The Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program (Tai Lopez SMMA Live Webinar)

The Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0 Program (Tai Lopez SMMA Live Webinar)

about building a business in 30 days I'm gonna give you a formula everybody pretty much everybody now on the wall finally realizes that you want to have more than one source of income so the best and easiest answer to create another source of income because you can't really have two nine-to-five jobs to build a little full-time or part-time business if you're scared of building a full-time business just do a part-time one then you can keep your job so I'm gonna map out an exact formula here animals put a link to a more I'm gonna put a link that's gonna be up for the next less than three days to a more advanced kind of training but I'm here in London right now some of my connection on this live isn't perfect don't freak out it's it's traveling through space across the war back down to wherever you are on the planet here's you right now I'm gonna guess you have one source of income one source of income the only problem with that is as everybody knows if you put all your eggs in one basket that gets cut off you are left with nothing a big zero and a lot of people's bank account is getting close to a big zero so the solution the average millionaire has three to seven different types of income they've got income coming here here here I didn't know this growing up no one teaches us in school in fact they teach the opposite of school because all schools pretty much doing is preparing you for one career that's their solution but if you rely on one egg in the basket you will be sorely disappointed if that ain't cracks so if you look at Warren Buffett one of richest man in the world he has a hundred sources of income 100 I've counted it you can go on his Wikipedia page warren buffett and look he has its like 97 or something i just rounded up cuz I'm sure he has some private ones he doesn't list let's just do it we're live let's do a quick poll how many sources of income do you have let's see what we got right here we've got somebody said let's go Otis says he's from Omaha you from Warren Buffett land well that's good Chuck says three sources ken can Rico Leslie on YouTube says one job so I'm assuming that's one source of income by the way don't count a source of income if you have some you know three dollars a month coming in from your Bank of America interest on your checking account that's not a source of income recs are as allah says zero ricky Goodman says unemployed okay I started out here's good news for you I have about 15 sources of income that's conservative I really have more but some of them are kind of grouped together so I conservatively I don't have as many as Warren Buffett that's a goal I'd love to have 100 sources of income cuz then if one source goes bad you have 99 left you only lose 1% your income right now I have 15 sources if one goes bad I'm losing maybe a sixth or a seventh of my income which doesn't hurt much you can survive off that what you can't survive off is losing one percent of your income so the solution is if you're at zero let's change the situation you got your job or whatever else you're doing let's just at least get a second form of income you can call a side hustle that's what some people have coined this term side hustle I think it's a good title that means you do it on the side you hustle a little bit you don't have to put a lot of cash into it just something that you can put a thousand bucks into or a hundred bucks into and it starts making you 1 to 10 grand a month so that's my definition of side hustle it can make you 1 to 10,000 extra per month okay if you do a full-time you might be able to make more than that but it wouldn't have gonna be nice if you had an extra one into ten thousand dollars a month I've been training people since well 2012 but really focused on it starting in 2015 2016 and I've trained for example one group of people around the world 25 over 25 thousand people how to build this income one to ten thousand with a very specific plan there's multiple ways to do it you can do it selling things on Commerce online you can do it you know you can build a retail business you can build a service business like walking dogs you can deliver coffee to people I think more people should do that job because people are addicted to coffee and if you can get some really premium coffees you just pay you know uber driver type people are easy to pay Adrian just sent back on my hair sticking up okay this is this is raw so that's our definition one two ten grand a month without having to put in more than around a thousand dollars to get started because if you have to put in if you have to mortgage everything and put in a hundred grand like if you want to start a restaurant that's not really a side hustle cannot start a restaurant unless you start a little food truck or taco stand which is fine but that's still you have to get regulation you have to pass regulations and you probably have to go five or ten grand to even start a little food cart unless you have like in LA it is like people go around with shopping carts cooking hot dogs I'm not sure it's a leap it's legal to do that so I don't recommend that you might get shut down somebody get salmonella and dice so legitimate business you want legit Vizia and i'm gonna give you this this is what nobody ever thinks about you want to target business owners everybody who has a business idea almost everybody they tell me how they're gonna sell to like everyday people the problem with everyday people if you're broke most people like you are