27 thoughts on “The social responsibility of business | Alex Edmans | TEDxLondonBusinessSchool

  1. Truly appreciate your research on this topic. Validates the qualitative, intrinsic values of social responsibility perfectly. Excellent presentation too! Thank YOU Alex!!!

  2. Damn you Harry Potter Movies……Now whenever I hear an orator with that glorious accent I assume some manner of magical activity will interrupt the lecture….

  3. Was about to watch an episode of a TV series and stumbled across during my study break, absolutely no regrets!

  4. Im using this tostudy for a test and it really helped me, thank you so much for making these amazing informative videos

  5. Very interesting idea of CSR! I really enjoyed the talk. Although I'm wondering whether there are any examples of any companies that practiced CSR but then failed to earn profit and grow? If there are, what were the reasons for it?

  6. A very insightful video which truly gives an accurate picture of CSR and businesses pursuing profit. Very well done!! Great presentation skills as well!

  7. Excellently covers the core understanding of CSR..
    We need practical and vivid ideas which in return can become an instrument of societal change not only in developed parts of the world but in LDCs too.
    I liked the presentation and oratory excellence..
    We still need a system which inherently checks the implementation of CSR initiatives assumed by companies regardless of their size.

  8. I experience it in my office as it mostly follows the moderate way the lecturer explains. This is a superb way of molding the ethics & corporate social responsibility of a business.

  9. Your presentation was the best I've ever listened to. You not only backed up your argument with relevant resources but explained the definition of CSR from various angles. Well Done Alex

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