The Steps for Reformation for America| Dr. Lance Wallnau

The Steps for Reformation for America| Dr. Lance Wallnau

Hi I’m Lance Wallnau and this is Mercedes
Sparks. We’ve been doing a couple of broadcasts here. Mercedes runs the operations as a VP for what we do with a lot of our
media and work. She really challenged me to go back in and say “hey this stuff
is it’s really revelatory and unique don’t rush through it” and what we
found is and I can’t emphasize this enough, there is a veil
that has come upon the United States and it’s like
Elijah going before the multitude that hold between two opinions I mean it’s
even in the church folks and I believe that the keys to the awakening, the
revival, the breakthrough, the new wine, everything that’s being
prophesied, I think the keys are actually in the word and we probably don’t do
enough of going to the Word of God to establish the revelation for the
templates. So we’ve been talking – if you haven’t caught the earlier broadcast – this is one time when you want to catch this a series here because it
started off with talking about what the big game is. The big game is Satan’s out
for nations and nation-states are up for grabs. Nationalism, which is patriotism
and loving your country, is now being treated as an alt-right extremist
viewpoint when in fact it’s nothing more than the American flag and loving your
nation. So what does God have to say about nations and what is God have to
say to the church. So Mercedes where do you want to start this week and
we’re all connected, we know where we’re going, but we’re air dropping now into a
conversation about: Cyrus comes along who we’ve said is Trump. Donald Trump is the
modern-day Cyrus and there are many Cyrus’s. Viktor Orbán in Hungary, there’s
the Trump of the tropics they call him Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil. I believe God
is raising up leaders that are there to do three things we discovered in the
Cyrus uniform, the Cyrus code, that is too eradicate the threat that is external to
their nations so that their borders are secure and defined. To bring
flourishing to religious liberty and economic stability.
That’s good. Well we left off in Ezra so we talked about the Cyrus decree last
time in Ezra 1 and then in Ezra 2 we talked about the Exiles return so
there’s a whole bunch coming through in it’s a first wave, yes? Right, so a
prophecy goes forth *boom* Daniel intercedes breaks it in and then Cyrus
comes out of that and so maybe this would be a good time for us to do the
the image that we we normally do we haven’t done yet and that’s where are we
in the steps of Reformation for the United States and that’ll be our title
for this it’s the steps for Reformation in the United States nation right well
yeah well we’re and we’re using the biblical model but but I think what’s
important for for many of us here is that I believe we’re stalled right at a
step right there I’ll show you what that step is and it’s critically important
that we don’t miss what’s happening next so so what we’ve been talking about is
the prophets such as Jeremiah represents we have prophetic voices and
intercessors that have prayed for their countries prayed for their nations
prayed for their families prayed for revival and something is in the
atmosphere as a result of that but what what did we learn about Jeremiah’s
prophecy like seventy years the Jews were going to be in Babylon and then
come out what’s let’s do a Bible study survey here what did we learn about what
to do with the prophecy when it’s given oh well Daniel Daniel receives it and
then Terry’s for it and births it really so you said in the last broadcast that
Jeremiah was an older man he received this prophecy and then Daniel was the
one who really tarried with it gave birth to it I thought that was really
interesting but yeah and so Daniel comes along and
births it and out of that comes Cyrus literally during Daniels period of
serving as a politician because you’ll see them like the
tap you touch up in the first year of Cyrus I did this or I did that now what
comes Jeremih prophesize Daniel Bert’s the
prophecy about a breakthrough for God’s people then Cyrus comes in and I guess
you could figure out the parallel for our modern day and a new political
leader comes in but what comes after Cyrus that’s the question who’s the next
leader and that is spoken of or who’s the first responder in terms of the
sequence of of God’s people responding and I would say that the first character
that we have which we’ve been talking about here you find about in Ezra Ezra
lays it out and in Ezra chapter 3 he says right and he says listen verse 2
chapter 3 joshua the son of josedech and the priests along with zerubabbel who
was a governor they were the first wave so what we’ve got here is this
zerubbabel zerubbabel is an important character along with joshua but what we
find out here is this is the governor zerubabbel
