The Trudeau Liberals won a minority. Now what?

The Trudeau Liberals won a minority. Now what?

100 thoughts on “The Trudeau Liberals won a minority. Now what?

  1. What was the big production with the bullet proof vest because today he was shaking hands in the subway without hardly a body guard around him. Was that just another Liberal charade? Lets get the real story on that. Jussie Trudeau.

  2. now what? join up with the NDP and get to the promises made to win. Make good on the promises too that were made 4 years ago,yippee legal weed. Who cares.

  3. Why dont the Eastern pundits talk about phasing out the car industry to save the planet. Oh we cant loose jobs in the East only the West can be shut down. Quebec got exemptions for their cement plants why cant Western Industries get them too.

  4. Trudeau is the great divider who plays identity politics and caters to minority groups. There is zero chance he will help unite this country and you Unifor hacks at CBC have contributed to this in a big way.

  5. Strategic voting played a role in supporting the Liberal and Conservative, progressives voting Liberal and conservatives almost entirely voting Conservative, although it was not as strong as in the last election. Hate and fear as a motivation are lessening among the population.

  6. Now what, we have 2 years minimum of graft, waste and liberal crime where nothing gets built and debt and taxes increase the end.

  7. I have an honest question. why are there so many conservative trolls online? i understand not all conservatives come to the bowels of the internet to make cheap shots but good lawd it feels like a lot of you do

  8. You guys get to see the unique and true value of Alberta and Saskatchewan for the US and President Trump. The US does not need any other provinces in Canada except these two.

  9. The State of Alberta & Sask had the opportunity to send someone to eat at the grown ups table. They decided not to now they should sit at the kids table and shut to hell up.

  10. There will be a tipping point where the supporters of governments that promote deterring change will have regrets. Its going to be a sad and demoralizing moment.

  11. "You (33%) are sending our Liberal team to Ottawa with a clear mandate" I guess 67% do not matter…Yet another example of how Trudeau views his results as being a vote for his vision, no matter what…

  12. To an extent it’s kind of a disadvantage to Alberta and Saskatchewan that there is no Liberal representation, seeing as the Liberals are running Canada right now I can only see that as a disadvantage. Once again as an Albertan we will be forgotten about.

    This is why there is call for “separation” we KNOW nothing will be done for us out west.

  13. That blonde host is SOOO liberal biased she cant even let the other guests speak a valid point. Anything to undermine the conservatives. Sad move.

  14. I was surprised that Southern Ontario cause the most damage to the Conservatives. Well Enough said they are in no use commenting anymore we will just wait for the bad recession and high tax hikes now with less healthcare services due to the high influx of people

  15. Now what? More of the same – more taxes, more unsavoury refugees, more hypocrisy, and maybe a little black face for Halloween.

  16. Remember that the Bloc received only slightly more votes than the Greens, and considerably less votes than the NDP. The Bloc got 32 seats, while the Greens got 3, and the NDP got 24. That's First Past the Post voting. It doesn't seem very democratic to me. I wish the Liberals had kept their promise of electoral reform and we wouldn't be using this archaic voting system anymore.

  17. Wow, sad millennials. So hooked on cell phones and social media, will believe anything. Oh yeah, he is cute let's vote for him.

  18. Trudeau will spent open more to other country, we Canadian is worry there nothing for all Canadian. We will end up a big empty pocket.

  19. 31:00 as she says the Politicians/Leaders full of hubris DO NOT COMPREHEND what Canadians seem to want or need PATHETIC but exactly what we deserve – Do we? from the comments i read YES. Look how Kbeck voted and the BQ/CAQ machinations all parties are not what they seem Some sell their Parties souls for a taste. Scheer is an empty vessel and Trudeau has to grow up stop pandering ID politics.

  20. Maybe not such a bad thing for the Conservatives that the world’s most famous blackface hobbyist will stay on as Prime Minister. The first full year Trudeau was in power, Canada dropped a place in the world economic rankings from 16th to 17th, falling behind Spain, and has stayed there. (I am going by the IMF rankings based on GDP on a purchasing power parity basis.) Next year, it will likely fall behind Iran into 18th place, and that will be on his record, not Scheer’s. It seems unlikely that Trudeau could stay in office long enough and govern so incompetently as to drop us in the world rankings any further, behind Thailand to 19th place, and then behind Australia into 20th. Who knows though? We’re always told that it’s a mistake to underestimate him.

