The Turning Point (1945) movie

The Turning Point (1945) movie

Production Co: Lenfilm THE TURNING POINT Writing Credits: Boris Chirskov Directed by Fridrikh Ermler Cast:
Mikhail Derzhavin as Col. Gen. Muravyov Pyotr Andriyevsky as Col. Gen. Vinogradov Yuriy Tolubeev as Lt. Gen. Lavrov Andrei Abrikosov as Lt. Gen. Krivenko Aleksandr Zrazhevsky as Lt. Gen. Panteleyev Mark Bernes as Minutka City is burning.
What about seventh? No news yet. One o’clock in the night the germans
broke through front again. In?? district. They count on fast victory while there’s no second front yet. I’m afraid if
we surrender the city, tomorrow we will have second and even third front. What do you mean? Friends. In far east and in near east.
Fall of the city will be signal for action to them. No way. The would not dare.
They won’t dare if we survive this?? ? that depends on many things. There will
arise people who can master the circumstances. But Vinogradov is a strong general.
He does not command this front anymore. Since when?
This day. And who? Ivan Andreyevich, I recall you had encounter with fon Klaus
during winter campaign. I have some questions for you. Comrade commander, ?? general-leutenant Kryvenko insists upon
his plan. What to do, my friend? There are not enough reserves. I reccomend to compensate shortage of
forces with excess weapons.?? Comrade commander, allow…
Thank you. I will send for you. Take a seat, Pyotr Mihaylovich. Now it will
be easier for you to explain yourself openly. Lavriy Miketich, pardon me. I met general
Batalov in your headquarters right now. It turns out that his?? are already being unloaded.
Yes, reserve forces are being given to front’s disposal. But I have no orders form superiors on accout
of this. We have orders to save the city. The fall of it equals death. It is necessary to transfer all reserves to this
objective immediately. To beat in order to stop. It will be too late tomorrow. Lavriy Mikelich, circumstances
justify our initiative! No. I am used to carrying out my orders precisely.
What concerns front reserves, have a look… There are ten divisions grouped near Mihailovka. If not today, then tomorrow
we can have to deal with new breakthrough and surrounding of seventh. I have to spare these reserve forces in order
to exclude catastrophe and pull out army. To defend the city, not to withdraw army. That’s what we have
to do first! General Klimenko, that is my final decision. New front commander arrives today.
General-colonel Muravyov. Muravyov?! Comrade commander?
Yes. General-colonel Muravyov asked to contact him at seventh army.
He’s driving through [farms] straight from the airfield. What?
To the site of breakthrough. What are you doing here? Looking for
my regiment, comrade general-colonel. And where subdivision you’re commanding is?
Destroyed at?? And you? In appointed hour I left
together with three soldiers. Where’s the third one? I am here, comrade general-colonel.
?? We have met somewhere… I see you’re
experienced soldier. That’s correct. We are fighting towards the border
and then back again. Back again? Good. I’m not leaving this room untill you reinstall
the administration! But headquarters… Shut up. I will? I will make headquarters
fight?? But, comrade commander… Shut up! Where’s Orlov? Why
isn’t he attacking? Why? Good day. Comrade general-colonel, the situation is?? Intercommunications have
been bombed, I’m losing control. Allow me to report the situation. Let’s to go your place first, general.
Let’s take our clothes off. Here, please. ?? Once we get there, it’s
just a matter of minutes. Minutes… We will have to endure much. Dear God! Kiril! Dear… Hello.
Well, how’s the girl? I have seriously wounded man…
And I, too, am in a hurry. Wait, why are you here?
I came see you. Well, how’s she? Walking around? Walking around,
doing mischiefs… I have a letter from her to you. What else? Are you really in command?
What’s wrong? That’s bad, Kiril. So bad. It would
be better if you weren’t here. I can’t stay any longer.
I will come by. Where are you located? I don’t know, Kiril. I don’t know anything.
I will find you, then we’ll meet.
We’ll meet. Major Porshonov. Whose car is that?
General-leutenant Panteleyev’s. Where is he?
Atop the hill, comrade general-colonel. Commander od local defense, general-leutenant of
engeneerering forces Panteleyev. How do you do! With whom do I have the honours?
I will be in command over the front. I thought so. It’s a custom to have a look by myself and
thing over… To have a look at what? Well, see… This line. It is so called middle defense zone.
Batallions, units, positions… this is it. And there’s the city. The last frontier. And
it is already burning. We won’t make it? If we don’t make it… Yes, we need some heavy thinking.
