The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with 88rising and $tupid Young

The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with 88rising and $tupid Young

100 thoughts on “The Rise of Asian Rap Culture with 88rising and $tupid Young

  1. Are we all gonna pretend like Asians don’t hate us? I would rather have a white person say the n word than an Asian person to be honest.

  2. Y’all think y’all slic releasing this on vice Asia like it wasn’t the same exact episode as this one

  3. What a wankers ….they are using also the N word … in some places they turn to pieces for been soo disrespectful..they are soo many way to be cool even if you are Cambodian without using the N world

  4. Stop bein sensitive in 2019, i grew up in the hood had that art bug all my fukn life and always just appreciated everybody being them whether flawed out the game or real af. $tupid Young is aiight in my book.

  5. Keep this in mind. Cambodians immigrated here early 70’s due to the genocide where over two million Cambodians where slaughtered by the hands of mainly child soldiers. Bullets where expensive expensive so slitting throats and bashing of the head were more economical to kill. Stupid young is a second generation Cambodian just like myself. Believe me when I say this, we aren’t afraid to defend ourselves by all means necessary according to the threat. That’s why Cambodians took to the African American culture more because that’s where Cambodians were put. In the hoods.

  6. I can’t speak for the other Asian rappers but stupid young is official street credit wise. Cambodians aren’t like other Asians. Cambodians are the blacks of Asians.

  7. “I grew up like this, I can’t change it” ……

    Ughhhh change represents growth… you child. People grow up and change all the time. You sound as dumb as your “rap” songs. You embarrassing pos.

  8. 12:05 was the realist shit bruh. Samoans blacks and asians be cool in the hood long as we on the same street bruh. Shoutout to my uce's

  9. I think it’s hilarious that Ebro takes such a strong stand on who can say word. Dog, fuck around and watch a dark skinned brother actually from the hood start doing the same thing, and Ebro not included in being able to say it.

  10. Im not knockin 88 but they actin like they the 1 and only….. everybody forgot about Jin already? I know he retired but he had a big movent goin in early 2000's

  11. When they included Pump in saying that he helped pave the way for this generstion's diversity in Hip hop i said "ight imma head out"

  12. Cultural appropriation is bullshit, so Erdo you don't own rap, nobody does. You can own a patent or a copyright anything else is well legally there for anyone to use. Steal whatever you like, and make it better. If you start making nazi-rap (yes it really exists for some reason I don't understand) then expect people to punch you in the face, but otherwise who gives a f&^%$. Wu-Tang used a lot of Asian stuff in their rap and image, everyone loved it, so get over it.

    As for the whole n* word bs, I think it is very ignorant for anyone to be using the word. Easy fix, get educated, and perhaps it wouldn't be a word you'd be wanting to call yourself or your friends. There are two ways people use it, first maliciously… then you are a racist m-f that deserves some instant street justice. If you use it in any other kind of context you are ignorant, get educated, and STOP using it even if you happen to have more pigment, it does not make you a smart individual even then.

    Now that we solved those problems let's spark some blunts and listen to some beats.

  13. Bruh nobody cares if you say the n word if you really are about that life and got boys to back you saying it, NAV has to deal with the same shit, STITCHES says it too but that guy grew up on that shit too

  14. This is RACIST! Not the rappers but the vice host. The n word is not ok for anyone say. To say you can’t say or do something because of your skin color is racist in itself. Being a racist is hating on other people based on skin color. You can’t say racist thing and say it’s ok because your a minority. Hate is hate period

  15. I'm Chinese. This reminds me of the old days when Bruce Lee was teaching martial arts to other races and some of the traditional Chinese people felt it was a slap and spit in the face to them because they felt Bruce should only teach Chinese people.

  16. It's funny how anything black has to be inclusive of any other race usually by force, then they sign to non-inclusive groups like 88rising lmao you see the hypocrisy

  17. Hey for real like… the black dude in the studio is str8 tripping. He would have ZERO street cred. If hes with black banging in the hood and they aren't tripping on the N word then y is he? Completely lame if u ask me… I'd love to see him try to check one of them asians to their face.

