The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K.

The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K.

hey guys so I am here in Vienna this evening with Tommy Robinson for the band interview so for those who don’t know I was recently denied entry into the UK and placed in a detention facility because I wanted to come in as an independent journalist who interviewed Tommy Robinson and they described him as a far-right leader who incites racial hatred what do you think of this Tommy I’m gobsmacked and what gobsmacked there’s recently they’ve been up in the air against me we’ve seen this is a home office letter you’ve shown me that says I’m a far-right leader and inciting racial hatred I’ve never any sort of British way I’ve never spoken about race every mole of it quite the opposite actually I only speak about an ideology I say all the time so when I read that but recently I don’t know if you’ve seen mark Rowley who’s the head of counterterrorism he’s come out and he’s compared me to Anjem Choudary he said we are the same and Jim charity trade the line but he slipped up and got put in jail for a long time for terrorism Tony Robbins was doing the same thing that’s what he said to the public just we know who Anjem Choudary is he’s 60% of the Muslims in prison for terrorism offences are members of his organization he wants to fry homosexuals of rooftops he wants to enslave the world under Sharia and I want to stop him and apparently that puts us on a level playing field well I’ve been watching and this is all very recently been getting worse and worse from the government from the state that there was a terrorist attack by a man called Darren Osbourne who run Muslims over in a van there was no link between him whatsoever but in the opening of the trial they lied categorically lied in court and said that I had sent him Twitter direct messages now those lies went all around the world yep every newspaper in the world printed those lies days before he went on the killing spree and I contacted him completely but then the damage was done they corrected the lie two days later but that but people don’t see the retraction as many people just just a few and and it’s it’s absolutely insane I could not believe the way they made you seem I’m like I know Tommy it was crazy I was like I know there’s no freedom of speech in the UK but to experience it is completely different especially at this capacity but we just wanted to sit down for this interview an interview do a few times but I wanted to know more about your the time you spent in prison why you were sent I know it’s all involved with your activism exposing Islam because I want people to understand the sacrifices you’ve made and what you have gone through in your quest to expose Islam so maybe just to start out could you talk about how many times he went to prison and why you were sent first of all ok yep so you know what’s happened to you over the last three days yeah crazy that’s what’s gone on for nine years with me I can’t imagine and now I really see and respect was already high but now it’s like infinite yeah you didn’t commit a crime you’ve been in prison for three days your life’s been put in danger with people and for nothing because you want to speak about issues so basically what’s happened even when I first started to speaking about issues if I bring you back to 2009 soldiers hung I’m afraid our soldiers were attacked by Muslim organization they were spat at they call them baby killers they abused them and I started a reactionary organization to that cording the United people of Luton which then come into the English Defence League now from the offset I noticed the tactics by the police the arrests the harassment just non-stop I thought if I would be here all day if I bought you for each team I’ll bring you through the prison sentences how they got me in prison so first of all I was due to go to Scotland I went to Luna I went to LuAnn Airport I was a held by Special Branch special branches for serious crime they arrested me they took me to the police stations then they told me that they’re raiding properties linked to me they went to my mum and dad’s house ransacked the house they went to my house and my children in with machine guns and they went to this was that this was the start of the message you know I think they’ve tried to teach you a message this weekend this was my first message which the message was sharp now the day they arrested me this when it gets really day is that when they arrested me they gave me bail condition so they arrest me on a criminal damage charge they said that when I stayed in a hotel in the city of Sheffield there was thirty pounds worth of damage done to a door that connects the hotel and door in the corridor and I fit the description of the person that died and I’m like that’s really why I’m here yeah I mean for a 30 pound criminal damage on the hotel door you’ve raided my house and one mother’s house and all of this club and when it comes to bailing me they give me bail conditions for three weeks and when they bailed me the bail conditions were to not contact the English Defence League not send emails okay my bail date was perfect but I was due to be speaking in the very early days of the English Defence League you may have heard of the groom in Skan Skan where the muslim men have been gang raping young english children well at this time no one was talking about and it was still a secret and the police has managed to conspire to keep it silent and hidden for 30 years then comes along our organization where we screaming it on the streets we’re holding banners and placards saying you’re raping our kids we’re giving speeches so I was due to speak in New York she wear rubber we’re bravura miss in the same area and I was due to give a speech on this exact thing so when they arrested me my bail conditions were not to enter that’s how and the day I had to answer bail was like the sack time of the demonstration I planned this was all politically motivated this whole fabricated case I put I actually put in through the eyepiece PC which is the Independent Police Complaints Commission I put a complaint asking how they got warrants how they got this and it took me two years to get the results but the results of this actually come out that they accept it they accepted everything they accepted that the it was politically motivated they accepted though they sent police officers on training courses they accepted they should never raided my house or my home but that did him out okay because the reason to do it was to prevent me talking about grooming to prevent me exposing what’s happening so that was the star of a continued campaign three months later I’m in the same property the door comes in again six o’clock in the morning I’m like what now and when I said to the police officer okay you’re doing your job and he said I’m sorry Stephen so what you mean you sorry just do your job he said we’re here to arrest your wife I said you’re gonna arrest my wife exactly what they’ve just done that yeah what I believe they’ve done to you this weekend was to teach your partner mine a lesson and too intimidating and they rest my wife it was six months pregnant I said you’re taking my wife she’s six months pregnant what are you taking us on and they arrested me and her on tax irregularities you’re you’re America’s IRS we arrest me on tax records which this wasn’t a tax man this was the police they then the rest of me at that point and they arrested my wife and then they bailed us on charges of money laundering and tax evasion we were bailed and we had to answer bail every six weeks for three years so we had to keep going back an answer about my wife had to say an eight-hour interview four times yeah she come out each time like a broken woman now all of this was the start of a case against me where they charged me with mortgage fraud in the end they they went through basically what they’ve done is they went for every single member of my family and they were about ten years and they got quote summonses behind our backs of ours nothing to get all the bank accounts and all the statements and everything to do with businesses and money in finance and they just dissected and went through every member of my family they done my mom and dad they were trying to arrest my mom and dad they died my mom and dad my wife me and all of this was to get me in a position in the end which is which is what worked because in the end I stood trial for for this offense I stood trial for tax evasion and I got a not guilty within the thing literally straight away because I’d give a no comment interview the highway for earbud that when we go into court and I produced everything and explained everything I was walked out of court so then I knew this was never about where the rest of my wife rest of my family members there were some multiple family members and I told them at the time and I don’t know the pressure that they brings to have family members crying yeah your mum begging you your family begging you stop stop stop stop can you see