The Story of Battle for Azeroth RECAP into 8.3[Lore]

The Story of Battle for Azeroth RECAP into 8.3[Lore]

Hello everyone and happy 2020! Hope you all had a fantastic new year, me
personally, i’ve taken december to relax and play some other games then wow for a change. Finally finished hollowknight, amazing game. Tried out witcher 3 and it really wasn’t
for me and also nier automata…interesting game. Would recommend to check out. For those that might have missed it, i also
visited the uk for bit of my birthday, bit of an early christmas party. Hung out with mike and emma and the family
which was an amazing time and we also did a saturday stream with drinks. Maybe a bit too many drinks but ya know, all
good fun! So 2020 is here and while it should have actually
released last year, warcraft reforged should be going live this month. You can expect a playthrough of that. I also need to bother fury to sit down with
me and level our pandas again. We got the monthly diablo series with neviriah. Hopefully plenty of hearthstone videos and
of course shadowlands beta which should be somewhere in this year. All good stuff to look forward too, but this
little update is not why you’re here. Januari launches patch 8.3 and I imagine that
more people out there took a little break and enjoyed the holidays so a good time to
refresh our memories and talk about the story of battle for azeroth so far going into patch
8.3 It all began with the end of legion in which
we defeated sargeras and the burning legion but the dark titan being a sour loser stabbed
azeroth anyways. Magni bronzebeard, the speaker, rallies us
to focus on healing the world. If not, we might not have an azeroth left
to fight over. Gifted with the heart of azeroth we gather
this new substance, azerite, from different locations. Islands expeditions, warfronts, mythic plus,
raiding, world quests… all around us azerite is gathered to heal the world and empower
ourselves with azerite armor. But this powerful new resource can be used
for more then just healing. We now know that Warchief Sylvanas Windrunner
came in touch with a being of the shadowlands, one of that goes by the name of the jailer. The details are unclear, will be revealed
in the next expansion, but the banshee queen wants to conquer death. Wants to stay out of hell or perhaps rule
it too which she wants to send plenty of souls there. War is required in this world of warcraft
of ours, but she was smart enough to realise that the horde would not just blindly follow
her. They needed a symbol, a person of honor that
they trusted to lead the charge and she managed to convice Saurfang to stand with her. Sure enough, they might be able to get a peace
going with King Anduin Wrynn leading the alliance. Seeds of that peace were attempted to be planted
in the novel before the storm in which Forsaken and Humans reunited, but that meeting ended
in disaster. The forsaken present were having such a good
time that they did not want the day to ever end. They asked Calia Menethil, sister to Arthas
Menethil to stand with them….and she did. Some of them tried to abandon the horde, abandon
their banshee queen and run to the alliance while others would not dream of forsakening
sylvanas. All of them, deserters and those that tried
to go back were shot down by the warchief. Even Calia lay dead on the field, but no war
was started this day…not quite yet. Sylvanas was smart enough to only kill her
own and Calia did not belong to the alliance. An attempt at peace that ended in disaster,
but not the end of calia’s story. She’s brought back to the priest order hall
and resurrected in the Light with the aid of Anduin, Alonsos and the naaru. So with Anduin the Horde might be able to
get some peace going, but how long would that peace last. Time breaks all bonds and history shows us
that we’re really good at holding on to hold hatreds and fighting eachother, so saurfang
agrees with his warchief that it would be better to take care of their enemy once and
for all. Plans are made t occupy teldrassil and strike
out at the leaders of the night elves. By holding the tree and its citizens, the
alliance would be unable to retaliate. Not to mention, how would gilneas react if
their king would go out to free teldrassil before gilneas. Infighting, enough for them to pick them off
one by one. Shatter their precious alliance and win the
war. The best laid plans can still go wrong. Despite having malfurion exactly where she
wanted him, sylvanas decided to hand over the kill to saurfang. He couldn’t take it though. The blow he had struck had been dishonorable. Empty handed he returned to his warchief who
then decided to inflict the wound the death of their leader was supposed to caus in a
different way. “Burn it.” The tree and those still stuck inside goes
up in flames. Even nathanos was suprised at the order given
and the night elves feel like their goddess elune has abandon them. Not exactly the way they invisioned to win
the war. The alliance was now free to retaliate with
burning vengeance in their hearts. Soon enough lordaeron falls under siege and
the warchief shows that she’s not afraid of using what ever it takes to secure victory. Unleashing their plague on friend and foe,
resurrecting the fallen in undeath, blowing up the city if they have too, anything to
take out the alliance. Saurfang can’t believe it. This dishonorable way, disregard for the lives
of their people, it’s not what he signed up for. The burning of teldrassil had pushed him to
almost abandon the horde to fight on his own before the siege even began. These tactics pushed him even further, staying
behind to find his honorable death in battle at the hands of the Alliance. That would not be his fate though. Anduin has heard many tales about the honorful
