The Rise of Right Wing Populism: Tom Binnz with Dr. Steve Turley

The Rise of Right Wing Populism: Tom Binnz with Dr. Steve Turley

alright guys we're live with a special guest dr. Steve Turley mr. Turley is the author of multiple books he's a speaker and educator a classical guitarist I did see her videos of you playing guitar on the 700 club it was excellent as well as what I consider a general expert on the rise of traditionalism nationalism and populism he has a very interesting book which I just read president Trump and the post secular age was that correct I'm sorry I don't have it right in front of me um so basically within this book you bring up the trend of the rise of nationalism traditionalism and populism as you quoted which I've kind of stolen from you advertently I find myself using those terms all the time now and this trend has continued from brexit to trump and now we've seen with m5s and stuff within Italy my first question for you is what do you consider is the in you explaining the book but for the viewers who haven't read your book it's the major cause of this what you see is the catalyst that has brought this upon Western societies yeah great question and great to be with you tom thank you for this invitation very much appreciate it I think the main catalyst and what makes this wave of nationalism so different than say other nationalisms we may have seen in the past is its response to globalization and I think that's key globalization I know a lot of people kind of hear the term use particularly on on YouTube and the life but they don't quite know what it is but globalization is a real it's a basic term that scholars used to describe sort of this one-size-fits-all political and economic and cultural system that has become now the standard of progress and and social advancement so your society is going to be measured in terms of its progress in advancement in relation to this one-size-fits-all political economic and cultural system politically globalization is made up of what we call liberal see economically it's made up of transnational what we would call free markets but they're really more transnational markets markets that have no loyalty to you no space-time land culture custom or anything like that and then in terms of its culture it tends to be characterized by something called lifestyle values and because in a cran consumer because in a grand globalist world we all tend to be more consumers than anything else then globalism gives this notion that traditions and customs and religions they really just don't matter anymore constitutions hey it's just a piece of paper who cares right what really matters is that I have the sovereign right to choose for myself the kind of meaning and purpose that I want and so this globalization has is in many respects stronger today than it's ever been in terms of the fact of its pervasiveness in terms of its fulfilling its logical out workings you know transgenderism and all that sort of stuff however what's so interesting is that the roots of this globalization what we call modernity they've actually died in the hearts and minds of Westerners and modernity is this notion that scientific rationalism is the only true way of understanding reality and so all cultures customs religions they all have to kind of bow down to scientific rationalism as the new way of understanding reality scholars such as Francois Lyotard in the late 1970s argued that that meta-narrative is kind of dead it was popular in the 20th century the first half of the 20th century began to die in the hearts and minds of most Westerners by the late 70s and so what you're seeing in many respects is sort of this postmodern or even a post postmodern blowback against globalization because on the one hand globalization is more popular than it's ever been in that it's more purveyor but on the other hand it's weaker than it's ever been because its roots have rotted out even although the fruits continue to be exported by Western elite and so what that's done is has provoked a mass backlash is as opposed to just this one-size-fits-all sort of you know a political economic and cultural system cultures are more and more sort of returning back to their roots they're returning the nation they're returning to their localized economy they're turning to their traditions their customs their religions as mechanisms of resistance against this globalization process so I think it's this dialectic between globalization the one hand and this nationalist populace and traditionalist blowback on the other that's the best way to understand what's going on in the world stage today I agree 100% I also feel like a major thing and I noticed this and it's almost like you don't notice it doesn't exist until someone points points it out to you and you begin to understand has stripped individuals of identity I think that it's it's it's tried to make us like you state fit into this one-size-fits-all and cultures and people no longer know who they are and it's you stop and you look around it or like really like Who am I what are my roots where did I come from you know what what is my culture what is my society and it's I feel like certain certain groups it's been pushed on more than others and things and I think people are searching for something and they're not there they feel like there's a piece missing and then and I think a lot of people are feel like reinvigorated when they kind of return to that culture and and and go back and it's it's ironic you mentioned that this when kind of going into this conversation cuz we we went to a different Church I hadn't gone to church in quite a while and went to this new one in it it was one of these more like I almost want to call my concert churches you know and I felt myself missing the audition I grew up Episcopal and I resented it as a youth I hated it I hated to stand up sit down and my wife his wife is Catholic and it was like I'm that I want that tradition I feel like I need that like that's a part of you know my individual identity you know what I mean and it's something else interesting in your book that you brought up that I but it took somebody to else to say it to really get it was the re-emergence of our cultural and and and hereditary symbols that's really and like you state in the book you talk about you know the Christian symbolism reinstating and this really made me think too because if you look at certain other right-wing movements like if you get into the alt-right in the