The Second Amendment: Firearms in the U.S

The Second Amendment: Firearms in the U.S

Hey, what’s up, guys? Ryan here with Tampa Carry. So, you know, the gun control debate is something that’s going on pretty heavy right now. Both sides are kind of weighing in. We’re gonna discuss what the Second Amendment really means and why the Founding fathers knew that it was critical to our country remaining a republic. Let’s first talk about what our country actually is. So America, despite what you’ve been told, is not a democracy. America is a constitutional republic. You see the difference — in a democracy, the group of people so whoever the mass hurt is That’s who sways the votes and the founding fathers saw that democracy in that form Did not work in France because the heavily populated areas,like Paris, They’re the ones that control the narrative and control the laws for the entire country. That’s also why in America we have the electoral college — which again is something that’s in heavy debate right now. The reason for the electoral college is so that large population masses like, New York, Illinois, California so that Their votes count the same as people that live in really rural areas. Just imagine wouldn’t it suck if all of those Yahoo’s in California and New York got to create all the policies for the entire country. I left California for a reason. But why do we need guns? And why do we need guns like this? This is an IWI X95. See the founding fathers knew that when governments become too powerful it can easily Destroy the will of the people. They wanted to give us the ability to fight back From evil oppression. I know what you’re probably saying You’re probably thinking Oh that kind of stuff doesn’t happen. It just doesn’t happen. But let’s look at history. History has a tendency of repeating itself. Unless we are smart enough to learn from our mistakes. So we all know the story of Adolf Hitler. Scum bag with stupid mustache that decided one day, He didn’t feel like Germany was to blame for World War one. He didn’t like the Treaty of Versailles and they wanted to take out their anger on the rest of the world and Re-establish German superiority. In the early 1930s, the German government enforced a firearm registration and they did it because they needed to protect the citizens of Germany from all of those evil people that owned firearms. So they created their firearm registration and one of the leading scholars of the day Said we can never allow this list of who has guns to fall into the hands of the radicals. Now who are those radicals that he was referring to? It was Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. Now most of us know Adolf Hitler as a pretty evil, dude. However, Hitler only killed about 7 million people. There are lots of other historical Gun grabbers who have killed a lot more people than that. I love this gun. Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Stalin wanted to transform his country from a peasant society into an industrialized superpower. And during that process, Joseph Stalin brutally murdered around 20 million people. I am proud to be in America in China, now wanted China to become a Communist superpower and one of hit legends was Joseph Stalin Now Mao brutally murdered between 35 and 45 million people and the first thing he did to do it was he confiscated all the guns, Murdered his political opponents, and then he set out to murder everyone that stood in his way. Now evil leader who have committed great atrocities just like this have happened all across the world all throughout time. Some of these include Fidel Castro, Mussolini, and many, many more and you’re probably asking yourself — How were these leaders able to convince their citizens to give up their guns? Because most of them, they didn’t go door to door to take them. They did it by telling the citizens that were doing this to protect you. They did it by creating a narrative that firearms were dangerous and the only people that could be trusted with guns Were the political leader. I love this rifle. This is a Springfield M1A Suckers badass now, let’s talk about the founding fathers. The founding fathers wanted freedom. They wanted us to be away from the evil grip of a tyrannical government, which was England. England was imposing lots of rules, lots of taxes and things that we did not want or support. As we started expressing our Concern about these issues, King sent the Redcoats over confiscate all of the weapons. Now back then, all we had was muskets, muzzleloaders, and crap like that. But if that were to happen today we’d be rockin’ AR-15 The Redcoats attempted to take over two of the Armories or storehouses of guns that were found in Concord. They also went door-to-door taking guns away from every house — bullets, powder that they may have had. If you control the guns, you control the people. You see the founding fathers knew that a day would come and we would have corrupt politicians — Hillary Clinton — who would want to destroy our democracy and Destroy our Constitution. You see, despite what you’ve probably been told — owning guns, having guns for self-defense, for protection from a out-of-control tyrannical government see that’s not a right that was given to us by the Bill of Rights or by the Constitution You see the founding fathers believed that the right to self-defense, the right for a group of people to protect themselves from a Crazy leader was a God-given right. You see they believed that everybody on the planet had a right to have a firearm to defend themselves, Their family, and their community from all enemies — foreign and domestic. And that’s why they made sure to put it inside of the Bill of Rights. See the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution before I was ratified as a way to Distinguish the individual rights of each person. That is why the Supreme Court has stated ,time and time again, That owning firearms is an individual right that is not connected with service in the militia, the National Guard,the military or law enforcement. That’s also why firearms like this Springfield. M1A This AR-15 and Yes, even this pistol Are not protected by the Second Amendment. They are a God-given right that was given to us from the creation of the world. You see the anti Gunners, they want to pretend like firearms are a massive social issue. That’s why their cohorts CNN MSNBC CBS and all the other idiots can’t stop talking about all of the massive mass shootings that are happening. Less than 12,000 people were murdered with firearms in 2018. Now we compare that to some of the other major issues in our society about 250,000 people died because of medical malpractice. More people died because of Car accidents,drinking and driving, than from gun violence. For generations, People knew that firearms were critical to our personal safety, but we live in a pretty safe country, you know We don’t really have to worry about much. We don’t have to worry about putting food on our table and we typically don’t have to worry much about personal safety. But as soon as we take away our ability to defend ourselves, That’s when the wolves and the bad guys come out to play. And this is why I am a proud gun owner, oh and you can have my guns but not while I’m standing.

