11 thoughts on “The trouble with democracy: populism, technocrats and fear of The People

  1. Obviously the speakers didn't read Rosa Koire or Patrick Wood, and without having the slightest idea about how things really work behind the "mask", as Rosa suggests, it gets indeed very difficult – or meaningless – to talk about politics and reality.

  2. Well as a greek that has no affiliation with any of the political parties I can safely say these people are not very accurate about the situation of greece

  3. I really don't want to make the right wingers arguments for them but to claim that all immigration is economically beneficial is simply not true, especially in the short run. In 2016 Germany paid something like 22 billions for the refugees that came in in 2015 and it will take quite a while before there might be an economic net benefit. Remember these people need to learn the language and most of them need to be educated and/or trained for the German labor market. Plus certain types of migrants are really costly (e.g. children without parents cost something like 3000€ per child/month).

  4. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. Perhaps we should be looking at why violence is used as a method of executing the outcomes of democratic and free processes instead.

  5. Kajsa Ekis Ekman felt to be so on point and down to earth! I couldn't find a single point to disagree with her on.

  6. USA REGIME encouraged Germany break their Constitution of no TROOPS in foreign lands and we see now,
    who is the BOSS. RIGHT GERMANY?

  7. REMEMBER the gold medals from Hitler went to; Henry Ford…General Motors= Alfred Sloan, IBM= WATSON, Rockefeller, Fred KOCH, all were FASCISTS. COCA COLA CARNEGIE many more Corporations supported Germany to the very end. Know your history…no surprises. 1933-1939 propaganda machine won over the population just as the media is doing today. USA are the nazis now.

  8. Europe GERMANY is ass wipe for USA.REGIME. Obama drone killed over 5500 Muslims in 7 Muslim countries, Knowing this will flood Europe with refugees, punish Germany for being soft on Russia,. Shame USA Regime, but more, shame to Germany for hiding and not standing up to USA military occupation of Germany..Africom Drones kill all over Middle East flies out of Stuttgart Germany., floods Europe refugees. And like Japan Germany silently hates USA Regime; NSA watching all GERMANS. When will Europe stand up to USA Regime TYRANNY?? Shame Secrets,SS, that are killing YOU Germany. you follow USA Regime like you followed Adolf.

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