The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response

The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response

♪♪ Are you worried about video game feminists? Well, now, for the low, low price of $15,000 a month for an undisclosed amount of time, you—yes, you—can be a part of gaming history and make two dudes have more money than before! Help Jordan Owen and Davis Aurini afford a new camcorder, and maybe some fucking makeup! She’s a professional victim, I tell you! She fled her home, AND she’s a professional! Those things are technic—it’s technically accurate, god damn it! Fifteen thousand dollars…! Why would I waste money on a mere feature-length documentary when I can watch Jordan Owen ranting on his couch about Anita Sarkeesian for 14 fucking hours for free? But now we have to go on the run! The feminists dropped Davis in the forest, and he doesn’t want to get dirt on his turtleneck! Come on, Davis, we have to—no, stop lecturing me about ethics! We have to get out of here! And can you please stop trying to start a forest fire?! Fifteen thousand dollars! I can’t wait to be told what to think by this guy. I mean, he has such amazing thoughts about ethnic minorities. “We should be absolutely furious with the niggers. Not the blacks, the fucking niggers.” “Whites had been working for the past several hundred years to eliminate slavery throughout the globe. And even when we bought the black slaves, we treated them extremely well.” [SCREAMING] Oh, of course he has a trilby. Of course! Why wouldn’t he? I mean, what else would you hang on your NOVELTY TOY SKULL? FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! But don’t worry, though. These guys are totally cool with women. Hell, women love them. They get plenty of ass… at the strip club. “And I’ll tell you right now, my favorite dancer at my favorite club is Molly at Tattletale’s. Go look her up, and you’ll find out why.” But enough of that bullshit, all this talking about murdering video game women’s making me Ayn Randy! If you know what I’m fucking saying! That was a pun!
[LAUGHING] “…to talk about objectivity—the hottest legs in Atlanta just walked down the sidewalk outside.” What did the guy they were attached to have to say for himself? [COMICAL, OVERWROUGHT LAUGH] [ECHOEY WHISPERING]
Fifteen thousand dollars a month… If Atlas shrugs any harder, he’ll fall off his dad’s fucking couch! Eleven billion Canadian US dollars! “This should be the kind of thing that people are mobilizing over. We should be out in the streets in mass.” Destroying video game feminism! Yeah, you’re really fucking out there right now. Is that Corinthian leather, or did you make it out of all those fucking belts?! What— Why are there belts in the corn…? [LAUGHING]
What the fuck?! Holy shit… [DEADPAN VOICE]
Fifteen thousand dolla— Davis Aurini has a fucking blog… Oh, sweet! He’s a master of text, not just audio and visuals. A better class of people hiked up those mountains. Politics just melt away, leaving a bunch of fat, pasty white guys. The color just melted right off all my black friends that I totally have! Actually, they didn’t want to go hiking with me for some reason. “On paper, I have nothing against white nationalism. And I am a huge white nationalist on paper.” This guy knows exactly what women are like! “Women in our culture have become the most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome. Going out for gangbangs every weekend, and despising the men that would actually te— treat them with love, dignity and respect.” [RAPID WHISPERING]
Fifteen thousand dollars. But enough about women, let’s do some Bible study! “So, a series of videos on theology. I don’t think these are going to be the most popular videos I ever record.” “Not the blacks, the fucking niggers.” “So it starts out. Eve allows herself to be tricked by the serpent. Any of you men out there with experience with women know that women are so prone to this. They want to…” Yeah! The Bible, the #1 authoritative source on women… [LAUGHING]
It just keeps— It just— Holy fucking— FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLAAAAA— Don’t get him started on Karl Marx, a guy whose works he’s totally read. “You see, with the Marxists. The Marxists say the capitalist class stole all the money, so we’re going to go burn down their houses and rape their children, and… and torture them and hang them, and take their property, then we’ll have a socialist utopia.” He knows! He knows! HE KNOWS! [SCREAMING] [RAPID WHISPERING]
Fifteen thousand dollars. My opinion is so expensive that wearing normal clothes wouldn’t do it justice. If you give me $15,000 I’ll be able to make a suit out of money, and that would justify my opinion! Okay, fuck it. I’ll watch one more of these, and then I’m… I’m just gonna forget these guys. Hold on a second, is he playing The Sims while he— Holy fuck! [LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY] What the fuck?! What’s— [CONTINUES LAUGHING] How many of those do you— [STILL LAUGHING] He moves it between shots! He just— He— [YEP, STILL LAUGHING] I’m crying! [MORE LAUGHING] Oh, fuck it, I’m done! I can’t watch any more! I feel like I should say something at least semi-serious in this, if people are gonna end up watching this. Um, in one of his videos, Davis Aurini openly admits that whenever he says anything that sounds even vaguely progressive, he gets a bunch of shit off of white nationalists. Like, they see him saying something that’s not pro-white people, and they get pissy with him. Um… Obviously, this is a terrible thing and the people who do that are the worst kind of scum. But the real question is why so many white nationalists watch his videos in the first place. Like… Have you considered that maybe you’re attracting the wrong audience when you talk about how bad black people are? Or women in general? Come on, now. I actually, like, watched through some of their stuff, so I could make some kind of long-winded fucking 40-minute rebuttal, but all I could… All you can do is laugh. You don’t— you don’t need to bother. Like, it’s… [LAUGHING] I can’t believe there’s fucking skulls all over the place! [LAUGHING]
I hope it’s not real. Oh my God, is it real? [♪ “X-Files Theme Tune” – Mark Snow]

100 thoughts on “The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response

  1. I know it's weird to comment on 4 year old videos, but maybe he was Guybrush Threepwood, and that's Murray, the talking skull.