identitarian movements you see this resurgence of the Black Sun and the Nordic symbols and runes and people really returning to this symbolism and the symbology and embracing that heritage or you know or culture so to speak and I found that really intriguing that that kind of statement in the book it really painted a picture that I I finally saw you know what I mean absolutely and it's going on everywhere I like I love how you bring that up so what am i one of my favorite areas of research of light was was a podcast I did on the nationalist populist vision of heavy metal you know and and it was it was really well received it was I was great to do because you really see you see several things in metal because of its you know it's really gritty sound it actually sounds very much like a cello the the guitars do so there's a band called Apocalyptica which is actually I think four it's a quartet of Chellis who do Metallica renditions and Soph wellness sounds fantastic Yngwie Malmsteen the swedish guitar sounds like a virtuoso violinist heavy metal has this capacity to sound symphonic and hence it tends to be very drawn to classical music and traditional Western cultural themes so iron made and would be a great example they're not into sex drugs and rock and roll they're they're writing about you know a Chris's dream suite they're writing about Alexander the Great they're writing about the the troopers the charge of the Light Brigade they're taught they are in in Western culture in their music like very few others and now you're seeing and what's so so called Scandinavian black metal you're seeing a return really to Scandinavian folklore and and just Neolithic pagan religions and they take them really quite seriously this is par for the course of globalization stripping the world of its sense of place a sense of land I mean you bring up the church here Christianity is so fascinating with this because it houses in fascinating balance between the Trinity which is you know the one God real and three person whose Norden over all nations and all peoples with one human race and yet when the son becomes incarnate becomes incarnate in Hebrew culture in Jewish culture and he speaks culturally to them so Christianity at its at his best has always recognized that we are linguistic beings and therefore cultural beings and yet the culture can be understood in a vision of redemption that transcends all cultures globalization can't do that globalization has to kill all cultures in order to realize its redemptive vision as it were that turns everybody into sovereign individuals you get to choose your own culture for yourself so that means therefore all cultures are equally arbitrary they're about as arbitrary as any store in the mall so you like Wicca and I like you know LGBT ISM and and blah blah blah and we all get to pick and so forth no people were people returning to it to a sense of authenticity they mentioned your wife being Catholic they just brought back the Latin Mass under a Pope Benedict a few years back and everybody was expecting you know 60 and 70 and 80 year old congregants to walk in and say oh this is how we used to worship in Latin before Vatican 2 in the 1960s there was stunned to find out that the people were coming were between the ages of 16 and 26 they to return to authenticity they wanted a sense of history a sense of land sacrament and soil that's kind of that's really what's summing up the response to globalization today yeah it's interesting that it would be such such a young it's it's not surprising in a way because if you look like I'm kind of that mixed mixed bag between Gen X and the Millennial Generation I'll be 35 and I know with my generation we kind of grew up in the culture that the Boomers created which was so void of it was just a consumerist to culture it was it was you know get the latest TV get the newest the CD players out now we're gonna go buy CDs and you know you kind of just had this void and it's like when something finally fills that that cultural void that you have it's like people are yearning for it and they seek it out and it's I think a lot of the reason why some of these nationalist movements are so strong is because you're taking an identity group or a group of people that have lacked that sense of culture for so long and someone is saying like here you are you have a place you know you have a culture look at our history you know there's more to us than what you've been told in all these things and this goes you know kind of across the board and it's it's it's you feel it gives you a sense of completeness like you feel complete like oh this is what I've been missing and it's like you said I think it's it's inevitable that this this was going to happen at some level because people can only go so long feeling so empty and a lot of people get fulfilled with that with you know you know religion or whatever but I think that that is partially correlates to the rise in drug and alcohol abuse that's your scene for this fill this to fill this void and when it's all it is as celebrities and consumerism and reality TV there's nothing substantial there's nothing to hang your your genealogy on there's nothing to hang your family heritage on it's just it's it's just minutia it's just garbage that's out in front of you and it's there's nothing real and I think that when people feel that that the establishment of that traditional culture they thrive for it and Poland's a great example I you know I obviously not in Poland but just from what I see social media wise and a few people I have in contacts there it's there's a resurgence of traditional dress traditional dance traditional music really a return to that and it's it's fascinating and it's it's something the West is needed in my opinion for for at least 50 years oh yeah I couldn't agree with you more Tom at Poland would be a great example yeah I think what what's important for our viewers to recognize is that when we look at the politics that are going on today they really are I think I think they're best understood really just as indicators the things that are going on much much deeper so much of all this was going on keep in mind during the Obama administration I mean it's it's it's amazing this kind of surge that's been going on it's been going on really pretty much since around 2000 so about 17 18 years now particularly in Europe it's been going in our heart lands in our pensive pennsatucky x' as it were we tend to focus very much on on myopic