scientists it would be like a lottery win – nothing gains more attention than speaking

  19. against the state-of-the-art. critique has to be well founded, though, and I suspect that is why no trully successful scientists of statics has appeared on any wtc conspiracy video. (I checked them all out of interest when most of my (educated) friends started to fall for this "theory".) In fact what you see is people who have given the public a mouthful on totally unrelated conspiracies like murders of politicians or alien invasion cover-up. How odd.

  20. J E Ws declared WAR ON Germany….

    Germany and Nazis had NO Choice but to Fight BACK!

    Madagascar was the best option for them, but was impractical during war, sadly.

  21. It's sad that "truthers" feel the need to thumb up a comment that is plainly false. You guys have been duped by the likes of Dan Rather ad Alex Jones. You can see fire doing it in "National Geographic Science & Conspiracy Part 3" @ about 6 min into it. Look at the denial of the "truthers" after Nat Geo sat them down and show them that fire CAN weaken steel.

  22. i agreed with a lot of your other vids, but your attacks on having a new 911 investigation, (which will not hurt anyone), is pushing to unsubscribe. Get back on the point, or I'm gone.

  23. "but your attacks on having a new 911 investigation, (which will not hurt anyone)"

    What do you mean "will not hurt anyone"? We already know what happened and we know that the commissioners suppressed and downplayed the main motive, anger at US support of Israel. What is it with you guys that you are so brainwashed or manipulated that people protecting policy was more concern than the safety of the people? can you dispute a single thing in this video? Notice how many things River gets wrong?

  24. I may not know the whole story, & i admit some of the theories are false and far fetched. But I do know that the report that was peddle to the people was incomplete & did not tell the whole truth. Exposure of how the govt has mislead & hidden facts are one more proof of the corrupt govt. And by exposing this, we can fight the propaganda & the fear mongering that they propagate.This monster of "911" has been one of the most destructive things to rights & the American way of life. imho

  25. you know what, not just new Yorker bro, but Americans period. The majority are a bunch of lousy, dumb, and lazy sheep. And you know it's true!

  26. "I oppose Hitler's war because there is evidence that he is a Jew." That is basically where truthers stand with regard to war with Iran.

  27. I assume thisstatement doesn't include you, 'No human wants to think they've been duped." Butaside from the fact that it most definitely does fit you 'truthers' just makes it comical more than anything else. Many conspiracists when shown they are wrong point by point, they then include those points in the very conspiracy that was debunked as 'proof' of their conspiracy. What a laugh. As RepPress just told you about the show Nat Geo Sci&Con Part 3 6 min into it. Some birthers are still at it,too.

  28. RP, the moment you mentioned Reuters as proof of your assertions about the highjackers, you lost my trust. Propaganda comes in many forms and often there is only a grain of truth buried in a massive lie. The same crap issued by Faux News and all the other MSM's which you have spoken out against in previous videos is now an objective news source? I admire your tenacity and efforts but I no longer trust you.

  29. Do you understand how many people witnessed hijackers? Are you arguing they didn't exist? & I don't cite the Reuters newswire "as proof" of "my assertions about the highjackers," I cite it as evidence of how extreme the suppression of the main motive for the 9/11 attack was, with a rare 2 mentions (I only found 2) on TV on that day. Meanwhile I see evidence of newscasters unwilling to read "Israel" from the wire & even Tom Brokaw acting like he never read it! Multi facts support "my assertions"

  30. I don't like so much when you are attacking others – I like better when you are making positive points. Bickering is destructive and more undermining to your message than to theirs. Just stay on point and let people come along. Attacking will get people to dig in their heels.

  31. I like what you say but there needs to be a thorough and open investigation of everything concerning 9/11. Whether you are right or wrong doesn't matter as much as the refusal to conduct non-biased hearings. Buildings have been impacted by aircraft before. There have been hundreds of 'towering infernos' world wide but to have 3 out of 3 collapse due to fire on 9/11 was too much. What we saw wasn't natural. Jet fuel doesn't melt steel 100 floors below and with pancaking there is resistance.

