The Truth is no Defense | Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

The Truth is no Defense | Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

so we’re here with Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff and she is an Austrian human rights activist and she is a critic of Sharia
law and Islamism she actually grew up as the daughter of a diplomat in Iran
during the Iranian Revolution and she’s got a lot of experience in the Middle
East has been in contact with Islam throughout of a lot of her life and then
she got into some trouble with the law in Austria after criticizing Mohammad
Elizabeth thank you for being with us and you could you tell us a little bit
about your story how is it that you came into conflict with the authorities over
the things that you had to say I mean in America we’re used to having like
freedom of speech we can say whatever we want even if you know Muslim or a Hindu
or a Christian finds it offensive tell us a little bit about your story and
what’s different in Austria that you ended up getting in trouble well hi Alex
thanks for having me on your show it’s a pleasure
well I am what I call a diplomat sprat I grew up in many different countries
because my father was a diplomat in the Austrian foreign service that also
explains why my English is decent because I grew up in New York in Chicago
went to school in Chicago and because I went to school at an American school I
had to study the Constitution so what I learned is the First Amendment the Bill
of Rights the first and second amendments actually and they came to
mean a lot to me and probably my biggest mistake was to believe that
I also had rights similar to those enshrined in the United States
Constitution in Europe when I started speaking out about the threat of Islam
and Sharia law to Austrian and European societies in Europe back in 2008 and
2009 so I gave seminars to interested people to the public and then a leftist
journalist surreptitiously one day infiltrated my seminars recorded them
and sent the transcript to the public prosecutor who then pressed charges for
what was first what first amount of to hate speech and which was subsequently
changed during the proceedings by the judge to something called denigration of
religious teachings which is in essence blasphemy law Wow and so what did they
what did they do to you as a result of this and in fact I remember we wrote
about this aren’t this whole story in the new American and yeah I think for
Americans it’s really shocking that you even in Europe you know a lot of us
think of Europe to be kind of similar at least in some ways to America it was
kind of shocking that you could get in trouble for this so so what happened to
you what did they do and tell us a little bit about the the court
proceedings and and how that all went and and also I don’t know what are some
of the dangers of this of silencing people who want to speak out on what
they see is the dangers of something in particular well the the whole court
proceedings took 9 years because I decided to fight this charge all the way
to a supranational Court called the European Court of Human Rights first and
the lower courts I was found but oft integration of religious teachings I
received a fine which on the face looks moderate about $540 but that’s only
because I have no income thanks to my criticizing Islam
and I decided that this this was a terrible signal to allow this to
basically become law now before we continue you will probably wonder what
it is that I said that got the court so agitated I mean I’m sorry really sorry
bar one very man exactly well I mean given that I was found guilty you know
you you’d think that I said something like really really shocking which I did
not I asked among you know it was a twelve
hour seminar that was recorded and so I said a lot of things the seminar bars
were PowerPoint presentations fully sourced but of course some some topics
got the people discussing – the people who attended the seminars and one topic
was the life of Muhammad the Prophet of Islam and how he married a six year old
girl named Aisha and consummated the marriage when she was nine which
according to nowadays standards we would call and watch out because I’m
physically in the United States I can say that if I were in Europe I wouldn’t
be able to say it I’d have to sort of censor not sort of I would have to
censor myself but because I’m in the US and I’m protected by the First Amendment
I can say what I said actually I said what do you call this behavior ie
marrying a six-year-old and consummating the marriage when she’s nine if not
pedophilia so I did not say Mohammed was a pedophile I said what do we call this
behavior if we want to be quote-unquote politically correct what do we call this
behavior if not pedophilia so everybody got really excited about that you can’t
say that it’s terrible it’s horrible isn’t it that’s that’s true right and
that’s based on the Islamic scriptures I mean that comes right out of the Islamic
holy writings and so you have a book with a really interesting title I guess
you can’t say a things even they’re true in Austria probably so the truth is not
a defense tell it tell us how does that work because I mean in America you know
we have live laws and if you say something that’s
objectively false about somebody that causes them financial harm or whatever
they can sue you but truth is always a defense you can always say with it what
I said was true no and it’s okay but they doesn’t work
that way not the the terrible thing is I first I was found guilty on that I then
appealed and the the next level the next level court level told me well it’s we
we as a court agree it’s factually true that Mohammed mared a 16 year old and
Mara consummated the marriage when she was nine but you cannot call it
pedophilia because get this this is considered an excess of opinion
I mean just wrap your head as an American wrap your head around all this
baloney and that’s putting it very mildly it’s it’s just an unbelievable –
my Laurie back then when I said we could have had Mohammad and Aisha testify
personally it wouldn’t have made no difference whatsoever so this is
something that it that sounds so far-fetched to you Americans it’s it’s
it’s painful and because I grew up in the States it’s just as painful for me
but you have to understand then Europe rights are not god-given rights are
granted and if rights are granted they can be taken away another point that I
need to raise in this context because you said the truth is no defense you
alluded to the title of my book that is true because in 2015 a couple of
colleagues and friends of mine attended a super national conference of a super
national organizations organization called the organization of Security and
Cooperation in Europe which America is a founding member state and should
actually leave the organization because it’s useless and at one of these
meetings we were told officially by the OSCE that in some instances because the
truth hurts the truth can be considered hate speech
I mean wrap your head around that you have a super national organization
that says the truth is no defense the truth can be considered hate speech and
that sorry to interrupt Alex but this is important because it just explains
everything it just you know me all makes sense you have a poll I don’t know rest
Pelosi majority of Americans one First Amendment rewritten 51 51 percent of
Millennials want fines or jail time for hate speech now how does how did we get
to this Alex it’s because of America’s participation in super national
organizations so you need to leave places you need to leave organizations
called the organ places like the OSE yeah I couldn’t agree more with you and
we’ve only got about a minute and a half left but I wanted to ask you about
another thing now because the Austrian governor was recently a case we wrote
about in the new America now the Austrian government and European super
national institutions are trying to impose these speech codes all over the
world and so you know now we have in Scandinavia and in the UK they arrest
Christian preachers for who criticizes on homosexuality they arrest people who
criticize Islam and now you had the the European Court of Justice saying that
it’s there was a case in Austria I’m sure you’ve heard about it where these
people who criticized an Austrian politician said she was a treacherous
open and and corrupt and these things that you can’t just not criticize her in
Austria that it’s illegal in Austria but now the European Court ruled that
Facebook must delete this all over the world so what is the danger that these
crazy speech controls are being exported from Europe even over to free nations
where god-given rights are recognized well I mean the dangers are huge like I
just said you know look at the Millennials in the United States I mean
your if you here in the United States don’t start fighting for your rights and
you still have those rights and you still have while it’s hard you still
have and I’m quoting Eric Metaxas here you still have the freedom to fight for
freedom you need to fight for the freedoms you have we already in Europe
already lost our freedoms and you know and you said
it’s going to be imposed on all of them you know the entire world this is one
world government this is what elites want they are looking for the world one
world government and one way to do this is to control speech this is we’re
returning to socialism you need to control people’s minds you need to
control people’s rights to free speech and once you got that coupled with the
youth with the young people with the Millennials you’ve won
you’ve got the perfect dictatorship and you know it’s my warning here in America
where I can still speak freely because bless you here in America and you know
you need to fight for your freedom of speech you still have the tools in the
box you still have your your first and second amendments but we don’t
Elizabeth out thank you so much for being with us so tell us where to get
the book and and you know just some some parting words if you would so here’s my
book it’s called the truth is no defense and it’s available on and
Barnes & Noble if people read it please leave a please leave some feedback and
the book has not only details my life and how I got into this quote-unquote
business but it also has expert analysis by really great people like Stephen
Coughlin Claire Lopes Robert Spencer and many others so I think people will find
it very very interesting and you know thank you very much Alex for having me
on your show hey thank you so much Elizabeth it was
great to be with you good luck in the United States and thanks folks for
watching God bless you all

