The Truth About Emmanuel Macron | French Presidential Election 2017

The Truth About Emmanuel Macron | French Presidential Election 2017

– I’m just about to get in the studio to start recording this
analysis of Emmanuel Macron when the news came down,
which is not unrelated, that two police officers had been shot in the French overseas region of Perignon by a man suspected of planning
an Islamist terror attack. We will get to why that’s
relevant in just a few minutes. But first we’re going to try
and get our intellectual hands on the hologram fogginess,
the marketing murk of Emmanuel Macron, who
is the Rothschild Rebel, the outsider, the maverick,
the anti-system candidate, who actually in terms of
his education and career is sort of the distilled
platonic perfection of all of the
characteristics, good and bad, of the French elite boiled down into one fairly well coiffed and Skeletor-loving young politician. For Macron to say he’s anti-establishment is sort of like Janet
Yellen getting a Mohawk, putting on motorcycle jacket,
and criticizing the Fed. Macron attended the highly polished Lycee Henri-IV school in Paris. He took a degree in
public affairs Sciences Po in the same city, of course, Paris, sometimes called Sciences
Pipo, a fake school, which, to me at least,
seems to be in the business of selling access to a highly polished and professional elitist network but is not so much in the business of providing real intellectual education or actual expertise in anything. In this school, a student-run
online poll suggested that 23% of its students
had seriously considered quitting the school because they considered the courses to be too superficial and lacking
deep analysis of topics. So that’s kind of important. Now, what comes out of this school is very, very important because the media, much like the media in
America behind Barak Obama, the media have really
gotten behind Macron. They are pushing him and
pushing him and pushing him. And one of the realities is that almost every French newspaper is run by people who graduated from Sciences Po. Most of the journalists in France are graduates and alumni from Sciences Po. That’s kind of important. Because if you look at the media in France with regards to Macron, what do you see? These endless magazine covers, these praising puff
pieces, fawning interviews, and never, never a word of criticism. Whereas, of course, his
rivals in the French election, I guess down to one now, Marine Le Pen, well, they are denigrated
on a regular basis, insulted and so on. Again, there’s this
parallel to Barak Obama and his relationship with
the entirely boot-licking and fawning leftist press in America, which is to say, the press in America. For instance, in January of this year, Foreign Policy Magazine and
website introduced its readers to Macron, and the title was, The English-Speaking,
German-Loving French Politician Europe Has Been Waiting For! (laughs) And that, my friends, is what
we call objective journalism. Oh! Dig, dig, dig, dig. I mean, watching these guys is like, if you’ve ever seen these
videos of these Chinese people racing around doing these
giant wall-size typewriters, (sighs) that’s how they’re
programming you, my friends. They are programming you to
accept all of this nonsense. I gotta tell you, didn’t
read the whole article because I really don’t wanna
give myself brain diabetes. But here’s a few choice
passages from the article. The subtitle to this
article is, Emmanuel Macron is Promising Hope and Change
for the entire Continent. Hope and change? For God’s sakes, guys, can
you not even (snickers) be subtle about your pillaging
of the Obama campaign? Hope and change, hope and change. I’m promising you emotions, you see. At one point, there was
a certain amount of rigor in French philosophy, you know, prior to the endless
(sighs) class pimple-popping resentment of the Marxist camps which came in in the ’60s. But there used to be some
rigor in French thought, and the US press is pretty impressed that Macron at one point
studied philosophy, although that’s fairly common in France, which makes you to think
that philosophy is very bad for a country, or France
is very bad at philosophy. I’m gonna go for the latter. But he’s promising hope
and change, feelings. Huh. I wonder which constituency
he might be appealing to that prefers feelings over facts. I don’t know. Too much of a riddle for me, that man. So he’s promising hope and
change for the entire continent. They gave a review of one of his speeches, and this is the quote. “Macron speech offered a
powerful and convincing case “that he is the last great French hope “for a European future,
based on a common market “and a common morality, “a single currency and
a singular commitment “to the continent’s core values.” Huh, wait a minute. First of all, not an argument! I just wanted to mention that. (laughs) Sorry if you’re going to sleep with this. I’ll try restraining myself. But it is a little bit tricky. A common morality in Europe? Wait a minute, guys. I thought diversity was a strength. I thought that you weren’t
allowed to teach values because it might offend immigrants. (sighs) Continent’s core values? Wait a minute, are you saying
that there are core values in Western civilization
that need to be defended? What about cultures coming into Europe whose values are entirely incompatible if not contradictory to those European? (sighs) Oh, why do I bother? It’s just so mad. Now, not only are they
blowing an enormous amount of (speaks foreign language)
smoke up Macron’s butt, but they’re also dissing Marine Le Pen. All right, so it’s a cliche and anyone who thinks the
press is even remotely free just needs to look at every single time that Marine Le Pen’s party is referred to. It’s “the far right” party, not rightist, not centrist, not, you know. She’s a nationalist who’s a socialist. Actually, (chuckles)
kind of true in a way. She’s very much on the socialist side. Though not (mumbles), right? But you have to refer to her
party as the far right party. But, you see, if you’re
writing this magazine article, you refer to her party as
“the extreme far right party” because redundancy, right? Extreme and far right is redundant. But you’ve got to put both those words in, just in case anyone misses the message. And of course, everyone has to do this just because it’s all controlled and all a bunch of nonsense. Also she’s called “Trumpian,” which of course is a
massive insult in Europe because they gave up their guns. So I read a bunch of this and I sort of threw up a
little bit in my mouth, rinsed it out, and decided to stop. It’s important not to end
up with brain cavities where your reason should be because you overconsume
the soul-irradiating candy philosophy mainstream
media verbal garbage. Anyway, so Macron eventually took a course at the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, which is kind of like a, walk around with books on
your head finishing school for the ruling class in
France, the establishment. It’s very, very hard to win
against the establishment, which is a whole bunch of this. It’s the educational
system, it’s the academics, it’s the media, it’s the politicians, it’s the bankers, it’s
the financial elite, it’s a whole bunch of
people who run society. And basically the politicians are kind of like hood ornaments on front
of that, prior to Trump. This is where he ended up going to this finishing school
for the ruling class. They’ve actually graduated
like three presidents and six prime ministers. Let’s just say they’re plugging
you into a pretty nasty but very powerful networking system. Now, after all of this
preparation and grooming, (chuckles) hey, grooming. Grooming. Well, we’ll get back to
Macron’s teenage dating life in a moment. But after all this preparation, Macron went straight into the ministry for the economy and finance (snickers) because that’s what
you do after you’ve got a pretty unsubstantial
networking-based miseducation. After that, he left to work
at the Rothschild’s bank, ’cause nothing says revolutionary like working for the Rothschild. Later, he joined
President Hollande’s staff at the Elysee. He was appointed Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Data, because I guess it’s just
kind of like reaching into a Scrabble bag of random words and assembling it into your business card. This was in August, 2014. He was there for two years. He resigned in August,
2016, to found his new party and run for the presidency. Back in 2008, he was joining Rothschild. Guy was 30. He’d been a civil servant his whole life. His friends actually said, “Oh man, “this could really mess you up “for a future career in politics,” because banking in France is