  18. I bet you if a white dude said the same thing eBro said about Asians he would cry out "racism" faster than Tekashi69 snitched

  19. Ebro might not know Shit about Asian hip hop, but we do 👀 Check out our latest drop, CTC below! Fresh outta Singapore 🇸🇬 🔥

  20. Like legit you guys gotta stop, u know u white so u went to the barbershop get ur self a curly hair, went back to school saying the n word and shit, it’s not just the Asian, u see it bunch over here white people be doing the same exact thing, once they made some black or brown skin tone friends, they think it’s ok to said the N word.

  21. Thing is guys like Ebro are mad when Asians say the N word. But, this is the the truth, this happens all the time to Asians, you think Chinese like being called Japanese, Cambodian being called Filipino, y'all look the same. People like that are soo guilty of this double standard It and is hypocritical. Goes both ways. With that said I don't support people saying the N word

  22. Stupid black folks always using over 9000 N words in one sentence in songs, yet when other race say sing it….they be tripping. Stop the BS.

  23. Ebro sounds like an angry white man whos telling people that Mexican's should get the fuck out the great country that he's ancestor had built up.

  24. Ebro aint all the way off. No he doesn't speak for all AAs and will add there are diff. uses of ni**a with black people…. from street to joking…BUT I'm not ok with non blacks/ this Asian rapper using it. I'm on the fence , mostly off the fence with ,my own occassional use of ni**a….with my own fam and friends and other blacks using it. Rap artists claim they doing it for the culture but do it to be "real, cool, relevant, marketable". Think they can give a pass for certain people like white fans paying for their music and shows and their non black homies. I don't care if you gang bang, grew up around blacks, can fight, use a gun ….that don't give you a pass. And it don't make you black.

  25. LOL It got confusing for the progressive stack at Vice. Or should I say, the idiot regressives who adhere to nonsense. Have fun Vice, don't forget to count privilege….

  26. In a true no fly zone can anyone fly there? Don't Hispanics use the n word the same way these Asians do? Also, If you are in a gang, and are down for whatever the gang is down for… you really think that a word is of any concern to your fellow soldier's?? No.
    In the US military you have people from all backgrounds, deep south rural guys, from the streets people, or even good ol preppy jocks from the suburbs.. do you think in a battle they are looking at each others race and stereotypes? Or are they with their brothers in arms and race ceases to exist in life or death situations where you rely on each other to survive..

  27. If being asian and a rapper is considered cultural appropriation then black people have no rights to be a doctor or study martial arts

  28. I'm Filipino and black folks be telling me…..Filipinos are the black Asians! So does that give us the pass? I'm just saying. I don't use the N word but hearing mbnel or stupid young use it. It looks more natural with nell saying it.

  29. Been there on 19th,21st,23rd & Lime St.ABCkz just now coming out..TRG wasnknocking shit in the 90's when we was real gangsta.

  30. New Hip Hop Compilation of Rap artist Out of Las Vegas

  31. Stupid Young is different from 88 rising… 88 rising just Youtubers who start making music, they never use N-word to begin with, except that Rich brian. Young is from the hood for real

  32. 0:48 I don't get how a bunch of aging men can stand around hanging all day and think it's cool. You just know the majority of these fools broke as fuck. The older I get, the more I see this 'culture' for what it is.

  33. Fuck ebro. He more white or better off then me… lol and I made a fucking legit comment and I got censored… just know you can get touched and if I see you its on sight… I'll be in jamaica queens. Bring your bitch ass and you will get touched… and bet your ass im bringing something with me. You just making enemies goofy. Fuck a ebro. Nobody listen to u no way. Everyone listening to charlamagne. Hot 97 is dead.

  34. Stupid young can say n word and he got his boys back him up like that. He grew up like that and that's how his life is. He's realer then 88rising for sure.

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