events and you know what's going to happen in this election of that election but it was it barest keeping in mind for example we have the single most pro-abortion president for eight years in our history and abortion went down and not because of him right abortion rates were going down we've been able to cut abortion in half in 30 years we've seen abortion clinics almost evaporate 75% there were over 2000 and 1991 today there barely five hundred ninety percent of our County counties are abortion free that's not because of you know Washington DC it's because there's there's a movement going on that's as grassroots as it possibly can get it is it's emerging out of the the very fingertips and soil of our space that we're we're indwelling so we're seeing the same thing in Poland Poland is poland has church attendance rates now of over 40% I mean this is this crazy by Europeans new Europeans have never gone to church even in the Middle Ages they didn't go to church very often churches were in the cities most people lived in villages so that's always been around like a 10% you know weekly attendance or something and that tended to be people in the urban area I mean for Poland to be going to church now regularly 40% of the population doing that it's unheard of it's it's a fan it's it's a fantastic indicator that something far stronger than globalization is emerging yeah that's fascinating I didn't realize the rates were that high 40 per death I mean that's that's wild I mean you think about a four out of ten people on a Saturday or going away on Sunday now I guess one of my concerns is do you think that this is a trend or this is a new paradigm if that makes sense you think this will continue or is this just a calm before the storm so to speak like that this is people returning and then we're gonna see this major kick back what do you think this would be a sustained growth and and so far it has been I'm just thinking long term 50 years you know right yeah yeah yeah I think there are several indicators that say this is a paradigm shift we are we have met the scholar Durkheim Emile Durkheim riding around the beginning of the 20th century had a theory and his theory was that all social orders have built-in futilities and so he said you know if you can if you can identify the fertility in the social order then you're going to be able to kind of determine how well it's good to be able to withstand the storms that come come down the pipe scholars have identified two fundamental few till at the at the very least fundamental futilities in globalization one is as we talked about is is this whole notion that it's it's kind of killing of culture and nationhood and economy that's enough to elicit a certain skepticism towards secularization and globalization there they're both interlink there now that's very interesting because what globalization did is it argued that doubt is the appropriate response to the world around us you have the right to doubt anything unless it's proven scientifically that's that scientific rationalism view if it's proven scientifically then you can't doubt it any more if you do doubt it there's something wrong with you there's a neurosis there's a phobia as we would say you you're a phob and we'll just fill in the blank that precedes that you're irrational you have a neurosis of some kind what was only a matter of time before that orientation of doubt and skepticism eventually got turned on scientific rationalism well it has that's what post modernity really is so secular globalism puts forward this notion of doubt I get to doubt anything unless it's scientifically proven and then it's only a matter of time before that doubt ends up eating itself it ends up it realizes its doubting everything except its capacity to doubt and then that just ends up destroying it so philosophically it's problematic but they're also finding that there is a problem with the whole notion of redefining the family most most cultures throughout history recognize that if you redefine the family you're probably going to screw your society your society will fall apart family is the basic building block of society we've decided and in a modernist conception we've decided to redefine the family through you know all kinds of abortion rates and and mass divorce and and and most especially by turning to like choices well scholars are finding out you can't do that and then expect that movement to repopulate and so he found demographically secular mitad secularists are basically not having children anymore they're well below the repopulation rate of 22.1% by contrast conservative families Christian family Christian families and bother with what's interesting too because I know people are very concerned about this Islam is going through a fertility like desert right now it's really weird and we don't know what caused it but over the last as I understand a 10-15 years places like Jordan Iran Syria obviously the war there but even in Europe the Muslims they're not repopulating by by anywhere close to the estimates we thought they were but by contrast to that conservative Christians are having children well lots and lots our principal at our school has seven children I mean that's just not uncommon you know we ayah four I feel like I have a small amount of children compared to a lot of the friends that we have and so you have the London demographer Eric Kaufman arguing two things one conservatives tend to be very good with retention rates our kids tend to stay in the faith as it were they tend to stay conservative when they're adults we have stats that show that liberals are far more likely to convert to conservatism than the other way around very entrance again because I think very much like what you were pointing out conservatives are grounded they're rooted in something whereas liberals are just floating around with the latest fad to join you know now that the big one now I know your channels very focused on the big one now is getting rid of our guns and blah blah blah you know all this nonsense and they'll be on to some other fat later on the Conservatives are grounded and that grounding is patient and it is steady and then over time Kaufman argues he sees it as a beginning of 2030 and he's a liberal he's and this isn't right-wing wishful thinking he's a liberal he said no around 2030 conservatives are going to be the majority in the West primarily in the United States and then in about four generations we'll see conservatism start taking over Western