The Rise of Nationalism in Europe…

The Rise of Nationalism in Europe…

the signing of the peace treaty at Versailles signaled the official end of World War one optimistically called the war to end all wars but even during World War one President Woodrow Wilson had feared the war was more about power and territory than peace is the present war a struggle for a just and secure peace or only for a new balance of powers one of the goals of the treaty was to break up the four empires of Europe nine countries were given new boundaries and independence as a result of the remapping Germany lost territory to its surrounding countries the Treaty demanded Germany accept full blame for World War one and a huge sums of money called reparations to the victorious nations Germany was also stripped of much of its military power and forced to demilitarize the area near the border of France known as the Rhineland the intention of the Treaty of Versailles was largely to punish Germany for World War one but also to create new democracies and self-determination in Europe but huge war debts hunger and unemployment made it difficult for some democracies to flourish in the end the treaty that was meant to secure a lasting peace for Europe had in effect laid the groundwork for war in Russian Stalin means Man of Steel the Soviet Union's Communist leader Joseph Stalin certainly lived up to his name during his rule the Soviet Union achieved unprecedented power but the cost of freedom for its people he launched a brutal transformation of Soviet agriculture through collectivization forcibly taking over privately-owned land creating a system of state-owned farms he also took control of manufacturing and production creating huge government controlled industries Stalin created a fully state in which anyone who disagreed with the government's policies could be arrested and sent to labor camps in Siberia in 1930 Stalin began the big purge so-called enemies of the people were arrested and executed historians estimate between 8 to 13 million people were killed by 1939 Stalin had firmly established a totalitarian communist government with complete control over its citizens all opposition was crushed in Italy similar events unfolded shortly after World War one in 1919 dictator Benito Mussolini in bûche or the chief as he was called began his rise to power Mussolini became popular because he promised Italians he would rebuild Italy and create a new roman empire mussolini created a political movement called fascism and in 1921 he became a member of the italian parliament in 1922 he and thousands of his fascist supporters known as the black shirts marched into rome demanding the italian king give him power to lead the government not wanting to start a civil war the king conceded Mussolini was sworn in as Prime Minister in October like Stalin Mussolini crushed any and all opposition to his totalitarian regime at the end of World War one Adolf Hitler was just another jobless soldier wandering around Germany in 1919 he joined a small political party called the National Socialist German worker the Nazi Party like communists in the Soviet Union and fascists in Italy the Nazis practiced an extreme form of nationalism believing that the interests of their country were more important than any others even more important than personal rights and freedoms Hitler quickly rose to power to become the Nazi party's leader or Fuehrer in his two-volume book mine Kampf my struggle in English Hitler spelled out his Nazi beliefs he sought to unite all german-speaking people into a national state he also maintained that the German or Aryan race was superior to all others Hitler thought his master race deserved and even if it meant taking it by force economic hardships in Germany in the early 1930s helped Hitler and the Nazi Party gain power in 1932 roughly six million Germans were jobless at Hitler's promise to restore German pride and stature in the world appealed to them as head of the Nazi Party Hitler was appointed German Chancellor in January 1933 he quickly put an end to the faltering Weimar democracy and established his Third Reich a totalitarian regime with himself as dictator Hitler capitalized on hate and racism blaming Jews for the economic problems plaguing Germany Jews were ousted from government positions and certain professions and barred from the use of public facilities they were isolated and forced to wear a yellow star of david' the discrimination escalated in November of 1938 rampaging mobs attacked Jews in the street in their homes and at their places of work and worship nearly 100 Jews were killed more than 1,000 synagogues burned at over 7,000 Jewish businesses were destroyed this came to be called crystal mine or night of broken glass Jewish property was seized and Jews Gypsies and other groups considered unfit for Hitler's master race were sent to concentration camps over the course of the war six million Jews and five million others were murdered by the Nazis this became known as the Holocaust the extent of the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps would not be fully realized until the war ended in 1945 though the young emperor hirohito led japan at the truth power during the 1930s was in the hands of the Japanese military the country was ripped in a frenzy of nationalism and like Germany and Italy desired more land and resources for its growing population in a surprise attack September 1931 Japan invaded the Chinese province of Manchuria Japan saw Manchuria as the first step in its desire for domination of China the League of Nations established to help keep peace after World War one condemned Japan's invasion but had nothing to stop him in turn Japan simply quit the league by 1936 the clouds of war encircled the globe Germany and Italy formed an alliance they described as an axis around which Europe would revolve four years later Japan would join the Axis powers and together the three countries pledged to eat each other in the event of attack the extreme political philosophies that emerged during these troubled times the pains and many people worn down by economic hardship but the overly patriotic beliefs of nationalism the acceptance of totalitarianism the militant and racist fascist police of the Nazis and the Communists doctrines of state controlled property and government all contributed to a worldwide war

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  1. Simplistic nonsense . The roots of European nationalism goes way further back than the First World War. 

  2. You don't see it, because im trying to make it less simplistic – it's more nuanced than the black and white view political correctness has lead us to have.
    Yes the majority of nazis were alpino – yet what was viewed as the greatest race was the nordic… which means that they didnt even perceive themselves as racially (genetically) perfect and pure.

  3. I dont see what you are getting at,aryans were judged to be white europeans,nordic,alpino,and meditteranean,blonde hair was not the only acceptable type,the majority of the nazi hierachy were alpino.

  4. As i said "mixed with other types as well". Most nazis did not percieve themselves as 100% pure aryans (come on, Hitler had black hair ffs!) – but they thought that preserving the pure aryans would lead to a better world – since this phenotype was superior.
    Be critical and reflective, don't take the hype for granted. BESIDES jews (who were seen as pathological), there were as much racism in america (coloured people not being allowed to serve with white people in the army, for example)

  5. there were coloured people in the ss because the germans were running out of troops,white western europeams wherethe preffered people for tdont try and say that at the beginning of ww2 himmler and rosenberg judged muslims as the same as western europeans.

  6. first ww1, then the treaty of versailles to ensure a lasting peace, huge economic depression and the treaty itself led to ww2. now is the european union to ensure a lasting peace, the huge economic depression its already hapenning, rise of nationalism to, i believe europe is on route to another conflict, i blame totalitarian european union

  7. Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for everybody?????
    This is the genocide of White people.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White

  8. Fascism, properly understood, was a worldwide movement in the 1920's and 1930's. Fascist movements arose in Canada, the US, Mexico, most South American nations, all European Nations, several African nations, numerous Asian nations including India, China, Korea, and Japan, and Australia.

  9. You're not talking about aryanism in nazi terminology, because to the nazi, all europeans and middle eastern people were aryans – they were just mixed with other types as well. That's why there were coloured people in the SS.

  10. Hitler was no jobless he made more money working on is own with is painting than he would working in a factory.

    George Soros is a Jobless LMAO

  11. I expected this video to be about the births of nation-states, in particular Germany and Italy. But it instead focuses on national-socialism, an entirely different concept that emerged 100 years after nationalism. What a load of nonsense. Dumbed-down for the lowest common denominator.

  12. also Mussolini had already been guranteed powever
    before "the march on rome" which was merely a propaganda show
    to create a sort of myth around his rise which was a lot more exciting than the real facts of his rise (that he was elected Prime Minister in an election with help from King Victor Imanuel) he completely took power with the passing of the "Aserbo law"

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