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  1. I'd rather have crime in the streets than a government controlling every aspect of our lives. Why doesn't this guy research and do a Ted Talk on what life will be like when governments become like gods.

  2. Faulty logic. So, take away cash and street crime goes away? That’s a joke. Taking cash away gives big banks ALL THE POWER.

  3. There is one thing banks have not got an angle on, Stable coins. Very large banks accounts will soon be emptied and turned in Stable coins.The banks are finished and it's going to happen fast and very soon.

  4. As to the war on drugs, why not ask that question to those who have the most influence!
    Oh, maybe try asking Bill Clinton, George H.W Bush and their C.I.A. connections!
    Those who knew G.H.W.B did call him Poppy for nothing.

  5. crime and the poor it will just change were you will have dark brokers in crypto bitcoin ect and stuff will be bartered its simple as the crypto coins wills be jumbled up so no traceing it and have proxybuyers and sellers most on the streets will use gold or silver or a high value metal say car parts you will have a group that just deal with stolen car parts and swap for what ever they need it happened during the rations in uk u got stuff from the blackmarket barter or silver gold ect

  6. Hello Richard, great talk. I believe that if we have a cashless society, the street criminal will adapt and steal items small in size with a high perceived value. To get what they need they will then barter the item. The other strategy might be to somehow force a victim to transfer eletronic funds at gunpoint. Technology is advancing quickly, if the tools that a criminal needs is non-existant now then it's just question of time until it is.

  7. It’s just like the Bible says, one day there will be a time when no one can buy or sell without the mark of the beast

  8. What about when robbers have a hacked portable ATM machine and make you transfer your whole savings in a split sec and then kill you?? rather then just robbing you of a few dollars that you just have on you????????????🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  9. lol the amount of people who commented on this and didn't actually watch the whole thing is astounding

  10. The guy doesn't appear to be all in favor, just letting people know. He did mention some downsides. Just not the worst of them.

  11. Organized crime probably uses digital currency at least as much as cash. They can't take your physical money electronically. But they can manipulate someone until they get access to your bank and credit accounts.

  12. And what happens to the 80% of people if we have a huge power crash? They starve. Criminals adapt. Yes less criminals stealing cash and more criminals are stealing electronic methods. Banks don't care. They just pass the losses onto the customers. I had my card info stolen. I knew who did it and their address which correlated to where the deliveries were made. I could not get the bank or police to do anything.

  13. Is it just me, or did the "offender" clips sound extremely fake? Sounded to me like they were reading scripts, very badly. Total bogus! That to points to propaganda. Scaring people and emotional manipulation to accept a cashless society. All to see through.


  15. if say you go against the government regardless of what political side you are on Right or left the government at the time will take away your money for not accepting their ideology in the current time they can't do much if you have cash but if you have a cashless society then the government can ignore everybody and imprison their oposition

  16. Oh my god the voice actors and the writing of the fake criminals is so bad it doesn't even measure up to a soap opera. Lol he even was mixing different geographies Ebonics

  17. During the financial crisis in 2008 some people very close to key events, who could see the potential downside, sent their wives to get as much cash as they could from ATMs. Why? Because they knew liquidity was likely to dry up and electronic banking would freeze up.
    I reject his thesis that cash is a driver of crime. Criminals moved into identity theft and efraud as soon as technology allowed them to. There are many examples of extreme levels of digital crime that is organized and comprehensive. Some questions:
    1. What happens if the power grid fails? I live in California so earthquakes and wildfires are real threats.
    2. What happens during a financial crisis when we have negative interest rates as happened in Japan? In Japan, safes became a popular consumer item as citizens wanted to protect themselves by storing cash at home. We won’t have that choice in a cashless society.
    3. Does anyone think we are invulnerable from hacking?
    4. What happens when banks utilize “Bail in” policies to stave off insolvency? That is they use depositor money to pay their debts as happened in Cyprus and Greece.
    5. What happens when banks and or the government do not want YOU to have access to YOUR money? In the depression they called them “Bank Holidays”
    6. What happens when the government wants to seize your money to pay their debts?