Europe maybe even Canada that's crazy well we'll look back at the Justin Trudeau period as one of the most bizarre periods in human history can you start I think it speaks for itself you don't even need you don't even need to there's a gentleman that I I collaborate with sometimes on my channel from those two come together to say I think this really is a paradigm shift we're moving into a new direction yeah that's a great answer I think the the kicker is the birth rate some yeah this is why I've learned liberalism is being unsustainable because they just don't have children so then your only option becomes to try to indoctrinate and and convert and you know that like you state it with conservatives generally staying in the family so to speak more than than the left it it's almost a losing and losing game you know at the end some just doesn't add up and it's uh it's true she said and I think the increased you're seeing increasing birth rates among certain demographics in America and I think it's the the demographics that have had felt the most pressure as you know decrease in populations will feel under pressure and it's kind of ironic cuz I think biologically generally under pressure people don't reproduce as much but it seems like in America like I have I have an older daughter and then we me and my wife together have three so two I have four children and all said exactly so it's like when you feel like your culture or your way of life is under pressure to a certain extent when in a democracy so to speak I think when you're talking about a warring type society you generally will have less reproduction but when you realize it's a numbers game and you wake up to the fact that it's a numbers game it's it's it's a whether we are a republic or not it's still democratically done it's so so to speak and I think that people are seeing that and the conservative movements in the Christian movements they're like we need to speed this up you know we need to speed the process up and it's happening organically when I look around the people that I know in my personal life who are a conservative or or Christian or even just non-religious right on the right or having children the people I know that are on the Left have a dog and it's just right it's God you know it's it's the way that it seems to go oh and and I mean that's good for us but I like what you stated about people tend to it's easier to convert to the right so to speak than the left because I grew up in my family were more like Kennedy Democrats and my parents you know they were more or less against abortion and not really Pro gay marriage and things like that and so much but more open-minded you know the more Kennedy you know baby boomer types and and I turn out this nationalist right wing you know pro-gun you know guy you know and it's so is it I move the complete to the right and it's uh it's but I like what you stayed it's because it's grounded you know there's evidence there's facts there's reason there's there's a worldview that makes sense it's not it's not this post modernist whatever you decide is now gospel is you know we can redefine words it's know these things mean this I have a reference I have a reference to go to the Constitution states this it's not up for debate you know it like that it gives you a backbone so to speak and it that's why it's like the left generally doesn't try to debate because they generally can't win those debates at least the modern last camp because the conservative or the right wing generally has rational arguments and I don't like debating people further right to me because they usually will have I may disagree with them but their arguments are based in logic and reason it's like can't really argue with that other than I just don't like it you know right and you know even just historically speaking from a media perspective what you're saying really bears out because if you think it through you know the the media in the 60s 70s and 80s just sat there and lectured to us every night Walter conquer conquer I just Cronkite forgive me I just would lecture to us and tell us that's the way it was that's how things were then along comes you know a dude named Ron in New York City who says we'll all of them are full of it they're all just a bunch of secular libs and anybody can call in and challenge me on that let's talk let's let's go back and forth and then you have this mass emergence of what we call today right-wing talk radio which is gigantic it's redefined radio and that's why I never understood you know we get so upset about the liberal media and so NASA throw away they're dying they're falling apart and I think in many respects like what we're doing right now and what Rush started and I think it was 1988 when he went when he got syndicated um it basically it started a mass conversation and it was the write that started that conversation and they started reasoning and drawing people in and all of a sudden people started saying you know I never thought about that before so I think I think what you just said can be borne out objectively even in our the way our media's evolved is our Internet is kind of the new talk radio so to speak yeah it's it's I think the biggest threat to the globalist left-wing secular establishment which is why the suppression is in full full gear with the YouTube but first started with the ad pocalypse the D monetization our urge to open anything that goes against the official narrative finding reasons to suppress that you're you're purging people from because they realize they've lost control right once the internet came around and we got into this new technological age the left-wing establishment to kind of told like you stated at the Concord told everybody what to think it's gone and everybody has a voice now everybody can say their opinion everybody can debate you don't have to call Rush anymore you can go right on Facebook and write yourself a good old-fashioned mud fat mudslinging fest right any day you want time and it's losing control there are using control from the inner right and that's a I did a video on this the whole purge thing the whole Alex Jones saga it's only good a fuel the populist movement it's over I mean it's too late that the populist movement will only grow as a result what happens in the whenever the NRA is attacked by the Democrats do theirs does their membership go down or does it spike right that's all you need to say it spikes we're we're we're in the dialectic mode we're not in this