known as a whore’s profession, which is horrible. I mean, what a horrible insult to whores, who you don’t have to lend money to. They won’t create money out of thin air, lend it to you at interest
and enslave your children. Whores, it’s still voluntary. Still have the option to not participate. So please, guys, lay off the whores but don’t insult that profession. (sighs) So this graduate, right, of this ENA, this school that breeds
France’s future leaders, he came recommended by
all of the powerful alumni of this school, include Francois En-ron, a long-time Rothschild partner. But the bankers he worked
with, the young bankers, not so impressed. One of his former colleagues said, “He was the guy who would
constantly say ‘thank you’. “He didn’t know know what EBITDA,” that’s earnings before
interest, tax depreciation and amortization, “he didn’t
know what EBITDA was.” He didn’t try to hide it. And instead of looking it up
in a corporate finance book, he asked around, which was disarming. “Hey guys, I’m new here. “What’s EBITDA?” (chuckles) Oh, God. (sighs) What do you say? See, that’s why you get hired to work for a complicated
financial instrument organization, because you don’t know
basic terms of investment or tax or profit or loss
or anything like that. (sighs) It was the recommendation
from a powerful guy, he was taken into this Rothschild bank at a pretty high level. Then what happened was,
he kinda got bungeed into negotiating a Nestle purchase which was worth $9 billion. As a result of this commission,
he became a millionaire, ’cause you know, that’s
kinda how it works, right? You come out of a government job and you’re thrown into a
bank, and almost right away you’re thrown onto a
multi-billion-dollar deal which makes you a millionaire. Isn’t that pretty much how
everyone gets ahead these days? Amazing. So how did he (vocalizes
whooshing) rise up so quickly? Well, because he didn’t
know what EBITDA, (laughs) I’m sorry, didn’t know what EBITDA was. One of his mentors said he was impressive. He got along with everyone and, quote, “Didn’t antagonize anyone.” Hm. See, that’s what you want when you are trying to
get a leader into power, when you want a presidency
during an absolutely critical and crucial time in French history, if not European history as a whole. When the entire history
of European civilization hangs like a fishing wire
on a knife edge to plunge either into the abyss of social conflict and diversity plus proximity equaling war, as it generally does, what you want in such a
time of crisis and challenge and the need for courage and resolution, what you want is someone
who’s so ghost-like and transparent and nonexistent that they just never antagonize anyone. Isn’t that pretty much what England did when Chamberlain was kicked out? They looked around and they said, You know that Churchill guy? “He doesn’t antagonize anyone. “Let’s put him in charge.” (sighs) So Mr. Macron ends up
in the Rothschild bank. He doesn’t understand the language, he doesn’t understand the
jargon or anything like that. But what he brings is lots
of contacts in government. This is, according to Sophie Javary, head of BNP Paribas
corporate finance in Europe, she was asked by Mr.
En-ro to coach Mr. Macron in his first year there. I mean, I’ve actually worked
in a financial institution. It’s pretty bizarre. It’s pretty bizarre. He was chosen and groomed
by banking interests and power interests. He was so important that they had to form this consortium of companies. They all went, got around,
pitched in and helped him out. But that’s pretty wild. (sighs) On one of the deals, Mr. Macron,
according to people, quote, “had a fairly junior role at the time.” He would be asked to redo the financial models on Excel, the basics. This is recalling an advisor. But a few days after
this deal was announced, Mr. Macron was made a partner. A partner, from, like, mucking
about with Excel spreadsheets to (vocalizes whooshing)
moving up to partnership. That usually takes decades of staggering amounts
of work and competence. But boom, just go straight up there. And within a few months after that, his colleagues were blown away, stunned, that Macron won a role
in Nestle’s purchase of Pfizer’s infant food operations. I mean, (chuckles) I tell
you, I’ve been there. You don’t go from updating
Excel models at a junior level to becoming a partner
(clicks tongue) overnight. Then you certainly don’t get propelled into a multi-billion-dollar deal which nets you over a million dollars within a couple of months. I mean, somebody or a group of people who are extraordinarily powerful are just pulling strings for this guy. I don’t know. Maybe this all has something
to do with his wife and the fact that he’s
young, he’s attractive, he obviously, to me at least, has no particular values of any kind. What the power elites want is
people who are controllable. The reason why he might be so controllable may have something to do with
his vanity and his pomposity and his empty-headed
vainglorious manipulation of everyone around him by appealing to their baser instincts. But there may be another reason
why he’s so controllable, which we’ll get to later. So he’d been, like, insanely promoted. He’d been made rich. Then he was groomed for politics. And how did he go about this? Before he announced his
candidacy to be president, Macron’s team, and this
is sort of inspired by the Obama campaign in America in 2008, his team reviewed a survey
of 1,000s of French citizens, because they wanted to know
what these French citizens wanted to hear from their politicians. This is detailed stuff. It’s, like, 25,000 very
in-depth interviews with voters. Then these interviews
are used as the basis for his policy platforms, the
language he uses, and so on. So basically he went from
Barak Obama to Barak O’Blander. He’s a marketing candidate. He’s like the vanity hologram. “Oh, I’ll reflect back to
you what you wanna hear.” He’s the thinning mirror that
means you don’t have to diet. He’s Chauncey Gardiner, he’s what Rand use to call
a social metaphysician. Not what is good and what is right, but what do people think is good, what do people think is right? This sociopathic manipulation
and superficial charm that’s all the hallmark of late democratic economic and cultural suicide. Now, as you can well
imagine, the manifesto that came bubbling out of
these in-depth interviews with mostly ignorant people, asking them what syllables they
would like to hear assembled in order to unlock the
self-destructiveness of their idiotic voting, this manifesto, it’s kinda
goopy, it’s kinda centrist, and it’s been marked for blandness and trying to please everyone,
be all things to all people. But eh, in general, (sighs) I mean, this is very,
very predictable, right? In general, he offers entirely
contradictory policies to entirely oppositional forces. He’s gonna cut taxes and spending. But he’s also gonna provide more support for those on low incomes. He’s gonna expand unemployment insurance. And he’s gonna spend 50 billion Euros, that’s about 42 billion pounds,
for public infrastructure. And he’s gonna shift to,
so boringly predictable, renewable energy because
that’s just worked out so well everywhere else it’s been tried. Well, it’s tough to bribe
companies to go out of business if you don’t have a green cover for them. The fact that he’s very successful by reflecting back in
a purely marketing way the syllables that the voters want to hear by giving them the drip drip
drugs of empty adjectives, according to a Harris Interactive Survey, only 31% of French voters
have any clear idea what the hell Macron is gonna
do once he gets in office. That’s way below his main rivals. Because his main rivals are saying, “This is what we wanna do,” and people understand what they wanna do and that’s what you vote for. But he’s just reflecting
back marketing slogans that focus groups have deemed worthwhile. So nobody knows what he’s going on. But he’s passionate, he’s pretty, and he’s fairly close to a necrophile. Anyway. So he gave this victory speech recently. I mean, it’s pretty vacuous. (chuckles) I mean, so he’s telegenic. He’s pretty. But what substance does he have? What values is he bringing to the table? Why would you choose him because of what he believes in? The fact that he keeps
spouting these bland inanities, it’s like trying to drink fine French wine by putting your face
into a garden sprinkler. It’s not gonna give you
anything particularly appealing. He gets pretty hyper emotional. He shouts himself hoarse
at these messianic ralleys and he promises, he gets on his knees, he swears to his audience
that he loves them. (chuckles) Well, I think that pretty much speaks for itself. Now, he does wanna cut
corporate taxes and red tape. He wants to allow companies to renegotiate this fairly famous 35-hour workweek and make it easier to
