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  1. as retired as it gets . he takes as example the enormous area of canada to compare with contries that people live for tenths of centuries . a place that nobody would like to live if it wasnt the follow the money act .

  2. How ignorant can one person possibly be. Canada's shift in immigration was largely down to Ellen Fairclough, minister of Immigration for the 1950s Conservative PM Diefenbaker (who this speaker groundlessly maligns – also won one of the largest majorities in Quebec, breaking the Liberal dominance there since the last francophone PM Laurier);

    -the now deeply unpopular Peña-Nieto looks set to lose to the socialists

    -the Indonesian Islamists are unmistakably on the rise now, especially after their blasphemy victory against the former governor of Jakarta

    -the South Korean establishment party is in disarray after scandals brought down their first female president, who was heavily linked to the country's clannish business elite

    -Kagame certainly seems to have done well in Ruanda – by restoring authoritarian Tutsi rule and having his police arrest or beat up opponents while buying off dimwits like this speaker by mandating a certain number of sycophantic women in the rubberstamp parliament

    -and that's not to mention Brazil where this luvvies' favourite former socialist president Lula (da Silva) is now facing prison and is barred from office for his massively corrupt dealings with the social welfare agencies he set up

    What alternate reality does this speaker live in? As a fellow Canadian I am embarrassed by the simple minded way trudeaumaniacs like this present the world in order to place themselves at the top of their warped pyramid of social ethics. By the way he might like to know that in the UK progressive politicians see the the Canadian and Australian style points based system that nab the educated elite from poorer countries while denying other immigrants a chance as racist!

  3. The word progress screams regressive ideas.

    Edit: You are always wrong with these people. Intolerant ideologues pushing toxicity and destruction of anything western.

  4. I wish there was one big island where all you right wing radicals could live together. Then you kids could have a racial bigotry party as you split up the land and start your wars with each other. It could be a reality TV show for the Liberal's entertainment.

  5. I feel like this speaker confuses multicultural with multi-ethnic. He doesn't describe how two people can share a common bond of society while signing different social contracts. He doesn't explain how a society can respect theocracy, and separation of church and state at the same time; or how they could respect freedom of speech and censorship simultaneously either. Respecting opposing ideas is the definition of contradiction, and cultures are sets of ideas. Its notoriously alarming to hear someone say, 'I understand how the worlds problems have been solved, and the solution looks remarkably similar to my partisan politics.'

  6. Compromiso means "commitment" . He was committed to the cause of making this happen . Was not going to stop because he was committed to it.
    Example :
    "no respetó el compromiso adquirido con el electorado — he reneged on the commitment / pledge he had made to the electorate"
    Even google translates it wrong as compromise

  7. Good on you Canada, Mexico and Indonesia. !

    Modern politics/politicians are arrogant. lake of Willingness. Usually inherit the leadership or the rest find their way using money power. In deed True politicians are painfully rare. May god bless us!

  8. ok TED, um.. those reforms are actually making us more bad than good here in Mexico, besides "Peña" is one of the worst presidents we ever had, in modern days.

  9. Canada didn't had an identity in 1960, it was a British colony populated with french and english speakers. They use multiculturalism has opposition to French, English or American identity. Canada is a fictional country, not a model to follow.

  10. What a lame oversimplification of complex issues. I like the optimistic sentiment, but the ideas are too shallow. Definitely not worth spreading

  11. As one of Indonesian 90's kids, I may not know that the extremism issue was there in Suharto era. I was pretty convinced, yet until he skipped the fact that any racial issues which discriminated Chinese people for decades was thrown away by religious leader. After Abdurrahman Wahid was elected as president, he eliminated all racial barriers for Chinese and allowed them to celebrate chinese new year for the first time.
    I just add another proof that even being religious in Indonesia doesn't make us be extremist 🙂

  12. As long as 'politicians' are in charge of solving these problems they will only be multiplied and increase.
    When was the last time you felt 'represented' by your elected official. Understand they are not there to represent you they are there add to the disruption and chaos. There are over 20,000 laws on the books. Politicians make laws. That's their solution, their only solution to issues and the issues are the 'issues of the day' not what is the cause of how the issue became a problem.
    Politicians made laws against murder. Did it solve the problem of murder. no murder increased.
    Politicians made laws against bad banking. Did it solve the banking problems? No the banking problems are worse.
    Education is not the solution though 'they' say it is so you spend hundreds of billions on it and the problems don't go away. Is it the solution… cause and effect… says no
    common sense says these are not the solutions because when we use them they don't solve the problems…

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