  32. he never responded to the evidence which DISproves David ray Griffin's claims that the buildings were standing "perfectly still" up to the moment of collapse. He never acknowledged that contrary to the claims that there were no sagging and bending, we can see photos & videos of the steel columns bowing and floors sagging in the towers, steel WAS failing. Increadible that someone can act like that, have someone basically begging them to look at the evidence and to not even respond to the points

  33. The opinion about the bowing is supported by SCIENTISTS, it isn't "my laypersons assessment" The buildings signs of failing structural integrity well before the collapses has been ignored or denied by the top 9/11 gurus of "truth." The towers showed what a fire induced collapse looks like. Columns sprung across the street ISN'T a CD feature! So what in the world do you think you are proving here? Don't want people to know that the main motive for 9/11 was anger at US support of Israel's crimes?

  34. Enough of this collapse bullshit, try explaining the presence of molten metal in the debris piles if you can. As far as im concerned all other evidence is just fluff compared to the molten metal, it just shouldnt be there. There are many physical anomalies that can be noticed from that day in addition to molten metal such as pieces of falling debris changing direction mid-air or the south tower upper section rotating off and disintegrating for no reason. Why not try arguing one of these?

  35. Are you one of the top 9/11 gurus? No. Unless of course you are Rivero, Hoffman, Hufschmid, or the Joneses?

  36. You ignored the fact that contrary to the notion that the towers were "just like a CD" with the towers "perfectly still up until the moment of collapse," THERE WERE INDEED SIGNS THE FIRES WERE TAKING THEIR TOLLS ON THE STRUCTURES! What we an see, the bowing of exterior load bearing columns WELL BEFORE the collapses, is ignored by basically all the truthers OR it is denied as an optical illusion! Hoffman started that shit YET said video would settle it YET he never has acknowledged the video!

  37. "No human wants to think they've been duped."

    Does that explain why you find it so hard to give up these ridiculous "US attacked itself on 9/11" conspiracy theories?

  38. Structural damage / Bowing caused by fire? Explosions were heard and documented in various ways, from eye witness testimony, audio, video and seismic activity. No evidence that damage was caused by fire, only evidence of a fire, and not even one hot enough to do the damage symmetrically. A fire would have probably cause the building to topple over, as opposed to dropping straight down or pulverizing / disintegrating.Can't ignore all the explosive's evidence and attribute all the damage to fire.

  39. On my website I have the photos AND THE TIMES the photos were taken. YOu mention "explosions" could you give us a time for when this happened? You really should understand that with that much massive damage and fires, things aren't going to happen silently. WHen things collapse and when things hit the ground, that will sound like an explosion. Also, in CDs, bombs are NEVER set off hours before a building is to come down. It is amazing how people like Rivero invent the notion & you guys accept it

  40. it wasn't "symmetrically" it wasn't "straight down" see my video "The WTC towers did not "collapse into their footprints""

  41. RepPress: Bless you … I know I couldn't argue with the truthers all day long. Someone has to do it, though and I'm glad it's you, a real truther.. The people need to see a way up and out of this quagmire so we can start shining spotlights where they belong. To everyone else: I'm not saying many funky things didn't happen that day but I am saying let's focus on what is concrete and what we can plainly see and prove. I urge you to sub to RepPress. He's 1 of the few I've seen that never misleads.

  42. >"Can't ignore all the explosive's evidence"

    There is no audible evidence of explosives going off "during" or "seconds before" the collapse of any of the three buildings.

  43. I am sorry bu that is a sweeping statement without support. There were many anomalies from the reports of secondary explosions to the incredible heat that persisted in the rubble for a week supposedly from highly flamable jet fuel that would have been consumed in the initial fireball of the aircrafts' impact. Apparantly, burning office furniture liquified steel almost one hundred floors below instantaneously.

  44. Again, jet fuel is just kerosene. If you put a match near it it will go up because it is flamable. And we saw the jet fuel go up on impact. The burning after that was furniture, plastic and paper. Not knowing what damage had been caused by the impact I can't say that the floors above the impact would have been safe but no damage was done to floor 7 or 12 or 25. These floors were designed to bear the weight of a skyscraper on top of them and yet we are supposed to believe they pancaked.