mode if oh you're right the NRA stir but I don't know if you saw this the other day it was so fascinated that the Georgia Legislature they they were going to give which airline Delta Delta our Linda has a hub in Atlanta they were gonna give him big tax break on fuel upwards of about 20 40 million bucks they took it away because as as the lieutenant governor said you cannot because I don't for your for our viewers here they they withdrew their support for the NRA I think they were advertising with the NRA or NRA was advertised with them something like that well they cut the ties because of the pressures of liberal groups and so what is what is the lieutenant governor of Georgia do well you can't assault he says you can assault conservative values and not pay the price for it here in Georgia now that is called good old-fashioned nationalist populism at work we're seeing prospectuses being written by global financial groups that are entitled how to do business in an age of nationalist populism and one of the first things and one of the first things they say is you do not tick off the the the home crowd you don't pull a Roger Goodell and the NFL that's for sure you don't go there that it because that is going to get not just the population against you it's going to get the populist governor's against you as well that's how nationalist populism works it works to protect our culture our traditions our customs and the like and we just saw it just this this past week now Delta is not getting that tax break it is gone they're gonna have to pay an extra 20 or 40 mil because they decided they wanted to play go out and play with the politically correct leftists yes and the ironic thing about that was they've only given something like 26 discounts and it cost them something like four million dollars her discount that they gave and what I find ironic too is that the left generally doesn't want to continually calls for boycotts boycott this boycott that now the right organically does it generally without even having to talk to each other people naturally turn it off they naturally vote with their dollars so the nra side just had another but this their membership is up I saw other thing report on Drudge and and like with the NFL I mean nobody there wasn't a whole lot of massive you know organizing to break out the NFL how do you organizers yeah bombs out there it just happened and I you know and me must me personally you know with that issue was I don't like the disrespect to it but I do recognize free speech and things like Journal and we're particularly well taken care of someone Neil's myself it was that the glorification the media did the NFL stance that they took worth they just what it came out on now a First Amendment stance and they would have said look you know we respect the First Amendment we don't have a comment on it you know but they sided with it and it was like I just I had kind of lost a lot of interest in that anyway to begin with but it was just kind of like a last roll for me so you know what this this isn't good you caught it Tom it's the dialectic they pushed they said look at this aren't they great these these millionaires who have no problem cashing their checks from the National Football League but they won't stand for the national anthem and we think they're heroes no way you got the pushback so that's that's what's going on today yeah that's a great point because I think that goes that's a really great point because I think it goes with everything whether you get into the lbgtq four seven eight stuff it whatever you know it's people were good I think most people said I think the majority of America and really Western world is kind of libertarian in the way of just leave people leave us alone if do your thing where you do it and leave them alone but it was when it became forced at us and it's like no this is great woman of the year is Bruce Jenner who's be like this when you start forcing people you're gonna get a blowback you're gonna get it and I can you Lee say this when I because most of my videos are generally on guns or leftism bashing it and um I always says there I think they overplayed their hand they really overplayed their hand they had it progressing kind of through the the Clinton eras and things and neighbor and then it seemed like really under Obama more towards the second term it just really they ramped up just not even just politically through the the government but the media Hollywood just think they did this one eight but they just ran it's like they drank seven Red Bulls of progressivism and just ran ahead with it and just people were like well hold up hold up this is too fast too much too quick this doesn't make any sense anymore right I mean it's you know it's it's one thing and I've always said it's one thing to make the argument that you know two men that love each other want to go be left alone in their apartment in San Francisco okay I can I can be done with it but then when you start saying well now one of them decides they want to be a woman and they get to use the bathroom with your three-year-old that's a big leap to make yeah it's a big leap yeah ideology to push them and I think they ever played it and I think that this blowback is that overplay and then of course you know and that's a whole nother issue that they've created and and the right wing is created to and its own with the corporatism but you know that's that's a big blow back in has been really one of the sparks to all of this throughout Europe as well as America is is the demographic change and people being like I don't know if we're really comfortable with this do no one asked us about this and right you know our neighborhoods are changing we don't understand why and and and I think that's been a obviously one of the big rises of Trump was the immigration issue oh absolutely yeah absolutely i identifying the book they're three insecurities that have arisen all over the world that are driving I think this nationalist populist and traditionalist movement and its border insecurities economic insecurities and what some scholars will call ontological or ex or cultural insecurities the nation-state was supposed to give us at least three securities who's supposed to you know protect us by securing our borders who was supposed to at least protect our jobs from being shipped overseas as it were and it was supposed to celebrate actually celebrate our nation's customs its traditions its culture its symbols what is globalism done