The Search for the Chinese White People : (Dongbei 东北 5)

The Search for the Chinese White People : (Dongbei 东北 5)

I came back haha We are leaving soon, so I wanted to buy some blueberries. Which one do you want? How much is this one? 45 RMB for 1 bag This one? This one is 35 RMB What are the difference between these two? They are different! Is this bag bigger? Just look for what you want to buy. Just buy what you want. There is also this kind here! Oh, you can buy a smaller version. No, this is great! Are you Russian? Are you too? No, I am not! I am American. When I saw you, I knew that you were a foreigner! Yeah, I am a foreigner. When you came over here, I didn’t think you were American, just… resembled a foreigner of some sort Did you guys grow up here all your life? And all of your kids and stuff is all here now? Yes. What generation are you? I am the second generation So you came from Russia? Yep. Why do you want to stay here? (In China) Everyone is here now. So everyone if your family can speak Russian? Yeah, they all can. What about the kids. Do they speak Russian, or Chinese? They speak everything. You have never thought about going back? Everyone is here, and those who stayed are really old. They can’t move back. Is China better for living? Russia is fine. It’s really good living. Why would we go back? Cus it’s a bit messy to go back What kind of religion do you follow? Chinese religion or your own Russian one? The Russian one. We have a small church here. You can see it over there.

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  1. Fascinating…I love the mixed ethnicity of people, their history, their family, their environment, lifestyle, etc. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Nice. My first trip up to my wife's hometown in the Northeast (1998) I was the first white guy seen there in about 47 years and everyone that saw me just assumed I was Russian because that's who the last visitor was 47 years ago! Not so strange actually, if you visit northern Italy you'll find French and Swiss villages there for similar reasons and I believe Italian ones on the other side. And if you visit parts of Xinjiang you'll swear you were actually in Pakistan or Afghanistan given the people and the writing on the shop signs, etc. Shouldn't be any stranger to see Russians living on the Chinese side than it is to see Mongols there when you think about it. Is it stranger just because of their skin color? Love the insistent hawkers, probably thought you were Russian and wanted to ride home! Oh and it's noisy because the Chinese love their noise (pollution).

  3. Those ppl would go live in Russia in a heartbeat, lol they're just stuck there, no offense to China or anything. But foreal foreal, you ppls brains have been fucked by propoganda about Russia, there's no way you can fix that, it a lost cause

  4. That wasn't an Elk, that was a reindeer. Elk are ginormous animals and their horns are shaped very differently.

  5. What could have been among your most interesting videos is a complete random mess like a messy run on sentence. Is it ok to secretly film people when it is clear they prefer you do not? Disappointing behavior C-milk.

  6. It really irksb me that you keep saying we're white, I understand you guys distinguish everything by race, but we are nothing like you, if anything ur Chinese gf is more like you, but we're nothing like you and there's no such thing as pure race Russian we are a mixture of things, I know it's hard to grasp that considering your whole country was built in race division

  7. elk is Moose…..reindeer are caribou! the names of these aforementioned are both interchangable elk and moose and then caribou/ reindeer!

  8. I think rain deer are called carabu, in alaska. also I know that mongolians make a drink from horse milk it is a alcohol drink.

  9. In fact, about 1500 years ago, there is a white nation invaded the national China, almost all of the North Chinese have been killed by them, then some of them fled to Hungary, so now Hungary's name have some difference with other western countries, their first name is behind the last name; Another part of them Settled down in China and Integration with other Chinese, so you can see the Chinese nowadays have some difference with the ancient Chinese.

  10. white russians who were living in the area where they put the border for china? That probably did not happen ha Russians went to Chinese Provinces during war times, but having a city where they lived and it just became china lol i don't think so ha

  11. I have met 2 Russians who were Asian like Chinese looking or so.. 🙂 they spoke only Russian was funny becasue my friend was a real Chinese and they did not understand him and asked me what he said 😀 haha funny situation 😀

  12. Having lived in the UK for a long time, now I'm peeping in my own country through the eyes of a foreigner. It seems like C-milk knows more about the different regions of my own country than most other Chinese people, including myself lol

  13. There are also decendents of Romans from Alexander time stayes in Ningxia province.
    Roman legions suffer defeat with persian army and retreat into China and were allowed the stay.
    You shud chk that too, much more fun than Chinese Russians.