also broke so how you gonna get one to ten thousand dollars like that's the only reason I don't recommend it's like even the coffee business I'm talking about you should go to businesses and deliver coffee to businesses if you've got to deliver one cup of coffee coffee to one hundred houses a day that's a lot of gas a lot of time the coffee is gonna be cold by the time you get there but if you can deliver to one office and there's a hundred people or fifty people in that office you it's efficient now the coffee business is something I'm just using as an example I have a better business idea for you if you want to hear it but target business owners because the average business owner who's doing well is making over you know between 100 a million dollars a year and most of them spend at least 5% on marketing most business owners spend so if they're making a million bucks they have a budget of $50,000 a year fifty grand a year to spend on marketing they're gonna they used to spend it on like billboards and yellow page ads but now the future is showing them how to do email blasts and Facebook ads and coupons online and YouTube ads and Twitter and all this stuff and the other thing is the average business owner is over 55 years old what does that mean they don't want to learn the new ways of marketing trust me my grandma's 100 and a half she's she's wondering half right now I like saying that for some reason 100 and a half sounds sounds like she's a hundred fifty I don't know half century and a half old but she's not gonna learn I find I she sent one text in her life we showed her of us in one text and then she gave up on it most business owners ain't that much more advanced than my grandma but they have a lot of money so legit business idea is anyone and a great one to start without much cash if you want to sell to individual people you need a lot of money Elon Musk borrowed three billion dollars to create a consumer product Tesla cars okay the df' three billion dollars to start probably not so I'm not gonna give you that idea you can make a lot of money if you have three billion dollars that you raise and investing but I'm talking about for everyday individual person because when I started out I'll sleep it on a couch on a mobile home I did not even have him I didn't even have 100 dollars to start I had negative 100 so if I taught you to somebody would have told me this it took me too long I'm gonna give you a shortcut pay attention and by the way I'm putting this link I'm gonna put a link right below click it or it could be in the corners or it'll be in the description pinned as a comment wherever you are if you want to see a longer presentation I'm not gonna do this one very long cuz I'm actually I'm going to a club it's called libertine and London I'm visiting London for a while so I got to get out here or they're gonna close the door they closed earlier in London doing Hollywood so or at least the door they serve alcohol longer Alinea but click the link because actually I'm that video that I put up it's a free training program on how to do this more in-depth and I'll explain what it is but I'm only gonna have that video up for three days you got three days okay so click the button above and below or in the description or you can go to what is it Tai Lopez dot-com SM ma to lash s and this is a secret kind of code SM ma let me spell it title opens not calm / sm ma to live s ma the number to live okay back to what I'm saying so what else criteria you want to go after business owners because they're over 55 years old they have a lot of them have over $50,000 a year to spend on marketing that's 4 grand a month so what it so the average business owner let's say spent or the average successful business owner they're spending 4 grand a month on marketing because they gotta get new customers if they own a restaurant the new customers if they own a fashion line if they own if they're a dentist a doctor or they are a realtor everybody needs to advertise to get cusps and customers so they have 4 grand a month what if you can just get 25% of that sent to you that's a grand a month and what I'll show you how to set up a contract that they promise to pay you every month as long as you do work for them now you might be saying you don't know how to do the marketing I'll train you on that too I just posted this video if you want to see something cool on my Instagram I got a verified Instagram if you haven't seen it it's ty Lopez I have my little highlights here success stories this is a guy just at my house Nicholas and you can listen to his whole thing but basically you can go watch it on my Instagram if you want and he was at my house in 2016 he saw me give this presentation he spent it was a thousand dollars to get in the training Vance training program and then he spent another hundred dollars to form his LLC eleven hundred bucks and now he's netting twenty thousand dollars a month on autopilot he's trust to do work but every month he has contracts with people and he's grossing about three hundred fifty thousand but he's keeping 80 percent of it as profit which I'll teach you another so that I've created first person to get in the program the first day he's become a self-made millionaire directly from this training there's programs created trip up not true the hell's about to say trillionaires I don't know where that came from no trillionaires there's only two trillionaires i there's actually no trillionaires in the world right now Rockefeller was the closest it but he's ding he was at 600 billion um so the next thing so look if you get a cup if you get a customer that's a business to pay you to do their marketing $4,000 a month is their budget they give you 25% of it as the fee for doing the work that's 1,000 bucks so just imagine this month here's a calendar boom boom boom boom just gonna draw a rough calendar ok not the exact right amount of days but let's just say on the 1st of the month you get one customer they agree with a contract to pay you a thousand bucks a month now couple another month later in the middle of month you get another thousand dollars a month in another let's say and I'll she teach you how to charge the more successful businesses up to ten thousand dollars a month so let's say you get a big client twenty five hundred bucks a month and let's say you get I'll show you how to charge people five thousand my advanced students are doing five thousand what are you got right there 7,500 8,500 ninety five hundred you're out six figures and then I'll show you how to hire other people to be your assistant to do a lot of the work for you that's another key thing so go watch this advanced training click the link click the link in the corners its up for less than three days it's very powerful yeah it's really powerful so click that link now um what are they gonna say yeah this is how you create for customers for how many businesses is this realistic is it realistic to get four businesses you might say hi I'm only 22 years old or Thai I'm 60 no I'm gonna trust me over Thai live in Bulgaria or I live in China or I live in you know a little town in Missouri in the United States well the statistics are clear in the United States oops sorry there's 20 million business owners probably more but that's kind of recorded globally no one knows exactly but I'm gonna guess for sure there's triple that so it's 80 million potential customers 80 million you don't think you can get four is that unrealistic well I could tell you from true success stories when you click the link below there in the corners go read all the testimonials we have it's insane I keep on my phone or whatsapp group let me see here it's called testimonials last I checked I had 800 now that's not all of them that's just all I can I just send the very most cool ones cuz some a lot of them are like oh I'm making it for two grand a month which is awesome but I keep you know I keep like the really crazy stories people send me videos so check this one out this is once somebody since I'm in Europe this guy Robin dot and zorg you can Instagram DM em if you want to see if he's real he goes dude I've been doing this for 1.5 years I started with your SMM a 1.0 training last or early summer and I'm at I've got four employees doing the work for me and 15 grand a month revenue 15 grand for employees doing the work that's not bad right this is somebody who that's rags to riches story right there I mean he's not a billionaire he's not a millionaire but still wouldn't you be happy with four people doing the work for you and you bring it in fifteen thousand dollars a month and I don't know if that's net or gross but I'm assuming it's net but even if it's gross he did that in one year now he's got a legitimate business you just keeps building and building and building and building and building I started out I would tell people figure out to make it that I remember making my first thousand dollars a month I thought I was like my life changed and then I figured how to make ten thousand dollars a month this is a long time ago more than ten years ago figured how to make a thousand ten thousand dollars a month and now my life change why I started traveling I start everything freed up the burden on my back just like lifted cuz if you don't have money you got a burden that is basically impossible to lift it's almost impossible to lift so I lifted it just with ten thousand a month then I figured out how to make a hundred thousand dollars a month and then I remember his fight that was like that this pride like mm I don't know six or something like that and I was making a hundred thousand dollars a month maybe a little bit two thousand seven six or seven ish I'm making a hundred thousand dollars a month and I'm going okay I'm broke a million dollars I wonder if you could really even make more than that because in my family born to single mom like my dad was in prison mmm they didn't make money my dad was a hustler from he was hustling from the streets of Harlem you know he's a drug dealer so he wanted a prison for that then your income drops to zero you get paid like a dollar a day or something when you're in prison my mom did it like just worked what she could to jobs made a hundred grand I mean 20 grand 20 grand a year she made a hundred grand in like a decade and I was making it a month and I go I wonder if he can beat this and then I remember making a hundred grand a week that's four hundred thousand a month and I was gonna do I wonder if you can beat that can you make a hundred grand you know you make a million bucks a month and now if I make a million dollars in a month I'd have a heart attack like that would be very bad for me and so the thing is for each of you forget other people's success and forget trying to be the richest person in the world just live a good life and take care of all the problems that you have financially with a simple system like this there's 80 million potential people now how do you get a customer easy I'm gonna give you the answer right now you talk to ten I give an exact script what to say one will say yes almost always unless you're like insane unless you like I have a face tattoo or something and you have like you know a weapon on you when you walk into the place these companies don't have anybody help you know with social media marketing