What was decided in Moscow? I supposed you would be
bringing layouts and plans. It’s a good city. But, bloody hell, if encounters were decided
on the paper there would be no encounters. They would measure, calculate and decide who’s
victorious. But there is also will and necessity. We must. We can not lose.
In order to do that we must hold the city. Yes, the stakes demand that. But there
is also mistakes, miscalculations… We have to look for slightest fallacy, Klaus’s miscalculation and hold on to that.
Well, there’s no need to look long to find such. It’s sufficient to look at the map. Here! Klaus is as if crawling into a sack. He’s putting flanks under attack. If we had wast reserve forces here…
Let’s take flanks in account. But it’s unlikely to be a miscalculation. Obviously, he’s certain
that technical forces will allow him to deal with city so fast, we won’t have enough time to gather
enough forces against his flanks. Once the city is taken, they either exterminate defending
armies or drive them across the river. Neitralize them. In such manner Klaus frees all his essential forces at once, he
turns the front norhtwards and flanks are no longer under danger. River on the right, which bother our defending
the city, now helps him, covering his flanks. And mighty fist can strike armies endangering
him… which we even won’t be able to concentrate. That is infallable calculation
on time and speed. So, firstly… to make it faulty and win some time. That’s
correct, but front reserve forces are not sufficient for that. We would have to use strategic reserves for that purpose, and we won’t
have forces to use against german flanks. That’s vicious circle. Second and most important. Do not touch strategic
reserves under any circumstances. And that’s final. What news have you got about second front? Do you count on second
front bailing us out? I want only to caution, if we manage to stop the germans, they
will be throwing in new divisions until they achieve the results. Well then… let’s draw another conclusion. It’s
not enough to stop, we need to defeat them. It’s not enough to defeat, we must annihilate
them so that they wouldn’t come around soon. To impose such task under
current circumstances… You know who imposes such tasks upon us! Now they’re yours to deal with.
Right. Ours to deal with. But, anyway, Klaus overrates his
capabilities and underrates ours. First of all, artillery.
Yes, that the strongest we’ve got. But we’re short of it.
Don’t worry, there will be more. Meanwhile… It’s necessary for every army to reserve for front no
less than thirty or forty barrels of heavy weaponry. We must create fron artillery
group for furhter action. When decisive moment comes, fire in the
fist. Kiril Stepanovich, but supplements? For now we’re transporting it using only
road we have. But it will be cut over. And new one?
It will be read in a month. Evacuation of factories??, they use our freight cars,
so gathering supplements is even more slowed down. Vladimir Vikentyevich, you are the very inexorable fact. That’s
a sad role. It’s very hard for me to leave you such legacy and I can say nothing to console you. Vladimir Vikentyevich,
you are my teacher and were in command of this front. I understand it’s gonna be
hard, but it has to be so. I propose you to stay as my second in command or chief of
headquarters. If it is necessary, I am ready to do any duty. Hello, comrade Lavrov. How are you feeling?
? Five thousand of our worker are on their way to you.
We will give you twice as more strong, trained men, just untie our hands. We must manage to
evacuate larges factories of the Union. But there’s still no knowing how many days, how many
echelons… Evacuation of factories is canceled. Danger?? Vladimir Vikentyevich, on what amount
of supplements can we count on? Gradual destruction of factories
during first week… On repairings… Due to death of certain percent
of labour forces, we lose… I think factories will be totally
destroyed no sooner than in a month. We used to calculate like that. How production rates would
grow with every week, how these factories would thrive… Why are you still in civil? I brought the direction of making you a member
of military comitee. But we have brought out Ukraine, factories in west… Army won’t be defending empty city. By the way, move headquarters out
of city immediately. How far? So that cannonade wouldn’t be heard. We need to
think inside the headquarters. Yes? For you. Yes, yes.
Right. It has begun. Mihailovka is under attack. Impossible!
Went himself? Alright. I’ll be right there. Seventh has captured
officers of general staff. Klaus. Nerves. Your name.
Der name! I won’t say anything. That’s enough. I haven’t slept for three days. I travelled
600 kilometres in car, then on foot… I can stand it anymore. I will tell everything.
I know everything. But first of all – to sleep. Did you beat him?
How could we, comrade general-colonel. We know the intelligence. He was scratching like a cat, see how
he bit the hands. Well, he did get a little, that’s for sure. How did you capture him? In the morning
germans drove us out of Mihailovka. Our leutenant says: we’ll beat them back and keep
them there. Then he just burst in, driving his car. Our leutenant says: get him to
headquarters! I go, and there are no cars. We had to go on foot. There I really… I
didn’t really give him any rest. Heavy devil. So, the german is heavy?
Well, yeah.?? Well done. You’ve done a great deal.