  45. Your explanation isn't logical. The structure of each floor does support the weight of the floors above it with room to spare. Given the fact that much of the material was broken up into debri the weight falling from above was less, not more. If you are claiming that it was inertia onto the supporting structures below the collapse would not have been continuous and we would be investigating construction fraud and faulty concrete pours as happened with other pancaking buildings.

  46. As for your 'jet fuel' response, the more flamable the less time it remained. Within 2 minutes of impact there was little to no more jet fuel left. I am not a conspiracy theorist but I do demand transparency and regardless of what is true a democracy demands that justice not only be done but that justice must be seen to be done and I along with millions of others believe something really stinks about 9/11. So lets demand the answers that will satisfy the people that justice has been served.

  47. Newton's law concerning an equal and opposite reaction determines that there could be no "slamming down" – that is, inertia would not play a part because of resistance with each floor. As for the fireball, the intense heat from the jet fuel would have passed in 30 seconds. The rest of the heat would have been generated by burning carpet. Burning carpet didn't bring down a skyscraper. I have a wood fire in my home and the wood sits on an iron grate. The grate doesn't soften or melt.

  48. The fire was open; an aircraft put a huge hole in the building. Jet fuel is highly flamable so it doesn't stick around in a fire. The building did not have a single support column. Might I suggest you do a little research before expressing an opinion.

  49. Wow….doing a BIG ANTI-911 TRUTH push this year huh…

    You are a liar…..You LIE over and over and over again about all manners of subjects.

    You have routinely LIED about Jennings and Hess's testimony. You have routinely lied about NIST's computer model, and IGNORE such facts as REMOVAL OF SHEER STUDS FROM SIMULATION AND CALCULATIONS. Its either willfull ignorance or sly propaganda. Either way, when you die, you are going to hell. Im sure of it

  50. ROFL.. The twin towers were constructed using box columns and they were designed to withstand multiple missile attack since they were the centre for both the USA intelligence community and financial sector. And, you think 2 planes took out these buildings in an hour and they all collapsed into their footprints as if they had been demolished. People imagined the secondary explosions; they must have been exploding water coolers. The molten iron pouring out of the south tower was… (cont)

  51. (cont) an optical illusion as were the squibs exploding in front of the dropping crush zone as were the girders weighing tons that were thrown into the surrounding buildings. And, this flight path, extremely difficult for the most experienced pilots was done by 19 Arabs after a single flight lesson in Cesnas. Oh yeah, we know it was them because one of them threw his passport out the window as he ploughed into the building. And, wow.. no record of any of them getting on a plane that day…

  52. Zionism is the problem. Neoconservatism is the problem. Attention on either "Fascism" or "Nazism" is misdirection, either deliberately or in ignorance. Criticizing Mike Rivero, who also grants any credit the White Rose, is foolish. The conditioning is so deep that you two can sit here bickering at one another over on how or why the buildings collapsed, and applaud some movement wholly irrelevant to our enduring problems, all the while failing to address the REAL problem: Zionist dominion.

  53. This is not true, check out the youtube video "Total Proof Bombs were planted", as well and the numerous eyewitness accounts relating to explosions. There is documented evidence of explosions, just research with an open mind.

  54. Thanks for a good channel.

    Regarding 9.11. What do you have on 9.11?

    Any concrete that can either confirm, or disprove the questions from the 9.11Truth movement?

    Please feel free to send any link, or documentation to my inbox.

  55. motive for 93: "This action was done in response for the American political, economical, and military support to Israel the state of terrorism and to the rest of the dictator countries in the region." "desire to stop the killing of Arabs by Israeli troops" "He said that he truly believed his actions had been rational and logical in pursuit of a change in U.S. policy toward Israel. He mentioned no other motivation during the flight and no other issue in American foreign policy that concerned him"

  56. And Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11: "By his own account, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's animus toward the United States stemmed not from his experiences there as a student, but rather from his violent disagreement with U.S. foreign policy favoring Israel."