  14. Some of those power poles are very skinny . They must get blown down often. And they have some solar powered street lights! Good day! Why so loud at 23:40? Don't you recognize the Beatles 'Hey Jude' – the ikon that the Beatles are in Chinese society. Is that a water delivery vehicle at 30:30? Very beautiful shots of the sky and landscape after this!

  15. Most Russians in northeastern china were ethnically cleansed/deported during the clash with the soviet “social imperialism” in the 1960s.

  16. The two ladies don't look ethnic Russians at all but very Asian. Also the accent doesn't sounds like the soft Russian in the west of Russia. Obviously they know Russian and obviously use it to keep their communication private, but it doesn't prove anything about them

  17. I dont get building a tourist area if there is nothing there. Please dont tell me its all for watching white Russians as the walk by.or checking out a cemetary. I mean do they come and put on a show when they get there?? This is bizarre. Besides..everytime you say white Russian I keep thinking about the drink lol

  18. Nice save at about 4:45. I was laughing to that point about your 'elk'. You are correct it was likely a Reindeer or Cariboo. Elk Antlers are harvested after they fall off the Elk (once a year). They wouldn't have to kill them for their antlers. However, it wouldn't save them. Elk are pretty tasty.

  19. I heard that the Russians are mix around with Chinese and most of the young Russian people are not pure Russian, they are mostly mix blood.
    There is a minority in Xinjiang province that is 100% white people, the live in the plateau area where the oxygen is thinner.

  20. Some information about the senior lady: She is a Russian born in China, she is the second generation. There is a tiny Russian church nearby. She spoke Russian in the family. But now her children and grand children speak both languages in the family.

  21. I think if you check, you'll find that "white" in "white Russians" does not refer to their skin color. It refers to their original allegiance to the Czar, if I'm not mistaken. They may have been caucasian, slavic, IDK.

  22. Dude, why would you film someone who does not want to be filmed? As you know, were you in the land of milk and honey, you're butt would be in a major lawsuit, which you would lose. More to the point, you're intruding into the guy's life, he told you he does not want to be filmed. Believe me, this is not a good way to gain fans in the USA!!!
    BTW, you really are dense in your ability to take a hint from your far more gracious wife, who told you, "Big dumb Viv, she turned off the cam." Yeah, right. Take the hint, Rosco, stop filming people who tell you they do not want to be filmed!!

  23. NEVER, NEVER give Vivi the camera again. I am 3 weeks into seasickness recovery after this video. However, it is an Amazing reveal of on untraveled part of China. Thanks, dudes.

  24. Are you joking? I never have seen a vlogs video so bad, the camera was upside down at more than one point, I gave you a thump down because your camera holding skill, too amateur, since you have a channel and ask for sponsor, you need to be more professional, don't walk around and swinging your camera around all the time.

  25. Slavs are an older branch than western whites, plus Russians already have an Asian element to them having mixed with Sami and mongols.
    White to Chinese would look mixed to your average Anglo/German.
    Most Asians know the difference between Slavs and western whites, it’s like the whole world knows Slavs are their own thing besides the west

  26. Does "white Russian" in this context actually mean White Russian (i.e., Byelorussian; and if so how did they end up settling so far east), or does "white" here just mean Caucasian (as opposed to, say, Yupik)?

    Looking at a map, it appears that one section of China (east/northeast of Mongolia) extends almost to the southern edge of the "taiga" coniferous-forest region. The trees in the video are clearly deciduous, of course, characteristic of only the southernmost parts of Siberia. Still, noticeably different from most of China.