why aren't you doing it you know what I think is funny is everybody's on the phone all day they're making Mark Zuckerberg the richest one of the richest people in the world they're on snapchat that made Evan Spiegel one of the youngest billionaire at the time in history nobody thinks how can I use this tool to make money for myself everybody just makes it for other people it's insane sometimes I tell people like why don't you take your phone and instead of like I'm on my phone sometimes I look around everybody's on their phone I'm on my phone but I mean I'm making a million dollars from it all they're doing is making someone else a million dollars you got to think you want to be you want to make money you want to create wealth you want to create a business in 30 days you can't be like the Sheep everybody a sheep maybe you could be a shepherd to the sheep but you can't be a sheep yourself you don't have to be a wolf and be mean but you can't be a sheep that's all I can say and a sheep my definition is somebody who's just like oh let me scroll through the Instagram feed all day let me scroll through Facebook oh let me snap all my friends I mean I use social media but I never I only use it for business you will not find me ever scrolling through the Instagram feed I'm glad some people do because I run Instagram ads but I'm just saying I one of my mentors island nation said ty if after 30 minutes you're in a room playing poker if you don't know who the sucker and the room is you're the sucker so if after 30 minutes of you on social media on your phone you don't know the sucker in the room is it's you you're the sucker and if you don't look at your education in the modern system and realize you're the sucker and the game universities make crazy profits man harvard endowments one of the biggest endowments in the world these are million dollars okay coming into these universities I'm not saying you need University of evil I'm just saying don't get played don't get played all right sometimes I something you know what I do sometimes I go city and college classes I just call the professor like hey you're smart can I sit in for one day I don't need the piece of paper I just go to the class and it's funny people like you can't do that yep I've done at UCLA I'm gonna use USC I've done it out Harvard I've spoken and taught at Harvard but like said don't be a sucker don't be played okay so I'm gonna put that link again click that link I got to go in a few minutes it's in the corners or you can just go to that URL right there wherever it is toggle open comm flash SM ma to live I should spell this better s and ma to live don't always be an observer in the game of life sometimes you got to play the game yourself okay let me take a few questions I was gonna check oh yeah so you basically need a script basically the script you walk into a business you first before you go into the business you do a little research you pull up their website most websites suck they're not optimized for a cellphone they're slow on Google you can do Google speed test see that they're very slow you can you can go to their website and be like oh they're not collecting email addresses if you ask them doing Facebook ads now you're not gonna Facebook Ads why not you can target customers for cheap so you just walk in to the business and you say hey don't mean to bother you but I was up you know especially if it's a restaurant eat a meal there cuz then you say hey I I just had a meal here cuz then they listen to you cuz your customer you just tell the manager of the owner like hey I just noticed something like your website doesn't even work I can't even refer our friends like I can't put my email address and get coupons for future meals what's up by the way I'm a social media marketing expert I've been certified I went through a program to be certified as social media marketing pro expert I'd love to help you I got a free analysis I do right now you're leaving money on the table and the scripts a little more exact than that that's the gentle thing you walk into the dentist's office hey I don't mean to bother you always go in when the dentist is leaving for the end of the day most people go in at lunch don't go in at lunch the doctor wants to take a break what you always one of my mentors told me show up if they leave at 5:00 459 be standing at that door they walk by you go oh by the way I was just walking by I was online do a little research about your dental practice and I noticed you don't have vert eyes Allen I can't even tell my friends about you don't collect email addresses you don't have an Instagram people want to see your legit they want to know about your restaurant they want to know about you they want to see testimonials this is the new world by the way I'm a social media marketing expert I've been certified I did a little you know free audit and evaluation if you want I'll show you how to print it up on a piece of paper hand it to them but try to close the deal right there say I'd love to come back and show you what I do I charge between one and ten thousand dollars a month for some businesses that's too expensive but if you want the best you need to pay for it and I know how to do it I learned from the best I've been trained by the best and I'm the one training you I'm not saying I'm the best in the world at social media but Forbes put me on the top ten in the world s top 10 business influencer so I'm in the top 10 if you believe Forbes that's not an article I paid for I didn't publish it so yeah so I will be training you and you guys all know that I know a thing or two about social media I've got I'm running it let me see if