The Reasons Behind Trump´s Popularity

The Reasons Behind Trump´s Popularity

Donald Trump’s surging popularity has taken many by surprise. Including those who initially saw his presidential candidacy as a joke. On the other side of the Atlantic, British citizens decided to exit the European Union, against the expectations of even some of the strongest Brexit supporters. In the meantime, racial discrimination and strong nationalism is on the rise across the world, and radical ideologies are claiming more and more followers. So, what’s going on? Part of the answer is that many people are angry and frustrated. The last financial crisis hit very hard and recovery has taken longer than expected. Unemployment remains high, and many of those who find employment often do so on a part-time basis, with little benefits or stability. The crisis has led governments in North America and Western Europe to cut social support just when people needed it the most. However, a few years ago these same government’s didn’t hesitate to spend billions of dollars to rescue those responsible for the crisis in the first place, calling democratic institutions into serious question. And as ordinary citizens are made to pay the price of poor economic decisions they did not make, the richest segments of society continue to reap most of the benefits of economic growth, leading to higher inequality. Actually, inequality had been rising in most parts of the world for over three decades before the crisis. Average citizens in many countries have seen their standards of living stagnate for quite some time, while the world’s richest 1% has amassed as much wealth as the rest of humanity combined. Of course, the rich are not the only ones benefiting from the current economic model of globalization. China and India have managed to pull hundreds of millions out of poverty, in what can be considered as one of humanity’s greatest victories against hunger and widespread suffering. The list of winners goes on and on, but so does the list of losers, and they are getting tired of being ignored. Now let’s face it, episodes of generalized anger or frustration are common in many parts of the world. Think of all the poverty in Africa, or the wars that continue to plague the Middle East. But this time, the group of angry people includes a large amount of citizens of developed countries, such as the USA or the UK, which makes the situation somewhat different. Because these countries have so economic and military power, the political decisions their citizens make to determine who governs them, and how, play a major role in shaping how the entire world is run, and where it is heading. The great majority of Trump and Brexit supporters a sending a clear message, they feel disillusioned and cheated by a world economy that is failing to deliver on its promise of shared prosperity, and they are willing to use their vote to change it. Now, whether the alternative they are voting for is better than what exists today is not clear. Anger often leads to poor choices, and World War II has already taught us the dangers of mixing it with nationalism and xenophobia. The last time a severe crisis struck during a time of high inequality, a mass of frustrated citizens turned to charismatic ultra-nationalist leaders for an alternative, and we all know what happened then. No doubt we have evolved enough not to that a catastrophe of that magnitude happen again, but the risk will always be present unless people see a realistic alternative – a world that benefits everyone more equally, not mainly those who rule it.

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  1. who even talks about nazi's anyways. don't bring islam in to this but I believe we all should believe everyone's national nationally.

  2. The Chinese and India out of poverty are your joking. Ya if you want to make a dollar an hour. how about mention the last great economic rescission in the United States which happened in the late 70s, and was only fixed after the economy became more free. During the late 70s the wealthiest of the United States were taxed 70 percent of their income and we had extremely high unemployment rivaling the Great Recession PLUS inflation. It was only fixed after massive tax cuts. Instead of making graphical drawings try spending some time reading some history

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