hire and fire people. So he wants to liberalize
markets to some degree, at least the notoriously
complex and hyper regulated French labor markets. Is this because he has
any particular dedication to the free market as a whole? Well, no. (stutters) No, because
there’s no particular evidence that he has any particular respect for the free market as a principle. But it does serve his corporatist masters to lower corporate taxes and
make it easier to fire people. It’s just serving the political
and economic powers that be. I mean, (chuckles) the French labor code is completely ridiculous. Do you know, the French
labor code is actually longer than the Bible. And of course that drives off investment and private sector growth and so on. And people don’t want
to hire French workers because it’s virtually
impossible to fire them. So anyway. (chuckles) I just, there’s lots we could
talk about in his speeches. I just grabbed this example, where Macron said, “I
hope that in a fortnight, “I will become your president! “I want to become the president
of all the people of France, “the president of the patriots, “in the face of the threat
from the nationalists!” (chuckles) What? What is this incomprehensible garbage? Assuming the translation is accurate. Patriotism is the enemy of nationalism? “Hey, patriots, I’m gonna
save you from the danger “of people who love their country. (laughs) “I wish to be the synonym
opposed to the synonym.” (chuckles) Oh my God. (sighs) I am so happy I have
no desire to get into politics. I’d be very good and very, very corrupted. This is the kind of crap
that is passing for speeches. But again, this is the
Barak Obama feely-fash model of advancing political courses. Now, you heard me say he’s not a huge fan of the free market. Why, why would I possibly say that? Well, because Macron was a
members of the Socialist Party from 2006 to 2009. Now, a mere seven years
later during a visit to the (speaks foreign
language) August 2016, he stated, “Honesty compels me to say “that I am not a socialist.” Now, actually honesty
would compel you to say, if you even kinda knew what that meant, but honesty would compel you to say that you are no longer a socialist, that you’ve rejected socialism, that you’ve repudiated
your former socialism. And then you’d be asked, in
any rational universe, why? What happened? What changed? What did you learn? Why were you wrong before? Why should we trust you now? But of course, he’s the hopey-changey goo that makes everyone feel like they’re not running off a cliff. So nobody’s gonna ask him that. (clicks tongue disapprovingly) I mean, he’s supposed to
be this hopey-changey guy. But he’s a candidate
favored by the EU, by NATO, the financial markets,
the Clinton-Obama machine, ’cause Obama’s a big fan of the guy, the French establishment,
assorted business oligarchs, and the top six French media groups. Here is a hint, my French friends. Just a little hint. If everybody who’s currently
destroying the world loves this guy, he’s not
going to save you, understand? If you want to judge a man, look at the quality of his enemies. Eh, it’s easy to be friends with someone who’s on his way out who’s gonna have immense amounts of power
in the political arena. Look at who his enemies are. Who are his enemies? Not the EU, not NATO, not
Clinton, not (sighs) Obama, not the French media groups. Whoever the establishment
that got you into such a mess, whoever they hate is probably your friend. You understand? This is not, you understand. This is not remotely complicated. For most of his campaign, he didn’t have any kind of formal program. He declared last November. He still hadn’t released a
set of proposals by February. (laughs) “Vote for me because, I
don’t know, what do you want? “Okay, that, yeah,
whatever you like, that. “Vote for me because that what you like. “Because I will give you
candy but no cavities, “I will give you cheesecake with no fat, “I will give you baguettes
with no nappiness.” (chuckles) I could do
that all day, but I won’t. (sighs) Yeah, so he got attacks
to some degree from critics. Some of his allies and
supporters were, like, “Dude, you’ve gotta coalesce
from this gaseous nonsense “pompadour form into something “that vaguely resembles something “that people can get a hold on.” And he did eventually lay
out his 150-page program on the second of March. He put it online and there was this monster marathon press conference
where he talked about it. Macron has also described
France’s colonization of Algeria as a crime against humanity. He also said, quote, “It’s truly barbarous “and it’s part of a past
that we need to confront “by apologizing to those against whom “we committed these acts.” It didn’t go down particularly well. After his remarks, polls reflected a decrease in his support. So this is very instructive
and very interesting to mull over, right? Colonization of Algeria. For one culture to go to another culture and take resources from that other culture against the wishes of the
people in that culture is a crime against humanity. It’s terrible, it’s wrong. It’s barbarous. Needs to be apologized for. On the other hand, you see, inviting migrants and immigrants in who strip mine the tax base of unwilling nativist French people, we know it’s unwilling
’cause they have to be forced to pay for these immigrants
and these migrants, so when other cultures come to France and strip mine its resources against the wishes of
the local population, that’s diversity! That’s wonderful! That’s great, that’s a strength! This bichromatic rainbow
of moral relativism, whatever white people do, bad. If non-white people do
it, it’s a kind of magic. It’s beautiful. (sighs) Again, this is how you know the guy doesn’t have any principles and is just kinda telling
you what you wanna hear. “I’m a pilot, let’s sleep together.” (sighs) This is another thing, ’cause
the left is doing a lot to shepherd this guy along, because nothing says leftist rebellion like siding with big
media and big corporations and the ruling elite, and, oddly enough, against Russia, but we’ll get to that in a few minutes. Because I’m old enough, oh yes, let me whittle on my back porch and tell you all about the good old days. 50 years ago, the left, one
of the big causes of the left was its support for third-world
liberation struggles. Be free of foreign influence,
do not let other people invade and take over your
culture, be nationalistic, set up your borders, respect your culture, love your history, love your culture. Fight off foreign
influences, put up walls, have your country for yourself, be a patriot, be nationalistic. Right, ’cause they were
fighting, the left, to liberate these third-world countries from all of this evil Western imperialism. They were very, very keen on independence. You’ve gotta be able
to preserve and defend your own way of life, your own customs. You’ve got to be able to
decide your own future. National sovereignty for the
Third World is absolutely key. It’s a virtue! Oh wait, Europe wants to do that? Europe wants to do exactly what we praise the Third World for doing? Well, that’s just racist. (chuckles) Fight yourself free of
occupying foreign powers and control and regulations. Oh, except for the EU,
that’s totally great. I can’t believe you
wouldn’t be for the EU. What are you, some kind of Third Worlder listening to us 50 years ago? And they call this sovereignism. (chuckles) Oh my God,
’cause you just put the what-ism and something
gets, you know, it’s bad. Oh, not globalism. That’s just wonderful. If you’re not a globalist, clearly you believe in a flat Earth. (sighs) So this idea that European countries miss being able to control their own destiny, miss being countries, really, means that Europe is moving to the right. Boy, talk about moving
the Overton window, eh? Now just wanting any kind of
control over your own borders, wanting any kind of country
at all, is being a Nazi. (chuckles) And of course it’s always
interpreted as racism. As racism. Now, remember of course, racism is a word invented by arch-criminal Leon Trotsky, who ended up dying at the
hands of Stalin in Mexico with an ice pick to the head. So this was a word invented by Trotsky as a weapon of race warfare
designed to destabilize and destroy Western society
capitalism and freedom. Just something important to remember. You’re using a Communist
self-detonating word to destroy Western civilization every time you call someone a racist. Just remember, say, “Racist, “thanks, arch-murderer Trotsky.” (clicks tongue) I mean, European nations,
they’re talking about sovereignty because they don’t have it any more. They lost it to the European Union. And, you know, they kinda want it back. It’s like the cell phone
