30 thoughts on “The Social Life in Jannah

  1. MashaAllah this made me happy. When i first started watching the video I was a little hesitant, because I am very anti-social by nature. I have been abused a lot by people, and even tho I wish everyone well, I try to protect my heart and stay home alone with the company of Allah(swt). I never really thought about meeting people in Jannah, except insha’Allah by family and some prophets, but the main person i would want to meet is Allah(swt). To know that I will also love to meet the people in Jannah makes me happy. I mean no horrible person would be in Jannah, so it’s not like i would have severe social anxiety, but deep down I wasn’t sure. This eased my soul. Jazzakullah Kheyr 💕

  2. Every lecture of our brother imam Anwar al awlaki (rh) is work like fuel of thousand mujahedeen..and following his lecture i give up to listen the moderate scholars… May Allah bless u brother and accept us for Jihad… Allah humma amin..

  3. “And people of Jannah will laugh at people of Jahannam because they laughed at them in Dunnyah.”

    Me: Fair enough.

  4. Brothers and sisters we all dream about going to jannah but do we really put in the efforts to attain jannah just be honest with yourself i sometimes think I won’t be excepted in jannah because of my sins although I see the mercy of Allah is FAR wide I do repent but I always seem to go back then I repent and go back the cycle keeps going I wish I can stop committing certain sins forever but if you’re also in this position that I am in wanting jannah but committing certain sins that A pious person wouldn’t be committing then we should look at ourselves and must understand we still need to put a bit more effort in to getting jannah I also know getting jannah is not a EASY task but inshallah ALLAH the all knowing gives us permission to join our brothers and sisters in jannah ameen

  5. Hey All , I will be waiting for you in Jannah insha'Allah to discuss about the Video we just watched. Telling each other about there life in Dunya then we saw this video and I saw your comment etc … insha'Allah

  6. Some paradise it is for Musa if every person wants to spend a few year with him and there will be like 100 billion people) I can't believe we're in 2019.

  7. I don't feel good by the idea that the people in jannah will laugh at the people in hellfire. It gives me a bad feeling,not human.

  8. May ALLAH (SWT) grant us JANNAH all the Muslims around the globe starting till ending of time and forgive our sins AMEEN

  9. I am very bad Person I have do a lot bad things in my life will Allah will forgive me ya Allah forgive me .my lord

  10. Sounds better than instagram or Snapchat because you can meet the people and it’s so much better in other ways

  11. When i go to Jannah, im gonna fuck all the men and women and animals I please, then snort some cocaine off a Jannah prostitute back and then play some fortnite. Cant wait to do this when im old as shit, my back hurts and my dick cant get hard no more.

  12. Salam bro and sis… I am an orphan my dad passed away when i was 9 and it have been an tough time for me till then… I dont want anything els except dua.. please remember me in your dua and ask ALLAH for mercy towords me. Thanks alot 🙂

  13. I’m scared my brothers and sisters I always feel like shaytaan is always winning against me …… I do so much wrong I am stuck please give advice thank you ..

  14. I pray for my non-muslim friend Allah swt give them hedayat bcoz I don't want to see them in hellfire..

  15. Subhanallah. Once you hear the description of paradise, you will hate this priceless dunya. I can’t wait to see everyone who made fun of my religion and mocked Prophet Muhammad (SAW) burn in Hellfire. I wanna watch as their faces burn and then get replaced with new skin and then burn again, and I’d like to scream at them, “Hadn’t I warned you from what is coming, and Muhammad (SAW) warned everyone about it, yet you ignored me and made fun of me and my Prophet Muhammad (SAW)?” Like if you have the same feeling.

  16. I had a little brother who died before his birth i want to see this little baby
    And my true family live there i would be heartbroken if i couldent go there i especially want to see allah he made all of this possible and he loved me when no one else could but i dont appreciate him enough it hurts 😣😥

  17. Only allah is god & only islam iz true~

    Asking me to prove it? It is not my duty to do so, believe or disbelieve…i am not the one goin to hell yo, also incase you're thinking dat reason i am not going to prove it iz because i've no idea/knowledge, you're wrong…juzt dat i am lazzy to do it & burden of proof is not on me anyway, even if it is idc because i am not obliged to guide you to truth, why not ask scholars of religion duh? Leave me alone & go ask religion experts!

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