22 thoughts on “The rise of populism and the far-right. What made me change my opinion?

  1. It was basically seeing these two videos that did it, and the fact that they were both banned:
    (along with ALL of his other videos even though they were basically news updates, nothing to do with "hate speech")

  2. New Zealand is lost. It is now an Islamic country with a communist dictator in charge. Only a matter of time until it is a theocracy.

  3. Well glad you have woken up I have been on the case for the past eight years and got told I was a Racist Moron. They want our Land and money

  4. I was red pilled when Tommy Robinson was arrested last May. I then did some research on the guy i.e. I watched lots of his videos and then read what the media said about him at the time. TR is not racist etc. that is just the media's hatred of him.
    I already knew about Islam and the problems it can cause if we let it.
    Always good to hear/see more people waking up and really looking at what is going on in the world. Even better when people like you Leslie have the guts to get online and speak your mind!!

  5. Islam is killing Christians in Nigeria it is total Slaughter but never makes the News. The left is pushing the change

  6. I’m in the same boat Leslie I’m a skateboarder and most if not all my friends and left wing but after researching a little My views have completely changed I think if some of my friend dig a little deeper them selfs they will too !!!!

  7. Honestly LDB, those glasses are unflattering. I'm not much better. I keep my T-shirt on when I go to the beach in case somebody thinks I'm the Great White Whale.

  8. There is lots of support from OZ for Tommy. Hopefully what changed your mind will hopefully change thousands of others. Only pedos would agree with Tommy's latest charge.

  9. Our Queen is NOT a Queen of the people, she is a Queen of the establishment. Also Tommy went down a storm in Australia, look at some of Avi Yemenis videos.!

  10. Islam will the death of our way of life,I like our way of life,I like girls in bikinis,I like a beer,I like being free to do what I like,I won't be a slave to anyone's fairy god father in the sky.

  11. Why did the British government do this,

  12. The same wk that happened over 100 christians were killed in Africa and the press reported fucking nothing..NOTHING

  13. We want our country back from the bastards that are giving in to islam.The LGBT are pissed also as the goverments now are in bed with a religion that wants them DEAD

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