it's come in and it's basically created open borders because it's by definition transnational it shipped our jobs overseas with this world wadis global division of labor we're manufacturing now goes to the global south and capital coalesce is around the metropolitan areas the cities and so on and and it spits in the face of our culture's our traditions our customs it mocks them it ridicules them it calls them bigoted and homophobic and and racist and alike well that's not just going on here that's going on throughout Europe with the EU that's going on it was going on in Russia that was a big thing that Putin was responding to the media in Russia in the 1990s 97 98 99 that period of time went really far left that was one again I think they overplayed their hand with a generally conservative Russian population they went really far left they wanted to be hip and cool and accepted by the the New York and LA elites and so on and and what they got as a gift was Vladimir Putin who kind of put an end to that yeah in many respects now we're seeing a post security politics emerge where nation after nation after nation wants their borders secured they want their jobs secured that's the economic populism is work and they want their customs and tradition and culture affirmed and indeed celebrated and that's I think that's what gave rise to trumpets what's happening in Poland and Czech Republic and Hungary it's what happened the other day in Italy of course which is an amazing the election there with the populace and the nationalists particularly the Northern League the Nationalist Party and the 5-star just I mean this is and if they go into a coalition together my oh my yeah they're already mocking and I woke up when I woke up and saw the numbers you know I assumed that they would gain they would win but when I saw the numbers I was WOW yeah five percent total yeah it's a credible I know oh and it seems like a wall kind of the more deliberated elections it seems like that one has been to me that I know of you're you're far more educated on this nine but that's the one that just a number that the division of percentages was just astronomical I mean that's that's a huge win in that one I think that one's gonna send a shockwave through through the European Union and in the world really it through the world and it's and this is this is on the coattails of just a couple weeks ago and a very credible poll showed that the AFD is now the second most popular party in Germany the FT being this so-called far-right party attorney but and I mean it remember you know you could be right-wing and thoroughly socialist and your hypocrisy we could we say far-right you know that's I don't know I think we'd probably be you and I'd be like far far far far right or something over there but we have that we have Austria with their election that had comparable results there right there centre-right coalition won it close to about 65% of the vote there as well so it is it is stunning to see what's going on will see elections and Hungary coming up we'll see obviously Russia that's already been predetermined Latimer Putin has no not even a remotely a credible challenger and it's going on all over you know Turkey is turning to its Islamic roots India's turning to its Hindu nationalism with the Bharatiya janta the part of the BJP they just won another region that was normally communist believe or not has now just turned religious nationalist so it's going on all over we're that's another thing to Tom that I think is an interesting point in terms of this being a paradigm shift and not so much just kind of a you know quick little like gimmick or what have you and and that is because this is a blowback to globalization you know like you said you know the Empire Strikes Back mobilization isn't going anywhere they're they're not gonna relinquish power that's off so they're gonna stick around they're gonna keep pushing back they're gonna keep plugging away and so hence there's gonna be we can be we can be assured there's gonna be this blowback coming for many many more years I just think that because secular globalization's roots have rotted out whereas nationalist populist and traditionalist roots are incredibly strong by definition we've got the advantage where we're gonna prevail I agree I agree and I think I think a big kick or two is the fact that it's it's a edgy to be to be a right-wing nationalist now it's in its bringing in that generation Z and they're coming in and you know the anti-establishment the 60 70s was the left and now the right way anti-establishment is I want Nations I want borders I want you know an identity I want a culture I want traditions I want a religion and you know and it's it's fascinating it's wonderful wonderful times to live in just even as a political commentator I mean it doesn't get much better than that very very exciting I'm with you I get II sometimes with it I mean it's gonna be up and down there's gonna be a blowbacks will you know will st. blowback from the globalist side but I think the the tail winds are are on our backs as it were for sure and then and you know sometimes it gets kind of sketchy you're like I hope this continues I really hope this you know it's like you you wait to wake up and hear the bad news because it's so much good news it's so much conditional in the world um but I don't want to keep you all night dr. Shirley it has been a pleasure to meet you and sit down and have a good conversation and um you are welcome back to the channel anytime you like and I appreciate it everybody out there viewing or the views this video please um in the links below you'll find links to Hurley's Facebook page I his YouTube which I highly highly recommend you subscribe to if you want the D down low on the Nationals populist traditionalist rise he is the top person on YouTube that I really on the internet that I found concerning this issue in these topics and there's a link to his books on Amazon I I highly recommend his book on president Trump's rise it's it's well worth the read so hopefully everybody enjoyed and I really appreciate you taking the time and coming out here and having a conversation with us well thanks Tom thank you I'm very grateful for the invitation love your channel they're going through some of your videos as well it's a terrific channel I think it deserves all the support it can get alright thank you doctor fairly you have a great night and have a blessed rest of the week you too Tom god bless you man