you're wondering why you should learn for me here's my just my YouTube statistics this is not a screenshot this is actual live analytics we go to watch time I started posting in 2015 you can see the graph starts there about 1.6 9 billion minutes ok so you're learning from somebody if you that's not counting Facebook I'm over 2 billion minutes watched since 2015 it's a lot you I can show you what to do with those businesses to train them ok so you go in you give them the script if you get good at it one out of three businesses will say yes sign a contract you show them how they can cancel at any time but most of them don't cancel if you're doing a good job because nobody else is doing this now the reason you want to get in soon I started this at 2016 every single month that goes by my students go out there and acquire customers I'd say you got less than a year window to really be able to go into businesses because my current students are going out there but there's huge opportunity still do not think it's saturated yet but it will be saturated in the next 1 2 3 years and the other thing is even for saturated profit gets harder to make you gotta be early to the game all these people that are slow and fearful you come in late to the game that means where you could have made 10 grand a month you're gonna still make money but like 5 grand a month because there's more people taking your customers this right here I challenge anybody at any university any book out there to show you a more legitimate way to build a business for under a thousand bucks legit businesses consistently turning out success stories consistently not everybody's successful of the 25 thousand people went through the program it's an online program you do it on your phone you do on your laptop 20% of them never opened the first training video so that I need my fault people go is everybody successful no some people too stupid to even log into what they paid for I can't fix stupid you can't fix stupid just be like that that's just I feel bad for them we give them a refund and got 100% money back refund policy naming University in America or the world that has a hundred percent money-back guarantee did you get your money back for all the stupid classes they made you take in junior high in high school that you never will ever use that are so outdated and antiquated and taxpayer dollars was dropping at least 250,000 on your education did you get 10 grand back it'd be great right now they should have a IRS or the government should be issuing refunds ah sorry we made you we forgot to teach you how to buy a house invest your money we forgot to train you how to save we forgot to train you how to start businesses we forgot to train you sales closing techniques psychology of reading people but we did teach you how to memorize stuff that you can just google do you really need to know the capital Slovakia Google was invented it's better not to fill up your brain with stuff that's not practical because now when you need the impractical stuff you google it so common sense it's unarguable but people still try to argue it because they're defending their institution and it's a very profitable institution from college debt alone is 1.5 trillion dollars in America trillion not billion they make interest off that trillions interest baby you know how much interest you get on trillions the US government gets an insane cut on that because some of them are from government entities and individual banks are charging crazy money all these students I read an article in my Wall Street Journal this week about a guy who went to law school has been working 10 years and his debt is now higher because the interest rolls he couldn't pay then it was when he graduated law school people digging themselves in the store and they not even making what my students are making and they got a law degree and spent 12 years in school I'm not saying there shouldn't be lawyers although the price should be less lawyers it be better world if there's more doctors than lawyers but we got more lawyers and doctors which makes no sense all you people thing again in law school good left I mean if you really love law do law but if you're doing it for the money poof if I wanted to torture my enemies I would be like you should go into law school oh here's my Forbes thing if you want to see you can go to ty Lobos accom slash Forbes but this is Forbes it's top influencers in business top influencers there's my face I hate the picture they used which is proof that I had no part in this picture on this article yeah this thing they wrote about me in 2016 told he advises aspiring influenced to consider using Instagram stories and snapchat as the Nissen platforms are more powerful than anything they say I was telling people back in 2016 to do insta story that was before people or even they didn't have Vince to stories I always tell my snap but anyway another thing so yeah I got to go any quick questions that I can answer can you read some questions off for me ty how can those of us who are overly sensitive get thicker skin you just got to wake up you got to wake up to the fact that only the strong survive in this world and it doesn't mean you have to be mean and you have but you have to be strong you can be silent and strong you can be loud and strong but you got to be strong in and then skin people have a rough life they really do this world is not that nice of a place and it's getting meaner people are getting ruder we used to live in big you know small towns now we live in the big cities people know that they can get away with stuff you better get that thick skin up man I've had to learn and get thick skin