Right. Our leutenant is a real hero. Wake him up and get the essential information, while he’s in such state.
More about von Klaus. Then let him get his sleep and bring him to me. I want to see him fresh. Let’s go!
Right. You will be translating. Let him think I don’t
speak german. I want to observe. Alright. I speak russian.
Excellent. So we’ll speak openly. Sit down. Well…
I won’t tell anything. And what could you tell? You brought the map of
headquarters.?? And what will general von Klaus say? I was fulfilling the order.
What order? It is written on the map that Mihailovka will be taken by 12th
[date] and he runs head over heels because the papers say so. And what if things don’t
go according to papers? You are not laughing, I am. German attack machine is set going.
Soon you will be sitting before me like I sit before you. You’re an insolent person. Go! Carry on the interrogation. Look.
They give us only six days. It is planed to take Mihailovka today, the 19th, to take the city
on 25th, then Saratov on august 10, Kuibishev on [august] 15, and Razomas on september 10.
That’s another blow on Moscow. Do you understand? We are just a short episode. To deal with us on the run, turn
to north, cut communications with Moscow and somewhere there in some conclusive battle win Moscow in one blow. Perhaps even
the war. This mayor show the style of whole strategy. Insolent! Klaus is insolent! Hitler is insolent
avanturer! Germans have taken Mihailovka… When?
Two o’clock. 105th knocked off all the attacks, but tanks
went around… All the same they’re insolent! Today is the twentieth. We will win two hours today. And so
on every step – to yank out an hour, a day, a week. Time! That’s the essential thing now.
I’d reccomend to pull off the army. No way! Keep every border until the last possibility.
Counterattack without stopping, anywhere where it’s possible. Don’t give them any rest. I can’t do so.
105th division is already in a sack. All the same. Other armies will do that. ?
Hello, Petron. Hello, friend! You?
Me. Hello, Kiril. Jura, the wine!
No, I’m not drinking now. Well, I’m not saying [drink] vodka.
Come on, take your clothes off. You know, nobody is as happy as me. Have you
seen Lisa? I met her accidentaly on the road. Give my driver to eat.
?? is with you? Bring him here! What news did you bring from Moscow? What about second
front? To hell with that. What did they tell you? Keep the city, defeat germans.
But we are giving up the city, Kiril. Our Vinogradov shudders over reserve forces. He puts hope is
his defense zones, but has given up the city in his heart. General of a baron! It’s good that you’ve come.
Allow me to enter. Come on in!
? Take a seat by the table. You’re some proud officer. Drink up for yourself. To victory. This is no driver. This is general amongst
drivers. And treat him like a general. Understood? ??
Go. You know, it’s right, Kiril. For now Klaus has
overwhelming dominance in terms of forces and equipment and also mobility… eat, eat, brother. And to hope
to stop him using measured forces of front is stupid. He would break it anywhere he pleases. That is
correct. You won’t get far on stupid tactics. ? Look. Look what my army can do! Just give us
divisions, especially tank divisions. Is that new commander? They change frequently. Hard front. I’d
sooner lose my head than they change him. Invincible? Give me pepper. Here you go, comrade driver’s general. Do you understand? To attack with all available
forces, compensate shortage by manoeuvres. Risky? Yes. But it will be hopeless later. ?? Let’s attack their flank, deafeat it
and they’ll roll back to kraut mother. Well, then, let’s do so. When?
Right away. This day.
You joking? I’m not. Perhaps, you were joking?
When will reserve divisions arrive? The will be no reserve divisions for now. Last night the germans broke front at Mihailovka.
And they’re surrounding the seventh. And it’s pulling back?
No, it’s not. They’re holding on to last frontiers and waiting for you to attack german flanks. If
you wouldn’t defeat them, then at least stop them. You have enough forces for that. So it’s working for daddy again!
No. It’s not working for
daddy, rather for victory. Listen, Kiril, I may be missing some things. I am a
soldier, I want victory for our nation, for all our front, but I will tell you the truth:
I want this to be victory of my army! My victory! Understand? For all, but mine. You bet! General who doesn’t
want fame is worth nothing. You think I don’t want it? Yet it’s too little
with what you have in mind. I want more. Too little? What do you promise? General Klimenko, I have not
come to promise, but to demand. Why have you gotten so sour? It’s offending. I was preparing an attack and believed it would save
the city. Now I have to realign forces again and save the situation. But what next? There will be festivities
on our street, too. Good, good. Move?
It will withstand. Get Krutenko. Tell him, I’ll skin him. Where is Golosovsky?? Comrade commander, germans have
engaged new divisions in combat. Attack, Klimenko, attack.