and is aruba but when he goes down there it says in verse 3 fear came upon them
because they were surrounded by hospitals they were in deep state
territory and in verse we found in chapter 4 verses 4 & 5 then these are
the spirits alright this is what we live this soap so timely it’s like it’s
literally it’s redacting memos and stuff coming out of the Department of Justice
the people of the land discouraged God’s people they troubled them as they tried
to build they hired lawyers and counselors so that they would frustrate
them with lawsuits and bringing them before Congress if you will all the days
of Cyrus doesn’t think Congress is I’m sorry leaked out there but and then in
verse 6 it says then they wrote political hit pieces as accusations
first sex right there just reads like the news but what did God do to
with this so that zoo bobble would have the courage and the confidence to go to
war and finish the task chapter five God sends a prophet his name is hey guy hey
guy comes along and in Chapter five of Ezra starts to prophesy and says don’t
quit God’s eye is on you if what I’m teaching and what I’m saying
makes sense to you it’s because it’s coming out of a fresh revelation I
believe the Lord’s saying that the major game right now is in seven mountains of
cultures not politics it’s not America it’s an assault on sovereign
nation-states literally you’re living at the time when nation-states are being
attacked patriotism nationalism is actually being branded as fascists my
god what is happening well what we’re covering in our Bible studies were
recovering in our news broadcast we’re covering in social media is the rise and
fall of Nations and you’re right now in the front lines of a redefinition of the
conflict I don’t know if you know it yet but life on Earth is going to be
changing over the next two to three years radically because nations are
rising and falling depending on whether the people of God can exert their
influence through a sustained pattern of persuasion to maintain or expand their
freedoms and right to exist sheep and goat nations are being formed right now
we’re in the moment when nation states are rising and nationalism Patriots is
and the emergence of Cyrus rulers are actually on the front page of The
Morning News every day but nobody’s given us a language to interpret the
template this series will do it for you you’ll never misunderstand what’s
happening in the news once you have the rise and fall of Nations and then we’re
talking about like you know why why were they not building other than
discouragement frustration and fear yeah well and I think that the timeline – I
always get blown away by the timeline for me some reason that really ministers
to me but the like up here where it says in five as you’re a four five where
you’re just reading and they bribe counselors against them to frustrate
their purposes all the days of King Cyrus of Persia
even until the reign of Darius king of Persia and so we were actually googling
stuff before this broadcast to see when did when did Darius come to power
when did Cyrus die and it looked like it was a period of 7 to 10 years so that
means that they were frustrated for at least 7 and 10 years until the prophets
began to prophesy yeah this is a this is a real period of time because you’ll
find that Ezra doesn’t just as was writing about this but it is until like
maybe 50 years later that Ezra and Nehemiah get involved so the Bible has
that long timeline and we have that’s why I want to look at it in stages here
because we may only have a window but it’s this pattern you’ll see us in this
pattern so my question is what did haggai the prophet have to do and meant
listen to me Jack Hayford was the one that said this and it’s so powerful he
said that it’s a unique collusion or or coordination of those who have prophetic
anointing the ability to see the future and declare it authoritative ly over
your life now to infuse you with a lime it was a unique collusions as Heyford
service of a political the prophetic and the priestly which is the same as saying
the political and I’d say this is like this is the seven mountains world it’s
the governmental and business world with the prophets and the priestly these
things together working together in able Haggai to break zerubabbel out but
you’ve got to see this if you go to the book of Haggai the prophet you go to
chapter one it’ll tell you an insight into why they weren’t building and it’s
kind of scary so here’s what it says the Prophet says is this a time for you to
be building your own ministry building your own church building your own
business building your own political future is this a time for you to focus
on your house while my project is suffering is it a time for you to be
dwelling in your own panel houses verse four while my temple lies
in ruins now fair now therefore the Lord says consider your ways you haven’t had
the success you want to have because you haven’t had your priorities right go up
