The state of gun violence in the US, explained in 18 charts

The state of gun violence in the US, explained in 18 charts

“We need rescue inside the auditorium.
Multiple victims.” The United States has a problem with gun violence. BUSH: We hold the victims in our hearts. CLINTON: Perhaps we may never fully understand
it. “A man with a semiautomatic weapon.” We talk about it after mass shootings. But
it’s much larger, and more complicated than those debates allow. Here’s what you need
to know about the state of gun violence in America. It’s true that the US sees many more mass
shootings than these other developed countries. Between 2000 and 2014, there were 133 mass
shootings in public, populated places. That’s excluding gang violence and terrorism. Of course, the US is a much larger country,
but if you adjust for population size, it still ranks higher. Of these countries, Finland is next, with just 2 shootings over 14 years, but a much, much smaller population. And this type of tragedy seems to be happening
more often in the US. Each of these squares represents a public mass shooting with 4 or
more fatalities. Before 2011, they happened 6 months apart on average, but since then,
only 2 months go by between them. OBAMA: I hope and pray that I don’t have to
come out again during my tenure as president to offer my condolences to families in these
circumstances. That was October 1, 2015. And just about 2
months later. OBAMA: Yesterday, a tragedy occurred in San
Bernardino. Our first order of business is to send our thoughts and prayers to the families
of those who’ve been killed. Public mass shootings get all the attention
because they’re often so indiscriminate, but the truth is mass shootings are unlike
most gun deaths in America. Here’s how it breaks down: According to the most recent data, 92 people
are killed with guns every day on average. About 30 of those are homicides of which maybe
1.5 at most can be considered part of mass shootings. Most of those killed, 58 people a day, are
suicides. The rest are accidental shootings, police actions, and undetermined incidents. Those suicides – they show up in international
comparisons, too. These are the 10 countries ranked highest on Human Development by the
UN. The US has the highest suicide rate among them, and this darker bar shows how many of
those are with guns. Some people think suicide isn’t really relevant
to the gun issue. LOTT: To go and think some type of gun control
regulations that are being talked about are going to stop somebody from committing suicide
when there are so many other ways to commit suicide. But the methods that people use are important
because suicide attempts often stem from temporary crises. The vast majority of people who survive
suicide attempts don’t end up dying from suicide. But guns make it nearly impossible
to get that second chance. The victims of gun suicides are overwhelmingly
men, and mostly white. And the rate of gun suicides has been increasing
in the US. At the same time, the rate of gun homicides has been decreasing, especially
since the 90s when crime rates in general were higher. But if you compare the US to other developed
countries, it doesn’t look like good news. These are homicides adjusted for population
size. The US would probably have a higher homicide rate even without guns, but you can
see how gun violence pushes that rate far beyond the other countries here. The victims of these shootings — they’re
not the ones you often see on the national news. They’re disproportionately young black
men. SHUNDRA ROBINSON: You guys can leave here
and go on with your lives, but we gotta go home to empty rooms. Because our children’s
lives were taken away by people who should not have had guns anyway. One possible explanation is that US simply
has more crime than those other countries. But if you set aside homicides for a moment
and look rates of burglary, or assault, you don’t see the same spike that you see with
homicide. It’s not that America has much more crime.
It’s that crime in the US is much more lethal. Altogether, the number of gun deaths in the
US from 2000 to 2013 exceeds the number of Americans killed by AIDS, by illegal drug
overdoses, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and terrorism, combined. It should be clear by now that this level
of gun violence is a uniquely American problem among the developed world. And here’s one
reason why. There are a ton of guns in the US. This chart
of shows the estimated number of guns by country. It’s adjusted for population size and it’s
still not even close. OREGON SHOOTER’S FATHER: The question that
I would like to ask is how on Earth could he compile 13 guns? How can that happen? If you take a look back at the 10 countries
with the highest levels of human development, you can see that it’s relatively really
easy to get a gun in the US. All of the other countries require a license to purchase most
guns and those purchases are recorded into an official registry. To get that license
people have to state a reason for why they want a gun, and in most countries, they have
to pass a safety test and are required by law to store their guns safely. In part because of its lax laws, there are
well over 300 million guns in the US and counting. This chart doesn’t reflect private sales
but it shows the number of background checks, which all federally licensed dealers have
to run. It suggests the demand for guns has been increasing steeply since Barack Obama
took office. So we’ve looked at gun deaths and at gun
ownership. This chart puts them together. It shows that among highly developed countries,
the more guns in a country, the more gun deaths. You can see that countries like Switzerland,
which have relatively more guns than a country like the Netherlands, also have a higher gun
death rate. And here’s the US. Likewise, US states with more guns have more
gun homicides. There are outliers like Idaho, which has high rates of gun ownership but
low rates of gun murders. But overall, there’s a correlation between gun ownership and homicide
rates, and that relationship has held up in studies that control for things like poverty,
unemployment, and crime. The correlation between gun ownership and
gun deaths is even stronger for suicides. It make sense. Depression with a gun is more
dangerous than depression without one. Likewise, fights, domestic disputes, road
rage, drunkenness — all much more dangerous with a gun than without. That said, you might need different policies
to keep guns away from potential mass shooters than you’d need to keep them out of inner
city gangs or out of the hands of someone who might hurt themselves. America doesn’t
have a gun problem, it has several of them.