what this is doing here that’s why they’re doing it exactly that’s the thing they know that no matter what they do to you you’re not gonna stop they know and then they realize okay so you’re not vulnerable let’s go after who you love and then that hurts you and it makes it makes it a million I’m sorry they put me on the financial restraining order they froze my assets they closed my companies and they start the English Defence League on seven properties and I had two successful businesses from a plumbing business turned over 400,000 so was our success we were successful they froze everything they closed everything they used tech they use laws that were introduced by the Labour government to deal with terrorists to deal with me because I was exposing and talking about crimes from the Islamic community so they done that they seized my assets and then they put me under an order I was only allowed to spend 250 pounds a week and if I spent over there I’m in contempt of court contempt on a court order I’m not going to prison which was the most difficult thing to try and live with because I’ve always worked I’d always had ambition and always had my next focus on what I’m doing and Here I am frozen assets frozen can’t work can’t do anything to be honest they created they created me because if they hadn’t froze my assets and hadn’t done all this to my family then I never would have been able to continue doing it because I had so much to lose but once they took everything and they put me in that position and then with my wife so I’ve gone to court I’ve got a not-guilty and that night I’ve gone not guilty in court for as soon as I got a not guilty in court they stood up and said my wife’s name will stand trial in two weeks they give a date for my wife to stand trial and then that’s why I must sit down my wife and say you’re in court in two weeks that’s why neuf attacks now I live a life a separate life anyone doesn’t know I live a separate life to my wife and my kids so if we travel somewhere in the car I’ll make them go in one car going off car if I don’t walk the streets because I have people who want to kill me I’ve managed all these years on that there’s no image of my wife online which is quite hard in modern yeah there’s no images or pictures of air anywhere what and I’ve managed to do that and now here she is game pick and be put into a court case in the court case when they give her court date were far left groups and Muslim groups all waiting at every one of my court cases all the journalists all the media so that’s a governmental earth darling you’re going to walk into court in two weeks you’re gonna be photographed and your whole life’s about to change because when I walk down the street anyone can see I get confronted I get attacked yes just this week most attacked again so and then so I went home and told her that five o’clock that morning our door goes again yeah it’s count terribly and they’re there to issue us with an Osmond warning Osmond warning is a government warning that someone is Intendant and planning to kill you now the group that were intending to kill us well Shabab and this was just after the Kenyan shopping mall massacre where they killed everyone in Kenya and I’ve been named to be killed at all costs so then I have to quit then I question how high this is all part of a game all part of a mind game where all of this is the pressure building my wife scared now the terrorists want to gas all of this is going on when I get to call cuz I’m in court again the next week I’m in court facing a mortgage fraud trial there’s no evidence on me the case what’s that they actually got me on in the end there was nothing to do with I had seven mortgages they were all legit my brother-in-law my wife’s little brother had a mortgage I lent him a deposit for his first house and he lied about how much he earned on his mortgage form he bought his property he sold a property a year later this was all six years before it’s just the little legalities they managed to bring us in school I then sit down in court and I’m told that if I plead guilty to the charges I face then they drop my wife’s charge they drop my French charge they drop my of my cousin’s charge they drop all of their charges so then I’m faced with a situation where I get five years in so I say how long do I get now and this list I said five years I go outside and funny enough I document it all list I’ve got all of this okay I went outside him and my wife and said under get five years but you don’t have to go to court she absolutely broke down because she knew up that haven’t done the corner they’re trying to put me in jail for she broke down and and she we argued and she said you can’t do that I’ve got three kids five years a long time I went back into court said I don’t accept your deal so let’s go to trial because I know I’m getting a not guilty now the minute I get not guilty on these charges I can destroy what they’ve done they’ve closed my businesses they’ve ruined my life that financially boat tried to break and break me with nothing I know these things but they say they need me to plead guilty so then they swore the jewelry and I have three Muslims sworn in on majority then they just before the trial starts again they say where they offer me another deal plead guilty to these charges which were lesser charges lesser amounts of lesser amounts of fraud so then I ask my sister how long do I get for that this list I said you’ll get two years tops so two years that means I’m gonna serve nine months in jail I’m taking it so because I don’t my wife my wife to still enjoy our freedom that she enjoys today I don’t want that’s been in danger so I took the deal I said okay I plead guilty no she’d had the babies yeah well she was pregnant this went on for four years this case do you know what it’s a hard thing to explain because it did nearly break me because I can take a punch in the nose yeah every day more so than the destruction and the mental problems from what they done to my family because I said when I started talking about Islam I’m all ready to take on Islam I knew the consequences I thought finally well new people are gonna want to kill me what I was and I was ready for that none of us really believed I was ready for it but wasn’t ready for was the full weight of the state yeah unbelievable but as you said I think they made the worst mistake because they didn’t take almost everything from you leaving something that still made you vulnerable they essentially took everything from you creating what you are now and making you absolutely and so I took that I took that deal and I took that deal and my wife everything was dropped against her I pleaded guilty so they got what I wanted that’s what you’ve got what you wanted they then put me to prison and I was put in a I was sent a Woodhill prison now in between this four years of this case I attempted or I illegally entered your country and I legally a neutral country in 2012 and I did that because in 2011 I tried to enter America I was held I was held at JFK Airport I was deployed and the reason they gave me was that the British were told not to let me and they said usually there’s a bit leeway here we’ve been completely asked from your side you’re not coming in like you’re going back for okay so the next year come because the ten year anniversary maybe ten-year anniversary of September and I want to go pay me respect but I also felt that I wanted to give a warning to America I felt the warning was they important that I knew what I was doing was illegal I used the friends passport and I come to America and I actually got in I got told to go to in that waiting room and I went throughout the airport and I gave a speech and I knew what I was doing was wrong by Holly firfer if I’m morally right I wish someone come to my country and warned me 20 years ago warned up our citizens thirty years ago this is what’s going to happen now I’ve lived in loot enough experience my whole life of Islam so I come with a warning to America now I wasn’t charged by the Americans I was arrested by the British six weeks later and I spent I was sentenced to 12 months in jail for two days in New York on those 12 months I spent 22 weeks in solitary confinement which I can’t even imagine how that affected you mentally though you only like to do 28 days they switched you every what they did is every 28 days they moved me from one basement of a prison to another basement of a prison to another basement I wouldn’t have five different prisons and to be honest though whilst it I was safe because I didn’t see anyone I mean I didn’t see anyone I wasn’t that to work I wasn’t allowed to go to church or didn’t do anything every single right every other prisoner has was taken away and they used the excuse that I will be killed which fair enough I probably would have been that’s what but they thought I was safe so years on I plead guilty to this charge and I go back into the prison system and I’m thinking well you know my profile was risen more people want to kill me than ever I’ll probably be locked away on my own