to the mountains and bring me wood and build my house it’s fascinating and
saying go focus your resources on building my house and and doing what I
want you to do and that was when they repent it’s this gives you an insight
they got frustrated from the enemy and just decided to stop fighting and have
peace and make some money who knows how long
Trump’s in office and then they just got focused on doing their thing and that’s
the part that I think concerns me most wow that’s crazy I mean and in so many
ways that’s very much like it is right now I mean people don’t understand the
seriousness of the hour that we’re in and the frustration that I think a lot
of our national leaders are up against because we’re we don’t know that the
political and the economic and the education and the community belongs to
Jesus it doesn’t belong to the devil because Christians still I’m convinced
of this we have a religious spirit over the church and a religious spirit even
on the supernatural crowd because the supernatural crowd doesn’t want to get
involved with the dirty work of media and government and documentary
filmmaking and voting and going to the border and lifting up their voice and
building the walls of restoration around around the Christian culture so here’s
what Azra says in Chapter nine in this great book of Ezra he he shows up oh I
say one thing though before we get there cuz we didn’t talk about how they dealt
with it like because in in five we talked about
they write the letter to King Darius good point okay so what happens I just
like good time I like to go in order the time line so anyways so they get
frustrated the prophets prophesy and then so what’s the action they take the
action they take is to appeal to the authority and to go and get another
decree and so they write to Darius King Darius and they basically lay the whole
story so this is pretty much a chapter 5
verses 6 through 17 I’m gonna pick it up basically in 12 where they literally are
reciting everything that basically happened it says but because our fathers
had angered the God of heaven he gave them into the hand and epic another the
king of Babylon the Aldean’s who destroyed the house and carried away the
people to Babylonia however however and the first thing of King Cyrus of Babylon
Cyrus had kid the king made a decree that his that the house of God should be
rebuilt chapter 5 verse 13 book of Ezra so what they did was they took the
accusation that was delivered to them by lawyers in the government to frustrate
them from their their religious liberty and they went ahead and built started
doing their work and the enemy came and said that’s illegal and they wrote an
appeal to the new administration and the new administration this is crazy the new
administration says in chapter 6 verse 6 leave them alone and stop interfering
with that work for this reason first 10 that they may offer sacrifices of sweet
aroma to the God of heaven and pray for the life of the king and his sons in
other words this king who was not even a Jew said you know what somehow he had
seen something in the Jewish culture that made him think that man I think I
want them praying for me so that my administration succeeds and this this is
this is like Cyrus makes the decree to return to Jerusalem we believe because
Daniel showed him the prophecy with his name in it from a hundred years earlier
and this King comes to power this you won’t hear it a lot of people pretigious
listen Daniel 11 verse 1 because angelic warfare was at work to make sure Darius
was established as the successor to Cyrus
and so you’ll see in the history they had a they had a new person come in
after Cyrus who was full of the question was whether he was even legitimately a
son and then there is some there’s some bloodshed going on but Darius comes into
power and Gabriel said I made sure Darius gets and I made sure he gets an
office he told Daniel no and that’s in the book of Daniel 11 verse 1 now Darius
is the one who’s going to make the judicial you wonder why there’s a battle
over Cavanaugh was a battle over these guys now you know why because all hell
wants the wrong person in because that heaven has the right person
watch how they’re instrumental later in a key decision I feel the anointing on
that so Darius comes along he makes a decree and he says pray for me so the
elders verse for the Jews I love this verse this is why I love the prophetic
the Jews built and prospered through the prophesying of haggai the prophet in
Zechariah now we find that there’s two prophets those two minor prophets you
read later on this is why it’s so interesting you pick this up in the
timeline Zechariah Haggai people read these verses what
does it mean they were prophesying in the days that this building project was
going on and they prophesied to the weak believers to get your priorities right
and build what God wants because right after that stage is going to come the
