The Self-Driving Car Capital Of The World – BBC Click

The Self-Driving Car Capital Of The World – BBC Click

22 thoughts on “The Self-Driving Car Capital Of The World – BBC Click

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  2. Your failure to include Tesla indicates that you should be considered a shill for waymo with little credibility when talking self driving, go back to promoting Buggy whips and self driving horse and buggy

  3. I feel bad that many truck drivers are in complete denial that their way of life may change because of technology. 2 things you can't stop are capitalism and technology. Im a software developer and even i'm not naive enough to believe computers won't take over my job some day. But i'm willing to learn whatever I need to keep paying the bills and I think that flexibility is gonna be really important for all of us.

  4. Shit technology on top of even shittier technology..a 2 dollar laser pen incapacitates all self-driving cars

  5. Again Yuval Noah Harari right many years before it happened, so incredible prediction abut not only the job losses but about the phylosophycal implications of this technology

  6. Uber and the rest will never be profitable as long as a driver has to be paid. This what they have been planning for. I bet somebody dies every week in a wreck with a driven car by uber etc. Given some of the drivers it could be daily.

  7. What opponents are not seeing is the safety that automated driving brings (if evolved to perfection). The computer will not blink, will not get tired or sleepy, will not put on make up, will not get distracted by calls or other things, has multiple cameras, will not have road rage and will follow road rules.

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  9. Why the BBC has not mentioned Tesla? Tesla has far more miles under their bonnet. Their database of over one billion miles is what will take to give autonomous vehicles the 'intelligence' required to be on our roads.

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