contract from hell. “Now we get your kidneys.” “Uh, I don’t remember
that in the fine print. “Can we fix it?” “No!” “Okay, maybe we’re gonna leave.” “Oh, you racist.” (sighs) This is like, now it’s sort of grown into this weird cloudy
abstraction of human rights means the free movement of everything and everyone and everywhere. This is right up there
in official EU dogma. The protection of free movement, free movement of goods and
people, labor, and capital. What this means is that a country cannot be a country any more, because anyone can move
in, anyone can move out, money can move in, money can move out. See, don’t get me wrong. I have no problem with that whatsoever. I’ve no problem with that whatsoever. To me, free movements of
goods and people is fantastic. But if you’re gonna have freedom, you can’t have a welfare state. You understand? You cannot have a welfare state. Because if you have a welfare state, then people will come not
because they love your country and your culture and want to
live the way that you live but because they gotta
pick up approximately relative to people from the Middle East, 10 times the income they can get for working hard in the Middle East for not working in your country. Right, if you let your borders down and you still have a welfare state, well, then you just, you get pillaged. Of course, right? So I’m, yeah, free, open
border, absolutely great. But not while there’s a welfare state. Because you can’t say we
have freedom in the EU when people are pillaged
to pay for welfare state. That’s not freedom. Again, all of these sort of
multinational corporations and this crony crapitalism,
it’s not capitalism, it’s not a free market, what
happens is the usual bullshit. The profits are privatized
for all of this. But the cost is socialized. I mean, in America,
what this means is that, in order to appeal to the Hispanic vote, the Democrats want the
southern border open and they want to invite in
lots of illegal immigrants. And those illegal immigrants
then have anchor babies which become, bizarrely,
permanent US citizens despite the fact that their parents are
doing something illegal. You know, the way that, if you rob a bank, you get to keep the money even though it’s the
product of a crime. Not. So they do this in order
to get more and more votes. But the problem is, it
becomes tough for immigrants, both illegal and illegal, to come in and pay for American-style healthcare. So then you need Obamacare, right? Because the profits, in this case, votes, are accrued to the
ruling class on the left. But the costs have to
be paid for by everyone. So that’s very, very important, as well. Now the French, they kind of went all in on the European Union. Because they’ve been so
significantly infested by the leftist brain virus, and the leftist have always
championed internationalism, and communism, leftism, Marxism and so on is class-based and and
class is everywhere. So national borders are not
important, they’re irrelevant. They actually impede the free flow of Marxist totalitarian dictatorships. Capital likes to be international. Capitalists like to be able
to hire internationally, and they sure as hell
like to be able to hire, they love to be able to bring in workers from the Third World because they can then
keep costs of labor down. They can pay people less ’cause they’re dragging lots of people
in from the Third World, which drives down wages. Then what they do is, the
people in the country, the natives in the country, have to be highly taxed
to pay for all of the social benefits and the
welfare and the healthcare that all of these low cost workers need in order to be able to
make it in the country. Because you see, if you
don’t have the taxpayers paying for all the social benefits, then the people you bring
in from the Third World will demand more wages to
pay for their healthcare and their savings and
all that kind of stuff. Again, it drives wages down. It socializes the cost and
privatizes the profits. Which is basic fascism 101. Also, there’s this ridiculous idea that because nations
went to war in the past, nations are the cause of war and nationalism is the cause of war. I mean, it’s nonsense. Nations don’t cause wars any more than knives cause murders. Central banks cause wars
because they allow for wars to continue far beyond the economic might and survivability of the country itself. Wars would either be ended very quickly or wars would never even be started if you had to raise taxes to
pay for the wars directly. The moment you get a central bank, you get massive capacity to wage war without having to raise taxes, which dulls people’s resistance
against this kind of force. There’s another thing too
that’s important, as well. Let’s rewind about 12 years. This idea of the sort
of socialized Europe, this central planning,
one Europe government, was, well, it took a bit
of a shock to the ‘nads. It took a bit of a fatal blow. Well, all right, let me correct myself. It would have taken a fatal blow if the people had been listened to and if basic democratic principles had been even remotely followed. What I’m talking about is, in
2005 there was a referendum in France to ask the French people if they wanted to approve a constitution for a united Europe. This was a wildly popular discussion, a populist discussion, as well. They had meetings of citizens and they went dots and i’s
over this lengthy document trying to figure out
what it meant and so on. It was a pretty wild document. It was sort of outside the bounds of normal constitutions. This document would
freeze the member states into a single monetarist economic policy. Zero possibility of change. And people didn’t like that. Adding another layer of
unaccountable abstract bureaucracy somewhere over there in Brussels is not how you enjoy
your self-determination. It’s how you lose control of your entire country and society. You know, basically, if you wanna think of borders of countries, what are they? There are walls between countries. They’re metaphorical walls, and they’re the bones of
all the people who died to trade, sustain, maintain
and protect that country. Every country is ringed
by bones a mile high. It’s a significant sacrifice
made by your ancestors in order to give you the
country that you have. There is something instinctive, and still, even though
it’s mocked and attacked. I mean, the leftists
are incredibly tribal. They only hire other leftists and they regularly fire, attack and try to demonetize everybody
who’s not on the left. They’re fiercely tribal,
fierce in-group preferences. Naturally of course, what they wanna do is try and get everyone else to reject any kind of in-group preferences, ’cause that’s kinda how you win. But there is, even though there’s all this leftist propaganda, there
is still a tribal instinct, a “I prefer my own kind” instinct that is all over the world and is one of the reasons
why evolution works. Evolution works because we
prefer genetic proximity to genetic distance. We prefer our own children
to other people’s children. We prefer our own tribe
to other people’s tribes. You can deny that and get
mad at it if you want, but you’re just denying
getting mad at basic evolution. So, May 29th, 2005, French voters rejected this European-wide
constitution by 55% to 45%. Now, that’s a lot. That’s a lot. I mean, elections are
close because most times, people just manipulate the language so that other people, the
voters, potential voters, hear what they wanna hear. So it’s always very close. A 10% gap is pretty wide. So this seemed to be like a great victory for representative democracy. Except it wasn’t. Overwhelming majority voted to not have this
European-wide constitution. Then what happened was,
they renamed the document the Lisbon Treaty. Was basically the same document that the French voters
rejected overwhelmingly. Then they ratified it in December, 2007, with no referendum, no
voter input whatsoever. This was an important
moment in European history, particularly, of course,
in French history, because it doesn’t matter
what the people said. There’s this huge
disillusionment with politics because people said, “You
know, we got together, “we met, we debated, we
examined this document, “we pored through everything,
we voted our conscience, “and then boom, doesn’t matter. “‘Too bad, suckers,
globalism wants its way.'” (growls) You can get all Tiananmen
Square guy if you want. The tanks are gonna keep on rolling and you’re gonna end up as
toe jam in between the tracks. Politicians said, “Fine. “You don’t want it, we’ll rename it “and do it without your approval.” That’s rough, man. That’s rough. Of course as this massive,
giant totalitarian, well, semi-totalitarian,
experiment called the EU has ground its horrifying way onwards, chewing up countries in its wake, this monetarist policy based on the Euro doesn’t create growth,
