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  1. Im only 15 and my 16 year old boyfriend is a Volunteer fire fighter…scares me to death everytime he gets paged. But I'm proud to be by his side

  2. Im 21 I was a volunteer firefighter for Nc three years transfered to a payed station in NC so I can relate too this very well stay safe brothers and sisters

  3. 26 years I belong to 3 volunteer departments. People forget us till they call..but we never forget them.

  4. I fall to my dad and my grandfather footsteps. my dad was a fire chief for Potter volunteer fire dept in yates country New York. I start at the age of 12 years old being a volunteer firefighter.all my brothers were a volunteer firefighters too. about I was the only female in the family the is a volunteer firefighter before coming to a paid firefighter.

  5. A huge thank you to all the volunteers who serve. Thank you will never be enough for your sacrifice and your service to your communities.

  6. Thankful for my brothers and sisters who decide to put themselves at risk to protect and save as many people as they can. Volunteer firefighter in Hamburg, NY

  7. I'm a volunteer firefighter in PA at a department outside the city. I wouldn't change what I do for anything. This song is very true and I love it. When I was little, there was an old condemned house that caught fire at night right on the other side of the overpass from my house. I swear the whole city fire dept. responded. It was completely engulfed and collapsed. This scared me but I vowed to become a volunteer and fight the deadly blazes. Thank you for this.

  8. Thanks, TC.  1980-85, was a VFF in California. My girlfriend said I always smelled of smoke. Back then we rode the tailboards, and had open cabs. We used the ScottPaks when we had them, but most of it was just doing it as "leather-lungs". I can still tell what kind of call it is when I hear the sirens, mostly by the amount of them. People ask how I know. I just tell them it was long long ago.

  9. everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my fire fighting days i miss those days as a volunteer and i still keep my fire radio on 24/7 to listen to the calls!!!!

  10. God bless all the firefighters and volunteers that runs through burning buildings to save lives. U are greatly appreciated. God bless u ALL

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  12. 90 seconds from dead asleep to bunkered out sirens screaming, in route…….Nothing compares. It can't be taught, you either have it or you don't. You will never have a lot of money, you will almost never sleep through an entire night. Either cause of alarm tones or nightmares cause of them, and you will always have a nagging women bitching that you are always gone. That's the life. But you will smile on your drive to work, I promise. Those who don't understand or support you don't belong in your life anyways, get rid of em. FIRE/EMS is the life.

  13. As a volunteer firefighter (smoke eater) I say this is a good song and I'm always ready to answer the call when the tones drop

  14. Father and uncle Philadelphia police I'm a 3 year volunteer fire fighter for the PA and couldn't be prouder to keep First Responders in our family and they are home state

  15. This song is brutally honest about the life of a volunteer firefighter and the people who love them. My parents are retired police and as a kid I was oblivious to the dangers of their work. I thought they were like super heroes that would come home after every shift. Now my husband is a volunteer firefighter(just started in August) and I worry. He is stationed at Shelley-Firth in Idaho. You worry, you wonder why, but it has made him a better man and he truly enjoys helping our community.

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  17. i was a volunteer firefighter at the age of 14. my father was a volunteer fire chief form 1972-1992 for a smell town in Yates county.

  18. My Grandpa started a volunteer firehouse and my mom and dad both volunteer there. That i actually where they meet.

  19. This song is really nice! I'm a volunteer fire fighter and this song is soooooooooo accurate! I love being a volunteer fireman! Salute to my volly brothers and sisters out there! We do this!!!

  20. 3 years ago I signed up as an explorer with my volunteer department. Now in a week exactly on Monday will be the meeting I get voted in as a full member where I will fulfill my duties and able to respond to any emergency we get. Although it's hard sometimes I can't imagine not doing it. I love every second of it and I never stop learning.

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