  27. I have to say, the whole "white" thing is kind of offensive and annoying. I don't like color coding. It implies that all Europeans are exactly the same group, and they're not. There's a reason 23andme and other genetics companies can tell Russian DNA apart from English or Irish. Because they're not the same. They are different ethnic groups. A russian for example is NOT the same as you if you are Irish and German. Genetically and culturally eastern europeans are actually different than western Europeans. For instance, my eastern European family has some east asian genetic heritage and, of course, the culture we have is quite different from the west. You, my very western friend, are not like us. No offense. If you walk around in Estonia, my country, I promise you people there would think you are foreign just by looking at you, more often than not, because you do not have eastern features. I know I immediately took you as looking very western European.

    Also, they are Chinese now. They're NOT "wai guo ren" – these people have lived out their entire lives in what is now China. Plus, Eastern Europeans and North Asians share common genetic heritage even if they look a little different – they are actually a lot more closely related than you are to, say, a genetically sub-saharan African person.

    Just call them Europeans. What's so hard about that? Do you call Chinese people "yellow Chinese"? man….

    Also, you can't look at facial features and say "oh definitely a Russian" – there ARE legitimately people with pretty European looking features in China who ARE Chinese – because in western China, there has been intermixing going on with Euro-types for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.

  28. C-milk “anyways want to show you a little about the human condition… having to ruin everything” vivi in the background at worst time “can you pick some flowers for me” 🤣 😂

  29. Why you didnt look for old Tocharians toward Tajik border in Xingiang and Tarim Basin region? Did Uygurs expelled them toward west or what happened to them…

  30. The people in the bread store were speaking Russian with an accent
    They said you speak Chinese
    Right before that she said mom close up lol

  31. This is like a mirror into American television, 75 yrs from now, once liberal Hollywood gets it's way.

    *NOTE: I was just kidding. I thought an alt. right joke would be funny. These are not my beliefs…

  32. This is why I'm very fascinated with China. As a cultural and lingual enthusiast, especially for that of China, I'm in love with the fact that just this one country is home to 56-strong ethnic groups, each with their own genetic background, cultural heritage, language (In many cases), and appearance. Thank you for showing us a video that demonstrates the many faces of China.

    谢谢你给我们看这个棒的视频。作为一个中国的民族爱好者、我很高兴看到这个视频! 从一个来自美国的中国文化和语言爱好者的问候!

  33. there are not authentic mongolians. they are inner mongolians mixed with chinese. their food, language, the way of living now totally different.

  34. Heh take a plastic milk bottle and cut it to break the wind when doing video.
    Damn this is a good video. Love you guys!

  35. 5:42 Vivi's suffering from the cold is understandable: 1) Sudden change from usual. 2) Born by people used to hot climate, always lived there. 3) Women have higher water content, feel the cold quicker. 4) No history of going on extremely harsh bike adventures, haha. – Basically all factors against her.
    9:08 Are those blue roses? Nice. | 14:00 That car is so silent. Almost like it's electric. Must be well-dampened, especially the engine bay.
    15:15 It's like a zoo because you're acting like it is. 😉 Bizarre this is not, except you saying so. 😉

  36. Northern California has some Russian Influence along the Sonoma Coast. There’s Fort Ross that was once a Russian Outpost in the 1800’s. There’s the Russian River that flows to the Pacific Ocean at Jenner. Point Reyes Station has some Russian buildings.

  37. This is different from most of your videos. I'm enjoying it! That Burch forest it absolutely a thing of beauty! I do believe that was a reindeer in the fenced area. I was thinking just as you mentioned the fact that you hoped you didn't get lost in there. It's so easy to get lost in woods if you don't know what you're doing or know how to track. It was cold and you would have had to build a fire, and unless you have the proper tools, that would be quite a feat! Not scolding you, well….kind of am, but it could happen so easily to just get turned around and every tree looks like the next. I got lost with my little sister as a kid, in woods that I was very familiar with. I love your sense of adventure, and you still have it today which is fantastic! Great video except for the part where Vivi was filming sideways! Haha! The bread lady seemed kind of bitchy or irritated. What's up with that? Was it just me or does anyone else think so too?

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