doesn’t promote job creation. It destroys growth and destroys jobs, ’cause you can’t even
control your own currency with your local central bank. You’ve gotta borrow from private banks, EU-based private banks,
and pay them interest. France, countries all,
more and more in debt. French industry, vanishing. French farmers are committing suicide on average of one every other day. It’s not even close to what was promised. Now, Macron, sorry for that, we’re back. Macron, this is an article
from the New York Times. “He is ardently pro-Europe.” He has, quote, “proudly embraced an
unpopular European Union.” Why is he pro-EU? Why? Now, he’s pro-Europe, he wants
to unite a divided country, a divided house, a divided Europe. It’s all this nonsense, like cheesy relationship mediation crap. Nothing to do with any
particular policies. But of course, there are
people in the bureaucracy and in the finance world who want to continue to
privatize the profits while socializing the costs. And the EU is a perfect
vehicle for all of that. Now, he is with regards to migrants. There are a lot of French socialists, including former prime
minister Manuel Valls, who aren’t very keen on
this open door policy towards immigrants and refugees. But Angela Merkel is right
in line with Emmanuel Macron that he says, “France,
ah, I’ve got confidence “they can absorb more
immigrants and more migrants “and welcome them. “Ah, it’s gonna be great for our economy,” because, you know, bringing in (sighs) well, I mean, Syrian refugees,
2/3 of them are illiterate even in their own language. Trust me, guys. All the net positive economic
migrants or immigrants from the Middle East or
other Third World places, they came generations ago. Like, all the smartest
people from the Middle East and Third World countries,
they left generations ago to come to the West. You’re not getting the best any more. Any more, you’re just
going right down that, and of course one of the
reasons why people are leaving the Third World to come to Europe is because Europe scooped
up all the smart people from the Third World generations ago, which has left nobody intelligent to run the Third World any more. So, you understand. So, open borders, more
migrants, more immigrants, more people on welfare,
more radicalization, more jihadis, it’s what you’re gonna get. He’s very open about this. You can be forgiven to some degree if people convincingly lie to you. But when they openly tell you the truth, well, let’s just say, if
France goes up in borders, I’m not talking about France any more. I’m just not. I mean, it’s like watching
the surgery channel when you’re in hospital. I mean, forget it, no way. If you guys openly just
wanna end your own culture and civilization, that’s your business. I’m not gonna watch. So, (sighs) Macron. He has a five-year
50-billion-Euro investment plan, and also a 60-billion-Euro
reduction in spending. (chuckles) I guess he’s got magic spreadsheets. It’s Excel psychosis, it’s
magic fantasy land Excel, where you can just type whatever you want and no equations, no
relations, nothing like that. I mean, where is he
gonna find these savings, and how is he gonna
finance his investment pl-? Well, Macron proposes 10
billion Euros in savings from local government. But local government,
at least the claims are, they’re already pretty strapped. And down at the local government level, that’s where this battle
for public services is playing out, and
it’s a essential battle. So, I don’t know, we’re
just gonna find some money between the couches of
the local governments, and off we go. (sighs) These billions and billions
of Euros of savings that he wants to see at the
national level, pretty vague. “Save money, it’s magic.” He wants to save 10 billion
Euros in unemployment benefits. Okay. How is that not gonna be detrimental to certain unemployed people, at least to their economic
interest in the short run? Because at the same time,
he wants to open up, Macron wants to open up
unemployment insurance benefits to everyone, including people
who quit their previous jobs. That’s pretty left wing. That’s pretty left wing. And at a time when he wants to liberalize some of these economic
restrictions on hiring and firing. Sure, he feels like
he’s got to expand that. But the math just doesn’t add up at all. So he’s pretty leftist on that. But he’s also borrowing at
least something from the right, ’cause he’s, “All consumer spending, “if we cut payroll taxes,
consumer spending is gonna go up.” All of this stuff is
fairly much from the right. In fact, it’s a program
that’s fairly close to a former president,
Valery Giscard d’Estaing. She’s a right-leaning centrist. But it’s not, it’s just a grab bag. No principles. Just saying stuff to please everyone and hoping that everyone says,
“Well, I get what I want,” without realizing that his programs mean that some people are gonna win and some people are gonna lose. But if you only ever talk
about the people who win to the people who win, well, everyone’s gonna be voting for you because good job, government, education. Regarding security and
terrorism, he’s terrible. There’s a bill out there,
it’s a reform bill, around depriving
citizenship for French-born and naturalized citizens if those people have been convicted of terrorism charges. Not charged, convicted. They are convicted terrorists. Of course, there is this reform bill to deprive citizenship for those people. He says that this is not a,
quote, “concrete solution.” I don’t know what that means. Nobody knows what that means. He just doesn’t like it. Well, of course he
doesn’t wanna do anything to antagonize Muslim voters, which says a lot (chuckles) about the challenges that he’s facing and that France is facing. Macron wants to increase funding
for intelligence agencies because, eh, maintaining
borders apparently is too expensive. But he does have one solution. You know, there’s always, to me, there’s always one
point where you just go, “Okay, that’s just nuts.” (chortles) I shouldn’t
laugh, I shouldn’t laugh, it’s serious stuff. It’s so mad. Macron, he’s got a proposal that each young adult in France is going to get a culture
pass worth 500 Euros. That may encourage young people, you see, to discover how wonderful
the culture of France is, and that’s going to deter terrorism. Yes, that’s right. Macron wants to defer the
fight against terrorism to the Mona Lisa. That is really quite astounding. How are we gonna arm people in
the fight against terrorism? A baguette, a latte, a beret and books of social Marxism. Now we’re gonna win. (sighs) Impressionism beats shrapnel! I mean, that’s really, really quite. I mean, anybody who puts
that forward is, like, (scoffs) you can’t possibly be serious. But he is. And a lot of people don’t seem to see it. He also has endorsed
proposals to make it mandatory for Internet companies
to allow the government to access encrypted
communications from customers. Let’s move to his wife. Now, let’s just say there’s a little bit of an age difference, in the same way that
dinosaurs haven’t been around for a little bit of time. It’s not exactly a scandal. It’s a little weird. There might be a scandal embedded in it. But even if there was, personal scandals, eh, if you’re a French
president, who cares? Francois Mitterand was found
to have a secret second family. Still popular. Jacques Chiraq was found to
be embezzling public funds when he was a major of Paris and was give a two-year
suspended prison sentence. Nicolas Sarkozy and his wife Carla Bruni, eh, both been accused of
having extramarital affairs and the former French
president was ordered Tuesday to stand trial in a campaign
finance scandal case from 2012. (clicks tongue disapprovingly) Holland, the current president, was found to have had an affair, or found to be having an affair, with Julie Gayet, the French actress. This was so shocking and
appalling to the French population that he broke his marriage vows and cheated on his wife that his popularity rose by only 2%. Could have been much, much higher. So Macron has a wife, Brigitte Trogneux. She is 64 years old. He’s 39. She’s a grandmother of seven, she’s 24 years older than her husband. (clicks teeth softly) She’s not really a cougar. More like a sabertooth. Now, age differences, okay, yeah, Trump has an age difference
with Melania, it’s similar. But she was 28 when they met. When Macron met his current wife, well, he was 15 and she was 40. Now, in France, the age of consent is 15. However, if they had sexual
affairs before he was 18, she might have broken the law. You’re not allowed to have sex with anyone between 15 and 17 if you’re in a position of
authority over the victim. So that would be Macron. Now, if she did, if they