  21. Alberta put up the block don't let anything pass through your province without tariffs. Rail, trucking nothing. and we will see who needs who. Quebec can heat there homes and drive there cars on whale oil.
    and the same for B.C. $4.00 a liter for gas.

  22. Peter Armstrong has no clue. Real GDP growth at the national level has not been good recently. In per capita terms real GDP per capita for July 2019, the most recent month available, is lower than it was in May 2018. Someone who is billed as CBC's top economic correspondent should know that Harper's first minority government gave Canada its Parliamentary Budget Officer and the office of public prosecutions that Gerry Butts took such offense at during the SNC Lavalin scandal. Wake up and smell the coffee, Peter!

  23. Trudeau was the worst prime minister of all time. But I voted for him anyways, just to be a troll and watch the world burn.

  24. All the greatest hits from 2015, Separate. Canada is going Bankrupt. Housing Market will crash. Canadians are fleeing. And here we are 4years later. Trudeau gets a 2nd term.

  25. Now what? Keep destroying the country and divide. A way to destroy a country is within. Not everybody is pleased with this result.

  26. You can't for a government in Canada without getting support from Ontario and Quebec. Canada is the Ontario/Quebec Club. Canada is all about catering to the needs of Ontario and Quebec. Ontario and Quebec run the "national" government, as they always have since 1867. Ontario and Quebec will never allow Canada to have a proper Senate, because to do so would not be to the political benefit of Ontario and Quebec. Canada as a federation is thus a sham for 8 of the 10 provinces.

  27. I am not a conservative by any means and find Scheer repugnant, but I do believe the CBC should have their budget cut significantly. The CBC does more onesided partisan Opt Eds in favor of the Conservatives instead of providing Canadians with unbiased factual reporting.

  28. For a man who is so anti-white privilege, nothing screams white privilege like winning after the SNC scandal, bullying Jody Wilson Raybould, groping and black face!

  29. Canada needs to have another election. Either Alberta leaves and probably Saskatchewan too, or Canada evicts Quackbec

  30. Canada is doomed! The only reason he won is due to the massive migrant population in Ontario. His ideology is to replace Canadians w/ 3rd world country immigrants. There are thousands of students arriving in Canada through existing toxic immigrant policies and most of them clear their way to Canadian permanent residency. In addition, thousands of immigrants are arriving through existing vulnerable immigration polices. It is much easier for a recently arrived immigrant to land a job in Canada compared to Canadians. The entire immigration system is broken and someone needs to stop the massive influx of immigrant otherwise 1/3 Ontario population will be born outside. Most migrants support liberals since their toxic policies led them to migrate to Canada in the first place. Trudeau will lead Canada into a civil war in few decades. Writing comments on youtube will not save Canada. Time to raise your voice with local politicians and fight back before Trudeau take down the entire nation.

  31. I am entertaining a 5 year plan of residing in another country besides Canada that will most likely be in economic crisis

  32. You are drinking that same climate koolaid, as with all the different sexes. Science will tell you the truth, if you look for it.

  33. Now what? Take the 600 millions he gave the cbc to bribe you and don't think for second people will forget this.

  34. gee watching Trudeau on tv today in the bus station taking selfies again made me sick to my stomach. shouldn't he be at work doing something

  35. People are hoping for dirt cheap housing by re-electing Trudeau but they totally forget about their jobs depending on the bosses who voted Conservatives.

  36. Trudeau works for the Rockefellers …. He is against Canada. Americans are booming with oil money, while Canada and its oil companies are bombarded with restriction. US and A is doing a lot of wrong to this great nation.They are the cause for stopping the pipelines and drilling. We have to fight for our Canada and its great people. Its time to stop these puppets running the show. We are governed by bunch of sheep. (POWER TO THE PEOPLE)

  37. Canadians had a chance to elect the PPC that would stand against the United Nations, but they voted for globalism instead. I hope you enjoy what the globalists have planned for you, like depopulation according to the Georgia Guidestones.

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