Give me just one division. No. I’ve given you all I had. Regroup and attack. That will be the end. They send
division after division. We wouldn’t get through. Comrade commander, general
Vinogradov is on the line. Listen, Kiril, the vicory is out there.
Couple of divisions, and here it is… Attack! Vinoradov? Me. How? What? Hallo! Vinogradov… Get the line in order at once! Damn! Shut the door! Leave them to devil! Why should we feed sandwiches to the devil
when we could eat them ourselves? Will there be communications!
Comrade commander, breach has been found. We can’t approach it yet,
they’re firing mortars. I give you five minutes, otherwise
you’ll crawl there yourself. Stop that! General Klimenko and the map. Comrade commander, allow me…
I’ll be back in a minute. Go. Germans have breached the seventh. Little over hundred tanks
are rushing towards the city. There’s nothing to stop them. Alrigh, I will be attacking non-stop.
Will you give me reserves now? No, not now. I can’t decide on
that under such circumstances. Then I’ll go mad! Seems like it’s
Vinogradov talking, not you. I will remind you who’s talking to you. Victory, victory, victory…
victory? They’re online! Vinogradov? Yes. Me. By all means… in short… faster. …mine the pathways! Where you don’t
have the time? Vinogradov? Yes, it’s Vinogradov. I’ll do that… …be in contact with Lavrov. Who
else is there? General Panteleyev… …to the left bank, river will
do as a cover… Roger that. For now use all the artillery… Krivenko is commencing the attack.
105th has breached the siege. Colonel Voronkov is expecting you. He has brought
documents and your wife’s belongings. What?! What? You told him already. What’s happened? Comrade general-colonel, chief officer
of 7th sent me directly to commander. Let’s go. Meanwhile report to me.
Commander’s wife has been killed. Then she said: “I feel sorry for the girl.
I won’t be seeing her.” She was buried in steppe. I leveled down the place so that
it wouldn’t get desecreated and marked in on the map. In what condition was the division brought out? Losses
up to sixty percent. We salvaged the materials. Where are you located?
Villaged of Rabat. You deserve a rest, but you are standing closest to breaching sector.
Put division in cars and transfer them to city, to factories. Approach commander of strategic unit.
Roger that. Kiril Stepanovich… I understand it’s hard for you. I wouldn’t dare
to bother you… You’re wasting time. Report! Officer from? arrived. Whole seventh front has been driven
north of the city. Thus there are only factory privates there. Communications with city have been breached, yet there are
evidence that germans have already occupied the city. Excuse me, Vladimir Vikentich… Perhaps we have really? Have you called officers in command from
reserve forces? Yes. Meeting is at 00:30. Is it really the end?
Kiril Stepanich, these are the last hours. You know I rarely agree with general Krivenko, but if it is possible to save the city,
it’s only by immediately sacrificing strategic reserves. If it is possible at all. Alright. It may be so. Nevertheless, verify this report. City has fallen. After many weeks of bloody battles…
crashing vehement bloshevik resistance… armies of general von Klaus have captured one
of the last bastions of russian defence. Meeting will probably be delayed.
Commander has been called to?? General Muravyev report
situation of the city and fulfillment of the plan
prognosis? Germans have made haste. Nobody knows how it
wouldn’t ended if not for Krivenko’s manoeuvre. It has not ended yet. Germans are
in the city. Attaboy, Krivenko. Here’s candidate to his post.
Whose? Commanding officer… Proceed. Please, be seated. Comrade commander, according to your order people receiving
decorations have been summoned. It’s not the time now. It’s exactly the right time. We are responsible
for the situation. They have done their duty. Report the situation. I want to know the
opinion of convention. Keep it brief, please. Alright, I will try. Tanks advancing during night towards northern industrial regions
were met and held up for more than ten hours by factory privates. When germans threw seventh army to the south and
engaged infantry… Comrade commander, let me explain. Do you think it will make situation better? At that time 105th division arrived, group of long
range artillery was on the eastern riverbank. Its fire held up the enemy. Sure, it was alredy in the
city, in vicinity of Koltsevaya street.? Finally, continuous attack of general
Krivenko from the north played decisive role. It has closed section of
breach and holding it for now. Excuse me for being late. I was delayed by germans.
Only your detaining of germans excuses you. Go on! Germans have been stopped, but they have breached
the city and are in substantial control of it. Achievments of general Krivenko give us some
rest but there is no doubt it won’t be long. We must use this rest to clearly evaluate the situation and
lighten legacy of eventual catastrophe as much as it’s possible. Heavy conditions in the city, position of 21st
army which is about to be driven into the river bounds us to consider row of importunate
measure in case we have to desert the city. I have prepared and order to collect all barges, motorboats… Did you
discover the source of false information about city being fallen? I’d say “inaccurate”.
