The surprising way this Mexican state is fighting the cartels | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

The surprising way this Mexican state is fighting the cartels | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

Arturo Rodriguez heads up
an elite tactical unit, tasked with targeting the cartels. Look at the name of them!
Black Mamba! So, this is a hardcore vehicle. Bloody hell! You see, this is not OK. Look at this. It’s an impact from the AK-47.
From a Kalashnikov. That’s right. You can probably see on the top
there, this is a… Is it a Barrett Light Fifty? Yes, it’s a
.50 calibre barrel, .50 calibre. .50 calibre bullet.
So that’s serious firepower. Yes, very serious. You are not dealing
with 14-year-olds, are you? You’re dealing with trained gunmen,
often. We have dealt with both. Right. Yes. We have that problem.
Sometimes, they are just kids. A kid with a gun, an AK-47,
on a truck, receiving orders, go and shoot, go and shoot those
guys, go and shoot these guys. I mean, you have to fight back. Unfortunately, they die,
but, I mean, there’s no options. They come and shoot you,
you have to shoot back. Obviously,
we want to save your life. The Mexican government has spent
millions training and equipping this special
forces unit. But in some ways,
the cartels are better resourced. They even run sophisticated
intelligence and surveillance operations. OK. Show us this, what are these? Last year, we found these boxes,
which are like phone company boxes. Right. Some of them with even the
brand of the phone company. Mm-hm. And you see they are just
like regular phone box. Mm-hm. But there’s some cameras inside. Look at that! Look!
They were watching to us. We remove all of them. Mm-hm. What happened, just one month ago, we find out they’ve got a new
technology, they use these lamps. It’s a street light. Yes. On the… Look at this! It’s
the street light here, look at that! It’s a bloody camera! It’s one way of enabling them
to terrorise a community. Oh, yes. Ingenious. Oh, yeah. But when you see this
sort of sophistication, does that frighten you? We take it seriously, for sure.
But, I mean… Let me show you one that we
just… Yesterday. We’re coming into your bedroom,
here? Yeah, you can come! These rifles were captured
yesterday. This is AR-15. But it’s 300, the calibre. This does say on it, curiously,
restricted for military, government,
law enforcement export use only. And it’s very quickly found its way
into the hands of the bad guys. It has a laser. A laser on it. So, is the laser still operational?
Yes. Can you switch it on? Yeah. You see that? This is a sophisticated
and obviously ludicrously deadly assault rifle. You are up against weapons of war. This is what a soldier,
a special forces soldier, would take into a tactical
situation. That’s correct. There’s now more than 30,000
killings in Mexico a year. It’s thought around 70% of gun crime
involves weapons brought and smuggled from the United States. Cartels and corruption
drive violence here, but so does US demand for drugs
and the supply of American firearms. This is the guys.. The times we have
been involved with in a shooting situation. 41 shoot-outs. Yes. This is the guy we have arrested. This is the guy that unfortunately
they have died, shooting against us. So that’s the number of combat
deaths, effectively. Yes. 83. My goodness! And this is in a small
period of time, eight months. And this is just your unit, in this
area. This is talking about 40 guys. Of one state in Mexico. Yes. So, we’re heading
out on patrol with them. We’ve got
to get our PPE on, our body armour. Gracias. Bloody hell! There’s some serious
hardware coming with us. I think realistically
this is all partly to show that the Mexican state is here in force. And it is also partly needed. This is a dangerous place. It’s been more than a decade
since the Mexican government declared all-out war
on the drug cartels. In the chaos that’s followed,
it’s thought up to 200,000 people have died, mainly in battles
between the cartel gangs. The American government
classifies this area of Mexico as a category four conflict zone, on a par with war-torn
countries like Somalia or Yemen. The United States is not just
an observer to this situation. America and Americans have helped
to fuel the drugs trade. As a country, they sell huge
amounts of weapons that ends up in the hands of drug gangs, that
result in this sort of situation. The violence has left
much of the economy here shattered. Foreign companies have left,
factories have shut down. The state government of Tamaulipas
is desperate for investment. In a heavily armed convoy, Victor
took me to see a flagship project, one he hopes will turn
the entire region around. OK. So, we’ve arrived. I can take this off. Why did you think
we should come here? Against all the odds,
around 500 wind turbines are being installed here, providing green
energy to the region. Victor believes this will become
the largest wind farm project in the whole
of Latin America. He hopes it will change everything,
bringing power, jobs and hope to a troubled area. If we come back in ten years,
what do you hope we will see? There are few things more normal,
I think, than a wind turbine turning now. It does look very peaceful,
it’s industry, it’s progress, it’s the future. Even with our heavily armed escort
and armoured cars, my bodyguards were
worried about our safety. After just 15 minutes,
we had to leave because of the threat from cartels. It was a sign of just how
far this area is from anything like normality.

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  5. A kilo here and there of marijuana or cocaine making it across the border during the '60s and '70s wasn't a big deal, however, today someone wants to poison our youth and future armed forces with hopeless addictions or death

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    The military uses the M4, which is a slightly more compact M-16

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  14. Yesterday there was a massive shooting in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. The narcos ambushed the State Police, the same ones shown in the video. 16 heavily armored truck's with .50 caliber turrets attacked state police who were sheltered in a hotel. The result of this confrontation, 6 dead narcos and 2 injured police. Being a citizen of this city, I really respect and appreciate what these policemen do, they risk their lives, they are at a disadvantage, they are usually ambushed by long caravans of narcos with heavy weapons, regardless of that, they always come out victorius

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    Now it's your turn to suffer and go astray and finally die for what you did.. Karma

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