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  1. Yes guns can be used for evil but they also can be used for good .A gun is only a tool,it DOES NOT CHANGE THE PERSON.A person who wants to shoot someone has to think twice if everyone is carrying a gun.

  2. "the more guns in a country, the more gun deaths"
    This is also true with swimming pools. There have been exactly 0 swimming pool deaths in areas with no swimming pools. We must ban them now

  3. 1. Mass shootings happen in "gun free zones".

    2. Legal gun ownership is on the rise, while gun deaths are in decline.

    3. The United States has one of the lowest homicide rates per capita in the world despite having the most guns.

    Notice a pattern here?

    The answer to reduce gun violence is MORE legal gun ownership, OUTLAWING unconstitutional gun free zones, MORE concealed carry permits for law-abiding citizens.

    There is no place you can be that is more polite, respectful and safe than a room full of good people, all carrying guns.

  4. The state of gun violence in the US = Black males between the ages of 15-35 commit 52% of homicides in America and those are the ones that actually hit their target.

  5. Though its none of my business but i agree with most of the things this video says. Why do Americans need gun? Anyway? After all could figure out from my own research i can say that arms industry is so huge in America and they throw ton of money in the market to brainwash an American mind! And Also the pockets of Politicians. Up for a debate any one?

  6. The state of gun violence in the US, explained in 18 inaccurate and cherrypicked charts.

  7. Skewed statistics and largely leading toward a narrative that is nothing but lies. Who are you pandering to?

  8. We need to ban schools in America. There wouldn’t be any school shootings if we banned schools. We can use the extra money to produce more guns! It’s a win win.

  9. (5:07) In my state I have to attend a safety class, give a reason for my gun purchase, give 3 references and wait 2 months for a background check in order to purchase a firearm.

  10. This video is misleading. 80% of gun violence is drug/gang violence. This video also uses cherry pick data comparison to further their agenda.

  11. Dealing with hundreds of mass shootings a year is still better than the whole country living under an oppressive government. That’s why we have the 2nd amendment.


  13. 0:24 uses this "fact" without stating that every country has a drastically different population. And countries that do have an close or larger population like Japan for example have a much higher AVERAGE gun homicide rate (non drug related and drug related) PER CAPITA are simply left out. Sorry Japan

  14. The term "mass shooting" isn't a legally defined term. You could be talking about almost anything when you say that.


  16. Australia just had another MASS SHOOTING
    Guy out on parole obtained a mostly banned pump action shotgun (category C License required ) and ammunition and shot dead four people.
    So a criminal with an illegal unregistered firearm while on parole kill four people. Yep put some more laws in place.🙄

  17. It's amazing how much this video avoids truths of legal gun owner related incidents and shootings that don't involve drug related shootings

  18. We don't have a gun problem we have a criminal probably. Guns in the U.S save more lives than they do take lives. But the media in the US doesn't want to tell you that part.

  19. And now there's an article from Vox titled: “I’m a left-wing anarchist. It’s time to reclaim guns from the right".

    Gun control is not and has never been about guns. It has always been about disarming the opposition. Take the guns, kill the people. The same way "political correctness" has never been about polite public discourse. From day one it has been all about silencing dissent.

  20. 3:10 "Gun suicides have been increasing," oh geez your absolutely right, it went up from 6.5 to a whole 7.0 !! Oh my, and the population of the United States has increased nearly 20 million million since 2013 (the area of 'increase'). Oh boy Vox, when will you ever learn…

  21. All those people saying that these graphs are inaccurate…
    Come on guys, it's not hard to understand that not having guns is better than having guns, saying the opposite can't absolutely make sense!
    Change my mind.