  57. "They were found guilty, there was outrage in Islam and there was a terrorist attack"

    I think the nuclear bombs dropped on Japan where a pretty bad terrorist attacks, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, Afghanis, Cambodians, Vietnamese ad nauseum killed by US forces, in the US quest for global domination, control of oil and so forth.

    You fund the war criminals and terrorists that own you. If you want to know who is responsible for terror, then look no further than a mirror.

  58. Yeah, but that animus didn't make Building 7 collapse str8 down, or make the BBC report it 15mins? early.

    I'm not saying the theory you're pushing is Bool'Chet….#I'mJustSayin'

  59. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed said that the purpose of the attack on the Twin Towers was to "wake the American people up." KSM said that if the target would have been strictly military or government, the American people would not focus on the atrocities that America is committing by supporting Israel against the Palestinian people and America's self-serving foreign policy that corrupts Arab governments and leads to further exploitation of the Arab/Muslim peoples." Building 7 was not a target.


  61. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has been in tortured in US custody for 10 years so I am disgusted that you would quote his so-called "confessions".
    15 of the 19 alleged 911 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia but the US attacked Iraq because Saddam was not behaving as an obedient petro-dollar puppet like Saudi Arabia. Today Saudi is a base for US drone strikes on Muslim countries because Wahabis are American puppets. The Al Saud family, the Bush Family, and the Rothschild Family, all sleep in the same bed.

  62. "Building 7 was not a target." >>RP

    That makes it's collapse look like other forces were involved, along with all the other "COINCIDENCES."

  63. If you had any sense you would see that this is the last thing they would want him to say. What they tortured guys about was trying to get them to say they were working with Saddam. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is Ramzi Yousef's uncle & Yousef is the mastermind behind 93 WTC bombing, he sent a letter to the NYT saying the very same motive, no torture, no custody. The same thing Mohammed Atta said to his friend, no torture, no custody. All have been saying the same, they're angry @ US supporting Israel

  64. Building 7 was just a building near the twin towers. It caught on fire, and several floors of sprinklers were not working due to WTC1's collapse severing water lines. FIremen were predicting WTC7 would collapse due to the fires, no "coincidence." How many hours was the spray on fireproofing rated for (probably 3-4)? How many hours was WTC7 on fire? See video "On 9/11, WTC7 Collapse Was Firemen's Concern (controlled demolition debunked) "

  65. I wasn't saying the USA is guiltless in this. In the days after the 9/11 attacks, the news media and politicians here in the USA were making statements that the attacks were coming out of nowhere for no apparent reason. I just offered up the most direct reason to carry out the attacks. Because of "The Vietnam War", Laos is the most bombed country in the world. Even Iraq and Iran don't come close, after two Gulf Wars. And Laos was not officially involved in Vietnam. No, not a good thing.

  66. The attacks were not plotted just 3 months before, it was much longer that KSM and Mohammed Atta plotted to attack the US to stop the US from supporting Israeli crimes which are getting Muslims killed. TAT is what angered them. The reason for the attack is a main thing I work to report. GOOGLE my blog post " Reviews of "Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission" in the NYT and the Independent Institute." The main motive for the 9/11 attacks was suppressed.

  67. I'm not saying they were. After the first attack on the WTC in the early 90's, I'm sure a new attack was being planned right away. I was just pointing out a story than ran on the cable news network cycle for only a couple of hours. Then it was abandoned and ignored, and the "out of nowhere for no reason attacks" became the standard propaganda. Revenge for for a "miscarriage of justice" was promised and just a few months later it happened. The complexity of the attacks certainly—

  68. took more than a few months of planning and practice. And just like the Warren Commission, the 9/11 Commission was meant more to alleviate concerns and paranoias, than find out the truth.

  69. Aiy, it's not good.

    I like to make the point that we are all responsible, not just the mass murderers that rule over us. We fund and benefit from this system. Rulers need our participation, which is why the concept of civil disobedence and non-cooperation exists. We have to stop holding up the tower. It's not easy I know, but there are things we can do, and poeple do do :o)

  70. "the 9/11 Commission was meant more to alleviate concerns and paranoias, than find out the truth."

