50 thoughts on “The volunteer army fighting ISIS in Raqqa, Syria: Part 1

  1. Idk if any of yall have looked into the American in this video. His name is Kevin Howard and damn does he have a hell of a story. US Marine, French foreign legion, and now merc basically… he took his own life not too long ago. TIL VALHALLA BROTHER. Look into him, very interesting life

  2. Sadly, Kevin Howard, the American sniper in the video, took his own life last Tuesday. If you'd like to read the article local news wrote about him go to https://tucson.com/news/local/steller-column-tumamoc-scare-reveals-tucson-veteran-s-amazing-life/article_9e07940c-f4a7-5569-b1d3-83bce437d2a9.html#tracking-source=home-top-story-2
    or to donate to the GoFundMe set up to return his remains to Oregon go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/funeral-and-escort-services-for-kevin-howard?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=fb_co_shareflow_w&fbclid=IwAR1C1gcSDgTVPe2TFLGVPd_tjlXq_HoANjhVslilEe-4Ywp3mHd2IgzCvjQ RIP Marine.

  3. Howard, the light blonde soldier at the start of this video, sadly took his own life this week in Tucson AZ, Howard was able to get regular treatment from the VA, and the Wounded Warrior Project helped him find a home near the hospital but depression afflicted him.
    He had severe PTSD, which he managed as much as possible.

  4. Hahaha lmao female fighters that's just incredible dumb all there going to do is never hit a target and get raped

  5. Good job America for defeating ISIS. And please for any of you idiotic conspiracy theorists whining about how you think America started all of this… save it for your schizophrenia support group.

  6. The lsis members are true, devout Muslims. Muhammad raped, killed, tortured, enslaved, stole. So, they do like him.

  7. Isis alqeeda ain't the problem it's who made created em that isreal CIA Saudi a devils there behind all wars and attacks like 911 💯💯💯

  8. There will NEVER BE PEACE in the Middle East. Never. As now they have been doing killings based on Tribal Lines for over 2 thousand years.

  9. Wtf America can not claim a victory in Syria America was funding the Syrian rebels against the Bashar al-assad Syrian government and now the government has destroyed Isis and retook Syria by the whole and they don't want Bashar al-assad to have the credit USA starts problems so they can solve problems and be the good guy

  10. Hope we soon see a world free of this killing in name of religion. Hope rationalism shows the way to Humanity !

  11. Its all USA planned war against Muslim country Syria…It was USA hired trained equipped Muslim enter them inti Syria 2 topple Asad govt, USA responsible 4 all king & destruction of cities after cities.

  12. ABC news اhere in this report sozdar derik heroine was alife ang after many days we heard that she was killd were you with her when she died?

  13. fuck isis and ypg. we know the truths. isis is a usa Project to divide middle east and create a caos in syria and irak. we dont let kurds to steal arab land. tel abyad, raqqa and menbic are arab lands.  and wait after isis we are going to fuck ypg in the ass.

  14. Ypg, pkk, are no different from isis, they are stealing land oil fields from a Country Syria. God bless the Syrian people .

  15. I call bull shit. The US CIA and Israeli Mossad created ISIS, ISIL and IS and the fake FSA. If it were not for Russia and Syria Arab Army Syria would not be winning, in fact, Syria would be in the hands of the US and Israel corporations, being exploited for the massive Syrian oil, NG, and multi billion dollar pipelines to Europe to under cut established Russian oil markets in order to economically destroy Russia. That's why the US created these sanctions last week so the US will take NG to Europe since they can't build pipelines from Syria to Europe but Europe is pissed and Russia will simply lower the oil in the black markets. You might figure this out if you stop watching ABC, msnbc, CBS, CNN fake news.

  16. All of these volunteers just wanna kill people. They are not really fighting for America or fighting to make the middle east safer.

  17. Kurds are the only democratic force together with SDF that will liberate Kurdistan and parts of Syria for the secular, democratic and gender equal people who are facing the barbaric ISIS that is supported by dictator Erdogan and Saudi monsters!

  18. If the US would have just given the Kurds a Trillion Dollars a long time ago, the Middle East would be way more stable and it would have saved Trillions.

  19. props to that little boy who lied bout his age just to let others have a safer future
    may his soul rest in peace

  20. I'd be surprised if Christian was able to kill anyone the way he keeps slamming his sights against every wall and door jamb he gets near. In this video alone he did it 2-3 times.

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