  22. America doesn’t just have a gun problem; it has a people problem. There are a lot of negative posts on social media, cyber bullying is still happening, and our outlook on life is different than before. Certain things like mental health and death are seen as humorous instead of disheartening.

  23. Please correct me if I’m wrong.. but according to vox, and this is from the 2016 study they pulled, “nearly 39,000” people died by a firearm in 2016. and out of a population of 327 million people in the US, give or take, that would give us a 0.012% chance of actually dying by a firearm..right?

  24. Look at the states with the least restricted gun laws then compare that to inner cities with the most strick gun laws.

  25. Take the guns make it ilegal IL hand any over that get banned all I need is one for home defense and one for hunting I'm chill wid a shot gun and a hunting rifle lol ban pistols aswell there the number one killer i think only in a home and shooting range pistols should be allowed there can be a time and place for them it's all good and I'm anti assault rifle yes ar15 and ak47 designs are military weapons I'm sick of hearing it's not a assualt rifle lol semi auto full auto not much difference still rapid fire lol I don't usually need that many rounds in a gun to hit a target if anyone does it must be because the person is antisapating to be in a shoot out and plans to lay down surpressive gunfire on a target lol wat kind of shooter needs that lol

  26. The homicide rates shown around 3:30 for totals and race do not add up. America does not have a gun problem, we have an inner city culture problem.

  27. Is gun related crime a mass shooting or not? I’m so confused!! You can’t spin data to fit your arguement!!

  28. Remove all Liberal Democrat Socialist rule as well as Democrat run society and the gun violence will drop to near ZERO.
    Near ALL violence and death in the USA is smokey attributed to Liberalism, Democrat Socialisim and political gangsterism.

  29. wait vox is still here? I figured they would of deleted their channel and ran away after trying to ruin youtube for nearly everyone

  30. Jenna Schuler wrote
    "wait vox is still here? I figured they would of deleted their channel and ran away after trying to ruin youtube for nearly everyone"
    And yet … you came here and even put out the effort to leave a comment.


  31. Umm in the usa you need to register your gun, have a license to carry and take gun safety course and keep your gun in a safe place. I donknot know why you say they don't, the problem is many guns are illegally obtained by criminals who don't follow laws.

  32. This weekend in the US…
    20 dead in Texas
    9 dead in Ohio
    29 innocent lives lost and many more maimed in two mass shootings.
    Where were the citizens with their "god given" right to carry arms for self protection and a safer America that you gun lobbyists so aggressively extol? So the US gun laws work do they? I think not.

  33. Vox wants to take away minorities rights to self protection & make us dependant on govt services and it's honestly pretty sickening.

  34. Where Republicans and Democrats disagree.. Is Violence always wrong? Democrat = ALWAYS. Republican= It's sometimes needed to defend yourself. If someone breaks into my sisters house and she shoots that person.. THAT IS statistically, gun violence.

  35. Uh we are required to store guns safely, take a safety test, have a drivers license so that goes under license, they do mark sales, and register them, the only one we don't have is reason for purchase but people who sell them will still ask just to make small talk

  36. Lol some of the most ill informed talking points I’ve ever heard 😐 almost feel as if I lost iq points watching this.

  37. I love how vox doesn't even want to mitigate depression, just the deaths from them, so it looks better from a numbers perspective

  38. The impact of gun laws in Australia is the strongest evidence. I lived there for 4 and half years and have read the research. I invite everyone to do so.



  40. Compelling content and format, explained simply and clearly. Would love to see an updated 2019 version of this video!

  41. Lol this is so inaccurate in 90 percent of shootings the shooters are on drugs so if we get tough on drugs and lower the drug rates then you lower the amount of shootings

  42. President Obama had 8 years to address violence and violent individuals and he passed on a substantially unchanged America on this issue.

    In the past two years we have begun to see recognition of the role prior violent acts play a roll in uncovering a bright red line pointing to the individuals who have committed these attacks. We need to recognize this as a viable tool to identify individuals at a greater risk to our society and intervein to protect society as a whole and possibly help those individuals to become better able to live in peace.

    Sadly we are back to the campaign trail and laying the blame on the opposing party and an in adamant object rather than address individuals actions.

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