6 thoughts on “The Rise of Populism: Expected or Unexpected?

  1. Neoliberalism is a failed system that requires the working class to sacrifice their security for the fake virtue of the elite.

  2. The political establishment is completely out of touch with the working class. Tell me how I’m benefiting from a 20% drop in my real wages from globalization and immigration over the last 40 yrs?

  3. That Portuguese guy is just telling blatant lies about what the EU is. Obviously for the benefit of an American audience! To me this just colours the purpose of the whole panel. Globalist and big business multinational apologists.

  4. The moderator would have done well to foster more of an intrapanel dialogue rather than engage a series of discrete questions.

  5. The man speaking for the Stuart foundation seems to think that he is liberal………….ha ha ha……….

  6. I don't even see how that is a serious question.  It's been building up for a while.  There's the bait and switch tactics politicians have done a lot lately.  NAFTA was highly unpopular.  Even some rich people feel our government could do better at enforcing some of the provisions in our trade agreements to allow for fair competition of labor.  Even if we didn't have Europe to watch over the past several years a campaign like his is pretty easily anticipated.  I remember years ago hearing about something like this, and from different sources and for different reasons.  Which is one of the reasons I feel that he is running as a deal done by our political establishment.  He's running a mini Hitler campaign.  This election has almost been entirely about Hitler and the Jews.  "Trojan Horse", come on now.  The GOP building being burned down then his anger filled response to it.  Come on people are we really this stupid?  I'm serious.  Here is my blog I wrote in like 2.1 minutes with some more reasons why Trump is Obama and the establishment in disguise: Can't we just assume Trump is establishing himself as something our establishment dislikes so he can then dispel it?  I think he's running as a deal and doesn't actually care at all about the things he campaigns on.  Here's my thoughts on him running as a favor for Obama and the political establishment:  https://politicsiguess.wordpress.com/2016/10/24/trump-deception-and-confusion/

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