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  1. Here's a truth about the "crisis", it began in 2007. The crash in the real estate market destroyed the real estate, and construction markets in FLA. and California, and then the dominoes began to fall, and by 2008 we were in full blown recession.

  2. Aren't the banks supposed to asses risks before letting someonee take a loan?

    This guy assumes the free market is perfect and lets the rating agencies get away with murder with a slap in the wrist.

  3. The banks use depressions as an excuse to take homes that are almost paid off, build you up so they can shake you down when convenient.

  4. The American capitalist system is a continuation of the slavery system it was created from. The American citizenry are the plantation the system reaps wealth from. They exist to be exploited via misinformation, miseducation, force and economic pressure. Decisions are made politically to maximise the flow of wealth towards banks and corporate lobbyists e.g. Koch brothers and to support and protect Zionists and Zionist Israeli interests!!

  5. This guy's whole argument is flawed. He claims that the government's actions made the problem worse solely by presenting a correlation, but he'll need to do a lot more than that. You could just as easily show a graph of fire damage to a building getting worse while the fire department is there.

  6. Total BS. It's rare to see someone attempting to defend the loathsome investment banking system. No mention of the toxic assets sold on for short-term profit. Any Interest rate changes just helped to trigger the collapse of an already rotten and overstretched system of greed.

    Oh, and by the way, we are all still paying for 2008, and they are continuing to do it all over again.

  7. Interest on excess reserves are destroying the world and will lead to global bank consolidations with dire consequences?

  8. It was a wealth grab from working middle class …thats why the middle class has vastly diminished and the rich have become the vulgar rich .This also started was back in the 70's and 80's and came to a crash in 2007 .

  9. Liar's loans and no down payment fuels the housing debacle. (In some cases sub-P&I payments were contracted short term, bank executives were collecting bonus for volume not the quality of loans.)

  10. There is no moral agent or consciousness in this world called "government" or "corporation"–there are just people.

    People who use labels, pieces of paper, and laws to get away with bad behavior and deflect responsibility.

  11. BANKS DIDNT GET HURT….PEOPLE GOT HURT!!! Homeowners who had been paying mortgages walked away with nothing after foreclosure, the banks got to keep the assets and either sold them for the balanced owed or made profit on a new mortgage loan.

  12. Rothschild and their puppets need to be torcherd on national television. America must put an end to the federal reserve before the federal reserve puts an end to America

  13. You cannot compare how would act a normal person with a professional person that works in that matter everyday. If it is your work you have to act with caution and taking into account every single detail, because that is why you have the job, because you are aware of the risks. That is the reason normal people goes to the professional to get advices. The excuse of "the gave us green light" to excuse the incompetence or greediness is not valid at all.

  14. 00:42 “Bankers are greedy” Nop. Of course not. They are nice, sweet innocent choir boys. They volunteer in the shelters every night. If there were just more like them…

  15. Is almost as if some group of people were manipulating the interest rates to insure predictable increases in purchasing because of the reduced interest rates…..hmmmm

  16. Rothschild and Rockefeller own all the world banks and the federal reserve. Therefore they own all of the politicians, our military, all the acronyms, judges, lawyers, police, doctors, etc etc etc. And you.

  17. While Mr Wesbury has some points, the Fed did not cause the Great Depression 2.0. The rates may have been kept too low too long giving some investment bankers too much temptation. And the 'market' rule may have aggravated problems.
    The causes were complex and layered. Republican idiocy did set the stage and grease the skids for Big Banks to run wild. And Republican idiocy compounded the problems in 2008-9, and almost sent us to perdition.
    Maybe, if I have time, I'll return to further explain. In the meantime, view "Trading Places", "Inside Job", "Capitalism: A Love Story", "The Big Short", and "Margin Call". You'll understand most of it then.

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