The Scarlet Letter – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

The Scarlet Letter – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

Whassup baby? This week on Thug
Notes we gettin loose with The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. Up in Salem, Massachusets where
errybody got real tight assh*les, homies gather to peep the public humuliation of some thick
hunny named Hester Prynne. See the One- time found Hester guilty of sleepin round like
a skank and gettin knocked up. Now she gotta sport a red “A” on her threads to signify
“Adultery.” The people be all like, “Yo slut,
you best fess up the name of yo baby daddy.” But Hester keeps it street and don’t snitch. While she bein all hated on by the
hood, she peeps her ol’ hubby in the crowd, who til now she thought got ganked at sea. This fool get all crunk and say
that the man she hoin it up with gotta get his too. So he go by the fake
name of Doc Chillingworth and hit the streets to find the fool who banged his woman. After Hester get released from the
slammer, she shacks up in some dingy-ass digs with her baby girl Pearl. The local preacher man Dimmsdale
gets all sick and Doc Chill start nursing him when he starts thinking, “Maybe this fool ill cuz
he got some fessin to do.” So one night Chilly scope him out
while he sleepin and see a big red A on his chest. Now Chilly know who been raw-doggin
Hester. Then Hester gets tired of Chilly
bustin her baby daddy’s balls, and asks him to stop hatin. But Chilly be all like, “Can’t
stop, won’t stop”! So Hester tell Dimmsdale that Chillingworth her old hubby. Later while Dimmsdale sermonizing, he
sees Hester and Pearl in the crowd, loses his sh*t, and starts tellin errybody that
he’s Pearl’s daddy. Then he shrivels up and dies like a bitch. Since Chilly ain’t
got nobody to f**k wit no more, he up and dies too. Years later, Hester goes back to
her cottage in da boonies where she builds a rep for givin advice to other women. When
she dies, she gets buried next to Dimmsdale with a big-ass “A” on their gravestone. Even the scrappiest hoods know that
Hester’s A standin for Adultery, but listen good, blood. That ain’t all it means. Like when Hester start doin
righteous deeds for the community, homies start thinkin the A stands for “able.”
And when peeps see a big “A” in the sky after Winthrop buys the farm, they thinkin
it means “angel.” But no matter how legit Hester
play, dat “A” isolating her from all the other playas in town who frontin saying they
all pure n’ uppity. Ever since Adam took a bite out of
dat apple and got his ass booted out of Eden, sin has isolated man from society, himself
and even God. And since dem Puritains ain’t down with Hester’s bad self, she gotta live
in a cottage in bum-f**k nowhere. Chilly’s sin of vengeance gets so
real, that he loses himself entirely. The narrator even say dat that with his vengeance
all cashed out, he ain’t got nothin to do but go chill with Satan. But the truth up in here is that
all these self-righteous posers ain’t being real and admitting that they just as human
as Hester. Cuz no matter how hard you try to stick to the straight and narrow, acting
out is part of human nature. Anybody that say they never trip in the face of temptation
is the real lying trick. So what Hawthorne might be sayin
is: If errybody is a sinner, shouldn’t we stop hating so much whenever someone f**ks
up? Cuz if you gonna say life is based
on love and compassion, you gotta know how to forgive, playa. Stay in school, say no to drugs,
and tell all your friends about Thug Notes. Catch yo ass next week! Peace.

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  1. What's funny is that even though they're profanity-laced and would not be appropriate to middle-school aged students who might actual be able to use these vids, is that they actually have really good summaries and really deep and moral analyses.

  2. Well to be technical, we don't know for sure what Chillingworth found on Dimmesdale's chest that one night. I personally think Dimms. branded himself with the letter A on his chest because of the guilt of his hidden sin.

  3. Is it weird that I recognise the painting that was used for Chillingworth's face in this video? It's of Jonathan Edwards, the grandfather of U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr, best known for killing the guy on the 10 dollar bill in a duel.

  4. my teacher told us to look this up before we begin reading it, she couldnt play it in class but now i see why. Funny shit.

