The smell of socialism: The Great Eight

The smell of socialism: The Great Eight

[music and applause] It’s time. From the Personal
Liberty Digest studios, is that the stink of Socialism or just Bernie Sanders’s armpits?
It’s time for this week’s The Great Eight. And now, Shh! Do you smell something? Ben
Crystal. Hey Bernie… if there are so many deodorant choices out there, why do all your
supporters smell like hamsters and feet? Happy Memorial Day from the Democratic party. Yeah,
because nothing spells full measure of devotion like some pencil neck douche eating a waffle
cone. [laughter] Cash for weapons, shell companies, shady Middle Eastern clientele with terrorist
ties… when did HIllary turn in to a James Bond film? [laughter] Goldfinger! [laughter]
My nana gave us caramels and ginger ale. The Democrats’ nana hands out guided missals and
M-16s. Scandal in the soccer world as FIFA execs were nabbed on charges of bribery, racketeering
and money laundering. Or as it’s knows at the Clinton global money trough… Wednesday.
[laughter] Patriot Act, shmatriot act! Trust us! We’re not secretly tapping your phone
and computer. Oh, by the way, you should have ordered those pants one size larger. [laughter]
Oh! And your mother called. [laughter] If killing black people upsets you that much
then maybe you should be protesting in another location. [laughter] Ask POTUS about so called
climate change on Twitter. What could possibly go wrong? [laughter] Oh I’ve got one! Global
cooling, global warming, climate change… what will you call it next? May I suggest
“weather” ? [laughter] And Rick Santorum through his hat in the presidential ring this week
— sitting down with George Stephanopoulos for a –Wait! You’re telling me little Georgie
still has a job? Other than as Hillary’s spokeshole I mean. [laughter] And that’s your The Great
Eight for the week, kiddies. From the Personal Liberty Digest I’m Ben Crystal asking, Rape
fantasy’s? Ok…. [applause]

3 thoughts on “The smell of socialism: The Great Eight

  1. If Bernie Sanders were a table game dealer at the casino where I work, he'd be sent home by the management people, 'cause he smells like a barn. And socialism really DOES smell like horse excrement.

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