The Story of Fascism: The Holocaust

The Story of Fascism: The Holocaust

The evils of fascism
were incremental. As its small evils
became big evils, German society managed to be
oblivious to its own atrocities. At first, concentration
camps contained people who didn’t conform. Then, they became
forced-labor camps. Eventually, the Nazis
built death camps, which were located
outside of Germany and therefore farther
from public view. With what the Nazis called
the Final Solution, the entire Jewish population
was targeted for extermination. In total, approximately
6 million Jews died [ Melancholy tune plays ]
from Nazi persecution. 2.7 million of those died
in death camps. Auschwitz-Birkenau, in Poland, was the biggest,
and most notorious, concentration camp
in the Nazi system. Seeing the camp
can be difficult, but Auschwitz survivors
want tourists to come here, to try to appreciate the scale
and the monstrosity of the place in human terms,
in hopes that this horror, known as the Holocaust,
will never be forgotten. ♪♪ As they entered
these work camps, prisoners were greeted
with a sign over the entrance: “Arbeit macht frei,”
“Work makes you free,” a cynical lie. Once inside, inmates were
either worked to death or executed. New arrivals were sorted
into two categories: those who would be sent to the
gas chambers immediately; and those who could work would
live, at least a little longer. Halls are lined
with photographs of victims, each marked with dates
of arrival and dates of death. Inmates rarely survived
more than a couple of months. Up to 1,000 people,
each tattooed with an ID number, were packed into each
of these buildings. The gas chambers,
where the mass killing was done, were disguised as showers. People were given hooks
to hang their clothes on, conned into thinking
they were coming back. The Nazis didn’t want a panic. Then, the inmates piled
into the shower room. In this facility,
the Nazis gassed and cremated over 4,000 people per day.

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  2. This kind of mindset should be identified, shamed and denounced long before it gains political control and the ability to commit genocide. Those who follow this today are not suspects but guilty. Enough said. … Thank you Rick.

  3. We need to learn from these hanus acts against fellow human beings and never allow it ever occur again, if we turn a blind eye to this history will inevitably repeat itself. Having German ancestry I really do take this personally and the nazis in the end tainted Germany and the pride of being German.

  4. Iv'e always wanted to visit Poland to see the camps but I don't know if I'd be able to actually go in the chambers. Too depressing.

  5. Jews shouldn't have stabbed Germany in the back to get land in Palestine. [Watch Benjamin H. Freedman's speech on YouTube.]

  6. The Jew Lazar Kaganovitch was in charge of starving 7 million Ukrainians. Just wikipedia his and and scroll down to "Responsibility of 1932-33 Famine."

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