saurfang and decides to imprison him instead. With the addition of Jaina Proudmoore returning
to the alliance, they confront the warchief in the throne room…a meeting ending up in
explosions kicking off the Battle for Azeroth. War means we can use as many fighters as we
can. The alliance heads on over to kul tiras, homelands
of Miss Jaina Proudmoore but relations between them and the alliance have been rocky to say
the least ever since the daughter of the sea stepped to the side and had her father killed. Some are smart enough to see that kul tiras
needs the alliance as well especially since they’re dealing with quite a bit of darkness
brewing beneath the surface. In Tirigarde we expose priscilla ashvane for
actively working against house proudmoore. In Drustvar we expose the ancient evil of
the Drust that has taken over their house and ultimately defeat Gorak Tul in his domain. In Stormsong valley we expose the corruption
that seeped into their organisation of tidesages, their connection to the seas exposing them
to azshara and n’zoth. With helping them out, Katherine proudmoore
eventually welcomes her daughter and the alliance back adding the forces of kul tiras to their
ranks. The Horde meets up with Princess Talanji,
daughter of king rastakhan of the zandalari. With her travels prophet zul which you might
remember for being behind the troll events we saw during Mists of Pandaria. They’ve been captured by the alliance while
trying to travel to Orgrimmar so a rescue mission is in order, one that puts stormwind
to the torch and has them sail to Zandalar. There they meet up with the king and help
them out with their troubles as well. The lands of nazmir face a corruption seeping
out of Uldir. An artifically created old god going by the
name of G’huun is causing trouble for the land with Zul and his forces actively working
on releasing it. That’s right, like Priscilla, zul isn’t
loyal, actually working against Rastakhan. They want to break the seals keeping G’huun
locked away aided by a powerful force long forgotten in the sands of voldun. Ultimately they succeed in their mission,
it helps when you’re a prophet and can see the future. King Rastakhan sees no other option but to
ally himself to the Bwonsamdi and not just himself, but his entire bloodline will serve
the loa in life and in death. A heavy price to pay, but one that does grant
him the power to save their city. Zul is struck down only to return in Uldir
where heroes ventured to take care of G’huun. All the same, the zandalari are allied to
the horde and eventually even became playable. We saw a few allied races added in legion
while with battle for azeroth we got the Mag’har orcs and zandalari for the horde while the
alliance got Dark Iron dwarves and Kul Tirans. Two more are coming in the next patch, I’m
all over the one added to the horde but for now…the alliance and the horde pursue their
own war campaigns to claim the ultimate victory. Outposts are established in enemy territory
where as the horde goes on the mission of securing a power artifact called the Abyssal
scepter. Along the way they resurrect a few of the
fallen to add to their ranks or to gain information. Priscilla Ashvane is broken out of prison
as she can provide valuable information to the warchief. They even stumble upon the body of Derek Proudmoore,
brother to jaina who died quite a while ago at the hands of orcs and dragons. A corpse to be brought back to life and serve
the banshee queen. Meanwhile the alliance deals with the sanlayn,
uncover that the Horde has stolen the scepter and steal it back. They make ready to siege the capital of the
Zandalari by placing bombs and gathering forces until the time was right to attack the city. Perhaps they’d be able to convince the king
of the zandalari to surrender but of course Rastakhan was not about to give up to these
invaders of his home. Calling upon Bwonsamdi to aid him, the king
took on the alliance head on but ultimately lost his life for the trouble. No matter to Bwonsamdi, the king’s bloodline
would continue to serve. He’s passed on to Princess Talanji who’s
not exactly happy about the death of her father. The alliance retreats in which Gelbin Meckatorque
holds the line, takes on the Horde nearly losing his life. He’s now trapped in his escape pod and none
have been able to save him. Some might call this a victory for the alliance,
but at what cost. So many lives were lost, King Anduin fears
that the death of Rastakhan will ignite a fire in the hearts of the Zandalari. Not to mention that Sylvanas hasn’t played
all her cards quite yet. By resurrecting Derek she plans to use him
as a weapon. Take over his mind, send him back to the alliance
to hurt them from within, but not just Saurfang thinks SYlvanas is taking things to far. More voices amongst the Horde are rising up,
amongst them baine bloodhoof. He decides to take action and behind his warchief
back send Derek back to his sister. This betrayel is uncovered, a great show for
all to see what the warchief does with betrayers. Bloodhoof is placed in chains awaiting his
punishment. Meanwhile over in Darkshore the night elves
have decided to take some sweet vegeance with Tyrande Whisperwind invoking an ancient, dangerous
ritual, demanding elune to grant her the power she needs. The night warrior walks the lands of Azeroth
again while the moon turns dark. Nathanos and the Horde have no idea what they’re
in for. The leaders of the night elves are ready to
take back their lands and while not directly shown ingame, they have confirmed during last
blizzcon that both the warfront at darkshore and the one in stromgarde are won by the alliance. Tyrande’s thirst for vengeance is not sated