again and I wasn’t and I was sent to the maximum-security prison called Woodhill prison which houses some of the country’s worst terrorists and this prison I was sent my prison sentence my prison what I pleaded guilty for was that a forum was filled out wrong on my brother and was mortgage for no one lost no money no one got hurt for that sort of offense you go to a category D prison in Britain where you go home at weekends and your family can come in and see you I went to a maximum security ache a prison of terrorists and almost instantly my my door not and a prisoner a prison officer we call them screws prison officer said when they come to get you do not leave this cell your life depends on it let’s try out what now and then and yeah and and and he’s gone then he’s come back and we need to come back he’s come back with two other prison staff and he said come on lenin your gun on b-wing and i said i going anywhere and he stepped in he said you don’t go I’m gonna arrest you he was giving me a Wow I said arrest me then so arrested me and then because he arrested me took me to a punishment block in that punishment block I have to see the governor before I’m allowed anywhere else so he arrested me so then he’s put he’s made me safe he’s come to see me later said you know where they were taking you I said where he said I’m being there’s five Muslims six months before this Sikh five Muslims were caught in a car with IEDs guns and bombs and suicide notes on the way to kill me yeah they’ve got 30 years in prison i sat in their court case and watch to say Oh what sentence the 30 years here I was being given to them in a prison system and he said now that he said the woman I looked at the governor’s woman the woman who made the decision so I said how can this be made how can this duty of care for your safety in the prison system they have a do you care how can this happen he said well he gave me the lady’s name and they must Rachel wrote a name on a book and then he said she’ll be done for mandatory manslaughter but you’ll be dead oh okay so the next day I’m wait and see the government must listen it comes to see me okay I meet monitor this huh I come back after the meeting with Melissa and there’s a waiting room similar size to this and the door opens and I get as I got to walk in the room I see beads because it our prison system so Americans understand because it’s gonna happen to your prisoners as well which it’s not already happening yours are racially divided it’s going to become religious every prisoner in our prisons like this prison is basically an Isis training camp all the English men all the blame and everyone is converting to Islam the beard is your sign of superiority and your sign of protection you’re part of that gang now I’ve seen the beads so I haven’t even bothered to sit down I’ve stood with my back against the wall I’ve waited to hear the door lock they locked the door and then it’s just that’s why I lost my yeah yes I thanks guys got some iced tea father but yet but I was beaten beaten badly and to be honest the Muslims in that room didn’t know I was coming out in that room I could tell by their their faces so as I walked in I looked at their faces never look to each other like they’ve just give us and and I was beating and then I asked the prison officer afterwards why would your staff what was staff do that and he because I felt like a lot of stuff simplifies me and he said that well you have found standards many of these Muslims in this prison but I was only doing a what did I get 18 months in prison I wasn’t a meme of these men enduring 44 years now for them they don’t think that a prisoner son they will hurt the prisoner if he thought if they don’t do it so they run the prison so that that happened and then from this sentence and and it wasn’t just this sentence then then so I went through that sentence so basically I had to fight my way through in many situations and then I’ve come out of custody from this prison sentence and then I’ve sat down with probation we ever think or probation where I have to sit with him once a week and I’ve sat down with probation and but just took two months before the end of that prison sentence I had a visit and I got told it was my lawyers and when I went there there was two men who were younger than me sitting there and they said can we chat sure I said who are you they said we’ve come from the Metropolitan Intelligence Bureau it’s a secretive organization based in Scotland Yard I said ok you want to talk about they said well you can help us you can help your country yeah that’s not gonna help you he said if you worked with us to unite the right until unite the right I said yeah he said so ourselves how many you’re now making an approach if I’m satiny you’ve destroyed give absolutely peppered me destroyed me and now you want a favor from me you want me to help you they said yes I said I’ve got no interest and be a be in anyone’s bitch I’m brought up in a working-class background where there’s a law and rules and you talk to anyone so I said that’s never going to happen that’s never going to happen and that’s it and then they basically said that I said what’s the purpose in it I said if there was a terrorist attack in the UK we’d then control the response I was like oh my god the audacity of you yeah to sit in front of me when I’m sat in his prison cell and you know I’ve done nothing wrong and here you are now trying to approach me to work for you and they said it before it be financially beneficial to you and and then they said I’ll set up online chat ok that’s ok what you’re gonna do when you leave jail what you’re gonna do now bearing in mind who you are I said well well Matt I managed to hold on to 7 properties you know the whole way through this so I managed to keep the properties they’re all rendered out I said well ok this prison cell I’m gonna sell those properties they’ve all written in value I’m gonna have equity I’m gonna buy a building plot and I’m gonna build a house he goes well you’d be in five years guys I’ll be a millionaire in five years guys that’s me because Joe what officer I never want to talk about Islam again because at that point in my life I never wanted when I was sitting in that prison on the phone simply understand when I was ringing home and speaking to my kids and yeah and constantly waiting for someone to stab me and hurt me I didn’t ever want to talk about again and that’s enough come out of prison and obviously then I’m thinking right go get my wife this is time to get off and then and if you look at what I said when I come out of prison I told everyone I need a break I need a break and the distance myself from everyone to try and get my life back on track I’m then driving in my car and three police cars pulled me in and I’m a restaurant burglary whereas some burglary burglary and then when they took me to the police station they transported me four hours a week you know I was in hole in the end up in the north of England and they were arresting me for a burglary and they gave me an address to a house was burgled I’ve got all the tape recordings of this interview now there’s many things people who have put me by night I don’t claim to have ever been an angel growing up here house burger no no never been there it’s never going to be alive still alone and when they interview minute learned about this burglary and then they drug-testing me so in my head I’m thinking that’s what this is about if I fail a drug test I’m straight back in jail for nine months because I have it you have a license period when you Prison your license if you mess up with anything you redo your license so I thought okay that’s that’s the situation that’s what this is about I then get home I’m on bail and put out on bail for six weeks I’ve got back in six weeks ago my wife says Winchester prisons been on the phone which was the prison I’ve been in and she gave me the phone number is Oh 27 27 that’s a London them so I rang the number hello hello it’s the officer come see me from the Metropolitan telling us bro you guys are in a bit of a predicament I said I’m in a bit of a ridiculous how a minor predicament he goes what would think is going to look like when the media get hold of this you’ve been arrested on burglary I said you just come back yeah what a rat gosh uske and he goes and you see if you get charged from this you’re going to sit for nine months get back in prison so just come and have a chat with us we can sort this problem out and I’ll be honest you are quite wise oh I said to my wife what the hell do I do as most things like a finger how come you could you can fight your way through something what am I meant to do in this situation and in between this so when I went to prison I basically signed a guilty plea and in the guilty plea they worded it it was worded that it did not at this time it does not bring in a confiscation a criminal confiscation order so confiscation orders where they take your property your money so that I pleaded guilty but that doesn’t that’s not going to happen well my god y’all kept reading