The Ultimate Banff Itinerary: Best of Banff National Park in 4 Days

The Ultimate Banff Itinerary: Best of Banff National Park in 4 Days

♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Good morning! Do we look cold? It’s pretty cold. What is it like… it was like 5 degrees
Celsius? When we got here… But we’re at Moraine Lake! It’s 6:30 in the morning and this lot is
pretty full already. So now we’re just gonna wait for the sun to come out a little bit and take some pictures of course and go exploring! This is where everybody takes their famous Moraine Lake photos. Everybody getting that shot. Alright so now we’re gonna go to… what is it, Rockpile? CANDY: Yes. We’re gonna go up a little bit. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Okay, so we’re on top of Rockpile Mountain … or it’s just Rockpile, I think, of Moraine Lake. It feels like a mountain
since we had to climb up here, haha. It really wasn’t even that bad but we’re so out of shape. We’re not avid hikers so we need really easy hikes. And the views are amazing! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ I’m canoeing! MARIKO: Woohoo! We’re canoeing! It is really peaceful and the
scenery is awesome I mean the water looks fake because it’s like so blue and clear. Yeah now we’re just like canoeing and taking in the views! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Now we’re gonna head to Lake Louise but not we’re gonna go to Lake Louise summer gondola. So we’re gonna take the gondola up in the mountain and we’re gonna have some lunch. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We made it to Lake Louise summer gondola. It doesn’t feel like summer with the gear that we’re wearing. I know, hahaha! We’re ready for winter. It’s going to be cold up there, so… Alrighty guys, it’s the four of you? Yes. Awesome. You can jump on in. Ok! Enjoy your lunch! We’re on our way up to lunch! Going up! I’m actually kind of terrified of
heights, so… CANDY: Yeah, me too. This looks like it’s going way up there. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Ok, we got our food. This is the grilled avocado caesar salad with prosciutto. It’s like crispy prosciutto. It looks really good. Looks nice and fresh. Yeah I’ve never seen caesar salad presented like this. It’s very interesting. I like it like this. And then their burger is humungous. Oh and Mariko got her chicken breast. Wow, that is very pretty. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re very hungry, so we came to a ramen place. We have different ramen drawings here. I went with this one, the Tonkutsu ramen. I like the drawing a lot, so that’s why I went with it. And then Candy got a seafood ramen but she didn’t pick a picture one so I can’t point at it on the board. I’m super ready to eat! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ MARIKO [in Japanese]: Thank you for the meal.
MARIKO [in Japanese]: Thank you so much! CANDY: Ahhh, feel good now. CRYSTAL: Alright, we’re ready to go on our night photography mission. I’m ready. CRYSTAL: Candy is ready. Yeah! Hahaha! CRYSTAL: They’re ready. Wes is ready. WES: Ready. CRYSTAL: Let’s do this! CANDY: Crystal’s getting ready for her night photography CRYSTAL: Thank you. They’re my assistants, hahaha! CRYSTAL: Just gotta get my tripod set up…hahaha… in the complete darkness. CANDY: But you’re… I can actually see you with this light. CRYSTAL: Could you? CANDY: Yeah, it’s really bright. CRYSTAL: Yeah it was raining earlier so… CRYSTAL: … and as we were driving here, I was like, Oh my gosh, it’s getting worse and worse, haha! Instructor: Yeah, I know! [SFX: Camera Flash] [SFX: Camera Flash] [SFX: Camera Flash] So we’re on a shuttle bus to Johnston Canyon. We’re gonna take a bus there today because we didn’t want to deal with the parking and it’s a little bit later in the day; it’s 10:45. How long is this trip? I think it’s like 30-40 minutes, something like that. Not too long. Yeah it’s $5 for the roundtrip ticket and we parked at the Banff Train Station So we’re gonna relax and enjoy this ride! Yeah and this shuttle, I’m surprised that the seats are very nice. They are nice. It’s like they revamped
this school bus. Yeah I was thinking like, Oh man, school bus seats!? I hate those seats but these are actually nice
cushioned seats so that’s nice. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ CRYSTAL: Bye, thank you! Bus driver: You’re welcome. Enjoy your day! CRYSTAL: We will! Oh it’s cold. CRYSTAL: It is kinda cold. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So we’re here and we want to go to Lower Falls and then to Upper Falls. We’d like to see this. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So we made it to Lower Falls. The walk wasn’t that bad. It went by pretty fast. Yeah, it’s only like a half a mile so
I guess that’s why it wasn’t so bad. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Alright, now we’re making our way to Upper Falls.