next stage and it’s going to be Nehemiah but I want you to see how this how this
name is going to come along did you do the awake part along with an Israel it’s
going to fit in here let me make this even bigger okay
Ezra is the guy that we’re reading Ezra and Nehemiah come in why is that
important because first stage one is the remnant shows up and that’s you and me
right now stage two is what we need next strong Christian leaders listen to me I
don’t have the voice to carry I just admit it it’s like I’m shouting out here
but I have a limited audience thank God for you and but I know it’s a remnant it
was a remnant that made the first wave so I feel like a bit
but we got to have bigger voices with platforms like Ezra because they bring
the full adjustment so that Nehemiah can show up and and what Ezra does that’s so
important is in chapter 9 Marcedes verse 8 this is one of the verses that in a
sense concerns me Dutch sheets I remember saying when President trumpet
in office he heard the work I’ve given your mercy and then he saw a coin and
how do you spend mercy well here’s your verse and how to spend that currency
Ezra says now for a little while grace has been shown from the Lord this is
Ezra 9 verse 8 to leave us a remnant to escape there’s the remnant word and to
give us a peg in law in his holy place a peg would be the one it would be like a
coat hanger so to speak in the wall and you would hang your belt you’d hang your
money belt you’d hang your glory you’d hang your vestment like you’re a royal
so the peg in the holy place literally means a place in God’s house where we
can hang in a sense where the glory of God will be resident among us and so but
that our God may enlighten our eyes and give us a measure of revival in our
bondage and and I’m talking your husband about this earlier Larry sparks I’m
saying how with a word revival and the word awakening are connected together in
this season it’s the Hebrew word for stirring up the remnant stirring up the
riverboats stirring up the people stirring up Cyrus to make the decree it
refers to an Enlightenment of the eyes that sees what’s happening and it stirs
you and it wakes you up so it’s like in the morning when the alarm goes off the
awake we think of an awakening like an outpouring like we just want to get get
drunk and have a Pentecostal party and awakening is actually being alert and
suddenly seeing what’s happening and the reviving is when you step into doing
what God called you to do so we were slaves yet God did not forsake us and
our bothers and watch this verse 10 he extended mercy there’s that Dutch sheets
word he then did mercy to us in the sight of the
kings of Persia man this is crazy and watch these words in order to revive us
the extended mercy in order to repair the house of God this is in King James
this is so so eloquently stated to revive us to repair the house to rebuild
what’s the ruins the area of culture around the church because what happened
to the church happened to families and education happened to the economy and
happened in the inner city so right now there is a remnant keywords’ a remnant
responding to God’s reviving so that we can repair the house to rebuild what has
been ruined and then finally it’s in order to build a restored boundary
around the sovereign nation state of the United States of America so that the
nation can last and not self-destruct with a porous border with hordes of
people that aren’t Americans pummeling us and coming over and I’ll tell you the
truth so that what so that crafty politicians can enroll them and get
elected into office and bring the nation down with them and the wall does have
gates in it right so it’s not like we’re saying keep foreigners out cuz you
wouldn’t even do that in Jerusalem but there’s a time for the gates to be open
but there’s also a time for the gates to be closed so that’s the nice thing about
the long cruelest thing you could do is sink a life raft so you’ve got all these
people that are desperate what they there needs to be a healthy nation to be
able to to to welcome an influx of people coming in but then you have to
ask yourself this question what’s wrong with Honduras and Guatemala
and since Salvador what is wrong with Mexico instead of so many dumb churches
trying to cooperate with the caravans of people coming through thinking they’re
doing an act of mercy what the church should do is find out why people want to
get the heck out of these countries in the first place it’s because of corrupt
rulers and an economic system that’s broke
because of the corruption the solution is what’s what got the president Mexico
elected is what got the guy in Brazil elected it’s because the dang corruption
is making it impossible for these nations to flourish
rather than being sheep nations they’re being strangled by corrupt elites drug
cartels government on the payroll and wicked business and I’ll tell you what
the populist uprising is when this message gets into the ears of enough