militia so why can’t I access the banks why can’t I do anything yeah she said I would wait for the stuff back from the police they must list I received a letter saying three hundred sixty-five thousand pounds I’ve got to pay all I’m doing five years in jail I’m saying well how could they do that I pleaded guilty that I couldn’t do that the wording on the plea the finger I plead guilty was at this time they’re then saying it’s not at this time it’s past that song so we’re taking that so then I get a contact again from the MIB um you’re gonna have pay 465,000 man we can make that go away I’ll sit I end up going to court and fighting it and the judge ruled against them and but the judge ordered me to pay 125 thousand pounds to police for a crime that I had no financial gain at all in fact I’ve just been in court two weeks ago on this and the judge and everyone I’ve got it all in black and wild give you the documentation they’ve all accepted everything that happened in this case was illegal okay I’m out of time to appeal so everything they’ve done at this moment it’s completely criminal yeah and he said I’ve got it in black and white from the defense the prosecution and the judge that what they’d done but what they were doing was putting me in a position then to take my money where they think I have to work with them now this is the dark side of the state yeah and if they’re doing this to me at the time I remember thinking how many Muslims they doing this to how many men now I’ve found that because every single time we have a terrorist attack we find out that our security services have been involved with them and then I started thinking about high-profile Muslims and I started questioning everything about what they’re up to in the in the system but I then sat down with probation so I’ve gone to Corp in order to pay a hundred twenty-five thousand pounds I’ve come out of court what phone rings again we can make it that you only have to pay a pound a month you’ll never have to pay it can I have a chalice so you don’t get this to you yeah this is never gonna happen okay leave me alone they were just trying to blackmail you yeah blackmail you and I said I’ll pay the money so they learn no sit-down with my probation of a son and I tell them I’m talking to the University I’m gonna give a speech ox in university said okay and I have to tell everything cuz I’m unlicensed what you don’t talk about I said the Metropolitan to Intelligence Bureau and the blackmailing of me and the persecution of me and what you’ve done from starts are finished as a system to me and I’m gonna reveal it all at the most prestigious university in the world and all the evidence I’ve corner because I had the layers from the quarter I had it I’m gonna put it all together in such a speech about what’s happening because people need to understand then the future the future thinkers of our society Oxford University need to know how dirty your societies and then from so I’ve explained that to her and then they’ve called me back in they’ve called me back in so I’m doing to give the speech say in a week and then someone’s tweeted me saying they’re gonna rape my mother this is one other tweets obviously I receive them all the time yeah I reply backs they said they’re in Luton looking for me I reply back saying don’t need to look to me on the yeah yeah I think I’d seem operation officer and I’ve been arrested and they’ve used the fact that I told someone to meet me and they’ve recalled me to prison so said you’re sending me to prison and then I’m not gonna I’m terrified yeah I’m going into the prison system because I know I said it’s like my lord surely there are so many Muslims and I’m good they all know who you are dead yeah yeah it’s not a game I’m dead so I then I went on there the two police officers are there and my mum has come my mom’s come up there’s two police officer I said listen there’s only one prison up in safe in and I was Winchester prison and the reason for that is the demographic community in that in that area of Britain there’s not many Muslims so it’s a local prison where local people go so there I was relatively safe the only place I could probably be safe in the UK so I said they said they’re taking me to Bedford prison but I said Bedford prison is Lutins catchment area it’s got every Muslim gang living in there I’m gonna be killed and they said now if everything’s already saw it okay cool where things would they took me straight to pay for prison and then when I got into the reception of every prison it’s just it’s a small well because I looked at the man there and I said if you’ve got a brother and I knew his brother because it’s my local prison and I’ll sat there with the prison officer no I went through how many Muslims are in which cells in which wings because I know I need to check where the most of them are and well how long their sentences are because if they’re doing six months they’re not going to murder me we’re gonna fight if they’re doing 25 years they’re gonna murder me so when I’m going free we established that the majority of Muslims were on B wing and the safest place for me was saying in a way then I said get me on a week you start doing I can he’s collapsed as he’s come down he’s just looked at me and said I’m so sorry I said what hewing and I said give me a pen and paper so I wrote six pages up of threats against my life government frets terrorist threats Muslims have actually tried to kill me multiple so I broke all this down so give that you your your government has a duty you care for more safety some written up to him pull you up come back down you’re going on baby I’ll just fuck oh my god and this is and so then there I am in no doubt that strings are being pulled quiet to give an opportunity for me to be killed so as on them walking into the prison wing I’ll walk in and it’s like hyenas are waiting as there’s free free stories and they’re cheering as I come in I’m not oh my god right and I then know if I wait if I wait I have to protect myself if I wait I’m gonna get killed so I walk in and then I get locked in my cell at ten to twelve lunches at 12 o’clock so soon as I got locked in my cell I start showing it to the other prisoners I said you arguing the part they profit and they argue about everything and then the door opens at 12 o’clock so I come straight out my cell because I’m not getting caught in the cell I’ll come around my cell and I’ll walk into a canteen and say who’s a Muslim and then just trying because that’s a self-defense mechanism cuz I have to because I know it’s on camera then I know so then I’m arrested for fighting with a Muslim and I’m arrested and because I’m arrested I’m punished and the punishment is solitary so that she can find me I’m safe I’m out I’m all right and then because I was only in hell for 28 days they held me for 28 days I’ve then come back out of custody for 28 days after 28 days and I’m safe and then I’ve sat down again with my probation officer and says you think you stopped it you just had another five minutes on the speech or ten minutes on my speech I’ve rearranged my speech Fox Virginia Tennessee so then I’ve got tape recordings of them so they’ve come back out to see me and said in this you’re not allowed to talk about the police the Quran Muhammad or Islam if you do you’ll go back to jail so I said okay well I’m still talking at your Oxford University and if you watch my speech Oxford University’s when the best speeches I’ve ever done but when I started the speech and I said the speech will come to give you I’m not allowed to give you I will be put in prison if I talk so I’m not gonna talk about any of those issues I’m just gonna talk about my life and I went through a spoke I went for a spoke about my life and I obviously didn’t get recalled but then my license has got eight days left on my license and I’ve paid the police a hundred thousand pounds out one hundred twenty-five thousand pounds I have to pay them and if I don’t pay them the other 25 thousand pounds within time period yeah activates a two-year sentence so I’ve got eight days left in my prison sentence I’m a Trista’s I’m arrested I get taken to Luton police station I have this excessively overweight police officer who must have know about 25 Stone who come from the met from the Met Police who said we can make it easy for you easier for you I said you can make it easy great days left because I’m under this condition where I’ll put on this license so eight days left do your best I don’t care in eight days time I don’t care and then then I was transported to Peter a prison which I then I started regrain say what was said but then he’s issue again was you we want you as an informant I want you to work for us and because I didn’t I was transferred to Peter prison no reason given Wyoming jail and I know I know legally they can only hold me for eight days though fact they held me for nine because I was due to speak at the House of Lords on the eighth day so they held me for that and when I was in there so I walked into prison I’ve got in reception again at Peter and I said