Remove and courtmarshal him. Do you want to continue?
No. Allow me, 21st army declines these reserves
of transportation an barges.?? No use arguing. Circumstances themselves dictate
who was right and what must be done now. Only thing that’s clear is that the city can still
be saved through immediate attack of all forces. What forces?
There are two generals here. Their two intact armies are enough to drive germans out
of the city. I don’t know plans of commanding bodies, but it is clear that reserves draw counterattack leftwards. And
it is also clear to me that any attack plan would crumble. Sorry, if we give up the city. Summon him.
So, you’re talking about?? Let me put it as a paradox: by letting germans
in the city we have acquired defence?? Firstly, germans lose possibility of manouvering tanks in the
city. Defence of burning outskirts was hellishly difficult. ? less open to fire, they form good
sector for surveillance and bombardment and? makes position particulary solid. French, by giving up Paris, lost irreplacable antitank
position. But this is no Paris! Rather a thin strip of rubble. Exactly! This is no Paris. One has to be
russian to go to such sacrifice. But rear? Rear? Have you walked along riverside?
In vicinity of blue kiosk? The bank is high and abrupt, and it
makes… dead space during bombardment. It is possible to locate headquarters, reserves
there and even use it for front manouevering. It’s tight, but it can be done. Time passes by but we talk
about decisive engagement as if about moving to another flat! I agree, I don’t argue… I supposed
if there’s a need… it’s possible. Leutenant Fyodorov is arrived. Leutenant Fyodorov has
arrived on your summons. Due to heroic defence of house No. 48 you
have earned a decoration. I congratulate you. Yet this is not all. From now on each house will
be deciding fate of city defence, whole front. I warn you: in case of giving up a
house you will answer with your life. Comrade commander, I am responsible for my position as long as I hold it.
I’m asking you to order not to call me to headquarters without necessity. It’s tough, my friend, I know. And I can’t promise
it will be better soon. It will be even tougher. We won’t go anywhere from here. There
is no land for us on the other shore. You can go. This splendid officer
will never be executed. If he can’t fulfill his duty, he will die heroic
death. Higher officers don’t have such opportunity. I’m recalling preparations in case of
abandoning the city. Such a case is ruled out. General Studentsov, you must hold bridgehead
on western shore by any means possible. Or you will be responsible for everything. I assign defence of the city to 21st army. Comrade commander, if everything stays as
it is, I don’t vouch for fate of the city. General-leutenant Panteleyev, I order
you to take charge of 21st army. Are you displacing me as commander
which hasn’t fulfilled his duty? No, as a man who possibly can’t handle it. I ask general Panteleyev and member
of war council Lavrov to remain. Excuse me. Pyotr! General Kryvenko! You wanted to stay at my place. Pyotr, you know what happened?
Comrade commander, allow me to go bandage the wound I got while in command of 21st army.
Are you wounded? Go. Ivan! The car! Home! To the farm. Pyotr Mihailovich, you can’t
go thirty five kilometres without bandages. You’de better go [to medical point].
There’s nowhere to go. To the army! Faster! Go and take over the army without further ado. Relocate headquarters to the city.
Anyone who emerges in western shore without order, will be put under trial. Good luck, Ivan Anisimovich. Vladimir Vikentich, Kryvenko is wounded.
Take care of him. Kiril Stepanovich… if there was necessity of changing the command,
it was possible to do it in a different way. You undesrvedly insulted him in presence of
everybody. But he is loved, army believes in him. If general Kryvenko doesn’t belive it’s possible to hold
the city, better don’t believe in general Kryvenko. Well, well… you’d better think about it. Vladimir Vikentich, nominate Kryvenko for
decoration due to brilliantly performed operation. Kiril Stepanovich, I understand that all you said
and decided today was also directed against me. Why didn’t you draw conclusions?
I ask you not to count on me. It’s hard, Vladimir Vikentich. I supposed if we abandoned the city, river would have become mighty
defensive frontier over which it would be easier for us to hold the front. I concede we won’t hold the city. Then it’s hard for
me to think about sacrifices we will be making. Do you think we have lost the war? I haven’t said that. War is already won. Only lack
of second front has created present situation. And only second front can solve it. It will form
sooner or later… Correct. Correct as always. Then, having saved the army, we will retreive
the city. And advance! Along with allies… Oh, dear Vladimir Vikentich… Each one of us can be displaced and put
elswhere, where we would be more useful. Kryvenko is right in a way. And you are right. And
germans and our friends throughout the whole world. And many of us think in our hearts it is
impossible to stand on this side of the river. But it must be. To correctly judge and use the circumstances, to
draw feasible objective – any tallanted military leader can do that. But only true commander sets up a task and creates
necessary circumstances for it’s fulfillment. You are withholding something. I don’t understand what do you want to say. The thing I am about to tell
you is complete secret. Only you and few selected people will know this.