13 thoughts on “The Truth is no Defense | Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

  1. We should never take the right of freedom of speech for granted. The political left would love to take that right away from us!

  2. Keep trimming the Constitution and we will be there , soon. This is what the problem is with Social Networks and Hate Speech.

  3. Millennials are indoctrinated at public schools with Globalist Communist Marxism. Who control's the minds of the kids controls the future. Public schools creating this mindcontrolled zombies that will kill our freedoms in the future. This is one of the biggest threats for freedom all over the world. It's a global agenda. Agenda 21//30

  4. Excellent interview, thank you Alex and Elizabeth. I cannot imagine being jailed or fined for hurting someone's feelings–it's unthinkable. And know this–since progressives are so close to taking over virtually every facet of our public lives–education, academia, judicial and political systems–who do you think will be in control of A) what is hate-speech? and B) who gets to enforce it and against whom? We already see the lackadaisical attitude towards wrong-doing when it's done by someone on the left, but let a conservative do the same thing, and the outcry and enforcement is brutal against them. Thank you for speaking out, Elizabeth–so many people think it can't happen to them and you show them how they're wrong. Kudos!

  5. Stop sending your children to the public schools which has been been surreptitiously indoctrinating the children for the last 100 years!! … John Dewey the founder of the public schools was an atheist socialist!!!

  6. This story should be heard, but the war between good and evil is not going to be won by God. It can only be won by accepting Reason as the nature of man.

  7. Thank you Elisabeth, vielen Dank. I never heard of your story before here in Germany, might have a closer look now and might read your book. A bit depressing what you said about Europe, but so ist es wohl – that's how it is.

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