we know what’s gonna happen here you’re gonna walk me out there I’m gonna get killed I’m gonna get hurt so please just lock me in a door and open the door in eight days and they didn’t and my instinct my gut instinct all the time was on the first day my instinct was to fight yes but then I’m thinking if I fight I get a longer and that it’s eight days and I promised my children promised my children I want to get home so I didn’t go my instinct and I tried to just keep my head down and on the second day I’m standing there and the prisoner a white person that comes up to me with his hand over his mouth and says you’re about to get done with Boyden war what he said you about get done with boiling water I said who boy and there was he said the cell number I looked over at the cell number and there’s four Muslims from my area in there they’d just been sentenced to 28 years they cut a man’s nose off his ears off they killed him now they’ve got nothing to lose and he’d hit paid the somalian there’s just emollient for you he said he’s going through your boiling water now instantly I didn’t wait I didn’t wait for me to turn around I run over and got involved and and that was on a doctor if the police put on a documentary 24 as a police custody I was arrested in charge for a racial attack mm-hmm for defending someone from throwing Boyd and war in British prison ship the more you put sugar they call it a stick sticks to your face takes place yeah I should’ve been in that position and when I was in that position so then they’ve helped this is during the same eight days but I have to pay the police the other 20 thousand pounds my mom has had to re Morgan you’re getting 20,000 pounds so that’s the brief instances of each time I’ve gone through prison in a short detail it’s gone on for a little while but that’s to show the lengths that the stay the involvement of the state the dark side of the state and the intentions of it it’s it’s really like incomprehensible I I’m curious that like you’ve been faced with death so many times at this point does it even frighten you and and where do you expect that it’s gonna end so I say that it’s an in it’s an empowering moment you know these jihadis you know what you see I see some that wait for death row yeah in Kenya and then were laughing and joking they’re all happy and they didn’t care yeah and then it’s only when in those first few years of the do I struggled to deal with a lot of things I struggled I’m not taking I’m not drinking a lot I know I end up turning into a completely different person to always trying to deal with the issues right and then and then once but once I accepted I sit here now and I accept before reality at some point someone’s going to get me yeah that’s gonna happen I know it’s gonna happen so you’re willing today but I don’t know I know that’s good no matter what I know that’s where it’s gonna go but once I’ve accepted that I’m not scared so I walk around and the Muslims in my hometown must think the brazen Nick on this kid because I always just walk around with my head held high and figure and I started wearing a bulletproof vest stuff what I’m not a bulletproof vest I’m not hiding I’m just going to live my life the way I want to live my life because I’m gonna enjoy my life and I’m gonna know that and even when I come out of jail I wrote a book and that book was mainly vote for my kids because I want to tell them this is what’s going on so that you don’t but you don’t pick up the media and Google my name and listen to anything that they say on there because that’s not the reality of the situation that we was in so yeah that so I’m aware of that and I fought also when I wrote my book if that it would it would maybe lessen the police’s attack and the for they would expose them and they might start taking a back seat but it’s gone fool the other way I haven’t stopped so it’s just gone do you you could be arrested again and possibly in the future I think they’re building me up now currently which is very worried in the moment my mum’s it’s what it’s worrying for my old family because when I see you to count the head of counterterrorism on national TV bringing my name up alongside one other country’s worst you’re having terrorists and putting us as the same and then I see them involved me in a court case that had nothing do me and then I read your home office now which clearly that’s my government and what they say is on the far-right extremist leader who incites racial hatred mm-hmm not letting me into the country simply because I want to interview you oh they’re gonna take me out today you’re gonna remove me but I gotta say Tommy at this point you have so much support that it would be one hell of a battle people people will not at this point let something like that happen to you without a fight so ever that building I think that they were building up to remove social media yeah so they’ve invoked they put my name in his twitter twitter direct messages there was none in this terrorism case they opened the terrorist case the boy in the biggest Terrace case in our country they opened up with Tommy Roberts and Twitter dog messages now I think that was the build-up star can be removed from Twitter removed from Facebook removed from YouTube so I now know that in the next 12 months I have to build and become the biggest media channel which is what I want to do the biggest alternative media channel there is in Europe giving people the truth so that it’s too hard to stop not Alex Jones now they’re probably if they wish they stopped him years ago absolutely so he’s got that big they can’t kind of on that note recently gone independent you no longer work for rebel I’m so excited you’ve gone independent way more effective way bigger so what’s next – then that’s what’s next what’s next is with the help of my friends and my team I’m working with we want rival now actually on rival destroy your mainstream media we want to be the voice people know we’re in it for the right reasons they know we bring them the truth they know there’s no agenda there’s no big money behind us we’re out there doing it every day to bring people the facts they know it it’s us that people will turn to it’s us of course you’re that people would turn to to hear the truth when there’s a terrorist attack every time there’s a terrorist attack my name trends in everything yeah and that’s because people are searching to the truth we want to be that voice and I’ll say a confidently and say that the next 12 months will be the biggest alternative news network there’s been I can’t wait can I come on I really so much for doing this interview because it’s been there are a lot of details I’ve never heard before I don’t know if you’ve spoken about them in interviews but it is just very revealing everything you’ve gone through and I think if people really understand how much you’ve sacrificed you’ll get way more support you already have a lot but people need to realize they need to support you because the amount that you go through it’s not easy no it’s not my wife and my mum yeah well liking this is that they try to ban you coming into my country to interview me this is gonna get a far more reach now mm-hmm and I have to say that that what you’ve been through I can’t even hold a candle to it you know but but also hearing that gives me that much more motivation because I’ve hardly experienced anything I know but I have an email that’s the other point I’ll make is that we have people who are serving on our armed forces mere twenty thousand pounds a year who are getting shot my brothers in the military having their legs blown off so in reality I’m not going to try every day I haven’t got a risk of all kind I don’t have more leg blown off things to me which many people so yeah but yeah I also am confident I’ve seen the change that’s happening across Europe we’re sitting in Austria I’ve seen a government elected here which I’ve seen the Italian elections we see the growing popularity in ante Islamic political parties so we’re on the right side of history it’s just that they’re going to try everything they can to stop it you’ve seen what happened with Donald Trump election it’s interesting time so the most interest in time right now of my involvement it’s just what they have to realize is we’re not gonna give up no matter what they do to us and persecuting us in just ways just makes it just helps us sure I always say put a camera here and let someone punch me in the face every day you can’t wait to people up the same with the police do these actions what they’ve just done to you it’s just gonna wait more people oh absolutely and so yeah so yeah yeah so once again thank you so much Tommy I really appreciate it I will link your Twitter in the description also you have a new youtube channel that you’re just putting exclusive your own videos on which I’ll link in the description thank you so much everyone really hope you enjoyed and thanks once again Tommy there’s no choice [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “The Tommy Robinson Interview That Got Me Banned From The U.K.

