The Truth About Germany's Political Crisis and Angela Merkel's Future

The Truth About Germany's Political Crisis and Angela Merkel's Future

27 thoughts on “The Truth About Germany's Political Crisis and Angela Merkel's Future

  1. It’s beyond a Desaster nightmare .
    A political change is on a timeline and with each day passing the nightmare gets worse .
    Political change will not stop this problem as fast as it needs to
    but rather on the long run.
    The solution will show itself and I hope a government change will follow .
    Greetings 🇩🇪

  2. Only one solution for Germans. Stop working so hard and exploit the welfare state to have as many Children as you can.

    Convert all your Wealth and income into Population growth. It will be taken from you anyway and when that happens you will at least have a Family.

  3. If you would read the Bible you would see what is going that Illuminaty is trying to take over the whole World next Antichrist will be taking control they want ti kill 6,5 billion people and only have 500 million on Earth the final conflict will be the war of Armageddon or WWIII at which Jesus returns

  4. Globalists are wanting to destroy the World and the people to have Antichrist ruling, funny Bible tells you of what is going to happen and pray to make it till Jesus comes, people dont read the Bible

  5. In Europe the illegal immigrants are treated better than citizens. Citizens are expected to obey the law unquestioningly. But the migrants do not have to. The government protects their right to ignore the law and rewards them for this. If they had a winner take a- system of elections like in the US, Merkel would not be chancellor, and the leftists might be doing less well, although the Democrats seem to be getting their way in the courts and in Congress in spite of popular opposition to leftist policies.

  6. i rember watching the train pull in to the station in germany and the german people lineing up with banners welcoming theses muslims i bet the muslims could not beleve there eyes you germans are not laughting now your shitting your selfs wait till merkel give them all a german passport your never get rid of them serve you right now live with it

  7. She is the worst Bundeskanzler that Germany ever had,she is going to kill Europe and Germany but what can you expect from a Stazi

  8. This is why it was unwise to allow a person from East Germany to rise so high: She clearly has not shaken off her communistic indoctrination. What is amazing about humans is that not only idiots are idiots but most smart people are idiots too. Intelligence can carry from one domain to another but it can also fail to do so spectacularly.

    Her policies are just so dumb.

  9. Integration is not what any nation should worry compared to being taken over by the immigration through vote of democracy system as america is facing major problems from the combination of groups. Can we imagine america, canada, germany etc. managed/controlled by non-white? I am not white and I prefer to be leaded by white in a free world.

  10. Is it true that she was growing up in a strict communist family? If so then I can understand some of her decisions.

  11. Knowledge could solve the Problem, so who prevents the africans from getting mor educated and i would say ist our first world markets… translated ist us who are the ones who will be responsible in a big part, so ist a Selfmade problem

  12. Very few Americans or Canadians realize that Ms. Merkel was educated in Communist schools from grade school to her advanced degree in physics in Russia. It is very naïve to not believe she is a Communist agent and they are using the open door policy to destroy Europe. Russia and China will quickly come to their rescue.

  13. What I struggle to understand is how can so-called high IQ individuals not see the folly in all this? In other words how can one posses high IQ yet be on the left? Makes no sense to me.

  14. Hi Stefan, I am so thankful to you for this video and all the work you put into it! I live in Germany, and obviously the news we get here on TV is just a whole bunch of lies and Reuters' manipulation of the truth. The biggest problem is that when you are surrounded by all this shit you end up loosing objectivity and all you hear is Merkel x Seehofer forgetting the bigger picture. This video was refreshing in a way that the truth of the facts are the most important thing to reflect on and not all this political mumble jumble here. Thank you again Stefan

  15. I prefer hitler than merkel, yes i would prefer that a psychopath that wants to make germany great than a woman that is peaceful but only wants to destroy germany and europe

  16. We in Britain have a law to stop people from saying what you have just said, The Muslims jump on the host nation taking them to court even for small complaints
    Now, most of the police sit behind computers watching and listening to our online chatter or posts for Islamaphobia.
    The Islamaphobia law strangles Europe and we are at risk on a daily basis of Rape, acid, truck, knife, a bomb attack, When these occur the media is silenced. The police behind computers!
    The mass rapes of vulnerable white children by Pakistani Muslims still goes on in towns across our country as the government do not want too upset the Muslims.
    1,, TO BE SIGNED IN DECEMBER BY ALL NATIONS (no such thing as illegal immigration, all people in the world have free movement .host countries must share the wealth when they arrive).
    2,, "special treatment for minorities under the law of the country" ( this law enabled British government to stand down the police silence the media whilst white children were being sold, gang-raped, tortured for decades. Even now government imprison whistleblowers of these Muslim rapists rather than the perps themselves, Tommy Robinson).
    The same rape of a nation by globalists is in the caravans threatening the united states of America as Trump stands against them!. Hungary, Poland, The chez Republic refuse to take them, despite threats from the EU.
    The globalists have flooded France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Greece, Spain, etc with Muslims from Africa and the middle east. Christians not allowed, same in Canada, Trudeau refuses to take Christians

  17. Germany’s fine ultimately because her ruling elites largely govern strictly her national interests; the UK by contrast have a ruling elite which governs purely in their own interests and the country is in a social and economic death spiral, with no Trump to save us.

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