We just saw Lower Falls ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Oh there’s a waterfall over there. So 20 minutes for the first one
and then 30 minutes to this one. This one is a lot harder. There’s a lot more incline. More incline for sure. It’s almost our turn to take a picture by this waterfall! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ CANDY: Alright, who’s going to dig in first? Me!!! I’m gonna dig in. My favorite kara-age. This is like fried chicken. Kinda like fried chicken nuggets. It looks good! I have the cold ramen. So they put a bunch of pickled stuff, chicken, edamame and then there’s the noodles at the bottom. CRYSTAL: Is it good? Mhmm. I like it. I got the Tokyo Fries. This has Japanese mayo and okonomiyaki sauce, I think. And bonito, which is dry fish flakes. Good morning! I’m tired. Hahaha, we woke up at like 4:30
again today so that we could go to… or we can get to Lake Louise super early
before everybody else. We got here at 6:30 but it started raining hardcore. A little bit of snow. A little bit of snow… Now it’s starting to finally clear up. There’s like a big crowd going there now so we’re gonna make our way and
see how beautiful Lake Louise is. CANDY: Oh, there it is. It’s right there.
CRYSTAL: Yeah. CANDY: Oh, this is really close.
CRYSTAL: It’s super close. It’s super easy to get to.
It’s very popular for people like us. Oh my gosh, there’s someone canoeing. There’s people canoeing in this weather! It’s so cold. So these are all the names of the mountains that we see in the distance. They’re all named after people. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ The sun’s coming out, the clouds are like
going away, there’s no more rain… CANDY: And there’s a lot more people now.
CRYSTAL: Yeah, definitely a lot of people. I don’t know if you can hear the people in the background… but you know what? Everyone’s pretty courteous and waits their turn so if you’re worried about too many people being here, Right now, it’s pretty good. Yeah, it’s definitely good. And it goes around in a loop, so there’s lots of places where you can take pictures. There’s plenty of angles you can get here It’s not just one picture spot so… if one picture spot is crowded, just keep walking down and you’ll find someplace else. Yeah, keep on going. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So, it’s 8:30 now and it is packed here. There’s a whole bunch more people like three times more I would say. If you want a photo without people in it, this is not the time to come. CRYSTAL: Oh also, if you want to do like trail…
CANDY: Oh yeah… There’s like a two-hour hike, I think. It can go up to a tea house but we’re not really ambitious hikers and we were kind of struggling yesterday at the Johnston Canyon one and that was like barely uphill So yeah we were like, Yeah, maybe it’s not a good idea for us to go that 2-hour hike so we opted not to do it but if you want to and you’re a hiker, you should definitely do it. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re at this beautiful garden, it’s
called Cascade Gardens in Banff. It’s at the end of the downtown area
and it’s so beautiful here Yeah, we didn’t know if we were even allowed to come in because the whole area is gated so it kind of looks like it’s a private area but it’s actually open to the public. Yeah so there’s this garden behind
us here with a nice pond And there’s like a gorgeous view of
downtown Banff and then… more in the back is another a beautiful garden area and there’s a little waterfall and there’s tiered flower gardens. It’s so beautiful. It’s like a little Switzerland. CANDY: Yeah, it’s really relaxing.
CRYSTAL: It is. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Off we go! Whoooo!!! WES: It’s like a roller coaster!