It is about general plan of highest commanders. Oh, daddy, you’re all covered in blood. Get the doctor immediately. Girl, hot water.
Help me. Oh, you’re already here.
I will get up soon. I will get up. Army…
Yes. But first… Scissors! Get the commander here. I will consign the army.
You wouldn’t dare to give up the city… How will you hold it?
I will hold it, dear, I will. You alive?
Alive. Well, it’s nothig. House is collapsing,
that’s good, cover will be heavier. Comrade leutenant, Sidorov and Ivanov have been
killed. Go to your post! Litvenko, take my place! Remain here. Hold until your last breath. More accurate fire. Let them come closer.
More accurate! Were you drowning? ?? You’d better get dry. And some sleep… Well, then. You’ll have to
go back to yor division now. Comrade commander, german? They’re shooting
grenades from the precipice. Let’s all get up! Comrade commander, you’d better relocate. Have a look, Pyotr Stepanovich, what’s happening
and report back to me. We will continue. Permit me, comrade commander…
Go with them until we make the order. Take machine gun, grenades. No, this is not Shura, rather Panteleyev.
It’s nothing, I understand. I will write it down. Thirty tanks from behind…
thanks, mate, you cheered me. Report to the colonel that general Panteleyev has heard nothing
about railway station. When it is retreived, let him report it. Comrade general colonel, will it be soon? Two months
we’re sitting in the woods without a thing to do. We’re intend to prepare huge amounts
of mushrooms and hunt quails. Vinogradov called. Great unfortune has befallen.
It’s necessary to go. ?? you’re being busied with
canned food and millet gruel. Well, let’s get moving. What has happened? Defensive front is breached.
What? At 5:30 germans breached it in vicinity of factories.
They flung a division to? and another on cars?? Panteleyev asks for support. They were not to be let near the river. Where
they went over, not a soul was left alive. What a force! To move it all to city… it
would become easier at once. Well, move it. You’re the boss. Sherboro division, you say? Today I saw blown up german tank still in the desert colours.
Yes, they’ve transfered everyone from Africa, from France to us. Tanks, plains… that’s why english beat Rommel. That’s it. They
count on second front, but second front is being set up here. That’s not just fate of the city.
There is the center of everything. Success if Africa, second front,
terms of war… it’s all here. But most important – to be or
not to be for soviet lines. What’s there to think? Relocate one division
for Panteleyev, I won’t give any more. We can’t go to easy success.
Only decisive beating. We must break the motion of war here.
Break it and stop it once and for all. Yes, yes. Oh, come on in. I was expecting you. Has the wound healed? Pictures… Old ones. Don’t you take interest?
Here’s von Klaus… Conqueror of Belgium, hero of?? Are you preparing for your own??
Yes, but with different follow-up. Forgive me, I didn’t know
then… Liza had died. You didn’t know much more.
And didn’t understand. I haven’t come to talk like a general,
rather like a friend. May I? Go on. No, not like a friend. I can’t and I won’t pity you.
Alright. Let’s talk like comunist to a comunist. I was lying those months and waiting. My soul, rather than
wound was hurting. What have you achieved during this time? I have been holding the city. I was there
and looked at the maps. There is no city. You have narrow strip of land and debris at the riverside. Some
parts are virtually blocked… it can’t be beared for long! Shut up! It can’t be beared according to orders, but people are
bearing it. Because they have decided to hold till the end. People order us to hold. They, not
you, have accomplished this miracle! And to surrender the city now is crime. Yet
all slowly, but steadily is going towards it. It wouldn’t be so if you had used all forces
then. Von Klaus is dreaming about it. You’re joking! All their calclulations assume
we would engage our strategic reserves. Here, secret order from
Hitler on october 14. Russians, who have spend their forces in last battles,
won’t be able to replicate the winter of 1941. Klaus is? but you’re
thinking about your attack. What are you waiting for? There is limit
for human strength. What have you decided? To take stand! And I haven’t decided
it, rather the people. Let’s go! Look.
