The Rise Of Sweden’s Far-Left Militants

The Rise Of Sweden’s Far-Left Militants

we’re in Sweden is May Day and we’re on our way to a small place called un shopping where a far-right political party the SVP have gathered for a 300 man march through the streets now they say they’re demonstrating against the European Union there’s a far leftist who were going to be there who also have been quite extreme there’s violence on both sides there’s apparently going to be 400 police there and it sounds like things are going to get quite serious i liam how serious is extremism in sweden do you think it’s serious because it’s growing what’s going fast I couldn’t imagine something like this that’s about to happen today what happened five years ago in Europe the rise of the far white has become impossible to ignore with a massive increase in nationalist popularity over the last few years in Sweden though the emergence of a left-wing extremist group foreseen anti-fascists waging war against the far wall known as the revolutionary front the faction of militant socialists has now become one of the most violent groups in Sweden one of their affiliates was recently jailed for attempted murder after he stabbed the far-right supporter twice in the back the revolutionary front formed in 2002 but their structure still remains shrouded in secrecy nobody knows exactly how many members they have estimates range from the hundreds to the thousands and they’re believed to operate in at least five different districts in Sweden so with demonstrations across Sweden on the increase we went to see if we could find the revolutionary front at the May Day rally it seems like the police is just pushing forward now and we see what happens what they let me light however they start moving them with force but the far right literally just on the other side of this police barrier you made our way to the front of the March to speak of the leader of the far-right Nationalist Party the SVP the far-right have become increasingly angry with immigration in Sweden as nearly 50% of all Asylum applicants were approved last year as well as wanting out of the EU SVP also runs a whites-only eugenics project and even wrote an open letter of support to Greece’s neo-nazi party Golden Dawn the revolutionary front say they’re at war with the extreme far-right clashing with the political SVP and also with the militant Swedish resistance movement whose leader is a convicted murderer what do you think is gonna happen is I think he’s going to kick off I hope so people have to know what’s really going on today in Sweden why are you playing cop here big information Laxus gums to demonstrate what about the militant left do they hit revolutionary front never given a formal interview to the media and are notoriously hard to track down you’ve got sided to protect your identity in numerous accounts from these specific Nazis why I take an active stance against racism and against Nazism and that’s enough for them to threaten my life are you affiliated with any specific far-left proof I don’t represent any organization I speak for myself and I think people have this idea that it’s the far-right bias at the far left it’s a very broad kind of a resistance against them it’s not just specifically anti-fascist books with their policy violence against us it’s violence against all of my friends who might be homosexual or far-right marks have been allowed to move one but the far left don’t seem happy about it though the stone grenade for just two minutes ago there’s a lot of confusion in the far-right seem to be trying to tell the police what to do judging by people in March sunglasses and the fact is a lot of flashbangs going up I think it’s safe to say the referendum probably in attendance Felisa really get pissed off now to disperse people away from the March as it goes down here they set the dogs on people here to move them out the way and then the far-right March can pass freely despite the aggression the police managed to stop any major violence breaking out to the March but there’s been an escalation in targeted attacks between the two sides this footage of the revolutionary front smashing the home of a suspected fascist is one of the many attacks they film and publish on the Internet we met with a guy whose house is being trashed in this video the artist withhold his name and identity for fear of further attacks even though he denies being a member of any extreme right-wing groups I woke up one night smash my car the same night yeah and tagged my door with RF basically they open those gates yeah when Tim smashed windows and Kirwin smoke grenade and this is the same way they came when they smashed my place up we went to the court case where alleged members of the Revolutionary front were on 12-4 run sacking a victim’s home to see if we could get any closer to meeting them you only accuse what are they trying to convict you with it as they seem to keep mentioning revolutionary front why’s there someone else and those guys in there seem to think you’re part of SMR is that correct they know that the Nationalists they seem to think that nationalist means neo-nazi braces I want to call me would you prefer Sweden if there was only one race yes so what would you do with people that aren’t other no way these are exactly the kind of views the revolutionary front are fighting against so after months of negotiation the Rev front hub agreed to meet us which is actually quite rare considering they’re a far left organization so we’re going to go and meet them now they said they’re going to pick us up in a car drive this to an unknown location and hopefully the interview will take place there member of the Rev front has picked us up now we don’t exactly know where we’re going it was quite secretive but hopefully it’s to meet other members of Rev front to gauge the level of security that these guys hold up they’ve asked us to leave our phones in the car we’ve talked about this slightly spooky tunnel we’ve got one guy down there who was our driver essentially keeping guard and we’re told that there are referent members at the top of this this hill so I was gonna go meet them now see about the prime location for kidnap to minister let’s meet you guys thanks for taking the time to meet we do it in English or you guys arrived it’s Swedish consider new to our members of Redfern if you could explain to us exactly what it is we’re front stands for the class of just some of the most void foster home somewhere we have to be able to give me a sophomore like the Salmonella there are a lot of far left groups who were pacifists and you know they condemn violence why did you guys specifically decide to take up arms against the fascists it’s not good to use violence but say it’s a tool and when it comes to the anti-fascist war against the Nazi movement we can’t afford to think about the public opinion skeptical dr. Susan is history only miss Todd if you kept aside being an artist either today it means a world full of hurt when you guys are fighting and stuff what kind of weapons would you bring with you for self-defense all because this tear gas my homemade knuckles I made yes and if if two too many I switch to the knife you know very short classic it’s okay are you sure what finger pizza listen well I’ve read that some some media reports will say you guys are essentially terrorists or you’re extremists what do you think to that the working class they build this society where every house you see every road you see the worklist build and still we got nothing to say about how we how this society is gonna progress so if today the same society that pieces me in an everyday basis call me a terrorist then I’m feeling kind of proud actually after meeting the revolutionary front I couldn’t help thinking that despite their willingness to use violence to combat fascism the far-right continues to gain popularity the irony is that both sides claim to be fighting a battle for the working class and the so called war is playing out in ordinary towns and cities across Sweden but with racial attacks on the rise regardless of the politics the sad truth about this wave of extremism is the only thing on the increase is the number of victims you

