The Social Network — Sorkin, Structure, and Collaboration

The Social Network — Sorkin, Structure, and Collaboration

28 thoughts on “The Social Network — Sorkin, Structure, and Collaboration

  1. Thank you so much to all my Patreon supporters for making this video and this channel possible! I have some exciting things planned for this year, so be sure to subscribe so you don't miss those. And, as always: What screenplays should I do in the future?! Let me know!

  2. It was so irksome to hear him say "SATs" over and over again like he took multiple exams.
    (I know that there are subject tests but you can only get a 1600 on the regular one)

  3. This video sold me to subscribe to this channel. I don't even write anything but I nonetheless did

  4. I don't understand why Sorkin gets so much credit for inventing the walk and talk. As far as I know, that was first done on the HBO show "The Larry Sanders Show."

  5. good job no one cares idiot jjkjkjjjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjkjk chill don't me toxic or u will be a pleb bro lol

  6. Write about "Closet Land" with Madeline Stowe and Alan Rickman. It's a dialogue heavy story with a disturbing premise.

  7. I just love your editing. It's very clear that you put a lot of effort into these videos and they're so engaging.

  8. I loved Steve Jobs because it uses the classic 3 Act storyline done as three product launches: MacIntosh – 1984, NeXTcube – 1988, and iMac – 1998.

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