8 thoughts on “The True Ambition of Russian Foreign Policy

  1. 13:30 I was following everything you said until the casual suggestion that arming Russian targets would close the open doors in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean… I'm left wondering, based on my limited perspective on Putin's personality, why he would throw his hands up and pivot eastward on that note. I know this video is old so no need to reply, but I'd be interested if you're willing to elaborate on that point

  2. Your analysis on Russia was very good however, you did not mention much on the US interaction which I believe is key toward understanding Russian foreign policy. Russia and every nation they ally with all share one thing in common hatred of the US hegemony uni-polar global order. Russia will continue to pursue and strengthen alliances with the disenfranchised and also sow the seeds of discontent among others.

    There's danger on the edge of town. The End by the Doors 1967

  3. Siberia was newer Chinese. It would be nuclear war of annihilation is Chinese tried that.
    And if China did that the West would turn on China immediatly.
    Also if Russians have to give up territory. They will leave Chernobyls everywhere. Nobody would be able to acces it because of radioactivity.They burned Moscow rather then give it up.And that's their policy now.Except use cobalt bombs to make huge areas radioactive and Unaccesable.

  4. No.Russian goal is to unite Ethnic Russians.East Ukraninas are Russians and they speak Russian.
    Kieavan Russ.They are armed to the teeth.And if Nato moves into Ukraine.Eastern Part would resist to the last man.Local people would do.
    Also.Dont forget.Europeans will betray Nato and Usa.Nobody is willing to die for Washingto for Ukraine.Russian muslim population is 12%.About the same as German.
    As for EasternUkraine…do you understand what ethnic loyalty means

  5. China was newer an artic Nation.nor will it ever be.We need an northern hemisphere alliance and trade

  6. honestly, bro, this is better than what most analysts put out these days–especially idiot millennials who just want to screw around at work and go to cocktail parties. WHY AREN'T YOU ON FOX NEWS??????

  7. I've never thought of these things the way you do (and I've been tfollowing Russia since the 80s). THIS is what we need!!! Gives me faith for our future (avoid nuke war at all costs!!) Thanks for this. Thank you. Thank you.

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