people and they shake themselves because when the populist uprising and that
rises up it will displace those structures and you’ll see a moat you’ll
see a reformation happen we’re literally in the hour of the convulsion of Nations
and the church rather than being a nervous spectator or worse yet a
facilitator of the problem we should be actually standing by the Cyrus’s to
confirm them so that new leaders can come up that can save their Nations yeah
that’s very interesting well I want to talk just a little bit about like the
the first wave it makes me think about like you know when there’s a new form of
technology that’s released and it’s like disruptive you always have early
adopters so to me I feel like this first wave it’s like people who are early
adopters who are awake right like they’ve been revived their eyes have
been open and right now it does feel like there’s there we’re gaining
momentum but it doesn’t feel mainstream like you’re talking about
and then so I like system or patterns you know so so it seems like that’s
number one and that it seems like you’re saying number two is is an awakening of
leadership within right now the corporate body of Christ who’s also
gonna be awakened and then heed that call right so let me clean that up there
sure so what we got what we have right now is we really do need to consolidate
these two most because here’s my concern Mercedes verse eight of Ezra chapter
nine that this remnant has has escaped and to give us a peg what I’m worried
about is now for a little awhile grace has been shown those words little while
bother me because I’ll be rather honest with all of you and and I don’t think
there’s any reason for me not to say this you’ve got to
thousand 20 coming up and at that moment this cyrus can be lost in this next
cycle there’s already battles going on but what I want you to see is that we
this could be a little reviving in a little window or it could be an open
door to a Reformation nehemiah excites me because what Nehemiah represents we
talk about building the wall has nothing to do with immigration even though it
was where I went a minute ago building a wall has to do with the restoration of
the autonomy and independence of sovereign nation-states the whole deep
state well-funded anarchy machine that is out working
against us right now wants to tear down the walls and what God wants to do is
restore the boundaries of nations so that they could seek the Lord that’s
what it says in Acts chapter 17 well I want to say too because we were talking
about this earlier and I didn’t realize it cuz I really enjoyed the book of
Nehemiah more than Ezra just because I think Nehemiah such a cool dude and he’s
like tells it like it is but what you said is no we can’t I can’t do it that
way because they first Ezra comes to rebuild the house and then Nehemiah
comes to build the wall so when we’re talking you all about this it makes me
feel like the picture we just had up is that the the idea is that the house of
God the church the corporate body of Christ has to first wake up and be
enlightened and heed the call and then you’ll be able to rebuild the nation and
build a wall and so like when you talk about these sovereign nation-states and
the corruption in other countries so much of that you wonder if if it’s not
because they and let me end with this and I’ll let you talk but the idea of in
Ezra like the the final kind of chapters and Ezra have to do with the corruption
of God’s people and their intermingling really with sin and with other nations
and and then a breaking away of that and re-establishing the law and the and the
principles and all precepts of God so so anyways I’m just trying to put together
of kind of like there’s some sort of system there to say
like we have to first rebuilt the house reinstitute the Word of God and honoring
what God has told us to do then you can rebuild our nation I think you’re
absolutely right because what we’re missing here is the fact that God sent
the much-needed revival so they were looking for this outpouring they wanted
the revival and what happened is it was when Ezra came that they got the revival
not survivable because what Ezra did was he taught the
plain meaning so I want you to think about Ezra 6 6 as we’re transitioning
this broadcast and we’re going to be coming back and covering the powerful
you know conclusion of this series but the verse from Ezra 6 6 I just want to
fix in your mind as we’re as we’re exiting now is prosperity came through
the prophesying of Haggai and Zechariah that for many of you say I don’t know
what to do every one of us can serve as a prophetic
voice to encourage each other right now our biggest job isn’t to be discouraged
or overwhelmed but to be like the prophets who encouraged and encouraged
because God is able to turn this thing around if his people and as a remnant
will even respond and that’s where we’re going to pick it up again in our next
broadcast you

