46 thoughts on “The scandal that changed how the media covers politics

  1. Funny how the #fakenews leaves out Juanita Broderick and the other 3 women who were RAPED by Clinton. Hope you❄️❄️❄️ are ready for the 🌪️ storm coming your way…😎😂🤣 It's already here ☝️🙏

  2. It was a #metoo because the way she was treated and the names she was called 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’m a 25yo conservative and I can see that

  3. Not a me too moment. Me too can't be used as an umbrella term for everyone to use. Me too is for people that were harrassed and sexually abused. This was a consenting affair. Read the Starr Report, Monica wasn't completely innocent.

  4. The problem wasn't her age it was that he was the president. Young dumb women are attracted to power. That's abuse of power. So yes it's a me to thing

  5. This was only found pit cause they were investigating his arkansas illegal activities. Lets not forgrt clinton runnimg cocaine thrpugh arkansas airport.

  6. How is a a sexual abuse movement now related to someone who consensually had sex with bill clinton? I'm confused

  7. Democrats fucked themselves. Had just 12 Senate Democrats voted with the GOP to remove Bill Clinton from office then Al Gore would have succeeded as the next President and the incumbent one year out before the 2000 election. As an incumbent he would have likely beat Bush in 2000 and perhaps even have won a 2nd term in 2004 and served 9 years in office. Democrats could have actually shifted global thinking and action on Climate Change with execution if Gore were President. They could have passed Medicare for all and all the other socialist crap they whine about today. Instead the Dirty Democrats led by that Low IQ Individual Maxine Waters decided to support and stay loyal to a proven pervert lol. They have no right to criticize or go after Trump.

  8. The precise timing of the airing of this expose perfectly illustrates the Democratic and Clinton bias that runs deep through the blood of the propaganda machine known as CNN. This is released on the same day and literally hours after Hillary Clinton says she "can't imagine running again". CNN would never air this if they had any intel Hillary was actually considering running again. They never aired such a recap during the 2016 electoral campaign and just spent time attacking Trump. Many millennial and immigrant voters in 2016 were too young or not even in the country when this scandal took place in the late 1990s and CNN and the rest of US msm intentionally buried the reporting to keep them uninformed. They knew those two typically Democrat leaning voting coalitions would lose support if the voters knew how disgusting and despicable those monsters known as the Clintons were their first stint in office. Brian Stelter and these other CNN clowns call Fox the Fake News when really they are the founders of fake news. Disgusting.

  9. all these negative comments about monica lewinsky. the point is after the affair, bill clinton is still seen as the president who did great things for america but monica lewinsky is only seeing as the woman who slept with the president despite now 20 years later, none of her later accomplishments matter. how is that fair? yes, it was a consensual relationship but he gets to keep his career, his marriage and family and what does she get? haters that still hate her to this day and none of her career accomplishments matter.

  10. I know it's easy to claim so now – but I did vehemently recoil at the time at how badly Monica Lewinsky was treated /referred to by both the press and regular folk. It was conflicting for me as I was an avid Clinton supporter, and found it difficult to accept that he had acted so despicably. I'm so very glad Lewinsky has emerged from all this so well – kudos to her indeed! 👏

  11. Hillary isn't into white men!
    She really likes/ loves blackmen!
    She should have married a black man!
    Bill wouldn't have had this omen on his back had she been into white men!
    There wouldn't have been a need to stray!

  12. Bill is the best president we’ve had in a while. She just wants money for something she already got paid for lol

  13. I believe there were several guys in Congress would have had an affair with Monica if the opportunity were there.

  14. Why do CNN SUPPORT men and women who are corrupted, I'M WONDERING IF THEY HAVE SOME THING TO HIDE….💩💩💩💩

  15. I just heard Don lemon say the Gedow is gross and disgustingI guess we know what he thinks about people that live in the ghetto you know there’s a lot of cream good people that live in the ghetto Don lemon is a ghetto too good for your rich ass

  16. Now, I completely understand why CNN CBSN MSNBC (and the Washington
    Post and the New York Times and
    NBC News and the rest) would not hire Trump supporters. The media have an
    agenda. They want to drive Trump from office by any means necessary, including the use of violence,
    and will do anything to stop him from serving a second term or furthering his
    mandate. That I get… There is no mystery about that…

  17. Is there any chance you might realize at any point that me too is about lack of consent and therefore you are trivializing sexual harrassment/abuse by framing this as a "metoo scandal"?

  18. Hillary Clinton threatened the women that were sexually abused by her husband Bill and defended the liar even after he was busted… Another Democrat front runner lol. Creepy uncle Joe cant keep his hands off of little girls and his wide open immigration and "white people depopulation is good" comments.
    Bernies bread lines , AOC no more children for Amercans and kill the cows and tear down every building and raise taxes 70% Kamala Harris' adultery with married man to get a foot up in political jobs , Harris who does some Cult ritual crossing her arms and shouting "WAKANDA"? HER FATHER SAYS SHES SHAMELESS. BOOKER AKA SPARTACUS LMBO WHO HAS A PENDING ASSAULT ON A WOMAN CHARGE.Elizabeth Warren pretending to be Indian to get tuition and job preferencial treatment..I mean HOLY COW ! THATS YOUR BEST LEADERSHIP DEMOCRATS ? OH MY 😱😱😱

  19. I love the fact that while Monica was blowing Bubba, Hillary was blowing her favorite vibrator. 😪

  20. " I did not thoroughly enjoy that woman's voluptuous booty "

    I lied!!!😀 But it's ok you'll forgive me in a few years.

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