did have sexual relations before he became 18, then the powers that be have
something on him, right? I mean, the question is,
why is this guy found, why is he groomed? You know, he’s a pretty boy and he has some decent oratorical skills. But I genuinely believe
that a lot of times, the elites promote people
because they can control them however they can control them. This is just a hypothesis,
no proof of this. I’m just telling you as a possibility. Because if they have any kind of proof or at least can maintain
or mount a credible case that he consummated his
relationship with his wife before the age of 18, before he became 18, then they can destroy him. I don’t know what the
statute of limitations is. Maybe they could send his wife to jail. Big problem. ‘Cause, you know, this relationship, there’s a way of looking at it like there’s a 40-year-old teacher who’s sexually grooming
her 15-year-old student. Now, Emmanuel’s parents
found out about this. First they thought he was just interested in this teacher’s daughter, who is actually a classmate of his. But they found out that it was
this married woman of three, with some of her children are
actually older than Macron. So they yanked him out of the school, sent him off to Paris
to get him away from her after they found out about this
relationship with Brigitte. So Macron’s mother spoke to Anna Fulda, the author of the book Emmanuel
Macron, A Perfect Young Man. (chuckles) That’s what they
call objective journalism. So yeah, she said, “I
thought my son was interested “in Brigitte’s daughter,
one of his classmates.” She said, “We couldn’t believe it. “What is clear is that
when Emmanuel met Brigitte, “we couldn’t just say, ‘That’s great!'” So Emmanuel’s mom
reportedly told Brigitte, “Don’t you see, you’ve had your life. “But he won’t have children with you.” Now, the couple, they’ve never said at what point their
relationship became romantic. Yeah, no kidding. Brigitte, again, she’s 64,
she’s quoted in this book. She says, “Nobody will ever know “at what moment our story
became a love story. “That belongs to us. “That is our secret.” Of course it’s a secret! Of course it’s a secret, because it might have put her in jail! (sighs) The story goes that Macron
tried to get Trogneux, his teacher, to write a play with him, which was a ploy to
spend more time with her. This is according to the
French magazine Gala. I don’t know, “Hey
teach, you’re 40, I’m 15. “Wanna write a play together? “I’ve got a great title, Vacuus Oedipus.” (sighs) So the woman Trogneux, the teacher, said, “I didn’t think it would go very far.” And, you know, she’s
married to her first husband for 20 years by this point, three kids with him and all that. She goes on to say, the teacher says, “I thought he would get bored. “We wrote, and little by
little I was totally overcome “by the intelligence of this boy.” Boy! He’s a boy. And a good looking young man, too. Just a good looking young man. And I just find it kind of weird. Gotta tell you, kinda weird. You know, I mean, if I was some teacher, I don’t know, let’s not even go. Ew! But can you imagine? Like, your wife comes to you. There’s this really good
looking 15-year-old boy who wants to hang out with
her every Friday night to “write plays together”? Sure, go for it. I’m French. And the word for cack in French is French. (chuckles) She goes on to say, “Writing would bring us
together every Friday “and triggered an incredible
closeness between us.” This is what she told to Paris Match. Yeah, hung out and
worked on plays together and spent lots of time together and giggled and whispered
together and so on. This is, you know, kind of a thing. Either she’s ridiculously imma-, 25 years, 24 years, whatever, 40 and 15. Either he’s ridiculously mature or she’s ridiculously immature, or there’s some combination of the two. What does a 40-year-old mother of three have in common with a pretty boy of 15? Well, I guess I think we know. Macron himself has called
his relationship with her clandestine, often
hidden, and misunderstood. Hm, don’t really know that
it’s that misunderstood. I mean, (sighs) it’s a boring game of reversal. But just for the sake of it. I mean, if Macron were an ex-teacher who’d left his wife to hook
up with his teenage student, oh, come on. I mean, Macron was baptized as a Catholic at the age of 12 by his own request. “I wanna be baptized as a
Catholic” at the age of 12. Three years later, he’s actively trying to break up a family. Three years after his
come to Jesus moment. That seems kind of
meaningful in terms of trust. And clearly he doesn’t wanna have kids. He’s a step-grandfather to three children of the children about
the same age as he is. Not gonna have kids. They say, “We’ve chosen not to have kids.” No, no, nature has chosen
that you don’t have kids. Unless you wanna have dinosaurs. (sighs) So that’s Macron. Or rather, that’s not Macron, since I don’t think
there’s anybody to find out who the guy is, other than
a pluperfect reflection of whatever it is you fantasized about. But it has revealed a lot
about certain ideologies, particularly on the left. This election cycle has
revealed a lot about feminism. See, women in France backed
Le Pen, overwhelmingly. They backed Le Pen. Le Pen, of course, could break through the patriarchal glass ceiling by becoming the first
female president of France. So you got women backing
a female president who could break through the patriarchy, break through the glass ceiling. And the feminists hate Le Pen. Feminism, well, it’s a
bunch of pear-shaped, funny-haired useful idiots for socialism. It’s nothing to do with women. They don’t love women,
they love socialism. They use women as a bioweapon against anyone who resists
the spread of socialism. So feminism completely revealed. Women back Le Pen, she’s
a female candidate, and you’ve got crazy feminists trying to block women from
voting for a female candidate. So feminism, completely revealed. The poor support Le Pen. Like in Paris, center of
French wealth and culture, 5%, only 5% of people voted for Le Pen. You go outside of the cities to the rural districts
who have to deal more with the migrant crisis, who are dealing more with unemployment, who are dealing more with
poor government services and are really, really unhappy, those are the poorer people. They support Le Pen. And the leftists hate Le Pen. They’re going for the bankster, the establishment candidate,
the guy who’s a slave and serves and is a lackey of
the existing power structures in this crapitalist country. So the left is actively
siding with the oligarchy, with the crony crapitalists,
against the poor. So the left, completely revealed. This racist narrative,
completely revealed. Again, if you wanna see, right? The migrants, Islamics,
the Muslims who come in, their culture must be respected. Diversity is a strength, is a value. Got to respect their culture. They’re allowed to love their own culture, they’re allowed to have
pride in their own culture and their own way of life
and their own thinking. But native white French culture,
(speaks foreign language), you can’t have any pride in that, you can’t have any respect for that. (vocalizes booming) Smash, smash, smash. Which means that you have a
hostile standard to whites and an adulatory standard for no whites. Which means that you are
acting on anti-white hatred, which is completely racist. It’s all revealed. All you have to do is look. An old French saying. (speaks foreign language) Which means roughly, when love wants to talk,
the reason must be silent. Eh. No more. French people, please, no more. Now is not the time for feelings. Now is not the time for sentimentality. Now is not the time for tears. Now is not the time for emotion. Now is the time for reason, for facts. You had a nice, what, generation or two of unreality, of pretending
you could pay everything to everyone, kick the can down the road, sell your children to
largely foreign banksters. You had a good run. Now the vacation is over. Now it’s time to put aside
childish things to grow up, to stop going for empty-headed,
tousle-haired crypt lovers who are promising you everything and inviting you to enter their unreality. Unreality is where cultures go to expire. Cultures must rub against reality, like a sword must be
sharpened by a whetstone. There is conflict in that. There are sparks in that. But that’s how the weapon of culture that protects you in this world, this world that wants to take
everything that you have, this is how the weapon
of culture protects you, by grinding against reality and conflict. You had a good run. You had a vacation for
a couple of generations. Now the bill is due. Now you must snap out of it,
you must return to reality. Vacation time is over. Get back to work.