    We must keep cash as a part of the financial system to keep ourselves free and protect our wealth!

  18. A cashless society benefits only the 00,1% mostly the big financial institutions , they already control the governments , they buy the politicians to make laws ,that favour their own enrichment, a cashless society is the last tool ,in their bag of tricks for total power over the masses , they could literally Have the ability to monitor and control every single consumer =human being , and legalize their enslavement thru a cashless society where they set the laws of the land they control how much you get paid and how much you get to spend, It’s terrifying to imagine that every single human being will have to be approved for a piece of plastic from these institutions. We are in big trouble

  19. Here you go, this is how the masters are going to completely enslave the world.
    This guy is either a Illuminati shill, or a complete moron.

  20. B S .they want to control you there the ones cam trail you air fluoride in your water massacred millions overseas because they are not civilized LOL genocide again then they use blacks are the reason they need a cashless Society . Devils from the book of Revelations . They truly hate the one on the Throne the color of Jasper bronze burned in a furnace eyes of fire hair of wool skin of bronze

  21. I use cash always, I'm no criminal,  it's just another way for the banks to rip you off in the end, ever heard of negative interest rates ? well at least with cash you can take it out of the bank, if you go cashless, banks can charge you what they want. How many times have the atms gone down where people can't get their cash out or pay for things in a supermarket with a computer glitch. Please people always use cash like we always have. Do not fall for that BS of being called a criminal, when your not, it just another tactic they use to push people into what they want you to do.

  22. When cash will be gone, criminals will find another way. Cebtrak banks will be able to apply negative rates ad nauseam.

  23. I thought this was going to be CRITICAL of a cashless society….so disappointed. Here is what people don't like to hear. People NEED room to do illegal things. This country was founded by a bunch of rebels breaking British law by conspiring against them to start a new, sovereign nation. This man wants a totalitarian state that trades liberty for security. People, protect yourselves. Don't sell your rights away for the promise of safety. Safety is your responsibility, not the governments!

  24. Accedemics have now idea,crime is created because the deprived got to deal drugs to make money,the criminals will use bit coin and other ways to make money.

  25. Once there is no cash, there is no escape from the system and slavery is your only option, unless you want to live on the streets, by which time that'll be a criminal offence and you'll be in the slammer.

  26. Glad nobody else fell for this propaganda piece. I try to be open-minded but this was so bad I couldnt even finish. This guy needs to learn statistics, drawing all sorts of conclusions from loose correlations. Finally what about the other side of the argument? A cashless society also comes with many cons. I dont want big brother knowing my every transaction.

  27. I'll tell you what will happen, more kidnappings and they'll still take your card and just kill you or hide you away until they empty your accounts. Probably more rapes too.
    Cashless is no less a demon than cash and all this means is we will all now be more enslaves to the corrupt banks and governments. SAY NO! Grow some balls you bloody sheep.

  28. people spend 20% or more using credit/debit cards. A cashless society will result in higher spending and higher consumer debt.

  29. Cashless society equals government totalitarianism…If you believe this fellow you are like sheep going to the….

  30. What about all the job losses
    Cash in transit officers
    People who build the cash vans
    People counting the mony
    Tellers at shopping centres
    People manufacturing the containers to transport cash
    People who build ATM's
    People who load the ATM's
    People who service ATM's

    Let's go deeper.

    The selling of vehicle to build cash vans
    Service and maintenance of those vehicles

    The list goes on, and on.

    Even security guards at shopping malls will become mostly redundant.

    Police will have less work.

    You clearly did not think this over.

  31. You'll end up with kidnapping gangs cutting your fingers off and beating your details out of you. And digging the microchip out of your head.

  32. a cashless society allows them to take your money away WHENEVER they want if they empty your bank account and you have no hard currency lying around what would you do? think about that.

  33. a cashless society allows them to take your money away WHENEVER they want if they empty your bank account and you have no hard currency lying around what would you do? think about that.

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