  2. As much as I love u and ur arguments, you absolutely cannot judge someone for having random shit in the background of their shots lmao

  3. 4 yrs on and the evidence that Sarkeesian is a lying fruitcake has only grown. Do you now finally give up on defending that moron or are you gonna double down on the lunacy? I do so hope the left keeps lying and dissembling for nutty groups – it keeps you out of power and cretins like you are great recruiting sergeants for the counter-march through the institutions.

  4. Straight men are so used to having TV/movies/video games cater to them as the consumer that they can't even handle the prospect of someone speaking up about it?

  5. Leftard talk about the overwhelming black crime in America and just about everywhere else there is black people and while you are at it check out Colin Flaherty

  6. He's not even….breathing the smoke in. He just puts the cigarette to his mouth a couple times you never see the embers glow

  7. Davis Aurini Drinking Game: pour yourself a whiskey with a shitload of ice in it, watch every one of his videos, and for every time he uses a slur or every video in which his toy skull is visible, take a sip.

  8. It's really ironic to see the concept of toxic masculinity in example form given in this very video. Ironic, I hope. I hope?

    Are they less of a man because they don't fuck lots of women? You two aren't so dissimilar after all.

  9. Why is it a thing with terrible people to say “I’m not talking about the (minority’s), I’m talking about the (minority slur)’s”

  10. As a christian, I will wholeheartedly debunk this "it's all Eve's fault" argument. IF Adam and supposedly all men are so rational, why did he follow along? Why didn't he do the smart thing and not eat the fruit? Why did he follow along his "stupid wife"(lol women am I right) who listened to a snake? Then proceed to blame the woman GOD put there with him(it's funny because he is kind of trying to blame God here too) for his actions instead of taking responsibility(like supposedly all men do and women don't)?

  11. Sadly he was not playing The Sims, instead that was a disgustingly shitty looking desktop. Damn it people, with all of the wallpaper sites on the web there is no reason to have a shit one.

  12. "women in our culture have become the most decadent sluts since the fall of rome" translation= WHY WONT WOMEN GO OUT WITH ME I'M A NICE GUY!
    also funny how he side steps one of the things rome is really well known for and that's the massive orgies they use to have.

  13. That Davis fuck looks like that evil guy who buys Drew Barrymore in Ever After.

    EDIT: This guy. How does he look EXACTLY like an over the top villain from a period film??

  14. Been on a bit of a binge of your content for the past couple of days. Saw the bloodborne video when it came out and instantly subscribed, but never really watched anything after that until now. All great stuff, but can you tell me why this guy smokes cigarettes so pretentiously? I couldn't quite tell, but it looks like he's doing the same thing with the cigarettes as he does with the whiskey, not actually smoking it but using it as a prop. But the big ass gestures he does when he lights it up is the most painful part. Anyone who makes lighting a cigarette look so purposeful and deliberate is an asshole who either doesn't actually smoke trying to look cool for the camera.

  15. Theory on the skull. He has to remove/ move things he knows he can't put on camera. He does mention a girl friend who edited his book at some point so I wonder if it is pictures of her or feminising touches to his house he doesn't want to show.

  16. These guys are really easy targets though. My only problem with sjws and political games journalists is that they usually target media that wasn't created with them in mind anyway. Go after how sexist those shitty "games for girls" are, not gta

  17. before I watch this video, which I promise I will. Sarkeesian is a complete douchebag. I have 0 respect for her. I'm down with feminism but fuck Sarkeesian. what a joke of a feminist. aaaand here we

  18. "to film this documentary we're going to need $15,000…"
    a bit steep for a first documentary from a couple of youtubers but I guess if you want to have a sharp increase in quality that's a reasonable goal for fundi-
    ".. A month. For 5ish months"

    That's like 75K. That's a years salary. I'm not sure they would even know HOW to spend 75,000 dollars…. Unless…..

    They're gonna spend it all on skulls.

  19. See I like your vids and all, but the hysterical laughter is not adding much to them. I'm trying to get through this one (because I am genuinely curious about this rabbit hole) and finding it hard thanks to that.

  20. Question: What is "McMaster University" and what the fuck does being "trained" as a Historian mean? If he has a degree just state the fucking degree, goddamn.

  21. Well, I'm glad I watched the flat earth video before this one. You've come a long way since this filth, I'm proud of you.