CRYSTAL: Hahaha! CANDY: Oh my goodness, that is fast.
CRYSTAL: Whoooo!!! CRYSTAL: This is awesome.
CANDY: But I’m not going to turn around. CANDY: Just so I don’t, you know…
CRYSTAL: Yeah, I’m like ok this time. The last one, I was a tad scared because it was slow and it had these bumps, so then I was like, When are we gonna get there?… But this is cool. Oh my gosh! Look, there’s people there! Oh maybe they can come from up top and come down? CANDY: Oh! Maybe that’s it… yeah, yeah, yeah. So there’s hikers behind us going on this trail. I wonder how long it takes to hike up there though if this is ten minutes to get up there. CANDY: That’s a long hike … oh, we’re already there!
CRYSTAL: Yeah. That was fast. I feel like that was
faster than 10 minutes. That was definitely faster than 10 minutes. MARIKO: Yeah, it’s probably 3-5 minutes. I feel like that was 5 minutes. That was super fast. We’re at a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which we didn’t even know this was a world heritage site. Yeah, I had no idea. The views down there are awesome. There’s a lot of trails around here, so we’re just browsing around while we’re waiting for our dinner reservation. Yeah cause our dinner reservation is probably in 30 minutes, so we’ll probably head up soon. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Now what me and Candy are doing is we’re just going down Mount Norquay and then we’re going to come back up cause we’re just checking out the different lookouts they have around here. They have some beautiful scenery with the mountains in the distance. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ I did it! ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re at Saltlik and this is our second time here. We decided to come back because we loved it the first time. Yeah, we couldn’t stop thinking about all the
steak and cocktails that we had So we were deciding on where to go for lunch in Banff and we were like, How about Saltlik again? ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ WAITRESS: Got your potatoes. CRYSTAL: Awesome. Oh, that looks good, wow. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ We’re on our way to the Cave and Basin
and it’s only a 150 meter walk so this is perfect for us. This is our last day and we’re ready for like a nice relaxing, you know, sightseeing place for our last stop before we head back into Calgary ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ Welcome. Welcome. We’re up here right now and we’re
looking down, but we can’t see the water so we have to go through the building to
actually see it ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So this is the birthplace of Canada’s national parks. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I’m glad we came here. CRYSTAL: Yeah, we learned something new. So we were just at the top of the cave where we were looking down into the cave and the pool of hot spring water. So now we’re gonna go inside through the building to look at the actual cave and water. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So here we go into the cave. CANDY: Ooohhhh, look it’s dark! CANDY: Wow, can you imagine
if you stumbled across this? CRYSTAL: I know… Here it is. The magical cave. That’s where we were looking up from, up there. A nice ending to our Banff week. ♪♪ MUSIC ♪♪ So we didn’t record our hotel in Banff at Canalta Lodge because it’s so dark in our room and it was really hard to
record or take pictures of things so we came to this hotel at the airport and we’re like,
It’s so bright! We love it! and it’s very convenient because we all have
super early flights tomorrow at 6 a.m. so we thought if we just stay in the airport, it would be nice and easy and very convenient. Which it is. It’s really like…
check-in is like right next door, like 5 feet away. Here is the main bedroom. It’s very large. We got a king-size bed so Candy and I will definitely be sharing this and we’ll have lots of room together to share. So here is the view…it’s not a Banff view.
There’s no mountains or anything but it’s decent. I don’t think it’s a bad view. We’re gonna head to the lounge. See how big and spacious and pretty and modern it is? It’s really clean too. I wonder how new this is? Or if they just remodeled it? Because everything looks brand new. Okay so just coming out of the lobby and
that is where check-in is, just right next door. It’s Air Canada right there and then, you know, all the other airlines but it’s super convenient! So all we have to do is wake up, turn the corner,
and we’ll be checked in. We’re really hungry, we’re starving, so
we’re actually gonna go over to the bar. They’re open really late. I think they said until 1 a.m. and last call is at midnight. Cheers to our last night!

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