The rise of populism: Should we be worried? – UpFront

The rise of populism: Should we be worried? – UpFront

40 thoughts on “The rise of populism: Should we be worried? – UpFront

  1. Citizens of the West have now realized that unelected globalists like those in the EU are asserting their authority over their countries and now these people want their countries back. Especially when it comes to cultural replacement through open borders.

  2. So long as populism does not mean, in the words of Woody Allen, " “Every time I listen to Wagner, I get the urge to invade Poland." Populism means Nationalism. It drove Colonialism, Manifest Destiny and all that sick ideology. This time Nationalism has a plaintive coo, of course. Existential anxiety? Babylon on the ropes! Sing with the Rastaman.

  3. And this is exactly why populism will continue to grow. These globalists just don't get it. Talk about immigration and jobs fears but totally ignore terror attacks, terror threats, the immigrants lack of intergration and grooming gangs.
    These globalists have ended their own game. Time for the people to take back what is theirs.

  4. It's disgusting what u say about Trump. He's not even close to Hitler. He never said that any race or religion is even worse! He just said, terrorists come among migrating muslims, and borders need to be temporarly closed for safety reasons.
    Where is Hitler in Trump?! WHERE?!
    Disgusting AJ journalists!

  5. Maybe stop killing each other just because of Muhammad's successor (Shia vs Sunni) and stop being a crybabies on Al Jazeera, because US closed the border?

  6. Yes. YOU should be worried. The political elite have control no longer. Its as trump said. The power is being given back to the people.


  8. A debate between people who agree with one another… Diversity of background but not of thinking….
    That must be very interesting.

  9. No one on the panel understood or mentioned the fact that what we are seeing, in the age of globalisation, is the nation state fighting back. In a panel of globalists it is not surprising why they missed this point.
    What we are seeing is a populist nationalist reactions to current affairs: jobs, immigration, radical Islam etc. The national reactions intend to push globalist policies and regimes out of the picture and to restore "the state" a la 70's.

  10. No, you should not be worried. We are a people and Christians.  We want you here. We want all your gold here.  We want to be the bankers of  the muslem world.   We can always trade your gold for your next meal.

  11. Charisma lOLLLL ohhh how hard they try. Its Economics Stupid. And its been 30 years. Why now cause when you boil something in simmering heat it will still boil over when the liquid becomes so shallow low heat still boils.

  12. LOLL and this is why MSM is becoming irrelevant. They refuse to talk about the root of the problem. Focusing on Racism. Zero time spent on honestly talking about the why but focusing on the symptom. Tools of communication is nothing if the communication is nothing worth talking about. They are basically saying the MSM has failed to influence the population.

  13. These lefties always love to label right wingers as hateful…You ask why progressives haven't been successful with a populist movement? It's because progressives doesn't care about debate or fact. They play identity politics to an extreme level. They group all white people as racist, sexist bigots. You try to have an honest debate with someone on the left and they plug their ears and call you a fascist. They aren't successful because they are offended by literally everything under the sun.

  14. My question is "why do they still call it populism".. When so called populists like me call it revolutionaries?

  15. The intellectual arrogance that these guys are exuding is exactly why "populist" movements are happening. The movement is just nationalism. It's not bad in and of itself. If your political leaders don't care about your culture or national identity, then different political leaders who DO care about your culture and identity WILL be elected. It's not hard to figure out…. Seriously. These people are ridiculous. IT'S NOT HARD, PEOPLE.

  16. The dissonance here is amazing. The nasty identity politics is strong on the right?! You are joking, yes? I saw a woman go on the DNC floor and say her job was shutting down white people.

  17. this dude is trying to accuse the right of playing identity politics??? give me a break, the reason I stopped siding with the left is because of identity politics.

  18. what is this trash? 'populism' has a long and honorable history in the USA, and it was never right-wing. and the charge that the turn to 'populism' in Europe reflects racism is as banal as claiming its fascism and can be explained by a wish for strong leaders and other Trotskyite theories about what happened in history. Get passed the Marxist theories, and you get to the real reason: the masses are peeved with the political classes including you lot sacrificing western culture on the alter of PC BS. I am a raving lefty, and if I could, I would have voted for Trump because I do not share your naif 'analysis' because I can see where its leading.

  19. What? Hillary fought for womans rights and childrens rights her entire career? Did you forget when she got that paedophile off while knowing he was guilty of molesting a little girl?

  20. lol just because people do not want an interconnected world with open borders doesnt mean we want an authoritarian state.

  21. very competent people here, taking in consideration different viewpoints, but, of course, I don´t agree with everything. I miss mentioning people (populists) that are against globalism because globalism is ruining the earth. Capitalism is draining all recourses. What about the next generations? Will there be any? With all the atomic waste and tons poisons being blown into the air, depleted uranium munitions being used in middle east for more than a decade, somebody will have to pay for this. Lots of people speak out for environmental reasons.

  22. From where i can buy this book #IslamicExceptionalism by Shadi Hamid. Since I am a Pakistani if Anyone knows down here please guide me.

  23. Al Jazeera is based in Qatar, a country which has been ruled by the same family since 1825 and has no political parties and no trade unions, and yet you think the democratically-elected US president is authoritarian.

  24. It so disingenuous and unintellectual when Mehdi equates Nationalism with Authoritarianism. This is the reason people hate dishonest journalists like him.

  25. BernieBros?! Lets not forget the Clinton Supporters spreading CP on Sanders FB fanpages to get them banned.

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