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  2. i can openly wear a hammer and sickle but not a swastika in public we need the right in power the left breed communism

  3. Disgrace to there country the place is turning into an islamic shithole and the men who are supposed to defend whats theirs are too busy hunting imaginary nazis

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  5. Fuckin join together and fight you’r way out of EU. IM from sweden and fuckin hate what the lefties are doing to our country!

  6. The far-right hate islamist regimes, and act like saviours by stopping them, but then they deny people trying to escape these regimes access to other countries

  7. Communists want to rule the world. Communist and fascism are the same thing both regimes use violence to rule, communism fascism 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎.

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  9. Why are there more and more far right nuts and far left thugs? Why cant we have middle ground thugs?

  10. A human must be a super retard and politicly un-educated person to support mass immigration and far leftism/globalism.

  11. Comrades we must fight the facista like our soviet comrades did its not easy but we must fight thoose nationalist bastards or world will fall in slavery racism xenophobia and chaos

  12. Sweden, ur inviting terrorism, poverty,extremism, impossible to assimilate ppl, criminals,lazy so called refugees! Keep it up, watch your economy, progress go to hell, ur planting cancer into your society. I don’t understand why the west doesn’t see and understand that their own Arab and Muslim brethren’s utterly refuse to take them, perhaps they know something the west doesn’t ? Remember it takes one to know one. !

  13. Well that was some objective coverage,, yeah. A person isn’t racist because he wants legalized immigration and he’s definitely not a nazi . One group the left is trying to justify their violence through a false narrative.

  14. Culture barbars, the left and the right created by the elite.this will never end.real sosialism need to all your eyes.


  16. This is what "progressivism" looks like. Social reformers towards socialism and global governance AT ALL COSTS.

  17. Interesting how the right seems to be convinced Muslims are causing all the problems, and yet all of the violence in the streets is white Swedes vs other white Swedes. Its almost as though its just a racist red herring to get people fired up and voting for the right. Disgusting, and yet even after World War 2, still effective.

  18. I live in Sweden and I'm a ’foreigner’ and I love this country.

    The far-left and the far-right are ruining Sweden and making it unsafe for everyone.

    I believe that both sides need to see eye to eye and realize their mistakes and stop using violence.

  19. So leftist bastards modus-operandi is same around the world. Label anyone NAZI, ANTI WOMEN, ANTI LGBTQ, ANTI POOR, FASCISTS.

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  23. From what I can see it's the far left side starting violence because they don't like people of a different political view having the right to demonstrate.

  24. Anyone who says anything that the vile leftists don't like, is branded a RACIST, FAR RIGHT, NAZI —– stupid fools. Half of them don't even know what's happening in the world! Let them just rot in hell!

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    there is no tolerance for the enemies of the people and democracy.

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