  1. Seek God and the rest will be added unto you. We can do nothing without Him we can only get to God if we accept Jesus the son of God. If you really want the truth read the book of Enoch.

  2. Nephilim/evil spirits. When will people wake up? When Jesus said the wolves are taking over He meant it. I hope people will wake up soon. Jesus is the only way.

  3. Heads will roll eventually. The uk establishment on the whole is corrupt and will be called to account eventually. The uk public are now waking up to the corruption and the swell is building. They better hope that he is not harmed in jail or else there will be a tsunami of the people sweeping down on them and the corrupt establishment.
    The world is watching this closely and the uk is now a laughing stock that isn’t respected, trusted or taken seriously.

  4. post this for Tommy Robinson This is etched above the rear entrance of the Old Bailey: "Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer." The British judiciary has betrayed our ancestors and our heritage. We are enslaved.


  6. Tommy was not in contempt of court. The rapists had been convicted. They were going to court to be sentenced. So, his actions could not affect a jury. The convictions had been reported by the British Broadcasting Company in the public domain. So, it was legal for Tommy to report the conviction and to question the rapist on their way to court. Journalists of the British Broadcasting Company routinely do exactly the same. The court did not follow the procedure for notifying reporting restrictions, probably because those restrictions were illegal. Then, the Magna Carter guarantees a trial by jury. Yet, that was not done. I am disgusted with the unjust treatment of Tommy Robinson. Yet, British justice gave lenient sentences to the rapists. Obviously, British justice is no justice. Obviously, the British Broadcasting Corporation is the British Government's propaganda arm, pushing its socialist agenda.
    These are among the worst standards within the world. They bring great dishonour upon the British Government. The people of Britain are rightfully ashamed of their governments which ignore the will of the people and follow their own socialist and globalist agenda. The people of Britain are rightfully ashamed of British justice. I am disgusted that the socialists, the globalists and their useful idiots ignore the law to persecute those who report the damage done by their philosophies.
    Geoff. Reeks

  7. Why, oh why, do they want Islam to replace our beautiful culture and Christian religion? It makes absolutely no sense. I feel worried for the safety of T.R. and fretful for us all.

  8. Tommy Robinson is trying to expose wahabhi ideology from Saudi Arabia unfortunately he's sticking all muslims in same ideology which is camel shit… Islam you honour the creator's creation before you worship God the People of the Dollar Oil Gold Lithium Opium Nikel Gas have doctured Islam into a nut club lol

  9. Tomy is a great guy what a brave Man he is.
    I have been to London lot of times and still keep visiting , honestly UK Police sucks big time.
    Its for every one to see they cant even control knife crimes , burglary , acid attacks in London.

    If i compare Mumbai Police they are much ahead of Metropolitan Police in solving and preventing crimes.