I go on social media people are insane people get mad about everything I can pull the video giving money you know giving a million dollars to charity people like oh are you gonna do that to show off then I can post videos of you know something not showing off I can post videos with my grandma that's 100 years old of people like oh we don't follow you to learn about your family so I just learned ignore LeBron James says don't read comments I only read comments during these live things to help people someone said is there a monthly payment plan yeah go to the link below you'll read all you learn all stuff about payment plan I got it we can get in under 200 bucks okay payment plan I got a scholarship going under 200 dollars if you think that's too much to invest in your future and nobody gonna help you cuz people are dropping $200 a day to go to college right now okay this is you can get in for under 500 bucks you can't even get a community college class taught by a professor who's never make money who's gonna teach you Business and Finance you know I see people going to entrepreneurship class I'm like oh my god who's teaching you it's rarely an entrepreneur I'm like let me get this straight you want to learn a sport from somebody who sit in a chair in fact is that even learner body building that's gonna learn martial arts imagine this you wanna learn karate I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu imagine if my teacher has never done person in jiu-jitsu he ain't never done it but he has a book a textbook and he stands up and he lectures you and it's like okay when someone attacks you what diagram 3.0 says to do is you want to I'm like that's what college is when it comes to learning how to build a business very few entrepreneurs become college professors there are a few and those programs are fine but not a Community College why would have somebody go become a professor and teach entrepreneurship and building business as a college professor that means he was a shitty part of my French he was a bad entrepreneur you think I have time to teach a full-time class at Community College I got 15 different sources of income maybe when I'm 90 all volunteer into it but but I'm 90 you I won't understand the game because the game changes every year so you got to be on the cutting edge man ok how long is a class it's a four month certification program I teach you everything month one how to set up the business form your LLC kind of get the logo the names month 2 how to do the work how to do the marketing I start training you even if you know nothing how to do what's the best thing to do for businesses how to set up what's the easiest what things to avoid like I don't recommend you manage their Twitter Twitter doesn't give a good return for most businesses things like that I'll save you time month 3 teach you how to get customers but we talked about that we talked about everything even a month 1 you should get your first customer within one month ok you can get you in fact first paying customer not a free I teach you don't do it for free now you can give them a free evaluation upfront but no money no honey don't let people disrespect you that's Joel Salatin my first mentor mentors like dude you do something good for people they will pay you and if not screw them they're bad people it's funny people go to Starbucks you go to Subway are you gonna McDonald's you get a crappy burger does anybody ever go uh McDonald's I like a free Big Mac free fives so that's junky food and people want and have no problem paying you're coming into business for example Joe Soto one of the other people who'll train you he makes 1.2 million dollars a year he's got six kids I think or five he lives in Washington DC he's got a restaurant he'll train you it's a case study and I think in Michigan he lives in DC but he has customers all around you can just work him on the phone and stuff it's a bar he charges them one to ten thousand dollars a month I forget what it was like three grand he increased her sales about hundred thousand dollars a month they love him he's only charging three grand to increase herself a hundred grand it's a great deal okay um do you teach classes on and create your website yep we talked about that do you help on the contracts yep we give you the guidance samples it's state state by state but we give you the basic template um 100 is the target don't know what that means 100 income sources what do you think about investing in art art if you want to be an artist have a side hustle art is sometimes hard to monetize but you should still do it if you love it but you might need a source of income ty can you personally mentor me I don't I do but I charge one of the thousand to a million dollars why cuz I don't like to do it because I'm busy I like to travel so what I do is I create a whole bunch of this program you're about to get into when you click this link above or below that it's got over I think a hundred hours 50 to 100 hours of training we have live calls too so you can ask questions different trainers come in we've got private Facebook group that you can ask questions yeah someone has so many days remain so we've got a scholarship running right now depending when you're watching this for watching it live or a replay click the link below it'll tell you how much fun right now it's less than three days and somebody said we'll work outside the US are there businesses outside the US if the answer is yes yes people will will work in India are there people in India selling stuff yes they need customers all the restaurants are their dentists and doctors yes yes yes the only place that won't work communist