The Russian Revolution (1917)

The Russian Revolution (1917)

The Russian Revolution The year is 1914 World War 1 had begun and Russia was at war with Germany. The working class and the peasants make up the Russian Army. However, they are not well equipped or trained for the battles to come. The year is now 1917, millions of Russians had been either killed or wounded. The Russian people were angry at Tsar Nicholas the Second for getting Russia into war and several other reasons including, the Tsar taking personal command of the Army, Rasputin’s power over the royal family, food shortages and growing political opposition. The first revolution came about in February 1917 on the Julian calendar in Petrograd, which was the capital of Imperial Russia. Demonstrators protested about the lack of bread due to rationing and were some joined by striking workers. The Army was called upon to suppress the uprising. Several protesters were shot and killed by the soldiers, however, many refused to open fire. The Army to it seemed at mutiny against the Tsar, the Petrograd Soviet was the city council for workers and soldiers. Now, more and more workers and soldiers elected people to it in order to represent their demands. The Tsar abdicated bringing an end to the Tsarist autocracy and a new government took over. This government was run by two political parties, the Petrograd Soviet and the Provisional Government. The Bolshevik Revolution. The Provisional Government was also unpopular. It made the decision to remain in the war and failed to give land to the peasants. Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks were a faction of the Marxist Russian Social Democratic Labour Party and eventually became the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. He had a simple slogan which would appeal to the people and the Petrograd Soviet, Peace, bread and land. Peace — the end of Russia’s involvement in World War One. Bread — solving food shortages and Land — which would go to the peasants . He also stated all power to the Soviets, meaning that he would seize power in the name of the Soviet. On November 6th and 7th, 1917, or October 24th and 25th on the Julian calendar, the Bolsheviks led by Lenin launched a coup d’etat against the provisional government. They stormed the Winter Palace and arrested the provisional government, putting themselves in charge of Russia’s government. After the Revolution, the Bolshevik government exited the war by signing a peace treaty with Germany called “The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk” . A civil war would erupt in 1918 by those who are against the new Bolshevik government. The White Army and the Bolsheviks themselves, the Red Army. Subscribe to see more history videos. Get Simple History — the Russian Revolution and Simple History — World War One. Out today!

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  1. I think I read somewhere that Karl Marx actually expected Russia to be one of the last countries to go socialist, I might be mistaken

  2. Блять , ну ебана , опять эти стереотипы. Ну сколько можно говорить- Распутин не влиял на царскую семью! Как обычно иностранцы все скомкали и привели к стереотипам

  3. Simple History can you tell me did the white army almost save the royal family, but then the bolsheviks murdered them

  4. The Bolshevik were not Russian in fact they hated everything about Russia, the Bolshevik were Zionist/communist Jews and Freemasons, and their revolution were funded by New York Jewish bankers (Jacob schiff)

  5. It was have been cool to talk more about Rasputin and how he destabilized the government and all his occult practices. Not to mention the whole Our Lady of Fatima thing

  6. If you eant to see actual footage of the Russian Revolution check this video:

  7. Lenin got some inspiration to push the revolution from the 1916 easter rising/revolution here in Ireland, aswell as many Irish-Russians and Irish people taking part in the revolution.

  8. communism in russia was forced on russia by mason jews

    the masonic /jesuit illuminati society
    sent an army of jews to infiltrate Russia and force communism on the Russian orthodox Christian people
    so they can terrorize and destroy Christian Russia
    and when that wasnt enough
    they started world war 2 to primarily target Russia
    why do you think hittler didnt do anything to england or france
    he didnt do crap to illuminati countries
    because he served the masonic satan worshipping illuminati society
    one of hittler inner circle people one time asked him about when they would attack england
    hittler yelled at him
    dont you dare say such a thing
    i have no pleasure in killing our british brothers
    hittler stalin lenin trostky all spent a few years in austria vienna at the same time when they were young men
    they were being groomed and trained by the illuminati to destroy russia
    that piece of crap stalin executed 30,000 russian officers before world war 2 even started
    he prepared the way for germany to invade
    read the writings of lenin that jew
    trotsky that jew
    they hated russian people
    cant you people see this communism was a conspiracy created by the masonic jesuit illuminati society in the west to destroy the russian christian people
    These are the same people working today to start world war 3 with russia
    russia is standing in their way
    they want to establish satans one world order just as the lord jesus warned us in rev 13
    and russia is in their way

  9. There is only evolution…one who opposes it in any form will be prosecuted by laws of nature…USSR…where is it? all the grudge escaped to all Islamic nations
    It is now terrorism
    Yes evolution…as a result of revolution

  10. Классно что даже другие страны знают о революции◉‿◉

  11. Even the Czechoslovak legionaries were drawn into the Russian Civil War.

    Legionnaires joined Czechoslovakia in 1920.

    I am from the Czech republic 🙂

  12. German ww1 officer: Soldier i want you to bring this man
    Soldier: got it brings LennON found him sir
    Officer: wha- wh- NO not LennON LeniN the russian communist WHAT?! why would i need a beetle?! Lenin the russian communist he was exile to Switzerland you know what ill do it myself

  13. Wait, if the Bolshevik Revolution was either fought off or never happened, and if hitler died in combat during WW1 since he was a solider, wouldn't that mean world peace? No WW2, no nukes, and no cold war. I don't know about you but if these simple things didn't come to light or never happened WW1 could've actually been the war to end all wars.

  14. The Jewish Bolsheviks mass slaughtered tens of millions of slavik Russian christians but yet this is never taught in school I wonder why 🤔

  15. Лично я крайне удивился что нет клюквы, но есть чистая правда( не как у oversimpled)

  16. How to stop a protest back in the good old days of the 18th 19th and 20th centuries
    Leading person: Lmao Just Shoot Em

  17. Bullshit. Russian Revolution started in 1905, firstly. And all other stuff in video – just a profanation.

  18. The Bolsheviks we're in the right and Socialism is good today when mixed properly with Capitalism in the system!

  19. The Russian revolution wasn’t a “Russian” revolution at all. It was a Jewish revolution, the numbers are out there, I suggest looking it up. It was the Jewish take over of Russia

  20. I swear this is future Yemen I mean like think about it even though the North is winning the South is brewing something big very big to bring communism back to its gloruis land same with west Sahara, Venezuela, Somalia and maybe Libya

  21. i heard a old story from my old grandfather about lenin visited at his family in finland before the civil war (time when he was coming to russia though finland) like was visited, drinked coffee and leaved (but that might not be true because my grandfather didnt remember it but my grandfather`s mother was sure but not sure did it really happen

  22. Революцыя это вам не моментальное дело причины копились 37 лет идеи превращались в слова слова в действия действия в революцыю годы первой мировой войны были идеальным моментом для свержения царя расхитителя ресурсов и денег которые он тратил не на страну а на себя во время войны могу сказать на последок что у нас примерно такая же картина в стране как и в то время только войны нет и люди пока мирные но кто знает когда это может резко изменится вдруг найдётся бреш к свободе

  23. Lenin: All the power to the people!
    Stalin: All the power to Stalin.
    Lenin: What?!
    Trockij: What?!

    Stalin: I’m gonna do what’s called a Pro gamer move.


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