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  34. // What This French Idiot Has To Rember Is The French Revolution When They Took The Heads Of Politicians That Destroyed The Lives Of Ordinary Citizens. , The Snoty Nose Marxist Should Start Running. !!

  35. Macron is an idiot, he only won because alot of the French people use their vote to ensure Le Penn lose. So like with in the USA, Trump didnt win so much that Hilary lost – most people hated her and voted against her to keep her out.

  36. The essay is an exhibit of very hard and good work. Of course evolution was in fact started by vast frauds like the fetus in a bottle trying to link us to fish. Darwin was funded by Rothschild connected men and likely their occult activities knew it was needed for the wars all by elites lies and false flags and austerity and homelessness. The crusher of evolution is the cetacean having brains equal to ours the sign of the saviour is the thousands of lives saved by dolphins including the 5 year old Cuban refugee or fleeing dissident and parents ( possibly ) or aunt. Another is sonar and risk tolerance and the illogic of the abuse ( heavily subsidized global Asian fishing fleets often using slave labour )of the high seas designed by occult masters who replace honest environmentalism with carbon frauds. Ocean abuse is part of Georgia Guide stones having already ruined fish as a food source. The globalist illogic of high seas abuse @worldtdolphins twitter is the globalists want to bring back ghoulish animals from anti diluvian times thus the GMO genetic obsession like the UFO’s theorized as fallen angels and demons who did genetic tampering big time before the flood. Thus cetaceans might have to go to stuff the seas with occult creatures like mermaids and huge sea serpents etc.

