The Ultimate Test of Your Social Skills

The Ultimate Test of Your Social Skills

27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Test of Your Social Skills

  1. My mother ran a daycare out of our home for 30 years. I was surrounded by children for most of my own childhood. I guess that is why I have great social skills.

  2. Why the feench king gotta have that peculiar shape. I cant take y'all seriously without thinking "they snuck a richard into the video"

  3. Yeah, bullshit.
    Being good with children and social skills are two different things.
    I give a thumb down for being cocksure while completely missing the point.

  4. For a boss to leave a potential employee with his or her children is callous and unprofessional. You don't struggle week after week going through a revolving door of job interviews just to work as someone else's babysitter. Sorry

  5. I don't like kids! Not even my own nephews and nieces. I just ignore them till they go away and it usually works.

  6. As a person who is anxious around authority figures and with reading subtle social cues (thanks childhood incidents), children are the EASIEST people to interact with for me. They don’t judge adults, they don’t have standards, and if they’re dissatisfied with something they’ll say/show it openly and not using passive aggressive techniques. It’s a HEAVEN of interaction.

  7. The kind of vulnerability you display for children isn't the same vulnerability to display for working with adults

  8. Sometimes, I try to remember a time when I was a child. What I got up too? Who I played with? I do remember having a consciousness on some memories I made and honestly, I was curious all the time. I would talk to anybody, interact with the environment. It was fun!

    But because of my complete vulnerability of having undiagnosed autism and ADHD, adults treated me differently. I would go from shy to being honest and polite, but also the overstimulation of hyperactivity. So I was maybe a nuisance at some points, but I couldn’t help it!

    My innocence was right for the pickings. I grew up, getting plucked and plucked, adults and kids alike, until I was medically assessed for PTSD.

    The point of this story is that I know kids go through their lives without ever understanding what is truly happening, until you reach adulthood. It’s a process to teach yourself what you would’ve needed in childhood, what you can give back now. It’s a balance of acceptance and understanding logically and emotionally.

    When you interact with kids, remember a time you enjoyed being a kid. It’s compassion for yourself and teaching children the equality of individuals they meet. Give them a reason to look up to you. They’ll always remember that 😀

  9. If this were true I'd be the most popular man in the world. Kids are so easy. I'm a teacher though so it would be unprofessional to be terrible with kids. Anyway, with adults, especially people my own age or older, I'm an anxious mess a lot of the time.

  10. This test is flawed. On account that i grew up being super with kids or people much younger than I was. But had the most horrible time socially with people my own age or older. An i grew up like that imto my 30s

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