18 thoughts on “"The Social Contract" by Jean Jacques Rousseau

  1. This is dumb. An attempt to make Rousseau understandable but the narrative is not Rouseeau's but an unidentified presenter. Not recommended

  2. Jean Jacques Rousseau was " The Father of Revolution: his view was the Will of all and the Federal Will , anyone not complying with the General Will would be : made: to be free ?
    Look at both fascism and communism … You will comply ; no, Rousseau was no libertarian , his contrast was John Locke and to an extent Baruch Spinoza … Locke believed in observation in society, Spinoza in his Ethics …
    Among the moderns, by that mean 19th century onwards I believe in the writings of John Stewart Mill and De Tocqueville, , as models for democracy..

  3. I mean this is so dumb, like next level dumb. Rousseau is libertarian but attaching that to the American version of the meaning of the word is some dumbassery at its finest. There are conceptions of liberty if you actually read stuff this goes from Kant and later was developed by berlin. Rousseau by larger wants to increase positive liberty, while this moron of a commentor wants to associate him with negative liberty.

    If you actually look at it, the social movements who will claim to be influenced b Rousseau, will refer to themselves a s leftist. In reality this moron does not understand what socialism is, he makes it clear in the comment at the end. Socialism is a libertarian idea, it is about people governing themselves in the workplace. Libertarianism was used first by a communist, It is about self ownership and volition, these ideas wrer crucial to the enlightenment.

  4. This is a really bad analysis of Rousseau. He should most definitely should not be considered a libertarian.

  5. He wrote about Private Poverty being the greatest downfall of man. And this guy thinks Rousseau was a Libertarian???

  6. This book, written by a Freemason, is entirely 180 degrees in opposition to the bible. It reduces the worth of an individual to zero when juxtaposed with the "Overall good of the state." No wonder the French revolution was known as "The Terror" because this book was the manual used by Robespierre to kill countless numbers of his own people.

  7. This guy doesn't know what he's talking about. Rousseau was no libertarian. He didn't even care what the people actually wanted. What was best for everyone, "the general will" was what should guide government leaders. Rousseau inspired Pol Pot, Mao, lenin, and others with his idea that the "general will" should be imposed on imperfect humans.

  8. Rousseau would NOT be pleased with current representative democracy. Representation is an alienation of the general will.

    Rousseau's Social Contract Book III Chapter 15: On Deputies or Representatives.

    "As soon as public service stops being the chief business of
    the citizens, and they prefer to serve with their money rather
    than with their persons, the state is not far from its collapse.
    They are needed to march out to war? they pay troops and
    stay at home. They are needed to meet in council? they
    name deputies and stay at home. By force of laziness and
    money, they end up with soldiers to enslave their country
    and representatives to sell it.
    It is through the hustle of commerce and the trades,
    through the greedy concern for profit, and through softness
    and love of amenities, that personal services are replaced by
    money. Men surrender a part of their profits so as to have
    time to increase them at leisure. ·And they don’t see how
    dangerous this is·. Give money and before long you’ll be in
    chains! This word ‘finance’ is slave talk; you won’t encounter
    it in the city-state. In a truly free country the citizens do
    everything with their own muscles, and nothing with money;
    far from paying to be excused from their duties, they would
    even pay to be allowed to perform them. My view on this
    topic is far from the common one: I regard forced labour as
    less opposed to liberty than taxes are."

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