39 thoughts on “The Rise of Right Wing Populism: Tom Binnz with Dr. Steve Turley

  1. Tom has an amazing channel that is being essentially shadow banned by YouTube, and isn't nearly as large as it would otherwise be. Make sure to check it out.

  2. Rush made it because of the end of the mandatory "equal time" provision enforced by the FCC. This allowed opinionated broadcasts.

  3. my personal problem with populism. for us, if it means parochial, then it means conservative. but we have two problems. remember when, 3 years ago, when venezuela, had that surge of populism, for chavistas. thus now huge starvation because of populism. now # 2 problem. that is south africa. populism, has Julius Malema, dancing the zulu dance on stage of "kill the Boer". Now, as a christian, this makes me first want to kill him. I must control myself. And not wish him dead. Help me with this populism in South Africa for my Christian brothers in the face of populism, and not wanting the death of these heathen marxists.

  4. Lrftist don't have children but they are importing muslims & poor uneducated people with their hands out for the gov to care for them….so their numbers will continue to give power to big gov & allow control over more of our freedoms..

  5. Trudeau and Obammer will be forgotten, something like bad dreams in history. They tried to destroy mankind and failed.

  6. I also was raised Episcopal and had drifted away from it because of the rote nature of the service. I didn't know what all that stuff was, so I had no meaningful experience with it. I also tried every church I could find including the concert style churches, but although they were rich on information, I found them poor on tradition and deeper meaning. Then I found the book "The Lambs Supper" by Scott Hahn. As a protestant minister who converted to Catholicism, he reveals the magic and meaning of the Eucharist Ritual as practiced in both the Episcopal and Catholic Churches. It was a profound eye opening experience and I now find real meaning and relevance in the service of the Episcopal Church.

  7. Have you ever reached out to Jordan B. Peterson I would really like to see the two of you have a discussion about post-modernism Neo-Communism Social Justice and the state of Western Democracy. I think it would be A Very Interesting Watch. Also would raise your notoriety. Please consider it my friend.

  8. Remember the first 4 letters in cultural are CULT that's why culture is the way people live. live spelled backwards is evil. Hmm all culture is steeped in occult one way or another. Christ came to free us from our cultures and follows him… I have no culture I follow Jesus simple period…

  9. Obama Advisor Launches Stealth Army To End Trump, As Obama Ignites His 30,000+

  10. Advert showing in algorithm feed while video is playing: "Help Judicial Watch Expose George Soros:" I signed the petition!

    "It’s no secret that George Soros is using his billions of dollars to prop up leftist groups across the globe. The real mystery is why American taxpayers are being forced to fund his schemes!

    A recent Judicial Watch investigation revealed that the Obama administration helped use American tax dollars to support Soros’ cronies. Millions of dollars were funneled through Soros’ Open Society Foundation to help support left wing organizations from 2012 to 2016, with millions more planned in the future.

    Why your tax dollars are going to this billionaire’s political organization is something that the American people have a right to know about. That’s why we’ve filed lawsuits against the State Department and USAID to get answers on the dealings of Soros’ operations in Europe.

    Sign the petition now to help us stop George Soros and support our investigations into his devious activities around the world!"

  11. I disagree with you on the NFL and kneeling. The league would not let players wear logos, etc., in support of 9/11, police, military… They said the stadium was not the place to express political views or free speech. And the kneeling is not a political or free speech issue?? Any reason many are staying home and tuning out?

  12. Reagan pointed this out in striking clarity in the 80's. That, do we think we are better off running our own lives or having a distant, unelected elite knowing what's best for our lives?