  5. Loved this man! It's nice to read a funny, entertaining, and insightful summary and analysis on this. Just finished haha. And man, loved your "Shrivels up and dies like a bitch" quote hahaha. No other way to describe it XD

  6. Love your videos but I got to be a little bit of a bitch on this one. If you start your video by drinking some sweet sweet nectar you can end it by saying don't do drugs.

  7. The Scarlet Letter: A Romance is an 1850 work of fiction in a historical setting, written by American author Nathaniel Hawthorne.

    The book is considered to be his "masterwork".

    Set in 17th-century Puritan Massachusetts Bay Colony, during the years 1642 to 1649, it tells the story of Hester Prynne, who conceives a daughter through an affair and struggles to create a new life of repentance and dignity.

    Throughout the book, Hawthorne explores themes of legalism, sin, and guilt.

  8. Wait a minute, the name of the preacher is Dimmsdale? Was the book maybe written by…


  9. I remember fighting with my English teacher about this. SHE WAS The victim, victimized by her husband, preacher and the town folk. But she rose above that shit, and turned into not just a survivor but a Heroine

  10. What are examples of unheimlich in this book. I need to know. Please let me know. unheimlich is when normal things are first shown normal but as time grow they become extremely unordinary. For example, a dog on a walk then turns to a giant monster and starts eating people.

  11. My mom did a costume based on this once. She dressed in period appropriate clothing and had the A on her chest. But she made it an A+. If you're gonna commit adultery, give it your all! lol

  12. This was helpful, but I gotta answer some gay shit like "State the request that Chillingworth makes of Hester. What possible motives may he have for his action?"

  13. Gangsters in Movies: Screw education I do all the drugs

    Sparky Sweets, Ph.D.: Stay in school, say no to drugs, and tell all your friends to subscribe to Thug Notes.

  14. I love this story so much. It's pretty accurate the way that women would go to the accused adulteress and try to convince them to confess who the father of their child is so that he has to share the blame and the responsibility of the child they created. Women would be too scared to do it alone. These women definitely shamed the unwed mother, but they also supported them when no one else in society was there for them

  15. I personally really liked this book. The nature imagery in it is absolutely gorgeous; and the symbolism of pearl as being representative of their sin is absolutely beautiful.

  16. I honestly liked the scarlet letter. I found Hester and Dimmesdales relationship bittersweet and really sad. Dimmesdale was hands down my favorite character cause he had so many layers.

  17. Thug Notes' analysis is another reason why people hate the Demi Moore movie — more true to the book AND better at the same time xD

  18. After some years, a new generation of town folk felt she should be able to remove the scarlet A. But she kept wearing it anyway because she didn't mind it.

  19. The story takes place Boston, not Salem. The two settlements had different sectarian origins. Hawthorne was from Salem.

  20. Is it just me or is Hester Prynne the least likable person in the book? Like it’s not Chillingworth’s fault she cheated on him!

  21. Thank god for thug notes. I HATE this book it’s so boring and I have to read it for school. Thank you thug notes for making it interesting.

  22. Wait sparky do you really have a phd? Cus you be straight surgically cuttin through the bull shit and revealing these literary playa hatters on the reg my g

  23. (Playlist) The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
    – For Studying, Reviewing, or Summer Reading

  24. i literally have to write an essay, it was due yesterday, i didnt read the book at all, just going by this video, wish me luck lmao

  25. I love Nathaniel Hawthorne's work. The Mansion and The Great Carbuncle were amazing. His writing is amazing, and his allegory is subtle and tasteful.


    It's supposed to be his greatest work, and dealt with hidden sin.

    It has only four key characters, all of which are mains, and has literally NO subplots that actually deviated from the main story (for flavor).

    I love great mysteries (Poe, Doyle, Christie), great sin-centric novels (Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan and Silas Marner by Eliot), and archaic-style writers (Homer, Shakespeare, Tolkien)

    This novel, however, was too on-the-nose, too archaic, and worst of all


    Thanks for coming to my TED Talk

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