The Revolt of 1857 in India – Sepoy Mutiny – First war of Indian Independence

The Revolt of 1857 in India – Sepoy Mutiny – First war of Indian Independence

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98 thoughts on “The Revolt of 1857 in India – Sepoy Mutiny – First war of Indian Independence

  1. This content is really good and so is the presentation . However, the voiceover is terrible and has a thick malayali/tamil accent. Hardly comprehensible. Spoils the whole experience. This should be redone.

  2. hah, so india was not so united, in the revolt against the british, this is why india failed revolting against the british, India was not weak, itt was divided, and that is why it was percieved as a weak empire to conquar, Learn your lesson india! stay united !"

  3. What about the British retaliation of 10 million missing Indians over 10 years. A systematic elimination of people served many interests: 1) Vengence, 2) divides Hindus and Muslims, 3) destroys dissent, 4) Excuse for Crown takeover of India from The E.I. Company – huge revenue. 5) Conservative social policies – racism and inequality. I think the British caused or refused to assist during a severe famine at this time in India claiming the lives of millions. Kinda like how they got rid of a million Irish less than a decade earlier. Starve the citizenry to kill off the undeserving masses and useless surplus population. The British people have always been a commodity to its leadership. Saves loads of money!

  4. मन नेकी करले दो दिन का मेहमान माता पिता तेरा कुटम कबीला कोए दिन का रल मिल का मेला

  5. कबीर,जिन हरि की चोरी करी,गए राम गुण भूल।
    ते विधना बागुल किए,रहे ऊर्ध मुख झूल।।

  6. ए स्वामी सृष्टा मैं, सृष्टि हमारे तीर।
    दास गरीब अधर बसूं, अविगत सत्य कबीर।।

  7. If I am 20, and my great great great great grandfather lived in Ludhiana what age would he be and would be involved in this?

  8. Great work, it would be great if the story telling was little bit slow, very difficult to follow who are not affluent in english like me.

  9. It's popular to criticize the British; however, they used mostly Indian manpower to conquer India, so I need someone to be positive towards the British enough to explain why they had so many Indian allies and soldiers. Seems to me the Indian people wanted the British to get rid of the old order.

    Most make the assumption that foreigners are the villains yet if you want to get rid of your rulers, without democracy, you have 3 choices:

    1) Coup d'État
    2) Civil War
    3) Foreign invasion. F.e, Soviet people initially welcomed Nazis to get rid of Stalin.

    #3 can be the best choice because you have to risk your life with the 1st two choices (F.e. 20 million Soviet people killed by Stalin), and often the foreigner has superior military technology, which is certainly the case with the British who led the Industrial Revolution.

  10. Really? Most Indians didnt give a shit. They were either fucked by their indian rulers or the British rulers. Modern Indian history always portrays the struggle as an independence struggle. It was not. It was a struggle by the Indian upper class to recoup what they lost, which in turn morphed into a independence struggle in the later stages.

  11. You are amazing! I have a advise for you to do make videos in Indian accent in future. I understood all the video but you spelled some Indian names in British accent that was horrible and some other words too. Thanks for the knowledge. I subscribed you expecting new changes for your all category subscribers.

  12. The British tried to do in India what they tried and succeeded in Amereeka.
    You can’t give any blame to anyone alive today but some of the shit the British did in the past I can’t see how some white British people can say to any immigrant in UK to go back to where they came from.
    England is only so rosey thanks to the murder, pillage of foreign countries in its entire existence! Rani Lakshmibai, one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of 1857 and her resistance to the British Rule.

  13. भाई रे भाई इतना आसान मैथ्स कौन पढता है भाई गजब मजा आ गया

  14. thank you sir its helps…..why revolt of 1857 is called the first war of independence ? those who have clear idea about it please do reply.

  15. Payday has arrived on the shores of the UK, its called sharia. Soon enough the UK will be no more. The evil done unto other nations by the queen and her cronies will be repaid in full. As we all sow so shall we reap, they the british sowed war destruction apartheid concentration camps and hatred wherever they set up their colonies, so in turn they are now reaping the fruits of the evil done unto other nations.

  16. I'm really tempted to make annotations for this, anyone else finding his accent slightly hard to understand?

  17. Awesome work… Thanku soo much… Amazing graphics, images n music.. Most imp, concepts got clear.. Big thumps up👍👍

  18. Even after knowing all these our people are still not united
    Both Muslims and Hindus.
    Unless we unite, there won't be an order in the nation

  19. India just had a revolution and would like to govern themselves now. "Nope" Said the British governing them even harder than before. -Bill Wurtz

  20. Nice but make video in simple terms not with complicate and make sure teach with slow it's request not order

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