countries I don't know how to make it work because it's all weird like so North Korea if you're in North Korea you're probably not it but watch this if you're in China you pray not at all it probably doesn't work in the highly communistic countries you want to tell them that link again yes the link I'll put it up its title if you don't see it below for whatever bizarre reason or you don't see a pop-up I'll answer two more questions and then here's the thing trust me on this when I first launched this I understood why people were skeptical because it was brand-new but you know what the people who weren't skeptical like Jayden grows even a 1.2 million dollars his first year at 21 years old became a millionaire you know he just bought a big house in Denver you can see videos I've got with them the dudes made a lot of money so it's you should have gotten in 2016 because it was real easy then because there was no one doing this in the world it's nuts like not to Pat myself on the back but I basically created an industry there was some other people before me teaching social media market and I found out later but not at the reach that I had like we created an industry every country in the wall I'd go to people come up to me on the street like dude I got a legitimate business that I built in 30 to 60 days that makes me 10 grand a month 20 grand one guy Jose he was one of the first people in he that he does it for politicians he making 60 to 80 grand a month he does Central and South American politicians pay him to do their Facebook ads like dude did so if you're skeptical now why are you slow there's nothing bizarre about this it's not a multi-level marketing program okay it's not a pyramid scheme it doesn't make money by you telling you three friends and three friends tell three friends and three fronts all three friends there's nothing like that it's like the office remember that remember the office with Michael Scott's like it's not a pyramid scheme when you draw so yeah he's like so here you you get two people under you they get three people and then what is it Jim these are all that it's like a pyramid he goes what's other thing Michael you always fall for these pyramid that what about that one email where you sent the gala money he goes when the Prince of Nigeria when the son of the deposed Prince of Nigeria personally emails you you help him this is not a Nigerian email scam this is just for all you people that aren't asleep you'll know what I'm saying you'll realize businesses need social media marketing if you don't believe me let me show you a wacky crazy thing the biggest businesses in the world or like does it make sense that I have more followers on Instagram than coca-cola just ask yourself that they got I got here's my 2.7 million followers coca-cola last I checked and it's not even just followers that matters they got 2.5 million here's their engagement first of all their last post was six weeks ago oh that's so good fifty-four thousand likes let's look at their last video because I like to look at videos 170 thousand and that's had since July 23rd to post let's look at my last video that has gone let's say 24 hours I don't know there's the one with you I already beat him in 24 hours it's not even been 24 hours 10 hours I got more reach than all coca-cola that's not boosted look right there the promote buttons never been pressed I posted that in the middle of the night we were out that we did this what's here's one where I found a dude who looks just like me 228,000 that's not even 24 hours ago I'm beating coca-cola to somebody one of you should go to coca-cola and be like yo I'll do your social media marketing charge more than a thousand bucks a month though okay if you get coca-cola as a client feel free to charge them $100,000 a day they got the money so um what else now that you have my attention Dominic said but then he didn't write anything else you got my attention Dominic we forgot to write you don't how to close the deals I'm gonna teach you guys how to close deals you got our you can't just open a deal and close it sir I will do your social media marketing and charge you one to ten thousand dollars bye I gotta go that's that's Dominic Dominic you've been through the public school system I could tell so so was i I did not know this stuff PayPal payments possible here's the deal on that age if you don't have the ability to pay and you need paypal you're living like Babylonia or something and you don't have credit cards contact my customers pork but you'll see the time that's gonna expire I do scholarships and I open and close the program I've had multiple test groups I've got it open for another test group so click the link don't be slow guys do not be like the rest of the world procrastinate most of the world procrastinate is my friend uh do you do social media management for businesses yourself yes but I'm slightly different I I'm not trying to make one to ten thousand dollars a month I'm trying to make ten thousand dollars an hour always so I do social media marketing for my own companies that I start like mentor Aiko me and a guy started that together we got Walmart as a client we use social media marketing exclusively about 68,000 paying recurring customers so that was the product of social media marketing management that I do for my own brands I used to occasionally do it for other brands but it's so this business I'm showing you this is a beginner business all right beginning to Ameet intermediate I'm not a beginner intermediate entrepreneur anymore I'm not the best entrepreneur in the world but I ain't intermediate um and we built mentor box I've been showing this statistics every