    I call this filth because it's riddled with 'laughing at you invalidates your logic,' 'your decorative and clothing tastes invalidate your logic,' 'somebody else said things similar to you and that person was a bad person, therefore your logic is invalid because the bad person did bad things' and other such logical arse gravy.

    Yes, I know you will sleep easily knowing that a stranger on the internet is proud of you.

  22. TBH If I was a youtuber with a skull prop, I would totally move it around the shot between cuts and make it wear fun hats.

  23. I like to imagine this guy masturbating to productions of Othello, but the sad truth is that he's probably never watched that either.

  24. Why does he Smoke a Cigarette in so many of his videos? Does he think it makes him look "Classy and Refined", like he's Clark Gable or something?

  25. I have never heard of a lot of these people you talk about until I started watching you. I think that’s a very good thing

  26. I was one of those people who believed in the ethical issues raised by genuine elements of Gamergate, and was bitterly disappointed when the whole thing got taken over by alt-right, racist arseholes who used the ethics aspect as a shield to try to deflect criticisms while making excuses to harass women across the internet, choking it to death as they did so.

    These complete twatnuggets howled at the top of their lungs about the perceived threat of feminism and then pointed at us as if we were going to side with them just because we had ethical concerns – concerns which, I'm sure you'll agree, the alt-right almost certainly didn't have themselves, even if they claimed otherwise. It got to the point where these people, with their racial slurs, their right-wing dogwhistling, seemed less like genuine people and more like caricatures who only said the word "ethics" in passing because they were specifically attemping to undermine the idea.

    I still think there's ongoing ethical issues, but when people like this come along, pick "targets" based on gender, visibility, and the fact that they're feminists, and then hound those people to the point where they're getting literal death threats and have to fear for their life from sexist mobs, then that's where the line has been crossed a dozen times more than should've been acceptable. Fuck the alt-right.

  27. i remember watching this on repeat between classes when you first uploaded it and rediscovering it now is probably the best thing to happen to me in years

  28. * I'm thinking of Davis Aurini's skull as his sidekick. It needs a name, man! I dunno…."Boner", "Bonehead", "Ernst Starved Bonefeld", "Hodgkin's", "Davy Bonearooney", "Hardhead", "Yorick Jr.", "Governor Scott", etc.
    * I'm picturing it having a mind of it's own and it thinks Davis is a huge dumbass behind Davis' back and the skull's secretly a feminist.
    * A bit of a jump-scare at the end! Good question….is that dumb skull real?

  29. “Eve allows herself to be tricked by the serpent.”
    And Adam allows himself to be tricked by Eve AND the serpent simultaneously.

  30. I was in THIS…I didn't know who was filming, their "beliefs" (I am black). Nothing. For the record I've NEVER listened to anita snackeezian… I don't have the time to listen to the fallout of THIS until way after the fact. Is it up anywhere? also i was drunk.

  31. Really all you ought to do to white nationalists is A) laugh at them for the stupid shit they do and B) acquaint their heads with the pavement for all the evil shit they do

  32. 1:05

    Oh so this is one of the people that made it so Chris Rock couldn't do that bit anymore. I didn't think it possible but I dislike this guy even more now.

  33. Honestly, from what I've heard of Anita Sarkeesian, the problems people have with her are either that she's a conwoman who doesn't believe in anything she says while tricking an audience into believing what she says about video games, taking said games she's not familiar with out of context in order to promote said faulty lens to get money off it, all while game developers are more likely to fix the problems she has regardless of what she says or does due to shifting ideas (or it's not fixed at all, like the time she said that Linkle being added to Hyrule Warriors didn't count as progress just because she's a side character in a side story)…

    But I'm going to take a wild guess and say that run-on sentence I just made is more nuanced than whatever The Sarkeesian Effect was.

  34. I can’t believe we’re not talking about how he’s standing behind a rock to hide that he’s wearing hiking shoes with a suit

  35. Holy fuck, this was the first Hbomberguy video I watched several years ago and I didn’t even realize it was him. Someone posted it on tumblr (when I still used that as a 16 year old, press F to pay respects) and it made the rounds and I thought it was the funniest shit ever. I showed it to a bunch of my friends because it was just so good. All these years later it’s still great.

  36. i didn’t realize you made this video! i felt a vague rememberence watching the sequel, and now, watching the original, i see why

  37. Wow, straight out the cut with those hard R's. What a shitbag.

    Edit: No wonder he's an angry misogynist, he looks like Mr. Clean making a snuff film.

  38. IT honestly wouldn't surprise me if Aurini was a phrenologist, considering all the skulls he has lying around.

  39. My sister's got me a toy skull from the dollar store as a joke and it looks way more believable than that.

  40. It is very possible that Aurini is a lich and that skull is his phylactery. Consider it: him being an undead necromancer from ages past would explain why his views seem to have come straight from the 18th century.

  41. ik its years later but im rewatching and i wonder if anyone ever looked up molly from tattle tales to see why

  42. At 4:10, not only is the toy skull in the shot, but Davis is off center in the shot, which I have to imagine is for the sole purpose of giving the skull proper visibility! What a fucking whackjob!

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