    Anyways great deal of injustice have been done to Tomy , May god give him immense strength.
    From bottom of my heart I wish and pray that he gets into UK Parliament as a strong leader and he should be the Mayor of London.
    May be thats asking and wishing too much but he is a great candidate for

  10. He keeps saying he was found not guilty of tax evasion, he fails to mention however, that he and a group of people obtained mortgages by false representation against Abbey and Halifax banks. He pleaded guilty in court and was jailed to 18 months in prison. There is no court record of him and his wife being accused of tax evasion – the case was purely mortgage fraud. His brother was not involved in obtaining a mortgage fraudulently – Tommy likes to bring in family members to tell his story. Only women were sent to jail, apart from Tommy .The people who were involved in the fraud were also jailed – Tommy wasn't 'singled out' as a lone perpetrator – he wasn't a 'political prisoner' as he likes to tell people. Tommy breaks the law and then says the government are singling him out because he's an activist. It's complete baloney – he is a career criminal who cannot behave himself and uses his 'activism' as an excuse when he's caught red handed

  11. You are a walking saint Tommy, God is by your side, call on his Holy Name always and wait and see his intervension, hold in there mate, we are praying, and you will win, good always wins in the end.

  12. Maybe the goverment intention to prevent havoc to the country. No matter how right tommy is the goverment don't think and act like we do. Maybe the best way for them was to sacrifice one person or a few rather than millions. Government looks at bigger picture while individuals more on which is right and wrong, freedom of speach. We don't support government on these but that's how things work in this world now.

  13. Tommy said he's confident that in europe anti Islam political party will increase and increasing at the moment. Is it a good thing? What does he expect.. At the end what will happen? To send all Muslims in europe to form a new country for muslims? To catch all muslims and jail them? What do we expect from all these? To kill each other? What will happen at the end? Why can't we learn to live harmony with each other, respect one another. Accept the facts that the muslims are here. If any body been raped catch and punish the raper! We don't punish the rapist's families! It's more ridiculous to blame the rapist's religion!!!!!! Common mate. Think straight now is 2019!!!

  14. That you bear resemblance to Duchess Kate starts a whole stream of thoughts. What if DKate took such a cause under her wing. How wonderful that would be. How even more beloved she would be to the English people. Like Princess Di. But if she promoted English culture and Christian values the gov't would go against her too. Shocking. Support of TR doesn't fit the pro-pedo gov't party line. And look at bro Harr with hand in vest. Hmmm. His wifey pressing up against the Satanic Beyonce and Jay-Z. Funny how the Satanic and pedo movements go hand -in-hand.

  15. I look at Tommy, a man a regular human but hes got that fire hes a hero and it's sad to say unless hes issued asylum he will die a hero a martyr for us all who still believe theres a chance the world owes him a debt of gratitude…. I am truly inspired

  16. Far-right Tommy Robinson declares himself a ‘Zionist’ in leaked video    

    "If there's a war… I will be there…and I will fight for Israel", UK far right activist Tommy Robinson vows to go to war for Israel

  17. Robinson’s chequered history with the law does not prevent him standing for the European parliament. The 37-year-old father of three has at least five convictions for violence and public order offences from 2005 to 2014, and has served prison sentences for using a false passport and a £160,000 mortgage fraud.

  18. The more I see of what is happening in England I am so glad that I no longer live there. If most people who fought and died in the war's could see the country now I doubt they would have bothered. This woman was refused entry to the country yet they allow murderer's and rapist's to live there probably in a council house on benefit's. What a disgrace the country has become.

  19. This needs to stop not only is he persecuted by the government someone keeps trying to have him killed in the prisons he's put in they keep purposely putting him in prisons and wings with extremists that want to kill him

  20. Thanks Tommy
    Not Manny have the balls you have
    I don't think I could deal with all that
    Personally I don't think this world has long to go go
    But I which I had that courage
    Not sure how to thank you for your
    Input to history
    Sad it has to be this way
    Lost for words
    My thoughts are with you and your family
    I keep an all about you and have for a few years
    I have seen how things went downhill in Europe in the 80s
    And later in Australia
    Sad to say here we are going more the UK way then the us
    I thank God for trump myself

  21. You can't speak up about Islam. But you can go fight for isis. And return to Britain # something not right seems London is in the pocket of the arab

  22. England's sleeps again.
    But this time it's not Chamberlain appeasing Hitler, thereby giving the german madman time to build his war nazi war machine.
    Now, instead, the British people are put to sleep, made to sleep–by their very own leadership in government and their co-conspirators in the English mainstream press. Sleep, they tell you, or else…so that we can dissolve you as both individual and culture. The end.

    Tommy Robinson may be the last hero a free England ever produces-and kills. Respect to Tommy, always.

  23. I'm a British citizen who lives in the USA. I've posted my support for Trump and people like Tommy online. I don't know what to expect when I travel home again. I kinda expect to be detained and interrogated since freedom of speech is dead I took it for granted I can post whatever I want while in the USA, but what happens when I travel to the UK?

  24. When I try to discuss any opinions with friends in the UK they tell me they can't talk online or on the phone. That is really sad. They say to only use snail mail so the liberals get their way and silence friends from talking to friends about important issues.

  25. Islam will take over this country within 20 years. You only have yourselves to blame. People like Tommy Robinson and many others have tried to warn you. You are weak cowards. The British men of ww1& ww2. Would never have let this happen. I will get no pleasure from telling you I told you so. But. I told you so.

  26. We get ugly women who woddle, yet a pretty American female is banned. She doesn't remind me of a set of Russian dolls you know the shape, and one turns into a complete set, different sizes but all look the same and are the same shape.

  27. There is absolutely enough material to do a movie!!! The people need to know the whole story….and this before he gets killed….I want to see a happy end….British people get their normal country and live back!

  28. This government let rapists and murderers in from other European countries and they don’t let you in how awful!

  29. Whaaaaaaat, Who was responsible for that. There must have been one person who said let's arrest her and don't allow her to ask questions. Whaaaaaaat.

  30. No one has to commit a crime nowadays in England to be put in prison or arrested. In fact there are people who commit crimes and they don't get arrested. Lots of back handers going on in high places. You scratch our backs and we,ll arrest yours. I've never seen this video and it's unbelievable what they did to not just him but his family. Wow, we're all in danger from our own country a country that my great grandad fought for so I could be and walk free. Its scary.

  31. They've took a load of nothing and turned it in to something. Our justice system is a joke it's full of silly mummy boys solicitors and barristers that are on power hook and no one wants to hear the truth.

  32. Oh my god I really feel for this Tommy guy I don't know why but I can't believe what our own country is doing to him when he's defending our country and helping us all.