day of being very transparent here you can see let's see how much money you meant this is my stripe account for Mentor Box this is most of the income we have some other sources I'll unlock it with my thumb today It's Made $18,500 and this year we've done eleven point two six million I spend one hour maximum a month on that business so that's pretty good right my return per hour so gross revenue is about two million dollars it's good pay billion bucks an hour it's not all profit we plow it all back then business but it's worth a lot of money we got Walmart as a client we got largest non we're the Netflix of books so yeah um can you talk more about e-commerce that's a separate thing this business this and e-commerce I would start this first use the profits to build ecommerce takes a little more cash usually how do you get a company that's about e-commerce I don't have enough money even start a business what do you mean I showed you a testimonial Nicholas started with a hundred bucks that's you don't have 100 bucks go borrow hundred bucks come on no that's not going in debt no one gets in trouble for barn 100 bucks barn a hundred thousand for college could get you in trouble $100 you should be people hustle on the street just go dude there's a guy in LA he does push-ups he says I'll do it dollar a push-up or a quarter or push-up or something people always give them money that dude I guarantee you is made twenty five hundred bucks a day by the way that's the second business if you do not have the wherewithal to build a social media marketing agency then I'm training you on go do push-ups for a quarter you'll be in great shape you know so that is a trick that a homeless guy does hey you like I said only strong survive that guy's making it you know yeah the newest MMA course that I've opened is the 2.0 version it's twice as good as the first one that I trained 25,000 people within 2016 I added all the stuff that we realized we didn't have all the exact scripts all the exact ways to expand the business the exact business is to go after and which ones don't make you money and they won't sign contracts oh oh Thomas Ty IQ must be high high as he says or AF I thought he was just saying time must be high dog look high I got red eye because I'm jet lagged in London I thought it was a not a compliment but well done maybe that is a compliment maybe you're saying I'm bi is a compliment where our thoughts on MLM MLM fine it's a great starting business I would do this you could do an MLM and this for all you are in network marketing whatever I don't have a strong opinion I don't think it's a scam but a lot of people do this doesn't have any MLM component to it I guess you could you could tell businesses for every person they refer to you you'll give them money and you could create a whole MLM but I'm not part of that you whatever you want it's a free country okay I think I'm out click the link below click the link above how long was that 44 minutes 44 let's go I want some success stories fill up my whatsapp I keep the top 700 in there get in my top 700 hey you're really good getting my top 300 I've been inviting my top 300 students around the world no cost I bring it on my house and have dinner and feed them crazy success stories just like the movie 300 will you make it in my 300 this is a great way to make it 300 these are absolute verified rags to riches people my lawyer the vet there at County and their financials I mean food was still lie but we check them pretty well I got a kid there's a guy in there went from zero to seven hundred thousand dollars a month a hundred thousand net using it was a dude off the streets I mean not literally off the streets but didn't grow up nothing he's not under 25 I got all kind you can go Google on my YouTube my 300 videos live video the dinner and you can go pop person-by-person ain't nobody an actor no but he's paid they all come on their own there's no incentive except a free meal I give them is that is that bribing them free meal my house good food I guess that that's the ethical Brian but I don't tell them what to say in fact most people I don't even know what's up my assistant sets it all up I just walk into the dinner and spend an hour there and leave but the stories man change your life don't complain about it what's the same be about it don't complain about it you live in a little man in a man's world don't ever be part of the nananana be part of the doing for those you are introverts meet a strong silent type for those of you like to talk close deals work together with the introvert that's a whole nother thing I've talked about on the program okay time of the link ty Lopez comm /s Mme to live or click the link in the description above I'm headed to club I rented in the clearing people always liked our do you rent cars this is one time I rented a car cuz I'm only in London for a week rental Oh McLaren price on my snapchat although this traffic in London you rent a McLaren and go about three miles an hour through London this town got more traffic than Manhattan or LA you got traffic at 2:00 in the morning these streets were built for horses London one bill for cars alright talk to you guys soon somebody else do I knows

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  1. If I buy the social media marketing agency 2.0 program does that mean he helps blow my products up or teaches me how to sell myself as a marketing agency?

  2. This is the only online guru I want recognition from. Nov.2018 F.F. to receive business funding. Yo Tai I cant wait to join one of your groups ecommerce pref. I'm open to all beta testing

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