The Sith Code: History and Ideology

The Sith Code: History and Ideology

I am not sick I do not share their blood yet in the time since we arrived among these savage people we have become their rulers for the force strong must ever seek power we have adopted their titles their dress and their traditions we are no longer Jedi expelled from the Republic smothering embrace we are Jam to die Lords of the Sith we arrived here after the hundred year war then you'll be toppled the Jedi Order so confident in their triumph the Jedi did not execute us with lightsaber points at our backs they marched us above the Galleon that would take us into exile outside the Republic's borders there were 12 of us a Giunta Paul high general and our leader joke's on commander of the black legions Baron Draper a fleet admiral Karnas more with her battle meditation and eye sores of sin grower of living weapons and biological plagues and founder of the zipcode the war had raged for a century between the Jedi Council with the two petrified orthodoxy and those who wish to topple it after escaping Tython we put together an army of dark side abominations including several of my personal creation for years we fought both sides losing more than they gained but then the hundred year darkness came to a screeching halt at the Battle of corvo's outnumbered and all but defeated we fought on with the strength and passion of a wounded rancor but Judith Paul himself slew a dozen Jedi before the battles end and for a moment victory seemed plausible but a cowardly wave of orbital bombing crushed those hopes and I along with the other dark jedi were brought before the Jedi Council in Chains our punishment for high treason was to be banished into uncharted space but our flights into the unknown was not without direction for years I gathered information searching for proof that the kingdom of sis sis pure Bloods existed my beliefs have been vindicated what lies before us now is a limitless pool of sped fast warriors and an untapped wealth of knowledge about the dark side of the force but while core boast was the last battle of the hundred year darkness the conflict began far before that with the first Great Schism historians squabble over how many such splits have occurred within Jedi ranks I care not for the exact number but with each one the Jedi Council stranglehold on the ways of the force have weakened the hundred-year darkness was a spectacular yet very predictable revolts against Jedi complacency the order had not evolved in nearly twenty millennia even after its first founding on Tython it's most curious members realized the failings of their teachers and so began the first Great Schism in those days a cashmer outsider named Xander inspired several Jedi to question the light side where the Ashla as they called it they discovered the use of the dark side or bogan and unlock the shackles their Jedi Masters had placed on the force Xander's followers became his acolytes or the legions of Leto of course the Jedi fought they fought with desperation against the feature in which they had no authority today history paints under as a villain and he and his followers perished in the Battle of clueless but that was not the tragedy of the first Great Schism the tragedy was that the Jedi learned nothing they could have embraced the dark side and become the central power of the universe instead they returned to their traditions and alienated the most gifted members reiax Isles are the heirs to Xander's bold heresy after our exile I guided a Cretan galleon through the hyperspace breakwater known as the Stygian caldera which could have not been accomplished without command of the force for this reason the Sith Empire could stay hidden for millennia to come we touch down on Korriban the world that screams the loudest for those that can hear the dark sides voice it is on Korriban that the fifth purebloods began it is here that the often returns death we stepped out of the cramped reek of our interstellar prison into the lights of an unfamiliar Sun massive tombs carved from the planet stone surrounded us the sand was littered with the bones of a thousand kings the cysts greeted us despites are obvious superior powers we were not sailed as gods when we first arrived it took weeks for us to understand the power structure of their culture to undermine it and to annihilate the current king attuned appalled beheaded the ruler and claimed the throne as the blood heir to the ancestral King adass we became a shadow hands from that time on I made it my goal to understand the SIS discovering the fifth throne world of Zions in the process it is very erected palaces to rule as Sith Lords as we soon discovered this is respect power and they are content to serve us we rule this is here we will build a sovereignty of the dark side to overcome millennia of injustice the SIS code a single unifying code can be derived from six philosophy the Jedi have a code and re exhales know it well but we also know it is full of half-truths and inadequacies the SIS peer blogs require no mantra to remind them how to live they simply take what the can't kill what they don't need and you use everything to its fullest they are ruled by the fittest and our model of what the darkside can achieve there is knowledge to be gained from their example it is plain that fear leads to anger anger leads to hate hatred power and power to victory rage channeled through anger is unstoppable the Jedi Code can find its parents peace serenity and harmony are re statements of the same thing the passive acceptance of limitations the Jedi encouraged this but passion will always defeat peace as we build our Empire here ons iost our successors will hold true to the Syst code peace is a lie there is only passion through passion I gain strength there is strength I gain power through Power I gain victory through Victory my chains are broken the force shall free me

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  1. It's best to be balanced not to stray to far to either side light or dark cause if you choose a side you limit the access of the opposite side thus limiting your power by half. A truly balanced warrior can focus and use both sides and full and complete as one cannot exist without the other always rocking back and forth yin and yang to seek balance

  2. A great video! However, I can see a egregious oversight in the mantra! If one seeks to liberate oneself from all things, one runs the risk of liberating oneself; from liberation! Thus one becomes a slave to passion, little more than an animal! edit thinking about it, this is why form 7 is probably (theoretically at least) stronger with a Jedi than a Sith. One could potentially unlimitedly channel hate without giving in to the dark side. Windu obviously for example.

  3. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

  4. The sith if left unchecked will destroy each other.
    The jedi if left unchecked will become stale and removed from reality.
    Both sides are only strong when they exist together in struggle. When one side falls, so does the other. When one side grows, the force creates a counter to answer it. Neither jedi nor sith can be destroyed while the other lives.

  5. It appears 10 people have survived Order 66

    Edit: Two weeks later, and still only 10 have survived. Impressive.

  6. As I have studied both sides and the pros and cons, and I have made a true conclusion. To maintain a powerful, wise, and positive life you must follow the Jedi way. The Sith way speaks how the Jedi lock their members from greater power, but it's the other way around. The Jedi , especially in SWKOTOR, have always had an edge. This edge is what makes the Jedi in the end more beneficial. Jedi master the Light and all of its aspects, but masters knowledge of the dark sode So they they how to defeat it. Sith in the end are broken and flawed, the dark side preventing them from them being truly who they are. I do not wish to anger any Sith believers, but I do want all to think for a moment. The Jedi have overcome times where the Sith were influential and the odds were against them. The Jedi will always return to bring down the arrogance of the Sith.

  7. Awesome vid I must admit I do like the sith code it’s under tones of free will and the ability to do as you please and brake through any barriers that stand in your way


  9. Hey, thanks… was stuck on this quest on swtor and I’ve never played Sith so was sitting here twiddling my thumbs trying to figure out the puzzle.

  10. Why the fuck is darth vader, in the thumbnail. Show a half decent sith, vader was good at first but the "vader with stormtroopers/ vader card" is just old.

  11. I can't help but laugh every time I hear the dark side referred to as "the bogan"
    Here in Australia bogan is like our equivalent to redneck or white trash

  12. I love your videos man! Well written and we can all tell that you put a lot of time and effort in them all. Kudos.
    Now one thing I need to know is this:
    What song is it you're playing in the background?! I freakin love it! I need it! I want it!

  13. The sith code is incredibly beneficial for men. It pushes a man to be better achieve more, never being satisfied. We men value strength and power. It is the path to full self actualization.

  14. Please keep making these RP videos. Me and some other people on a StarWarsRP server on GMod love your RP videos!

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