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  1. AMURICA!! What's up Ryan. I just bought a radical firearms ar 15. What kind of sight do u recommend? Also is it legal to change the muzzle?

  2. I'm impressed Ryan. That was a great topic and great optics. So many Americans don't know their own history. You rock history with style dude.

  3. Some people just dont know who to vote for. Left to a democracy, the wrong person may accidentally be elected. To prevent this accident, the founding fathers set up a "democratic" republic where the land owning men would vote for a representative, who would vote for them, thereby preventing the wrong person being elected. Problem solved.

  4. Very awesome video! This should be played in every history class from 6th grade till you graduate college! Good job Ryan.

  5. As Solomon said: "there's nothing new under the sun" it is so so true. I love how you brought up that fun fact about Adolph… I wonder how TRIGGERED some snow flake would get if they knew their "saviors" in DC were pushing racist, murderous, Nazi, and dictatorial ideals🤣😂👊🌹 great video man, great video!!

  6. Great explanation here Ryan. Do you know the main reason why we have never been invade by a national military since WWII? It's because those nations as I believe the Japanese said "There's a gun behind every blade of grass." If you look at it strictly from a numbers perspective there approximately 50 million guns in the country even if it's only 5 million there isn't a ground force big enough that can beat back those kinds of odds. But let's say there is 50 million gun owners China has a 1 million man army just their army if I'm not mistaken that doesn't include air force navy marines (if they exist) and special forces units. Their ground forces cannot stand up to 50 million so our owning guns is already defending our country and all it's freedoms. Now if you figure in how many veterans like us are out here to organize town to town militias they'd be toast.

  7. Your preaching to the choir.. They left does not care they want your gins and now that they know they cant go straight to take them they are flanking us with infringment example, they came out with a bill to watch out for ammo sales having the banks look and see how much ammo you buy..this bill comes out of Virginia

  8. This was the best ending to my friendsgiving! Great video! If I wasn't across the country I'd have your six in our upcoming fight

  9. You are a fucking clown! How about learning Germany's side of the story? To the victor goes the myths and monuments, that means whomever wins the war gets to demonize the defeated.

  10. I heard yesterday that Lake county FL is now claiming 2nd Amendment sanctuary county. Im in Palm Beach so it doesn't matter for me. Maybe others will follow suit.

  11. A side note. When they say the 2nd. isn't for full auto guns, the first full auto rifle was patented in England in 1721, a 64 shot full auto!Lewis and Clark took a 20 round full auto on their trip. Invented and patented in the 1750's here in the U.S. Well known to our founding fathers. They demonstrated it to each tribe they came in contact with. This is why they were never attacked on their trip.

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