though. Sylvanas still leads the horde, still walks
the land. She will not be satisfied until the warchief
has been made to pay while more and more are opening their eyes on the real threat amongst
them. We see this go down in Nazjatar, capital of
the Naga. Horde members have brought their warchief
an artifact called blade of the empire and through it a connection is established between
Sylvanas, N’zoth and Azshara. Long ago the queen of the naga was a night
elf that tried to bring the legion into the world, but her plans did not succeed. Instead she and those with her nearly drowned
in the dark waters of azeroth was it not for the old god n’zoth that offered her a deal. She would serve him as a queen, bring about
the glorious black empire and he would save her life, turn her and those that accepted
the bargain as well into the naga. For over 10.000 years they’ve been scheming
and plotting, building up their empire and forces. All with an eye on releasing N’zoth and
rule the world… or atleast that’s what Azshara would like us all to believe. All the same, one of the final pieces of the
puzzle to break the chains of the old god is our very own heart of azeroth brimming
with azerite and power. As the alliance chases the Horde at high seas,
just as Sylvanas had planned, azshara splits the sea and drags all their forces into her
kingdom. Only Nathanos seemed to be aware of what his
beloved Banshee queen was planning. The rest of the Horde not so much and while
they fight against Azshara and her minions, they also open up to the idea of uniting with
the alliance once more to take care of their warchief. Ultimately, Azshara succeeded in getting us
exactly where she wanted us to go. She loses her life in battle, but our power
is turned against us and N’zoth is set free. He brings her back to life, apperantly he
isn’t quite done with her yet and for the first time since the days of the titans, an
old god is on the lose to do what it desires. Ow yeah and lets not forget our trip to mechagon
where we joined the rustbolt resistance in taking down their tyranical leader. Over the ages these gnomes have upgraded their
bodies which was always a personal choice, but now their king wants to enforce that upon
all something his son is not down with. After gathering many, many scraps and powerful
upgrades, even witnessed a future in which we failed, the king is dethroned securing
a future for the mechagnomes as well as for ourselves. Bit of a detour for the overall story, but
will be continued in patch 8.3. Of course N’zoth is going to show us what
he’s got, they didn’t call it visions of n’zoth without a reason, the effects
of an old god being out there. That’s coming in januari, for the story
we still had sylvanas to deal with. As I mentioned earlier, Anduin decided not
to take Saurfang’s life knowing the honor of the orc and knowing that on the battlefield
saurfang could have struck him down…but he didn’t. This is no longer his horde, saurfang hopes
that Anduin and the alliance would be able to take care of Sylvanas, but they can’t
do it alone. He’s set free and placed on a journey to
do something. Orcs like him, orcs like former warchief thrall,
they don’t get to hide. After recruiting thrall back from outland
and saving baine out of orgrimmar together with the alliance, they make ready for another
siege. Both sides prepare their troops, their defenses,
but ultimately there would be no siege. Simply a mak’gorah, a one on one duel between
Saurfang and Sylvanas, a battle he knew he could not win. And while its true, he was unable to overpower
sylvanas and we now know that has to do with her deal with the jailer, he was able to expose
her to the rest of the Horde. “You are all nothing.” As the warchief is blasting off again leaving
behind the horde she no longer needs, we gather to say good bye to saurfang who laid down
his life for his beloved horde. The old soldier found his honorable death. The horde is going to need some new leadership,
but tensions between the factions are no longer at a peak. Of course there will always be voices of discontent. Tyrande and Greymane for example, they’re
not satisfied with the outcome at all. I can’t imagine Princess Talanji forgetting
about the death of her father. In the streets of Orgrimmar sylvanas loyalists
whisper to eachother, to always be there for the dark lady while others, especially amongst
the forsaken truly feel forsaken. They’re in need of new leadership as well
as we take the battle into the next patch, Visions of N’zoth, the old god awaits while
the storyline with Sylvanas is saved for the next expansion. I’ve covered that part of the story in greater
detail so if you want to know what we know so far, information from blizzcon and what
not, i’ll link a video on screen and in the description down below. For next week I’m thinking about covering
the story of the vulpera and the mechagnomes seeing how they’re the next allied race. After that of course the events of 8.3 including
the new raid. Beyond that…who knows what the future might
bring. I really want to cover Rhonin, more people
should know about his raptor army, and I think it’s about time that we cover Thrall as
well. We’ll see, plenty of time between 8.3 and
shadowlands beta but for now thank you very much for watching everyone! Subscribe if you like my videos, leave a like
if you enjoyed this one aaaand until next time…see ya!

68 thoughts on “The Story of Battle for Azeroth RECAP into 8.3[Lore]

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    Not this stupid "sports-games-battlegrounds", not a dumb Arena rewarding lame class-combos or the current strongest classes.

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