    Alleviate, smoke screen …

    Some of the big questions for me include; how did the most sophisticated air defense system in the world, NORAD, miss this? Where did the nano-thermite come from? Why did the State Department halt investagtion into the funding of Mohamed Atta, saying that there was 'no point'?

    I think collaboration with and manipulation of a numder of parties, make sense.

  71. the 1993 WTC attackers sent a letter to the NYT stating the motive, saying the attack was for supporting ISrael and other oppressive regimes. KSM said bin Laden wanted to punish the US for supporting Israel. The two top 9/11 Commissioners ADMIT that concerns the public might reassess the policy of supporting Israel, influenced what they put in the report and what they kept out! See my video "The Real 9/11 Conspiracy: Traitorous 9/11 Commissioners Served Israel Agenda"

  72. My guess is, yes there was a real attack by 'Al Qaeda', but I think there was a 'red carpet' laid out for it. I suspect that there was also collaboration between CIA and MOSSAD on this. I also suspect that British leaders were in the know, as the official explanation of the 7/7 bombings in London were just as riddled with strangeness. Take a look at 'Mind The Gap' sometime, with former MI5 officer David Shayler. He's a bit of a character, but he's anti-establishment now having been screwed over.

  73. "Traitorous 9/11 Commissioners Served Israel Agenda"

    I havent seen the video yet but the title is midly suggestive of a, in my opinion purposeful, myth that Israel is controlling and/or manipulating the US, which I happen to believe is fallacious, oblivious of the world order and serving the agenda of certain factions of the US establishment.

    Sorry if I have it all wrong. I'll watch your video.

  74. Framing it as control or no control is a misdirection & "that Israel is" is another misdirection. How about Israel supporters in the US using their influence and power to guide and manipulate policy and protect policy? The two top 9/11 Commissioners ADMIT that concerns the public might reassess the policy of supporting Israel, influenced what they put in the report and what they kept out! so this isn't like it is my idea or I base it on nothing. See Rather censor in 9/11 Motive & Media Betrayal

  75. Google my blog post:"Neoconservative deviousness put us at risk and paved the way for 9/11" SEE "the neoconservative leaders who had recently assumed power at the Pentagon were warning the White House that the C.I.A. had been fooled; according to this theory, Bin Laden was merely pretending to be planning an attack to distract the administration from Saddam Hussein, whom the neoconservatives saw as a greater threat."

  76. "Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz objected: ‘Well, I just don’t understand why we are beginning by talking about this one man bin Laden.’"

  77. It wasn't the closest, or most damaged building, and if fireproofing last 2hrs, the tower collapsed in 1 hr.

    If fire was the cause….it would have toppled to the side, because of the uneven melting…if you chose to call it that.

  78. I should also point out that Israel was founded by the most powerful US elite, and in my opinion for the purposes of interfering in the Middle East, for what the US elite call the 'richest prize', meaning the vast US oil reserves that somehow found themselves under Middle Eastern sand. The conflict that Israel causes in the Middle East and the US propaganda regarding who is doing the trouble making gives the US elite adequate public pretext to pursue it's aggressive foreign policy in the region.

  79. "Neoconservative deviousness put us at risk and paved the way for 9/11"

    It's just as much the establishment left as it is the estblishment right. This is what ruling classes do. They have no more ethics than Ghengis Khan.

    The current trend in US foreign policy is nothing new. It traces right back to the founding fathers. John Quincy Adams for instance said that "expansion is the path to security", a policy that has been pursued relentlessly since the beginning of the US empire.

  80. Mr RepresentativePress is so famous they made a video with him in the starring role.
    Why Did Dick Cheney ALLOW A "Plane" To Hit The Pentagon
    Regardless of American support for Israel, America is a Criminal State with a long history of false flag attacks to falsely justify attacking countries which resists US Imperialism.
    The whole world knows Americans are a nation of murderers and thieves because Washington is owned by Jewish money.

  81. The white rode group were traitors who didn't understand the big picture Germany was pushed into war and faught. Communism as did many other country's

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