  13. GLOBALIZATION as it stands is the perversion of Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek vision of a Utopian Earth. Where culture's are no longer divisive. Where universal translators bridged communication problems. Where there was no need for money and everyone worked for the betterment of mankind in whatever field they wanted and the government simply provided the resources and tools for them to do it. No hunger, no natural disasters, no war.. At least on Earth.
    AND THAT IS THE LIE THAT IS BEING SOLD to people today. IT WAS THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SOCIALIST PROPAGANDA IN HISTORY. The actual globalists are using the lie of bringing that world into existence to fight their political and economic adversaries. And they find foolish and ignorant people all over the world to work against their own interests to bring about something, that the people they are fighting for, will never actually allow.

  14. What brought Globalism on recently was the resurgence of Illuminati ideals, communism, and the UN agenda 21 which communist really took to heart(a way to kill us financially) and it's a way for western countries to rob other countries of their resources. Briton's fishing boundaries or resources in Africa are examples. Hopefully, they steal more than it's costing the European Nations. either way the corporation benefits not the governments. In the end of course it will be blamed on white oppression and not corrupt communist pillaging resourced they have no right to. Why do we do it to ourselves? It's got to be more than white guilt, Government Debt and Pensions? We all must quit spending ourselves into slavery. Non union workers(of any color) can not count on fare treatment in the workplace anymore thanks to Globalism, things like getting bonuses for going that extra mile, we are all viewed on the same level as a group of Mexicans and not the level of skilled factory workers(problem solvers/self starters and people with valuable input from the floor) and I'm not being racist by that. The Mexicans are smart until they don't want to be. The line will not start automatically they have to be told every step everyday; it's a joke they stand around acting stupid and Middle Managers get fired when they explode. Pay the debt and end the relationship with FED Reserve! STOP SPENDING!

  15. and , btw, where I'm from white british birth rate 1.6 muslim 5,6. you need to get real, get facts straight. we are under threat. nothing is assured for us.

  16. the left nicked the central ground and called it their own. we are taking it back. we are not popularists. we are not mind controlled politically correct zombies. we are thoughtful, responsible, realistic and above all concerned citizens.

  17. Skimmed this video…Don't believe Globalism has anything to do w/ "liberal democracy"….it's about Marxism and totalitarianism…Muslims are reproducing dramatically in Europe to outproduce the native Europeans. Liberalism is a misnomer for the Leftists.

  18. Isn't it funny that in conservative talks about religion NOBODY even mentions the word "God"?
    It's because religion is not about God, it's about IDENTITY POLITICS.
    Fair enough if it functions as a form of cultural coherence – but religion is a concept that has NO PLACE in the world of thinking people.
    Can you THINK?
    Or does someone else think for you?
    …is the paramount question here.

  19. Re. your comments on Canada. Canada until the 1960s was a far more conservative culture (both French and English) than its neighbor to the south. There are many people in the Great White North praying for a restoration. Trudeau Junior may prove to be a flash in the pan.

  20. thank you Dr.: I find the big issue for nations is obey the one True God or return to Egypt. People should meditate upon two images; Notre-Dame de Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The beauty of a Gothic Cathedral versus an iron Obelisk; one designed to lift the soul towards Heaven and the other the finger…..
    Poland has moved back to her Catholic roots and Iceland pagan worship; these two are opposed by ideology and cannot coexist…
    Pax Christi

  21. Hello Dr. Turley,
    I just learned of a great new group in Belgium called Schild en Vrienden! Facebook has censored their videos and removed their leader from the platform. Hopefully it will just strengthen their visibility though. Brussels has a new problem and may it be one of their biggest! ….would like to hear more about them.

  22. To add a point about the Islamic religion: the terror "wing" of this religion, I pray, will lead to a renaissance of Islam and an isolation of the extreme practitioners. This can only happen as the Pro-Christian nations stand up and proclaim that they will not stand for the extremists as our Champion and Chief has done!

  23. Hey Steve and Tom, great show. You were saying that there is a new shift encompassing the "growth of or return to religion". I agree and would add to that: I'm seeing a new respect for religion by the irreligious or atheist person, that is accepting of religious belief as a valid lifestyle or belief system. There seems to be less antagonism toward Christians by groups that traditionally have verbally bashed Christians. I believe that this bodes very well for Christians.

  24. What's missing from this conversation (perhaps because it's too controversial) is the growing awareness that the received version of history is very largely false. WW2, for example, was won by the globalists, not the good guys. So long as you believe the latter, it was hard not to feel implicated in everything that has come out of it that was intended to negate such forces as nationalism that were erroneously depicted as the war's causes.

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