The Story of Fascism: Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

The Story of Fascism: Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

In 1923,
in a beer hall like this, the original Nazi leadership
gathered their followers. They were impatient
and eager to take power. Hitler waved his pistol
in the air and called
for the revolution to begin. ♪♪ Hitler led the ragtag
revolutionaries in the beer hall into the streets of Munich, planning to overthrow
the government. ♪♪ But that attempted revolt,
called the Beer Hall Putsch, failed. After a bloody confrontation, the police crushed it,
here at Odeonsplatz. Hitler was arrested
and sent to jail and it seemed that Germany’s
fascist movement was finished before it got off the ground. Unable to overthrow
the government by force, Hitler resolved to take it by political means. While in prison, he wrote “Mein Kampf,”
or “My Struggle,” which preaches his message
of uniting all ethnic Germans and giving them
more space to live. The book remains potent
to this day, particularly for Germans,
like Andreas Clemens. Could Germans just buy this? -Until recently, it was illegal
to buy or sell it in Germany. -So if I was to read
“Mein Kampf,” what’s the writing like? -Well, you can see that Hitler
had problems with grammar. Part of it is gibberish. It’s very hard to get through. The book is one of the most
published books in history and every German household
had that book and they probably tried
to read it, but they gave up 10,
20 pages in. -And this, I would imagine,
lays out the main points of the fascist future.
What are those points? -He’s saying that democracy
doesn’t work, that it’s a flawed system
that can be manipulated by outside forces
for their own gain. -Mm-hmm.
-He’s blaming Communists for it. Ultimately,
at the end of everything, it’s the Jewish
world conspiracy, so Jews are behind everything
that is wrong with the world. That he has a solution for that and the solution is fascism,
or national socialism, and that he
can make Germany strong. He can unite the country;
he can unite the master race and get us back
to our rightful status.

49 thoughts on “The Story of Fascism: Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”

  1. I really like the deep dive into one particular historical subject. Please so more of these insightful, parts of European history episodes.

  2. On the day when Marxism is broken in Germany, the chains that bind her will be smashed for ever, for never in the course of our history have we been conquered by the might of our enemies, but through our own failings and enemy in our own camp."

  3. If you are looking for a deeper dive into the rise of fascism before WWII, check out “Between two wars” on the timeghost channel with Indy Neidel.

  4. We have a similar situation in the US right now with the fascist liberal media. If you don't go along with their views they try to crush you by writing one terrible story after another about you.

  5. Nazi is short for National Socialists. The full title was “National Socialist German Workers Party”. Political Leftists who were fighting against rival Leftists for supremacy, the Communists. Ricks guest reminds us that they (the Nazis) thought Jews were conspiring against the Germans. Interesting that Europe’s and American Leftists today think the same thing. Some things never change.

  6. If you want to understand REAL fascism, forget Hitler. Read MUSSOLINI & MOSLEY. Hitler wasn't particularly enamoured with fascism or mussolini, It was just a means to an end for him. He was more of an Racialist Autocrat. I'm MANY WAYS most modern countries like Israel and Canada are ACTUALLY FASCIST. blending socialism & capitalism with a one party state. (because all the parties are controlled by the same cabale, just to give the illusion of choice)

  7. While this is essential history and I'm glad to see it, no fascist government has oppressed anyone for decades, so I would also like to see a program addressing the ideology of the tyrannical governments of today, socialism/communism, which has killed a hundred million people over the last century and continues to hold power causing oppression, hunger, and death the world over. We can't confront the evil in the world today by only calling out the evil of long-dead villains.

  8. It was never illegal to buy and sell "Mein Kampf" in Germany. It was only illegal to reprint it as the Free State of Bavaria held the copyright and chose to deny permissions for reprints. But you could always buy old copies from second-hand bookshops. Also, as an important historical source, "Mein Kampf" can of course be found in many German libraries where it could be checked out by everyone. I don't know why Rick is talking to "experts" who help continue false myths about the book.

  9. Rick, why dont you do something about communism and marxism in Europe which has killed over 100 million ….meanwhile nazism has killed 60 million

  10. Being a left-wing Progressive yourself you have no idea that the ideology you subscribe to are variants of fascism, national socialism and corporatism Rick. you are an ignorant sap like most left-wing progressives. And don't mistake that attack for defending the right-wing lunatics because they are fascists as well. the extreme left and right share the same ideologies they are just too stupid to understand that FACT. You're an idiot, you really wandered far off the path of a really good travel host/guide, your shows used to be great until you started opening your mouth and talking about things you know nothing of not too mention the fact what you did to your family. How you are still on the air is mind-boggling.

  11. Thanks Rick. But also I hope you point to the conditions, created by the grammatically-correct elites, that gave power to fascist ideas.

  12. I am so glad that Rick is bringing awareness to travel dollar folks, what is really going on in Europe. I only hope he ties it in FIRMLY the connection to what has been going on in the States. Fascism IS real. It is not just something that happened. Things do move quickly and we should be hyper aware that smoke and mirrors are everywhere. Nationalism was a dirty word for decades and some of us remember that!!!!!!

  13. Good thing there are so many free-speech defenders today telling us what ideas are or are not O.K. to expose ourselves to as free adults.

  14. "This World wide (Jewish) conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and the reconstruction of society on the basis of arrested development, envious malevolence, and impossible equality". Sounds like a quote by Adolf Hitler about Jewish communism but it was actually part of an article written by Winston Churchill in the Sunday Herald 1920.

  15. If you want a version of mein Kampf that is actually readable then read the stalag edition. It's the actual translation the nazis used

  16. "Most of it is gibberish" "Very hard to get through" "People probably put it down after 10-20 pages" I can't fathom someone reading this excellent book and honestly coming to those conclusions.

  17. No real German would ever accept Communism as form of government….
    Marxism means death for the country it occupies and it is a complete LIE to those it is said serve…the common man.

  18. It’s ironic how critics will condemn the work as ‘gibberish’ when none of them know anything about the extensive history and political ideas hitler explores in the book .

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