  37. Now Marine Le Pen has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination. Hmmm, the entire French electorate needs such an examination methinks.

  38. waoh, Stephen!! about 50" in video = I just realised why recently the french governement changed the law for kind of unlimited open sexual age consentance!!! thank you, it makes sense now why they did that and freaked out french parents , as a consequence of this dangerous law = children now will have to proove even as very young age that they were or not consentant in case of rapes or unclear sex in between young people and adults!! by consequece of this laxist law to preserve Macron and Brigitte = being very young wont be anymore systematically a protective shield against sexual adult assault !!

  39. Well, I must say he's been consistent since he was elected. Nt that we have anything to brag about; we elected B. Hussein Obama twice.

  40. Macron is bad for France. The French must kick him out – easy come, easy go. Marine le Pen or the military might take over and set France on the right track.

  41. So Macaron also have no culture ? If he get’s blown away by some terrorist it would be normal and acceptable every day’s business. Look’s like he need’s a very close psiho logically observation. But this is what they should do before somebody becomes a lieder of a country.

  42. He is a freak, satanic follower and puppet of the Illuminati/cabal who want to eliminate 90% of the world population. That is what he is.

  43. Macron is the ultimate globalist, a Rothschild banker who’s happy to hand over control of the French military to Berlin. You couldn’t make it up.😳

  44. Economics is run by people who never had a talent or skill and politics is run by people of no values. Combine the two and you have Macron and his hooknosed partners

  45. Stef you used the word vacuous ..what a hoot.. That poor little puta crapon ..just a nother bungee bugger… a nother fan tastic vdo……….

  46. Macron supports Globalist Agenda

    > It is Time to Educate the USA & World about “Who” Globalists are and Their Agenda !

    Globalist Vs Nationalist
    > Who Are The Globalists?

    The Globalist Movement is an Alliance / Pact based on Self-Interest / $$ of the Private International Financiers and Country Royals, Dynastic and Hereditary Land Owning Families of Britain, Europe and America.

    Who have over the Years have Intermarried to create a Self Regenerating Power Structure that through Financial Leverage, Lies and Deception seek to Control Everything and Everyone on Earth.

    Through their Control of the Ability to “Create Money” i.e. Business Endeavors, they are able to Exercise Control over All the Power Centers of Society including the Corporations, the Media, Culture Creation, the Educational System, the Historical Societies, the Political System, the Military, Religion, Foundations and other NGOs, Medicine, and Law.

    Over Time they have extended their Network of Control to include Elites from Countries all over the World Working towards the same End.

  47. Das ist der schleimigen President von den ???
    ZEOS Freimaurern U .Bilderberger ,,,siehe German. sem sem .

  48. " He's fairly close to a necrophile" – Stefan
    Macron is pretty weak and effeminate.
    "There's no such thing as French culture" – Macron.
    Yes he's the enemy of France for sure

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