This is more dreadful than you thought. Twenty two german divisions… twelve of
them stormed narrow strip near the river. ?? is defending it. They are divisions only on map. There aren’t even 1500 soldiers in some of
them. They’re not only withstanding, they have broken german plans and terms, they have drawn german main forces and
reserves. They have obtained time for us. Klaus has sent his best divisions to the city. Just to get over with it sooner.
He’s in such hurry that he has taken almost all divisions from flanks. Now, here are romanians. But we… look,
what we have accumulated during this time. Two tank corps, cavalry corps, not to mention
archer divisions. There are more on the north. Tank corps, more tank corps, three tank corps. Isn’t
enough? Two cavalry corps. These are only mobile forces. So, now you’re gonna strike? No, wait. You see, Klaus is saving some
first rate divisions near Mihailovka. But he is drawing them in… There are two or three
weeks left until winter. If they don’t manage to take the city now they will have to either retreat through
frost or to spend winter in a sack. Either option is risky with such flanks!
Wait, wait, wait… That means you want him to storm the city?
Sure! Just not to oversleep! To capture the moment when
their main forces are gathered within the city… then we will attack their flanks from the
north here! Attack from the south here. We’ll come together at Mihailovka, surround
them, smother them and won’t let anyone out. You understand – not a single one. How did you endure? And you had enough
forces? For sure, there were not enough. I remember, ??
No, not me. Why didn’t you tell me then? [you could have] given a hint… If only we could tell people evertyhing at
wartime… how much would it be easier? You still can’t forgive
me for replacing you? In vain. You didn’t believe in it. Consequently,
you would’ve lost the city and died yourself. But I love you, brother. And second thing. I knew then that you have big
things ahead… Excuse me! Yes, yes, it’s time to start. Make yourselves confortable, comrades. Permit me to leave, comrade commander.
Stay here. General Kryvenko has
recuperated and had some rest. He is appointed as a commander
to one of new divisions. Highest commander ordered me to explain
to you plan of our decisive attack. Our plan is derived from assumption that german
attacks will intensify in final weeks before winter and Klaus will try to take
the city by all means. Consequently… …yet unforseen happened and germans ceased attacks
and ominous silence set in throughout the whole front. Comrade commander, house No. 48…
I know. Thank you. Silent… Silent, comrade commander. I’m not
used to it and can’t fall asleep. I, too, have insomnia, brother. …that’s all. ?? “I will kill, I will kill, I will kill”.
But ours:? Stand up! Attention! Comrade general colonel…
Carry on with your rest. I remember. Oh, friend, if you’d get me another major
like that.. I need them this much. It’s unlikely to get such fool who?? They’re
educated now, comrade general colonel. But that’s nothing. We
ourselves will siege?? Siege?
Correct.?? We, too, are educated now.
Well, well, I’ll be looking forward to it. Uncomfortable silence.
It’s not for no reason. Read directive form general staff. Hour X is the term of our decisive attack.
So, in a few days… Bless you! We will endure the trial. It’s hard, Ivan Anisimovich.
What was is gone. What has he got in mind? Could he really have found
out about our attack? Or he’s retreating?
Dear, he won’t retreat. They have annouced throughout the world: “We
have conquered! We will take it tomorrow!” This is the last bite.
How not to swallow it? Strawberry? Home-made. My old
lady is good at these things. What’s happened? Comrade commander, three days ago Klaus
held a meeting in Mihailovka woods. [rumours say] Hitler participated.
Acquaint yourself with this. This mister wouldn’t come
to deal luck around. Yes, fear! Fear about his prestige has driven Hitler here!
Fear before angly Hitler will drive Klaus to attack. Fear to spend winter in a pot
will drive the soldiers. They will be storming.
This was calm before the storm. We’ll be first [to attack]?
It turns out so. No, nothing turns out. They have advantage in in interior operative
lines. If we commence out attack before they start theirs, Klaus will be able to transfer divisions devised for
storming the city to the location of our attacks. No, no, as hard as it is, we must bide
our time. Let them storm [the city]. They will cling even more to
the city, and then we attack. So we have to postpone time of our offence. Do you understand what if we don’t endure? If we didn’t understand,
we wouldn’t have endured. So it will be much tougher what we supposed. We
would have to transfer more divisions to the city. Where from? To take away offensive divisions on weaken the
attack? Not to weaken it, comrade commander, rather?? To put all forces in attack,
that would do it for sure! Panteleyev doesn’t have to withstand for
long. We will commence our attack at once. Then Klaus won’t have the city on his mind.