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  25. I love these studies! So much good content. I want to join the bandwagon of encouragement, but I feel disconnected generally. Is there a better medium for all of us to connect besides just watching the videos and liking? It seems like there needs to be a better network of communication than simply one-way video watching. Any thoughts?

  26. Lance I believe that there will be a time in the near future where your voice will be heard LOUDLY! God Bless you!

  27. Lance don't encourage a popular uprising. The people need to submit to the governing authorities because they are established by God (Rom. 13), even corrupt ones, like Paul was under (Nero) when he penned those words. God can remove evil rulers (Herod – eaten by worms), without an overthrow. God will bless them and their economies as they repent from sin and turn to Him.

  28. Satan has created a matrix of deception with false beliefs…science…and controls the media, so here comes Trump opposing Satan's Establishment and the people are indoctrinated, but they slowly wake up to the false news and media, and it's the awakening, and soon after it's the end of Evil. Is it because Satan always use the same modus operandi and strategies that it seems like history is repeating itself?

  29. The Holy Spirit says: "When we agree we are powerful. When we agree with the Holy Spirit we are unstoppable!!"
    God gave me the following promises…Hallelujah!!

    Lord, Psalm 35:5,6 promises, "Let the wicked be a chaff before the wind, let the angel of the Lord chase them.
    Let their way be dark and slippery, let the angel of the Lord persecute them." Lord, we loose those angels now
    in Jesus' name to chase the wicked and persecute them!!

    Psalms 34:16 says, "The face of the Lord is against them that do evil, to cut off the remembrance
    of them from off the earth." We command in the name of Jesus ministering spirits CUT OFF those
    who do evil!! Let the earth remember them no more..

    Psalms 2:4 promises, "He that sits in the heavens shall laugh (at the plans of the wicked), the Lord shall
    have them in derision." In the name of Jesus, we command ministering spirits to send derision into
    the camp of the enemy!! Let the wicked be IN DERISION!!

    Psalm 31:18, "Let lying lips be put to silence" in Jesus' name, Lord silence those "who speak proudly
    and arrogantly and accuse the righteous." We declare ministering spirits SILENCE lying lips in our political realm,
    in our businesses, schools, pulpits, AND the media.

    Psalm 35:8, Lord we declare in Jesus' name: "Let destruction come upon the wicked at unawares,
    let them be caught in their own nets; let them fall into the destruction they have planned" in Jesus' name.
    Lord let the wicked reap what they sow!!

    Psalm 33:1, "The Lord brings the counsel of the heathen to naught. He makes the devices of the people
    of no effect." Lord, we thank you You bring the devices of wicked people to nothing, in Jesus' name!!

  30. FYI: The Catholic and Lutheran churches make millions housing illegal aliens through their charities. It's all about the money. They are selling out our nation for their greed.

  31. I had someone say on Instagram that the U.S. did not have a culture. I said that we use to have a culture. As an example I gave was that when I grew up 90% of people attended church or worship of some kind. Our country started falling when the church allowed the nation move away from that.

  32. It's more than just getting votes. We are paying for the illegals housing, food, medical and dental (and don't forget all of those in prison). I saw a government woman showing transgender illegal men how to put on makeup so they "blend" in better. They are probably getting their transgender surgeries for free also. We don't get any of that for free, plus we're paying for them also. The middle class basically supports this nation and their goal is to strangle this nation into the rich and the poor. Our nation is being sold out from under our feet while all our wealth is being plundered. We will be left with nothing. Some democrats are even talking about how US citizens should give their homes to these illegals. Of course the politicians and well connected get to keep their mansions (how ever many they have).

  33. Again thank you so much for such clear teachiing . I've known what God was doing in America , but didn't realize how far back in history we'd been off track and how God is freeing nations around the world. This has been so exciting to see God move! Disappointed about the state of churches and people who pray against what God is doing. But God wins!

  34. I will suggest read the chapter or sentence first don't change the wording! !!AND put your 2 cents or remarks!!! It doesn't say lawyers! !! Man i can tell right now lot bible reader's are going to HELL for changing GODS words!!! Glory to GOD for his only SON!!!

  35. Great Biblical exposition thank you…HOWEVER I find Mercedes hums and unhuhs distracting from Lance’s teaching. I posted this before and it was removed which is strange. I’d hope that Believers could take a suggestion without melting down😃


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