  33. It makes me sad that everybody who doesn't like Tommy is never willing to have a reasonable conversation about him… they only ever act like you're an idiot just because you disagree with them… then offer trash arguments against him which are easily debunked, and never back it up, and never pay enough attention to your argument to acknowledge when they are right and when they are wrong.

    It's all just "if I talk over you the whole time, and act in a condescending manner, you won't be able to change my mind." And all that shows people is that you're 1, unwilling to learn anything new unless it already fits your perspective, and 2, unwilling to alter your perspective based on New, more detailed and well analysed information.

    Congratulations, you're officially useless to the world.

  34. Much love and respect from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺 can't believe it's happening to the motherland 💪💪👊👊🤜🤛🤜

  35. Why do you preach about the Muslim grooming gangs, but not other grooming gangs, the whites, the elites in Westminster? You chose to take up this work to expose Paedophiles. Surely you knew it would be dangerous Tommy, to yourself and family. Naive.


  37. The more I research this story I am blown away that anything like this could happen to anyone and his family. This story needs to be exposed to the world. In the meantime I pray for Tommie and his family's safety. I plan on sharing this information as much as possible. People need to be aware of what's going on.

  38. Deep deep down why tho , why ? Do this to Tommy, I mean why are there white people in government treating terrorist better than Tommy?

  39. Give this guy a Cape an a

    Legend has it : give this guy a Nobel peace prize please

    Me: he's our super hero

  40. EVERYONE BE THERE AT LONDON ON THE 3RD OF AUG TO SUPPORT TOMMY !! More details download the Telegram and follow Danny tommo and Tommy Robinson news !

  41. Isn’t Brittany Pettibone an alt right activist and the girlfriend of Martin Sellner, a ‘ new right’ activist and affiliated with Austrian neo-nazis who defaced synagogues with swastikas? Why would she support someone like Tommy Robinson?

  42. No freedom of speech the UK. Are you thick? Or just lying? Total freedom – except where you spread hate. Don’t like it? Don’t stop spreading hate. It’s quite simple.

  43. How to upset a Muslim
    Cook pork on Friday
    Play loud music all day Friday
    Cut your grass on Friday
    Spit when walking up the road
    Sneeze towards their car

  44. How to upset a Muslim
    Cook pork on Friday
    Play loud music all day Friday
    Cut your grass on Friday
    Spit when walking up the road
    Sneeze towards their car

  45. How to upset a Muslim
    Cook pork on Friday
    Play loud music all day Friday
    Cut your grass on Friday
    Spit when walking up the road
    Sneeze towards their car

  46. Tommy Robinson is a good man, a real patriot, and very important to not only UK but all of Europa! I am Looking forward to see what he's plans Are, when he get out of jail.
    Especially looking forward to his documentary.

  47. Love you Tommy you stand for a lot of the uk I will never desert you hope your doing ok in prison hope your family’s ok Xx 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  48. What a disgrace!!The British justice system,the police,and the media should be totally ashamed of themselves. One might understand this type of corruption from a third world country whom you might expect but still totally not agree with these poor people. However I understand that Boris Johnson is expecting to increase the police force by 20.000 . Well I do sincerely hope that the new lot if that ever happens, will be a a lot brighter than the existing force. Brittany Pettibone of course is a wonderful person, and fair play to her to sit a listen to Tommy and to stand up for the things that are right. Thanks to both of you for the work you do.

  49. Correct stimulus reveals true character. Tommy Robinson exploits a submerged prejudice that political correctness does not allow to surface. He stands solidly behind racial integration and opposes a group that maintains its distance. Paradoxically, the public takes to the street in protest of what they were led to believe was an erosion of their free speech rights and unwittingly support an issue that is their unspoken source of frustration, which is dissolution and replacement of their race that soldier Tommy Atkins paid with his life to preserve.


    Robinson is a transliteration of a name that bears a typological correspondence to a cunning little International Socialist like Reubensohn that Stephen Yaxley-Lennon equates to Tommy Atkins a WWI British hero. Great Britain faced defeat in WWI with its ports blockaded and only a week’s supply of food and ammunition remaining. In an effort to resolve this dilemma Great Britain relinquished its sovereignty to the International Socialists on condition that the USA join the conflict. While Germany surrendered to the Allies it did not relinquish its sovereignty to this scourge, necessitating WWII. Commensurate with tradition of victor over vanquished the population of these conquered nations is being replaced.

    One group stands apart and does not seem to integrate. (In reality, they do, but in rough fashion). Tommy Robinson opposes sex with grooming gangs whose offspring are Muslim, but turns a blind eye towards interracial sex on the part of others that are either agnostic or culturally Christian, enabling him to exploit an ostensibly “politically correct” attitude beneath which is submerged hidden prejudice. People take to the streets in order to vent their frustration, under delusion that they are supporting free speech, but by their act unwittingly reveal that they stand solidly with Robinson on integration. The British public cannot now back out of this corner and have been led to accept interracial sex leading to extinguishing of their own race in accordance with the aims of the International Socialists. For his role in advancing the International Socialist cause Tommy will doubtless be awarded posthumously the Red Star of Lenin and the Blue Star of David.

    Robinson's criminal record includes convictions for violence, financial fraud, immigration fraud, drug possession, public order offences and contempt of court. He has served at least three separate custodial sentences: in 2005 for assault, in 2012 for using false travel documents, and in 2014 for mortgage fraud. Add to these his convictions during the previous two years. In the USA he might be considered a career criminal incapable of rehabilitation to whom the three strikes law should be applied.

  50. I can't understand how extremist Muslims are allowed to spit at widows of servicemen, call them murderers etc. Spit on their coffins, yet no arrests made, yet Tommy reports about a grooming gang who raped young girls and he gets jailed. What the fuck is going on in this country?

  51. The role of the sold-out UK politicos…
    the corrupt UK media…
    the cowardice of UK non-law enforcement…
    to IGNORE mass criminal behavior, and silence Tommy Robinson…
    IS OUT, at present …UK is a Failed Third World State.

  52. I despise what has befallen my native country and the automatons that enforce this fascism that stands in opposition to everything that made Britain great.

  53. I do'nt understand why the English goverment wants England to become a Islamic calaphat under sharia.I do'nt get it.

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