That’s exactly how von Klaus reasons. He will also put all his forces in one attack and he
can be through with the city even before our attack. I know, I know… How much do you need, Ivan Anisimovich? Let’s not talk about how much I need. How much
can I get? Three… are two divions enough? I counted on three… Comrade commander, for Panteleyev to hold on, it is
necessary to either strenghten him or weaken germans. Main objective is to withstand this first german wave. We have
amassed materials in hope of their attacks to be lasting. What if…
Alright! Pour all out at once, in half an hour! Yes, yes. We’ll do that. My bad, comrade commander,
I don’t quite understand. I will explain. I won’t grant you three divisions, I can’t. I will give you two. I
know that’s little but we will weaken Klaus’s attack twice. How? Hour before german attack we will direct all our artillery
to their batteries and forces prepared for attack. Whole month’s supplies of shells we will shoot
in half an hour. So that feathers would fly! Klaus won’t be able to hold off his attack half an hour before
beginning. Whether he won’t it or not, we will attack you, yet he will attack with half the strength.
?? If so, we can manage it. Yes, but we must now exact hour of german attack. It’s damn
risky. If we delay or are just hour ahead schedule, all is lost. You have bright head, Vladimir Vikentich, but if you’re
afraid of wolves, don’t venture into the forest. Intelligence! Do you realize what
responsibility lies upon you? Day and hour of german attack. Exact.
Roger that. Let’s go. We must get in
touch with headquarters. I have come to really like you
during these tough times.?? I feel your support every minute. Take care of yourself. Anyway, take care as much as it’s possible. Ivan Anisimovich, I was afraid you’d ask four divisions
from me. I was certain you’d give me just one. Comrade commander. Message from general Panteleyev. Kiril Stepanovich, germans commence [attack]
at four in the morning.?? Panteleyev. Sapper. Captured while demining the passage. He affirms
that attack is at six o’clock. At four preparation begins. Take him away. It’s all confirmed. We
must contact headquarters. We don’t have time. If all that
is true, we must act at once. Well, god of war, will you deceive us? No way, comrade commander.
We will make it. Klaus will attack with half strength. Prepare the artillery!
Roger that. Such decision without [accept from]
headquarters… What if reports are false? I said – prepare! …yes, and stay by the phone. If we let the moment go,
headquarthers won’t be hugging us. We must not miss. If we don’t open
fire in time, Panteleyev won’t hold. What if we open fire but there is nothing [going
on] at four o’clock? Silence. Germans do nothing. God forbid! We’d use up all our ammunition, and tomorrow
or in couple of days city will undoubtedly be taken. But there will be no such opportunity
again. To miss this moment means to lose. Everything is put on the stake. Time passes by. ?? Open the fire!
Call them. Commence [attack]. Yes, right away. Our [troops] have ended. Germans will start in
twenty minutes. If only they would start… I vouch for germans to start
at four o’clock sharp. We will hear it now. Right away. Ten minutes past four…
nothing will happen. These ten minutes are worth life. I knew. I saw how Klaus hesitated these ten minutes because
of surprise, now he’s advancing like wounded bull. Well, Stepan…
Alright. Let’s go. Guys, get wounded to the cellar! Nikolayev, get Stepan! ?? we won’t die. Hold on, Styopa, hold on.
I promised… I got the sapper but didn’t
manage to get the major. Stop! Guys… They’ve breached?? House No. 48 is taken.
Wait some more. Let them?? Comrade commander, three unidentified
divisions have emerged. What divisions? Where from? General Panteleyev is wounded.
It’s serious, legs are shattered. Ivan Anisimovich… Where did the divisions come from? Car!
Get the best divisions to the city! It will be soon now. Soon. Do you hear?
??, comrade commander. Faster! Can’t you go faster? Klaus has lost. He’s hysteric now. Those divisions where taken from flanks. It’s time. It’s time. ? Vinogradov has broken into Mihailovka.
Well, the circle is closed. Now – to ram down! Don’t try too hard! I want to see the commander. General von Klaus can negotiate terms of capitulation only
with highest officer authorized by soviet governing bodies. There will be no negotiating terms of capitulation. The
building is surrounded and under hold of artillery and tanks. Now you will hear my authorization. Victory! Victory! Victory! Lieutenant Fyodorov speaking from quarters of von Klaus.
Is this Penchuk? Penchuk, ask colonel to say some word. Comrade commander, he is brought here. Take care of him yourself.
Manshtein interests me now. Allow me… He’s sitting. Thank you, Kryvenko.
Thank you, commander. Allow me… Well?
To a hair. Surround and beat. I congratulate you, comrades! The turning point is reached. Today at dawn front in south
and center has been breached. We are just a part of great
offence in whole soviet front. To the west! To Berlin! Moscow speaking.
Order from highest commander… Preuzeto sa

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