The Status Cuomo with Andrew Cuomo, America’s Dad | Full Frontal on TBS

The Status Cuomo with Andrew Cuomo, America’s Dad | Full Frontal on TBS

Can I go out? Can I not go out? How do I get the virus? How do I not get the virus? My father would say, “Go in the room.” “Stay there until you feel better.” Right? That’s crude self quarantine. Now the kids are running around and the kids are picking up this, and they’re picking up this, and they’re picking up— Young people have no stamina. That’s what I like to say. Don’t touch anyone. Don’t hug. Don’t kiss. I said I can’t tell you how hard this is for me. Not to be able to kiss you all over your face. Which she hates anyway, but. I get the drama, I get the anxiety. Remember those snow globes when you were a kid and you shook the globe and this snow went all over— Somebody picked up our country and just shook it. One of my sisters called me. “I have to have my daughter tested for coronavirus.” One thing I said to my sister is, “Don’t let her go near mom.” I think it’s cooler to be with me than, like, road trip, right? – So cool. So cool. Are you sarcastic? That’s my two cents. Any questions?

71 thoughts on “The Status Cuomo with Andrew Cuomo, America’s Dad | Full Frontal on TBS

  1. they know something that they're not telling us. We will surely get it but the rich will surely survive

  2. i say fk both the political parities – let's nominate como for president – he's literally the only elected official that's had his head on his shoulders . .

  3. Am I the only one who finds it extremely disturbing that someone who fights for segregated schools has the never to criticize someone else?

  4. There are no good politicians anymore. Shaking snow globes, shaking babies, shaking the country, what's the difference. Might of added that middle one in there. You were all thinking it.

  5. Ugh… I was like dude, pull yourself together… Because people are looking for strength, and not a guy talking about snow globes 🤦 just talk about facts and updated policy change. That's all… Not that complicated. Why does every politicians either bragging or turning it into some weird therapy session. Stop it.

  6. you know how insanity just starts leaking out of orifices, and there's really nothing you can do about it, except just let it drain out, hoping it will run out eventually and things will return to ''normal'' ??

  7. I am sorry that I am saying this at a moment of crisis. But #FUCKOFFCUOMO,#FTP for filling the subway with cops.

  8. The governor of New York is doing a great job. This crisis has shown who the true leaders are. No one is perfect but some are doing better than others. The GOP are so far behind that they are taking their last ditch effort at reelection by down playing Covefe-45 as a foriegn problem that will just go away on it's own.

  9. Cuomo is much more better handling the coronavirus situation than the orange fraudster russian puppet and TOOL in the WH.

  10. We're all living in a snow globe?

    Honestly, finding out we're in an Outer Limits episode would explain a lot.

  11. Yada yada yada! What is "America's Mayor," Rudy Giuliani up to these days? No reports of #CoronaVirus in Russia or Ukraine? Just asking.

  12. Andrew Cuomo is America Dad. He’s taking better care of New York by acting like an adult. Un like our federal government who’s acting like a spoiled child! We really need Andrew Cuomo in charge of the USA right now.

  13. Here in Upstate NY we're always dubious of Cuomo, but occasionally he gets some things right. His Health Dept. Isn't testing enough, though, and NYC is going to feel the brunt of it.

    Order. Or. Produce. More. Tests.

  14. This guy is a clown. But worse, he is a shill for the corporate take over of our city. It is heartbreaking that people are so easily fooled.

  15. They look SO much alike, but Chris Cuomo (the reporter) is like a much hotter version of his brother Andrew, the governor. Very on topic I know.

  16. Doesn't he sound like Chris Cuomo? The neuro at CNN. What is going on in America?
    Especially in politics and media!

    All the politicians and mayor news networks anchors are having the same illness, which has been in our society since our society was formally formed!
    What these genetically malformed people think of others is so alarming.
    These people are not different from the President DT or his family members.

    No wonder, why America finally selected a dumb dung as the last president.
    End of America is soon.

  17. Narcissism runs wild in that family. Wanna be dictator.Trump took action in January. What did liberals do? him raaaaacist. Because that's all they know. Why did Cuomo not take any action, make any plans for this event. All libs do/did is complain and lie. He made plans, took no action other than mock Trumps action .

  18. When most state governments are more honest, proactive, and human than the US government you get gems like these….. America isn't over yet but let this be a wake-up call as to who has your best interest at heart…. Wake up people….. Please please wake up and actually see what is happening…..

    Trump has peddled fear and racism this whole time…. And how he flipped out on that reporter for asking about what do you want to say to the American people? And he chastised that man saying he's trying to panic people and he's trying to unify people….. I can't get behind anyone who won't admit mistakes and I just don't get how he still has any supporters…… Idk maybe some people just want to watch the world burn…..SAD! 😉

  19. You pick out the bits where Cuomo sounds like silly Dork and I am still left with more respect for him than Trump

  20. Nice listening to a gov't leader who can speak coherently and in full sentences – even with the above anecdotes. Never thought I would say this – but even Mike Pence has been more of a leader these last couple of weeks, than Trumpshevic.

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